Liam Payne - One Direction Memories
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  • Nore De Smedt
    Nore De Smedt

    *me hoping he also would make a video of him watching the ‘’classics’’ . ( like : PATATOoOo and : just chilling out me box or : fucking advocado’s )❤️ OR A VIDEO SAYING 1D IS COMING BACK TOGETHER 🤩💕🇧🇪

  • Katrine Serop
    Katrine Serop

    Yeah, now i’m crying again

  • a. nadobna
    a. nadobna

    im going cry

  • Emma Barkai
    Emma Barkai

    "until i was in my late 30's" LIAM DID YOU FORGET YOUR AGE LOVE-

  • María Fernández
    María Fernández

    Liam plis the band would come back pliss 💙💚🇨🇮❤️💛 plis plis plis plis liam

  • Arzoo jaffery
    Arzoo jaffery

    Can they get back together pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Serena Chaudhary
    Serena Chaudhary

    For sure,1D would have been the greatest boy band if they all were still together.🥲

  • Manon Heuer
    Manon Heuer

    I am crying😩😢😭

  • winter bear
    winter bear

    i memorized the whole script of those acting thingy in the mv’s i believe i deserve to be noticed, liam 🥰 ps. pls i’m being sarcastic 😭

  • winter bear
    winter bear

    i can’t stop watching this and no one can stop me

  • Arya M
    Arya M

    Liam you can also kidnap the boys and do a reunion, probably they won't sue you, don't be shy,do it, i kNoW YoU WaNt tooooo

  • Arya M
    Arya M

    Put the 5 boys in a room,make them watch the old videos, the video diaries, BTS of thier MVs, the one with the dinosaurs,the 1D day , the water fights, pulling Harry's pants down, the pregnancy prank, interviews where they talk about each other and this is us. And let them talk. If this doesn't bring back the boys idk what will.

  • Exequiel Syke
    Exequiel Syke

    0:28 liam was crying

  • Sophia khe Adtoon
    Sophia khe Adtoon


  • Anny De Oliveira
    Anny De Oliveira


  • Krupa Patel
    Krupa Patel

    Liam watching not even getting emotional me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bilge S.
    Bilge S.

    How did i haven't seen this yet omg

  • Alaiza Jesia
    Alaiza Jesia

    liam babysitting louis is everything

  • Fredandgerorge022

    I think Liam, Louis, and niall are the only people who want 1d back I think harry and zayn enjoy there solo careers so they don't want to

    • Siobhan Gallagher
      Siobhan Gallagher

      Well yeah harry had been nominated for Grammys now😶

  • shim ilagan
    shim ilagan

    watching this 2021

  • shim ilagan
    shim ilagan

    When he's talking about Zayn in the mv BestSongEver, im tear dropping😭



  • Wilma McIntyre
    Wilma McIntyre

    Oh my god, when we were on that truck, I swear to God we nearly died a number of times

  • Wilma McIntyre
    Wilma McIntyre

    "I just won me a Teddy Bear on a date with me" Why is that not like an inside joke!!??

  • Harini pandian
    Harini pandian

    Luv u liam😍

  • Lamiah Kabeer
    Lamiah Kabeer

    Who’s watching and crying in 2021

  • Joyce Lopez
    Joyce Lopez

    "I believe i touched them and they felt really real" Umm Payno? LLN😂😂

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee

    wait does anyone else come here to cry whenever i feel sad or am i just the weird one

  • Grace McGrattan
    Grace McGrattan

    Space stuff

  • Azizbek Bilolov
    Azizbek Bilolov

    2021 21:06

  • shakshi aka Me
    shakshi aka Me

    You know the worst part is, that I am a hiatus fan, and as much as I love love love the boys and the fandom, I always have this guilt that I never ever got to see them together, and don't come asking me whether I am OT4/5 it will ALWAYS BE 5 OF THEM !!! This fandom is just so welcoming and for the fans who were before hiatus, I know you feel the pain, then imagine about us hiatus fans. I just wish I knew them before hiatus like I-I love them so much. I love you li for this, I just-


    I am crying! 😭 Liam thank you for it That Means so much to us You all mean so much to us WE MISS YOU! ❤️😭

  • Anumi Minara
    Anumi Minara

    0:28 liam was wiping the tears away

  • Nurul Alifah
    Nurul Alifah

    do you miss the boys? comeback now!❤️

  • Mrs. Holland-Styles
    Mrs. Holland-Styles

    i miss One Direction. so. so. much

  • One Direction-gaming
    One Direction-gaming

    I think they should end there hiatus

  • Tito Arora
    Tito Arora

    1d will come back

  • a.musicandcolor

    liam and 1d : just what we need .

  • Luciana Martinez
    Luciana Martinez


  • Luciana Martinez
    Luciana Martinez

    The history video 😭

  • Luciana Martinez
    Luciana Martinez

    We didn’t get to drive! IAHHAAHHS I LOVE THEM

  • Ardianti wirastuti
    Ardianti wirastuti


  • Nabil Yahmadi
    Nabil Yahmadi

    1:02 i needed to hear that 3 times till i understood what he was saying 😂

  • azra `
    azra `

    there is no subtitles and he has a powerful accent. sorry liam ı can not watch this video like this.please add english subtitle.

  • Katie Wilson
    Katie Wilson

    i started 20 secondes in(crying)

  • Directioner Potato - Baby Army
    Directioner Potato - Baby Army

    "I thoroughly believe that I am Harry's girlfriend right now" THIS EVERYONE'S DREAM LIAM!

  • Simona Banerjee
    Simona Banerjee

    I feel like deep inside, Liam is crying so hard and not in a cool way... I'm sure he was heart broken inside

  • Dominika Kosińska
    Dominika Kosińska

    Why does he act like nothing is going on while saying “while filming the history mv we knew that was about to happen with the band” when for me it was the saddest thing I have ever heard and it’s even more sad when he don’t act sad 😭😭😭

  • 1D

    "I had to talk to the camera but also see what the hell this guy (Louis) over here was trying to do because he always does something crazy" -Liam Payne

  • Haisla Angie
    Haisla Angie

    Liam’s so cute and sweet

  • Francesca Barone
    Francesca Barone

    the history video starts, liam dances and then there is me crying

  • Alisa Cabrera
    Alisa Cabrera

    dont cry just come back

  • Hayley Wears
    Hayley Wears

    No one Not even Liam Me starts reciting best song ever music video

  • Julie Bastil
    Julie Bastil

    Excuse me Liam but you and Zayn discussed you would never talk about the boobs

  • Adrija Mitra
    Adrija Mitra

    They will never confess in front of us properly but they really cry from inside their hearts as they miss 1D! 😥😥😥

  • Izzy Madison
    Izzy Madison


  • Anne J
    Anne J

    ooof how much I want them together even if they're just sitting and chatting..Idc I just care about them being good and healthy w each other.

  • Anne J
    Anne J

    I've seen this before but let me tell u am u might know, I'm not being too much I swear one of my biggest fears is that they'll never come back together..

  • chloe styles
    chloe styles

    he’s so amazing he loves them sm

  • Lau L.C.T
    Lau L.C.T

    Yo no se como no pudo llorar viendo esos videos, yo no puedo parar de llorar desde el primer segundo🥺🥺


    what I can't belive its 9 months ago

  • Maggie Wilson
    Maggie Wilson

    Was he floating?

  • Izni Shafirannisa
    Izni Shafirannisa

    Attention to those people who want to watch this video: take your tissues first because it's an emotional video😣💔

  • emma almond
    emma almond

    Hearing Liam talk about History made me tear up, you can tell he really appreciated being a part of One Direction and watching all of these brought back those good times. I love how you can tell at times that he was happy but you could also sense that he was kind of emotional because he misses the fun times they had and he misses the boys 😢

  • tania


  • Hahaha

    for a second I though the chair was flying

  • i can’t think rn
    i can’t think rn

    nobody: not even NASA: Liam: SpAcE sTuFf

  • Carolina Styles
    Carolina Styles


  • Carlotta 123
    Carlotta 123

    Just give boys the chance to meet NASA and they do everything😂😂

  • sambhavi devi
    sambhavi devi

    Read the comments when the history part comes up, just so u don't have the 56th breakdown of the day :) tpwk

  • Amirah Khan
    Amirah Khan


  • Giugiz


  • Thanpuii Khiangte
    Thanpuii Khiangte

    Physically his fine emotionally his bruised 😩

  • Shravani Deshpande
    Shravani Deshpande

    nobody: me: so basically this video is about how Liam misses 1d every day

  • Paula Castillo
    Paula Castillo

    Hi it’s me again at 4:00 am 🕳🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Khushi Bhosale
    Khushi Bhosale

    5:18 louis gets to drive in evry music video none of us gets to drive 😂😂

  • Seema Seema
    Seema Seema

    Really 1D you must come fan we really miss you a lot come back please it will be a dazzling day when you'll come back and we'll celebrate it as one direction comeback day I'm your huge Indian fan really

  • monica A
    monica A

    who’s still here 🥲

  • Ella Bartlett
    Ella Bartlett

    in charge of sPaCE sTufF

  • Deelyla Grantham
    Deelyla Grantham

    All I gotta say is I would like to speak to the space woman who didn't give our boy the answers he wanted (we are just going to talk....that's all)

  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima

    The way i cried after watching this

  • Cha Maturingan
    Cha Maturingan

    I miss them 😭

  • I Love One Direction
    I Love One Direction

    Did you really get to go to space? 🧐🤨

  • Isobella

    took me a sec to realise he wasnt sitting on a floating chair somehow

  • Pru Bear
    Pru Bear

    liam watching the history music video, ‘the craziest thing about this video is that we all knew what was going to happen with the band’

  • maria linda
    maria linda


  • Sara Meconizzi
    Sara Meconizzi

    Liam: *calmly talking about NASA stuff* Me: *crying my soul out*

  • ana clara
    ana clara

    liam, love, please add some subtitles into your videos because you just TALK SO FAST I can't keep up

  • Farah Elgamal
    Farah Elgamal

    He should of reacted to spin the harry

  • conchu Staylinson
    conchu Staylinson


  • Dovie Connor
    Dovie Connor

    I keep hurting my own feelings by watching this video at midnight 😭😭

  • Haripriya Dutta
    Haripriya Dutta

    i literally cried🥺 i miss 1D still waiting for the MAJOR COMEBACK❤️🥺

  • It's a new day
    It's a new day

    I think if Harry will do this reminiscing, there’d be tears. I miss them. :(

  • Klaudia Jelonek
    Klaudia Jelonek

    Not me crying lol

  • Shreya Patel
    Shreya Patel

    Dear Liam Don't feel sad just come back with your lads. Thank you!

  • Sheryn S Angel
    Sheryn S Angel

    Nice. Imma cry :)

  • caitlin omalley
    caitlin omalley


  • Cailey B
    Cailey B

    what happen to the water fights :((((

  • Shanee Krichely
    Shanee Krichely

    Dammit I haven't even started yet but this is going to make me really sad isn't it

  • Hailey Lawwill
    Hailey Lawwill

    that little grin at the beginning