LaMelo Ball's FLASHY 2021 Highlights - Rookie of the Year?
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  • FN Drizzy
    FN Drizzy

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    • Kyle dela Rosa
      Kyle dela Rosa


    • Donald Ferrell
      Donald Ferrell

      @daindigokid great work! It was a LOT of writing and it teaches us a lesson, always give people chances. I can tell you put a LOT of hard work into that writing! Are you a huge fan of the Hornets? Cause I am! And I would think you are after that!

    • Donald Ferrell
      Donald Ferrell

      @ZeshanMobs I read the whole thing and it was outstanding!

    • ZeshanMobs

      @daindigokid i didn't read that whole thing

    • ProVoK

      Thank you u too!!!

  • J.J Kid
    J.J Kid

    This ball brother is probably being trained by MJ himself

  • James Riggs
    James Riggs

    I just love that he not a ball hog

  • Life With J. Rob
    Life With J. Rob

    Still got the same jump shot 2:06

  • crispy b
    crispy b

    The talented brother, became a ball hog and started chucking up shit shots, got humbled and look where he’s at now? Completely unselfish with the ball

  • Ian Orbs
    Ian Orbs

    Their dad is a shitty talker but cant deny how good his kids are. So calm and just let their game speaks for themselves..

  • Dumb Thicc Julian
    Dumb Thicc Julian

    He’s everything we thought Lonzo was gonna be

    • Natasha Rachel
      Natasha Rachel

      And so much more.

  • n n
    n n

    Literally i already knew when from his highschool days his football passes are sum diffrent dnt get enough love and hes been doing them for the longest the accuracy is crazy bru

  • Zetsu

    He will definitly be the rookie of the year 😈

  • Amiri Lorenzo
    Amiri Lorenzo

    Lmao remember when they compared him to newman

  • pagefour

    That white kid is pretty good.

  • Nehemiah Mcdonald
    Nehemiah Mcdonald

    Lavar Ball looking alot less crazy and a lil bit more like genius. if he could have held the big baller brand together it would have been super marketable with the season Melos having.

  • Uchikito Moto
    Uchikito Moto

    Reminds me of Jason Kidd

  • kim grenke
    kim grenke

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  • Damarcus Mitchell
    Damarcus Mitchell


  • Mudy Pazaulan
    Mudy Pazaulan

    The league is indeed in good hands n the next few years.

  • caleb monti
    caleb monti

    This will be a championship team

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard

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  • Fijija Uxg
    Fijija Uxg

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  • tony sisson
    tony sisson

    player of the year.

  • Rowelyn Leron
    Rowelyn Leron

    nice game Lamelo Ball!

  • Leroy Heckaman
    Leroy Heckaman

    Try t tested Y y you guy ty

  • Palm Productions
    Palm Productions

    0:18 Opponent's bench's reaction lol

  • Pitbull Balong TV
    Pitbull Balong TV

    Better than lonzo in all aspect

  • Yaw From The States
    Yaw From The States

    he be. traveling

  • NoName Boys92
    NoName Boys92

    That pass at 8.07 to much

  • The Immaculate Lime
    The Immaculate Lime

    3:34 Look at that dude's jaw in the background lol!

  • Justin yt21
    Justin yt21

    He showing lonzo who really the big brother

  • Justin yt21
    Justin yt21

    He going crazy on his first year

  • will__gz

    i am a fan of Golden Hoops

  • Berkay Adalı
    Berkay Adalı

    absoluetly ROY

  • toon 1153
    toon 1153

    Lavar ball good

  • Adam Bailey
    Adam Bailey

    He’s getting better with time I saw this coming a long time ago

  • magic90015

    Im kinda surprised hes not injured like his brother Lonzo. And Lonzo is kinda healthy this season so far

  • David Walls
    David Walls

    God luvs us all

  • Scott y
    Scott y

    Right now yes but watch out for Tyrese.

  • Leonard Robinson
    Leonard Robinson

    he cold ..

  • ethan

    Yeah Carmelo gonna have to find a new nickname

  • SnipesHalo

    The best Ball brother easily.

  • Nas T - J
    Nas T - J

    He got moves and very good Iq plays. 🤙 He has good visions when playing. He can control his moves like having a micro dose of shrooms. Haha lmao. 😂✌️ Just kidding.

  • King K. Rool
    King K. Rool

    The announcer makes it so much better😂😂

  • Ggillrobet Robert
    Ggillrobet Robert

    I think it's safe to say that mellow is the better ball so to speak thumbs up hands down the best

  • Eddy Choong
    Eddy Choong

    better than his brother .. bravo

  • Hanan Asare
    Hanan Asare

    Iverson is back

  • Teow Kaijun
    Teow Kaijun

    Lamelo is the best rookie this year

  • Jay Douglas
    Jay Douglas

    Melo is much better than Lonzo already!

  • shemar pierre
    shemar pierre

    Remember God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so that we can have everlasting life please repent and trust in him ✔️🙂

  • Lucien Magabe
    Lucien Magabe

    He’s the favorite son

  • Nayeem Dorsey
    Nayeem Dorsey

    Looking better than Lonzo

  • HokiePitcher22

    Those mint colored City jerseys the hornets have are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • HokiePitcher22

    After having season tickets to the hornets for 7 years and enduring soooo much bad basketball (especially once kemba left) i move away and they get lamelo. Fuuuck me

  • RonRoweFC

    Lmao melo is either gonna shoot a 3 or show off his fancy layup package there’s no in between 😂😂

  • RonRoweFC

    Imagine melo with Zion 😂😂 anyway. Melo and bridges together is so satisfying to watch

  • Tracy W Jung
    Tracy W Jung

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  • Billy Badass
    Billy Badass

    He’s fun to watch. So much enthusiasm

  • SANILION Khatun
    SANILION Khatun

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  • John Matthew Crisostomo
    John Matthew Crisostomo

    Melo and Bridges like Lonzo and Zion

  • Maximilian Noack
    Maximilian Noack

    3:35 this Face in the background kills me😂😂👌

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    lol why does melo look the oldest out of the balls now

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith

    All star next year, First team all MBA in two yearsz

  • Adam Christopher
    Adam Christopher

    spin pass @ 2:00 did not get enough love. kid is insane

    • kalen

      Didnt even notice the spin on it that’s nuts

  • shut up
    shut up

    hes a baller it's literally in his blood

  • pat moore
    pat moore

    he plays like myplayer on 2k


    For sure

  • Christopher Norman
    Christopher Norman

    Honstly I couldnt even tell you who the other rookies are...that is how overshadowing Lamelo is.

  • Shanko Shanko
    Shanko Shanko

    The Last Beat Is Fire

  • Juju Wrld
    Juju Wrld

    Trying to picture lamelo at QB

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    ... Lavar ball said - Barron Trump in 2040 president 😳

  • I did it my Way
    I did it my Way

    2:16 la "MELO" or Car "MELO" 🤪

  • Critty Cothran
    Critty Cothran

    Is this a miles bridges highlight video

  • Billy

    This man is quite possibly the best playmaker in the nba right now he can pass like magic and shoot from curry range ...deadly give him a few years to dig in he's going to be great

  • Matthew Cahill
    Matthew Cahill

    He already better than Fonzo

  • Football999

    Melo has everything, gonna be at the top in 5 years

  • Justinas Pivoras
    Justinas Pivoras

    Metimas prastas, mėto nesąmones. Taiklumas šūdinas kaip jo plaukai. Bando pasireikšt, įrodyt kažką, išliet savo jaunatvišką maksimalizmą. Tegul gintis ir taikliai mėtyt išmoksta, o tada jau kurkit highlightus iš jo epizodų. Kai gerais žais, nereiks ir apkarpymų, kad jo žaidimas atrodytų įspūdingas ;)

  • Justinas Pivoras
    Justinas Pivoras

    Esmė tame, kad jis prastas žaidėjas, bet kai nėra geresnių, tenka rinktis iš prasčiausių. Pažaistų jis Jordono laikais, pažiūrėtume kaip ten būtų ;)

  • Dont Me
    Dont Me

    i thank god the ball's dad had been quite and left the scene as the brothers goes to their own lives as a good player, but lamar ball must thank jordan that he draft his son lol that will be epic

  • Kaleo Wilchcombe
    Kaleo Wilchcombe

    If he is still playing at this level or even better by the end of the season ill be genuinely surprised if he doesn't get ROTY

  • Geo Quiroz
    Geo Quiroz

    That vision 🔥

  • Wtf New
    Wtf New


  • Shaun Gaming
    Shaun Gaming

    2:14 umm he said they where up by five but they where losing by five

  • JokerIsThee

    Melo, Bridges, Hayward they ain't a big three.........yet

  • Jason Gerum
    Jason Gerum

    stephen a smith

  • James Carranza
    James Carranza

    At 3.08 he avoided a bowen.

  • Poopdeckpapi

    His dunk package need help but that boy good!

  • zo ku
    zo ku

    The acoustic swordfish methodologically move because barge inferiorly join inside a mature border. lean, woozy manager

  • Darrin Jennings
    Darrin Jennings

    He look like pistol pete

  • Jake Mosley
    Jake Mosley

    Am I the only one who loves the way the commentator says miles bridges

  • charles whitfield
    charles whitfield

    Everyone touches the ball, and they play with a playground passion and have fun. Best draft pick michael jordan ever made

  • Numerous Elf2594
    Numerous Elf2594

    Make a video of Kevin Durant

  • Ethan Saenz
    Ethan Saenz

    Melo always smilin

  • Prince Arnold Zapata
    Prince Arnold Zapata

    huh rookie of the year?? clown?

  • Maikal Pittry
    Maikal Pittry

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  • ioshua Respecia
    ioshua Respecia


  • Darren Bravo
    Darren Bravo

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  • JeVEVO

    This kid is good. Why he aint famous yet?

  • Shannon Waite
    Shannon Waite

    Anthony Edwards rookie of the year

  • Lv_Tv


  • Joddie Lawrence
    Joddie Lawrence

    Can anyone tell me the music at 4:38?

  • Manny J
    Manny J


  • Jeff The Ripper
    Jeff The Ripper

    So the hornets wanting him to become the next Jordan Clarkson 😂