Welcome back to At Dead of Night! Apologies that this episode is a little short! I'm super busy today but still wanted to get a video together for you guys! Ending coming SOON.
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  • Itsy Hana
    Itsy Hana

    18:27 Jimmy is here

  • Charlie Lagoon
    Charlie Lagoon

    Literally gave me chills

  • Doug Henry
    Doug Henry

    Jimmy looks like the homescape guy on drugs

  • Ryans VidZ
    Ryans VidZ

    You cant say no to this but he makes the best and funniest intros, Even Jimmy comes to see them.


    7:53 did he farted or it’s just the game’s sound effect?

  • Irish J
    Irish J

    Nice gameplay, I was confused everytime you kept calling the compass a hour glass but the jump scares made up for that...what an awesome game

  • Lauren Toal
    Lauren Toal

    When Jimmy gets scared he jumbles like 5 foot high

  • Alfie .Parfitt
    Alfie .Parfitt

    That menu may give somethings away. Jimmy & DID. DID being the multiple personality identity disorder. Meaning, Hugo may just be an evil alter

  • Wildcat 8
    Wildcat 8

    The chick you play as has a remarkable super power of being able to take hits to the face with a baseball bat over & over, also being spared by serial killers so she can keep her investigation going.

  • boost void
    boost void

    All I can think about is ifnthis was in VR 😐

  • wren

    it sounds similar to dissociative identity disorder, but not completely. Jimmy remembers what he did when he switched, as amnesia is usually with DID. it said that he'd been fighting hugo his entire life, so it's possibly did with good communication between him and Hugo. also, if you have DID it's from trauma and not all of your alters are bad. it could also be a very extreme case of schizophrenia.

  • ash the rainbow kitsune2021
    ash the rainbow kitsune2021

    Ryan: I've lost my keys.. Me: how could you lose your keys at this moment??????

  • Rezhia Edwards
    Rezhia Edwards

    Jimmy probably has DID.

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    who wanna have some jam after this?

  • Jackson Berry
    Jackson Berry


  • CearTrap

    Why doesn't Ryan's Youtooz have the blond hair?

  • LilBdog

    It's not an hourglass.

  • Gaming Vlogs 101
    Gaming Vlogs 101

    "Why are you cosplaying a clothes hanger." Got me dying

  • Faith Coleman
    Faith Coleman

    Rose when ever asked a question :" Time to be Confusion."

  • Invisible

    by the way, the "carrots" myth is not real, during the war the pilots were using the radar technology which was still uncommon, so in order to hide the fact about the technology, the brought up the stupid rumor about the "eating carrots makes your eye sight stronger" when in reality it doesn't do anything with your eye sight.

  • UnreadBread

    Bruh, I just realized, during the beginning, Jimmy was looking at a mirror frustrated starring at someone who wasn't exactly like him. Really makes a connection to the first time Ryan talked to Rose in this episode.

  • C78ZY

    Can we take a moment to hit the zen

  • NP Cooli
    NP Cooli

    Hey Ryan I haven't seen your videos in a while so I'm glad to be back

  • Lancealot

    Why did i think it looked like David Tennant from Dr. Who on my home page xD

  • fahad bilal
    fahad bilal

    When ryan got jump scared I bite my tongue so hard

  • fahad bilal
    fahad bilal

    Jimmy the comedian Everyone : do you know who you're talking to you Jimmy : no Ryan as the comedian Everyone : he is the real comedian here

  • Thynat Hor
    Thynat Hor

    I love the intro and u saw the thing when u get the elevator nice video thank u ;)

  • Rachel

    You have become more entertaining as the game as progressed

  • Thuong Huynh
    Thuong Huynh


    • Thuong Huynh
      Thuong Huynh

      Now a square merior

  • cute_Scarr Games
    cute_Scarr Games

    XD can't wait 2 be jump scared

  • Connie Bowles
    Connie Bowles

    "Rose is the final one we have to go through" *that sounds so wrong*

  • Kenda Davenport
    Kenda Davenport

    Love it but Jimmy sucks because he give you concussions

  • Joshua shai nel Nel
    Joshua shai nel Nel

    Same secrets ate the best to find in games !

  • ShadowDerp :P
    ShadowDerp :P

    7:13 He was right there!!! Omg

  • SirChubbsAlot

    I really wanted a 8-bit Ryan youtooz but I will wait for more

  • Logan Littell
    Logan Littell

    nobody: ryan: sees flashing lights *waits* till *they end* ok so flashing lights warning everybody just giving you a heads up

  • Jabrie Staten
    Jabrie Staten

    This is his dark past he wants kfc and he can’t get kfc

  • Memermen

    Exactly at 2 minutes and 30 seconds I got an amber alert notification on my phone

  • Nezuko


  • 913Smooth

    Can Jimmy get you on the elevator though?

    • Alex Raids
      Alex Raids

      i dont think so

  • BusyBot Gaming
    BusyBot Gaming

    I just wanna say, If he already revealed this. I haven’t watched the whole video but... I heard Jimmy cut of his wrists but Rose saved him. (I may be wrong and also sorry if it’s gory)

  • Lil' Kat
    Lil' Kat

    7:21 First time I saw this it nearly gave me a damn heart attack-

  • AG - 04BS 862392 Somerset Drive PS
    AG - 04BS 862392 Somerset Drive PS

    go to 7:50

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Ooooh so Hugo was Jimmy’s father, and he hated Jimmy because he was a bad kid. Thats why in episode one Hugo tells Jimmy to punish the “naughty children” and that they need to be taught a lesson, then possess Jimmy!

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl

    I really like this game =))))))

  • Peter Chum
    Peter Chum

    It’s about his real father

  • Peter Chum
    Peter Chum

    When she says tell the truth get his birth cirtifacate

  • Ashton Madden
    Ashton Madden

    He is Glorified Bill nye

  • XXANNAXZ._. 1
    XXANNAXZ._. 1

    Am I the only one that gets anxiety when Ryan goes around the corners and panics

  • Agente 73 - 73falido
    Agente 73 - 73falido

    you floor 2

  • Yrvine_tube

    15:28 the moment ryan said he's name is hugo, i heard he said "hugo that way"

  • LyidSpino

    This reminds me of a boardgame called Mysterium, where a ghost has to let you know how it god killed by giving you hints. the hints are visions because the ghost cant talk.

  • Marvin Ferlin
    Marvin Ferlin

    OH MY GOD!!! *Ryan made a dead of night episode that isnt 40 or more minutes*

  • Antonio Canafoglia
    Antonio Canafoglia

    Sto cercando lollo

  • Articulated Angels
    Articulated Angels

    The cutscenes get me

  • Forecast Lotus3
    Forecast Lotus3

    Fun fact: Jimmy, not the Jimmy chasing you through the game thats Hugo, hates what hugo is doing

  • Izzie Mooradian
    Izzie Mooradian

    I shouldn’t be reading the comments when I’m halfway through the video

  • musicLover9487

    Rose kept scaring the absolute holy hell out of me!!! Most of the jump scares the whole game play I could tolerate, but god damn Rose got my heart skipping beats.

  • DJCookieMo

    This is how many times Rose said I don’t know and didn’t respond 14

  • Thesmbbross

    6 day gang

  • BipBap

    Where’s a jumpscare list? Or are there any jumpscares at all? I’m literally watching the video as I type Edit: Wow, Ryan got his A-game

  • Fxllenredpanda

    What if Ryan saw Jimmy walk across the screen on a dead end

  • Blue GD icon Oof
    Blue GD icon Oof

    Bro the guy that he can kill you its not Jimmy.......Jimmy its the man with the hat

  • Blueberry Playz Animation Channel
    Blueberry Playz Animation Channel

    6:23 🐦😂

  • Momoka


  • NickDaBoi

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  • sania khawaja
    sania khawaja

    It’s the fact that he keeps calling the compass an hourglass 😤

  • Woodland Foxes9
    Woodland Foxes9

    We finally know why Jimmy was talking to a ghost in the beginning

  • NoobKing123_master

    yeah, its harvey

  • Jeticho Lastimozo
    Jeticho Lastimozo

    Day 10 of commenting on ryans videos to put them in recommended

  • LemZ :
    LemZ :

    I think he doesn’t go down the ground level because he found the truth about his birth certificate

  • BladedxSmile SIN
    BladedxSmile SIN

    Wait... *ALABAMA INTENSIFIES* But stop confusing me

  • Michaelistic

    22:22 "hourglass"

  • Lance Christopher Mambo
    Lance Christopher Mambo

    Imagine if jimmy asked him to rate 5 stars in his hotel... Lol...

  • Michael White
    Michael White

    ugh. ya know, i was really enjoying this game! but like. as someone with a dissociative disorder, the fact that the plot became "ooh evil alter ego in your brain taking over" really makes me feel so disappointed. This is so overplayed and based in utter fiction that it just pisses me off at this point. I want to enjoy it but i can't anymore, not the same

  • Lathan Hartzog
    Lathan Hartzog

    22:01 I rest my case

    • Koizumi Arcade
      Koizumi Arcade


    • Hello


  • The Rival
    The Rival

    Jimmy is Diavolo confirmed

  • Darky

    The last of us 2 pls

  • Tamii96

    Ryan, white Hair are going to be lit on you 🔥

  • nadira !
    nadira !


  • gamingdev TV
    gamingdev TV

    The youtooz sold out in the Pre-Order. I wanted to buy it ):

  • AntiElite 20
    AntiElite 20

    6:26 Birds Nest With A Egg In It Lol Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Shaurya Mehta
    Shaurya Mehta

    5:55 Ryan be like - I'd jump down the hole in the bathroom i might get a broken shin but im still better. Maya - (is a female character)

  • John Elsmore
    John Elsmore

    He had one carrot

  • Spaced_ Out
    Spaced_ Out

    I can’t believe Ryan doesn’t know that if jimmy looks in the bathroom while ryan is in there he doesn’t know, if he doesn’t look then he’s dead... I have been getting annoyed after seeing this multiple times

  • Redacted

    The amount of concern when Ryan realized that he wasn't recording

  • KarmaStar

    Well kids, today we learned that a character in this game supports incest.

    • Karen Yang
      Karen Yang

      I thought it was incest initially as well, but after watching the game a second time through it made sense to me that Rose was referring to Hugo Hall ("The Great Hugo"), the man who asked her to marry him ("someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse"). I'm assuming Rose fell for Hugo Hall at first but he started acting abusive to her once they got intimate, hence why she chose to say those particular words when asked about the wedding ring. Hugo PUNCH on the other hand, was a character that Jimmy made for his comedian show. Jimmy was abused by his father Hugo HALL up until Jimmy was two years old. Jimmy creating the character Hugo Punch was merely an unconscious coping mechanism for his father's actions and was supposed to be completely harmless (a mere comedy act) but it eventually backfired and Hugo Punch became a part of Jimmy.

  • Lance Geus28
    Lance Geus28

    7:50 his reaction lol

  • Toasted Macaron
    Toasted Macaron

    Ryan : *Looks into scrying mirror* Me : *Sees my reflection on the screen and is like* hey that person looks like me- wait... Oh

  • Natasha Parker
    Natasha Parker

    In the basement

  • Natasha Parker
    Natasha Parker

    The keyyyyyy is in front of your face in that 2 manikin rooom

  • mike lindemann
    mike lindemann

    5 minute montage of Ryan trying to find where to go?

  • Ninja dos Games
    Ninja dos Games

    21:54 8-BitRyan, the destroyer of mood xD

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson

    I like the way he said "birds nest with an egg in it"


    # make playlist pwes, fine if u don’t :p

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer

    Cmon Ryan! Please upload!

  • Arlo Ellingsworth
    Arlo Ellingsworth

    ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GAMER miss
    GAMER miss

    I AM WAITING FOR NEXT EPISODE!!!! also hugo killed the baby i think...* 🤚👁👄👁🤚 NOPE...

  • EuphoricRoseOX

    This game is so good

  • Vanessa Knight
    Vanessa Knight

    L like. Your video 8 bitryan