Lenny Learns to Leap
It's taken him a month but look at the way this little guy has learned to use his legs!

  • Anne Biggins
    Anne Biggins

    Lennie is diving as though he diving into water!

  • Margarita La Ranita Velarde
    Margarita La Ranita Velarde

    Thats so cute how Lenny and Pebbles became such good friends, I still miss seeing BamBam you need new babies..... Lol 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Linda curry
    Linda curry

    What happened to Lennie's brother Squiggy

  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller

    Whoops there he is

  • Amanda'stakeonit

    Aussies, Brits from the entire UK and those of NZ all say "mate" as in friend .

  • Carol Clouser
    Carol Clouser

    Jumps like Rudolph!

  • Sssst7even

    Lenny the flying goat

  • Sandra Mcdowell
    Sandra Mcdowell

    SuperGoat tada

  • Greyson Chiress
    Greyson Chiress

    How do I get my gout to listen to me

  • Elizabeth Barker
    Elizabeth Barker

    I think Pebbles will have issues with the leg forever. Poor punky. Lenny u need to play basketball for Toronto Raptors lol. I wouldn’t eat pumpkin spice either yuk. Love to u all

  • Jenn Righter
    Jenn Righter

    6:40 I don't know why that video bomb was so funny to me, lol.

  • Keriann Sawinski
    Keriann Sawinski

    I love how play ful lenny is. I love how playful goats are especially as a baby

  • Rick Gash
    Rick Gash

    Ya she's huge

  • Richard Shultz
    Richard Shultz

    Lol Did you see his face look at it when you said oh my God it was like it was cute

  • Linda Lyles
    Linda Lyles


  • Susan Spring
    Susan Spring

    Ok please get your monster out of your pound ...or have something new .

  • Eileen Preste
    Eileen Preste

    Moo approved...thats FUNNY!!!

  • Crystal Nobody
    Crystal Nobody

    I think the british uses mates to.

  • Pine needle
    Pine needle


  • Teresa Vaughan
    Teresa Vaughan


  • Erin Adams
    Erin Adams

    What happened to SQUIGGY???

  • Jean Steele
    Jean Steele

    Those legs! 👀

  • Goose Rogers
    Goose Rogers


  • bruh why
    bruh why

    Do you put the pool ladder up when you put Pebbles and Lennie to bed?

  • Michelle J. Baker
    Michelle J. Baker

    Don’t be embarrassed! CROCS NATION! ❤️

  • Phyllis Webb
    Phyllis Webb

    The hay looks like a face. 😀

  • Justin Bishop
    Justin Bishop

    Send it lenny

  • Kay Larson
    Kay Larson

    Pebbles pairs up really well, maybe because she is a twin . she had Bam Bam, then she paired with Pig Trudy, now she has Lenny to pal around with. Such a sweetheart. She is the kid at school that finds the oddball kid and befriends them and they both become cool.

  • Ginger Williams
    Ginger Williams

    "Faster than a speeding goose! More powerful than Tex! Able to leap tall hay rolls at a single bound!" "Look! Up in the sky!" "It's a goat!” "It's a plane!" "It's Super Lenny!"

  • Sandy Lambert
    Sandy Lambert

    Ima is a beautiful donkey love her

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown

    Hi. What a beautiful place.

    • Ima Survivor Sanctuary
      Ima Survivor Sanctuary

      Thank you!

  • Framma Zuleger
    Framma Zuleger

    Lenny has secret wings! hahaha

  • Pamela Amberson
    Pamela Amberson

    Oh that little acrobat!!!! WOW

  • Claudia Robinson
    Claudia Robinson

    Jamie, is a farmer's lady!

  • Cindi Ramirez
    Cindi Ramirez

    Hey guys.. Thanks for responding.. I just wanted to point out to Lester ... this baby was flying at 1 min 51 sec into the video...Lester ..seriously..check it out...his little legs flew up behind him like he was on a mission...I was cracking up and was surprised you didnt catch it. But his grand finale was at 3 min 13 sec!! Your OMG cracked me up.. Lester and Jami... ya know everyones going through tough times and complaining about how they are quarantined and the kids are on my nerves...my husband is annoying...I get it...but I live alone with my little dog...other than the phone and working from home... I swear sometimes Ili can hear my dog saying ..."NO MORE WALKS MOM..IM TIRED"..hahaha....I literally just found you guys 2 weeks ago and now I aMm soooo adddicted to you guys...lol.. When you talk about babies (little or big) that have crossed the rainbow bridge..I find the videos of them and I cry along with you...Im just trying to get caught up... But I love that little ass RINGO and his want to be HAREM!! Tex and Billy..pffffft ...men!....Them baby goats....OMG....love them all...IMA Gene went through so much and cant forget Ms Meg...or Ms Paty...RIP along with lil BAMBAM...And one more little MS PIG TRUDY!!! This little piggers is a handful....wow....but makes me laugh everytime...I have sent alot of your videos to friends and family and they are asking me ...OMG where did you find this and of course...gotta hook you guys up!!! Now you are my family (not fan...Lester said no..no..no..)...now Im sounding like LESTER...going on and on.. this is Lesters ,job...hahaha... .I love what you do and OMG! Having full time jobs and going home to another full time job... You, Jami (see I remember no E) LE, Pawpaw and Ms G... are the real angels here...if it had not been for you ...these babies and biggies would not have had a chance. ... God definitely has a special place for all of the Morrows and all your babies that have crossed will be there to meet you.!!!!! Stay Safe..Stay Blessed and just know there are people out here that respect, admire and LOVE you guys for what your doing..May God give you the strength and the resources to continue your journey to care for his babies as well...You truly are doing Gods work here. God bless you guys .... much love coming from MESA AZ!!!

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis

    Wow that is a big jump for a little goat wow 🤩

  • TheWantedgirl911

    Aww that’s great. It’s like a Starbucks seasonal treat for the furbabies. Ivy is one of my favorites too. I love them all. Thank you for letting us love you and the furbabies. Lester I do have a question. Where is CJ? I tried to look back on all the videos but couldn’t find anything. What have I missed. I think I’ve seen every video you’ve made. Some I’ve seen multiple times.

  • Julie Howard
    Julie Howard

    Hey diddle diddle the cow and the fiddle Lenny jumped over the moon ???

  • Becky McGraw
    Becky McGraw

    Pebbles sure acts more like herself since Lenny’s birth.

  • Grannysue 1154
    Grannysue 1154

    who is that lady that yelled, "Pebbles!!!! ??? hahahahahahaha. Sorry Lester, had to

  • Nap Time
    Nap Time

    Make a table top or double bed size swing about 2 feet off the ground , a rope on the corners. Put hay on the swing and they will lay there at night.

  • donna NC
    donna NC

    I have Jack Russell pups and they remind me of Lenny lol. I want to build some agility ramps and stuff. Lenny is Super Fly and the next Golden Knight ❤️🙏🏼

  • DeAnna Ray
    DeAnna Ray

    Love watching little goats play! Peebles please be a careful girl ❤ Lenny is going to be a big boy and strong ❤

  • Ali Henley
    Ali Henley

    Leaping Lenny needs to be his nickname! He sure is finding his legs fast! And little Miss Pebbles (one of my 10), she’s getting a belly on her. My dog and myself have put on some weight this year due to the dreadful situation that we’ve all been under. So I’ve started “The Chub Club”-so far it’s me, my dog, and a few of my neighbors, I think that I’m going to add cute little Pebbles into the Chub Club. We’re a happy club and have meetings with all kinds of snacks and high calorie drinks-Starbucks, Sonic for root beer floats and sundaes.

  • Pat Ballinger
    Pat Ballinger

    British men call their 'men friends' "mate"

  • Janelle Lynch
    Janelle Lynch

    Lester you will never find another Jami😁 she is such a good sport. Taking one for the team and attempting a horse treat taste test.🙂

  • Kay Larson
    Kay Larson

    Super Lenny - flies through the air with the greatest of ease. My Two favorite babies Pebbles and Lenny. " Ringo stop being weird" too funny. Trick or treat with the horse treats.

  • Monique M
    Monique M


  • Jennifer Reeves
    Jennifer Reeves

    Lenny has no fear. He will be wearing the bell soon lol

  • Cindy Gierisch
    Cindy Gierisch

    we always tast new treats.. LOL

  • Donna Louis
    Donna Louis


  • Alan Bishopman
    Alan Bishopman

    I fell out a my chair when I seen that goat jump!

  • james sholtz
    james sholtz

    You need to see mountain goats!

  • Christine Kearney
    Christine Kearney

    Pebbles want to hang with her half sis!

  • Brenda Bausman
    Brenda Bausman

    Who gives a thumbs down to this!

  • Lisa McCurley
    Lisa McCurley

    I have that shirt Lester has on!! Love it!!

  • mel49ers

    Lenny is a flying goat !

  • Pam Wallis
    Pam Wallis

    My Boston Terrier slobbers like that when he sees food

  • Claire Mckinstray
    Claire Mckinstray

    😂 Lenny is just adorable , I actually thought he was going to flip right over the way he was throwing those back legs about 😂💞

  • Trina Colson
    Trina Colson

    Isn't Ivy the one that likes spa day?

  • Regina Thomas
    Regina Thomas

    English people also use mate I have a couple of mates in Brussels .

  • Trina Colson
    Trina Colson

    It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, it's super Lenny. The flying kid.

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller

    After jumping he stops and looks at you like "what?"lol

  • Deborah Little
    Deborah Little

    I love moo!!

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    Thats precious. The cow licking you to try to get treats

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    Love the animal voice over!😅6:20

  • angela sheppard
    angela sheppard

    So glad you caught that jimp on camera. Then when you yelled Lenny looked at you like saying, what?

  • Juan Jones
    Juan Jones

    I see Pearls growing up she's getting her horns, way to go my baby girl.

  • Linda Greene
    Linda Greene

    Lonnie needs an cape.❤❤❤

  • Linda Greene
    Linda Greene

    What an awesome jump Lonnie. ❤❤❤

  • Sue Robertson
    Sue Robertson

    Love the way Lenny looks at u after he did it,,,,"dad,dad, I m supa Lenny "

  • isaiah DeLeon
    isaiah DeLeon


  • Pamela Skwat
    Pamela Skwat

    Well I don't know I was going to watch your video about the coronavirus if you had it or not but I hope you didn't have it so if you had a cold so hope things are better for you

  • Pamela Skwat
    Pamela Skwat

    It was really cute and funny the way Lenny just jump like that leaked it was really cute and adorable I did enjoy that thank you

  • Pinki Pink
    Pinki Pink


  • Joanne Davenport
    Joanne Davenport


  • Anna M Weirich
    Anna M Weirich

    Hehe Kenny leaps like a horse and lands like a cat lol!

  • Snuggs M
    Snuggs M

    You need to do a family tree of all the goats in their babies :-)

  • Debra Olsen
    Debra Olsen

    Love this video leny is crazy so is pebbles cool treats your so funny with your crocks

  • Jeanne Duchene
    Jeanne Duchene

    Greetings you wonderful survivors! I'm a new comer from Ottawa Canada. You all are making it so great to be confined with the pandemic. Being handicap limits my travels but with my 4 wheels scooter I still managed a lot of my independence at 75 yrs old. I love all your critters and would love to hug them all. Your baby goats are so sweet and funny and all of them jealous ones like the donkeys. It all brings me back to my grand mother's farm when I was young. You do such a wonderful job with those sweet critters and sharing it all with us. Bless you all. By the way the donkey with the cross tells of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and they welcomed him waving their palms then a few days later they nailed him to a cross. So much for mob mentality. On IRbin there is a story for children of "La chèvre de Mr Séguin. The goat of Mister Seguin. It's in English French and I think Oriental" I see you have the Canadian flag there. Some day I would like to contribute something but I want to think about it. I'm from the Hootnanny era and still have my guitar. I'm a sculptor, book illustrator etc...and now retired. The last time I road a hoarse, her name was nightmare and we were up in the Colorado's near Denver and we finished by resting in a warm jacuzzi. Had a great time. I guess you don't get any snow there in Texas. Well Lester & Jamie, I thank you for sharing your paradise with us all. Bless you and ALLLLLLLL your family.

  • Becky Kiser
    Becky Kiser

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. So cute. Btw. Which donkey is pregnant??

  • geboyz

    I hope they don’t jump in the pool and drown.😭

  • Loki Lvr
    Loki Lvr

    Definately us aussies say mate and so do the English

  • Lisa Livori
    Lisa Livori

    Love Lenny and Pebbles so much, Lenny is amazing at jumping for his young age. Pebbles and Lenny are the best of friends 💖💖💖

  • Janice Freedman
    Janice Freedman

    Lenny is so stinking cute! What a leap of happiness! And precious Pebbles was adorable as always. I am so glad you kept Lenny. He is such a little sweetheart. 💚💚💚💚

  • Nicole Stacey
    Nicole Stacey

    Where is CJ???

  • Kitteh Sandman
    Kitteh Sandman

    Lenny gets a 10 of 10!

  • Margaret Kloppenburg
    Margaret Kloppenburg

    This is one of the cutest video to date! Thanks.

  • Lois Wagers
    Lois Wagers

    Lenny stopped and stared at you like "no big deal daddy"!

  • Brenda Snider
    Brenda Snider

    Scared me thought he was going to break his legs. 😫🙄

  • janet hopper
    janet hopper

    The English do use mates to mean friends, it's not just the Australians. Love watching Lester try the animal feed, hope he doesn't start mooing.

  • Michelle Klein
    Michelle Klein

    What happened to CJ??

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw

    Goats are sure cute when their little lol. ✌

  • xtruoo _
    xtruoo _

    does lenny eat marshmallows

  • Holly Mckinnon
    Holly Mckinnon

    I love Moo so much. Lester you are such a good sport.

  • Carol V
    Carol V

    Pebbles looks prego?

  • Nicole Vance Brock
    Nicole Vance Brock

    Lester just admit to yourself that you love the crocs 😂

  • Shannon Kohler
    Shannon Kohler

    Is Pebbles just plumping up or is she a victim of visiting goat pillage

  • Holly Mckinnon
    Holly Mckinnon

    Lenny so proud of himself!!

  • sasha11662

    Wow! Lenny is almost flying he's leaped so high. He is amazing!!!❤🧡💛💚💙💜