Lenny Street Jumper! Tex BEWARE!
Hope you're rested up...Come along and let's follow Lenny around the farm.

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Just get a GoPro you’re video content going to be way better for the kinda video u make. Get a GoPro with headband n u have free hands

  • Kim Humble
    Kim Humble

    However Boomer Sooner Lester.

  • Kim Humble
    Kim Humble

    Longhorns gorgeous animals. Majestic

  • michelle forkash
    michelle forkash

    Looks likes Lenny is on a constant springboard

  • JazzGirl81

    Where is Lenny twin ?

  • Teresa Butler
    Teresa Butler

    The little guy he doesn’t have any horns he supposed to have them by now. And the little ones are they going to get big

  • Deana Boswell
    Deana Boswell

    Hello farmer's.. Y'all have some of the cutest animal's. Pretty horse's an Tex is a daRn hoot 🤣❤. We enjoy your video's an get a good laugh to.. God Bless.. 🤠🐾🐴🐎🐄🐓🐖🐿🐈🕷🕸🐗🐱🦌🐾

    • Ima Survivor Sanctuary
      Ima Survivor Sanctuary

      Thanks so much!

  • Brenda scratchgolfer12 x
    Brenda scratchgolfer12 x

    I love watching feeding time

  • Sharon Wolfe
    Sharon Wolfe

    You Sir, are livin the Life. Goodonya...

  • Steph Turner
    Steph Turner

    I love your videos but i miss the ones about gifts & goodies

  • MyuuTheMew


  • Brandon James
    Brandon James

    Why do you say sucscsuc to the bulls

  • Debra Olsen
    Debra Olsen

    Your so right lester your amazing

  • Debra Olsen
    Debra Olsen

    Love leney

  • Denise Diaz
    Denise Diaz

    I meant to say lenny

  • Denise Diaz
    Denise Diaz

    I enjoy watching little penny jump . around playing with pebbles😄

  • pa yang
    pa yang

    I never knew how cute baby pigs and goats were until I saw your babies. Lenny reminds me of Pig Trudy when she was a little baby, they run around everywhere and bug everyone, so darn cute!

  • Sssst7even

    Just seeing Lenny makes me smile.

  • Inspired Clips
    Inspired Clips

    Lester - You Wrong. Don't call those horses bullies, they are being horses. When you consistently work with them in the future you can work on feeding time and have higher expectations. Love Them and Thank you for the video visit! Laural

  • Judy M
    Judy M

    Lester, Just a suggestion! Wear the neck holder someone sent to you last week. It sure would make your life easier holding your phone. Love you.

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez

    Where is c.j.?

  • Stella Lush
    Stella Lush

    The funny farm... Comedy club. Every one of your animals is a total comedian.

  • Stella Lush
    Stella Lush

    Lenny's a total crack up... So funny , cute.

  • Susan west
    Susan west

    Just watching Lenny run is super!!!

  • Regina Thomas
    Regina Thomas

    Lenny is the cutest little thing and he and Pebbles make the buddy system great love them both ❤️💕


    Is Jami getting any eggs from her hen boxes.

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    Can’t get enough of Lenny. He has the X Factor.

  • EpiC GaMEr
    EpiC GaMEr

    Lenny tho 😂🤣

  • Margaret Paolo
    Margaret Paolo

    Parkour! Gosh he’s a cutie!! Love that he has given Pebbles a new best friend ❤️

  • Harman Pabla
    Harman Pabla

    Awesome brother. You're just living the life aren't you..

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    Can’t get enough of Lenny. He has the X Factor.

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    I've never noticed the heart on his head.

  • Cecelia Deem
    Cecelia Deem

    Lester and Jami, you are a happy place for this old lady's heart! Thank you soooo much!

  • Sue DaRin
    Sue DaRin

    I may be having a hard day...but I can sit down and start watching ur video and all of a sudden...I’m smiling!!! Thanx so very much for sharing ur life with us!❤️

    • Ima Survivor Sanctuary
      Ima Survivor Sanctuary

      You are so welcome!

  • Trellen Russey
    Trellen Russey

    Oh, I LOVE to see him running and jumping! He is so cute!❤

  • Keriann Sawinski
    Keriann Sawinski

    Also if you dislike his videos then don't watch him its mean to go and watch someone you don't want to watch and leave a dislike on the video. You know what the dislike button shouldn't have been made it should just be the like button

  • Keriann Sawinski
    Keriann Sawinski

    Lenny plays like bam bam use to play

  • alyssa caeytano
    alyssa caeytano

    And can we get a video on the other baby goat? Squeegee. I feel like I haven’t seen him in too many videos. It would be cute watching Laverne and her brothers playing.

  • alyssa caeytano
    alyssa caeytano

    He’s so cute. There are a few goats there but I don’t know the names of. I probably missed a video.. you said you had cats. I want to see them too.

  • Jackie Holmes
    Jackie Holmes

    Baby goats❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Be still my heart😀

  • Sandy Lambert
    Sandy Lambert


  • Mark Brommer
    Mark Brommer

    Dear ImaSurvivor Sanctuary. love the animals Lenny is so cute!!!

  • cuaj vue
    cuaj vue

    Has anyone sent an actual GoPro to Lester yet?

  • Breanna Homme
    Breanna Homme

    Petunia is looking so much better! I watched the videos of when you guys first got her and she is so much more mobile now! Thank you for everything you do for all these animals! They are all so loved and you guys provide a great environment that allows each animal to thrive!

  • Jorge Mercado
    Jorge Mercado

    Get a go pro

  • Dana Edwards
    Dana Edwards

    Is that a “medicine hat” horse?!

  • JaDe Nolan
    JaDe Nolan


  • Ann Conforti
    Ann Conforti

    Glad Pebbles has a little buddy

  • Pamela Skwat
    Pamela Skwat

    Pray for me i just had biopsy then stiched me up sore irratated healling from radiation my friend think so much me prayfor start feeling better wearing off the anehesia right thank yu love the goat lenny funny

  • Feebs Z
    Feebs Z

    It's called parkour.

  • Feebs Z
    Feebs Z

    I love the way lenny trots!

  • Mary Durham
    Mary Durham

    Lester can you just quit laughing and yacking and show the animals and do what you need to do. I have to say your laughter is so annoying that I have to quit watching your videos.

  • Don Abeyta
    Don Abeyta

    BUTT If one of those bulls steps on you're feet you'll wish you had your Boots. RIGHY!!

  • Don Abeyta
    Don Abeyta

    How's TEX DOING.

  • Amber Hill
    Amber Hill

    never mind

  • Amber Hill
    Amber Hill

    why don't you put lenney

  • Tina Weeks
    Tina Weeks

    You guys have built an amazing sanctuary your so good to your loves

  • Tina Weeks
    Tina Weeks

    Love goats they are just so much fun. Lenard is sooooooo cute love his colors

  • Bryan 0'Neill
    Bryan 0'Neill

    Was that a new turkey, or was that Cornholio?

  • Kasey Rigsby-Ferree
    Kasey Rigsby-Ferree

    So much fun!! Lester you make me crack up!! Entertained? Omigosh!! It is joyful!! 💘 Lenny & Pebbles!!

  • Ron Pease
    Ron Pease

    What feed mik are you feeding? Also yes please keep the phone I really enjoy your videos.

  • Cooney. B
    Cooney. B

    LENNY the parkour goat 🐐

  • Shirl C
    Shirl C

    Someone should get you a body cam like cops wear

  • Jean Thomas
    Jean Thomas

    I love goats ❤️

  • Diana M Cook
    Diana M Cook

    Have you seen or heard from the mail lady about Lennie's brother? It's so sad that you gave him away so fast. You don't say any about weather he lived or not. Not every one knows how to raise baby goat's.

  • Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown

    Lenny looks like he's wearing black UGG boots.

  • Dònalee Slack
    Dònalee Slack

    Lol oh Lester. Hunny just buy one of those phone holders that go around your neck .Then you can be hands free😂😂😂

  • indie825

    LOL...Lenny's doing his version of parkour.

  • Terry Speckmann
    Terry Speckmann

    I never noticed Lenny has a heart shaped mark on his head 😍😃😄🥰 I love watching the little hop thing ! Love it 😍

  • Auntie Ruth warrick
    Auntie Ruth warrick

    That really is a cute little goat his leg color really makes it cute when he runs

  • Betty Foster
    Betty Foster

    What's going on with the pond?

  • F luv
    F luv

    Get you a gopro you can put it on anywhere, handsfree filming.

  • Lovin'Life2016

    "Parkour" is the word I think you were seeking. The little black and white kid is so darling!

  • Dawn Keener
    Dawn Keener

    Lol... Parkour. I watch a degenerative gambler on YT he goes around saying parkour all the time. Lol. He also won a WSOP bracelet this year.

  • scoutakh76

    Lenny does Parkour

    • scoutakh76


  • Sue Castillo
    Sue Castillo

    I’m DYING!!! Way Too Cute!!!😫🤗🤣🤣🤣✌🏾♥️‼️

  • Sherry Morgan
    Sherry Morgan

    Watched a second time with no sound. The animals are amazing

  • 彡

    He reminds me of that episode of The Office when they're jumping off stuff and yelling PARKOUR!!!!

  • Lilias Cailleach
    Lilias Cailleach

    How can you not love a lil guy who has hearts on his face?

  • Murrderrface

    Petunia looks amazing!!

  • Gabriella Cano
    Gabriella Cano

    Nd the shoulder mount

  • Gabriella Cano
    Gabriella Cano

    Get a GoPro cam

  • Crystal Smith-Johnson
    Crystal Smith-Johnson

    I just love watching baby goats jump around. It’s hilarious, I could watch it all day.

  • Kylie Hetherington
    Kylie Hetherington

    You need another pair of camera glasses

  • lisa mullins
    lisa mullins

    Not sure if I missed something but where is Squiggy???!!!!!! I hope he’s ok but I haven’t seen any videos except if Lenny?????? 😳😳😳

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores

    Lester get a gopro

  • Amazing Facts
    Amazing Facts

    Where is CJ I saw moo but no CJ

  • The Wonky Eyed Woman
    The Wonky Eyed Woman

    Where's Ringo's bell?

  • Linda George
    Linda George

    I Love Lenny he's so adorable! I love that he has a great relationship with sweet little Pebbles! It seems like I haven't seen Pebbles jump around to much since she broke her leg! It was nice to see Annie eating, I noticed She's such a great caretaker that she doesn't even to eat until everybody else is eating! 💗

  • Tina Pennington
    Tina Pennington

    Talk about Ollie. I’m so upset

  • Martha Shelton
    Martha Shelton

    Lenny was frolicking! LOL

  • Judy Collingwood
    Judy Collingwood

    If you were wearing that video vest thingy you got then you wouldn't need to put your phone down lol just saying 🤷

  • Jessica Jordan
    Jessica Jordan

    What happened to the other diary cow cj?

  • ebeth0756

    Petunia looks soooo good

  • denee hobbs
    denee hobbs

    Parkour Lenny!!! Love seeing Petunia walk about :)

  • Carrie Jo
    Carrie Jo

    I can't seem to find what happened to Squiggy.

  • Carson borts
    Carson borts

    Oh and its called pro parkor

  • Carson borts
    Carson borts

    Haha I love your vids lester

  • Stacy Ellison
    Stacy Ellison

    Where's Ringo's bell?

  • Linda Thorne
    Linda Thorne

    I have been wondering about petunia and was so glad to see her today and know that she is doing okay and got to be out and about. It's funny but if I don't see something animals I start wondering about them just like they're my own. Love the video about Buc-ee's he is such a beautiful horse and I hope that its back and be fixed