Lionel Messi - Top 100 Goals Ever (With Commentary)
Must watch video: Lionel Messi - ALL 643 Goals for Barcelona:
Strange days, no football and too much time... Perfect moment to take some time and enjoy my latest video. Lionel Messi's best 100 goals in just one video! I worked really hard on this project, so I hope you like it! The selection wasn't easy, so I'm curious what you think of it! Let me know, enjoy the video and stay safe!
Want to know a bit more about me? I’m Wouter, 26 years old and I’m a sportsphysiotherapist. My hobby is all about football. My idol is Leo Messi, my favourite team is FC Barcelona, but I just love the game in general. I love making football videos and interact with you on my other social media, so feel free to follow me there too!
Special thanks: IeraHDTV, SH10Comps, RaheemComps, DANComps, LionelMessi10i, Jonny Easton (music)
Purpose - by Jonny Easton
If I Could Fly by Jonny Easton
Don't Look Back by Jonny Easton
Summit - by Jonny Easton
Forever Sunrise - by Jonny Easton
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  • Tường Nguyễn
    Tường Nguyễn

    Best of the world !!!

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres

    It’s crazy how his #100 would be someone else’s #1 🐐

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    elia biasi

    il lorenz approva

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    Siepropam polres karanganyar


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    tiago rodrigues

    hes above us all

  • Run Art foundry - bronze
    Run Art foundry - bronze

    Regateo , vision y dios

  • Jørgen Linnerud
    Jørgen Linnerud

    Messi is not great! His superhumen

  • Imran Tariq
    Imran Tariq

    Messi is Great He is the greatest of all time.


    559 Idiots and envious who disliked.

  • haru ruru
    haru ruru

    No doubt Lionel Messi is the Best Soccer player in the world... Well done and thank you for sharing your hard work with us...

  • Jagan Ghale
    Jagan Ghale

    Messi ... Great player

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    muchlis usman

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    Barry Smith

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    kitsoetsile morole

    Lionel Messi is the best!

  • #Hesch tag
    #Hesch tag

    Brilliant. Funny that the top 2 are scored with his right foot.

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    Lavern Norman

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  • Nicole Lopez
    Nicole Lopez

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  • Barrie Paige
    Barrie Paige

    A great tribute to the greatest ever footballer, complemented by a surprising but totally effective choice of music. Thank you for letting us share it.

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    sistus sitepu

    #diosmessi #goat

  • Lilian Marciuc
    Lilian Marciuc

    Very beautiful work for N1 forever!!!!

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  • drsxdko

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    Hosni Alahmar

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  • E T
    E T

    Unforgettable talent - que aiga futbol en Los cielos!!!

  • Andy

    The little engine that anything with a soccer ball! Absolutely ridiculous skill, speed, accelleration, accuracy and ginga!! We'll NEVER see a better or more fun player to watch! If I could choose a skillset for my next life this would be it!

  • Rafat Odeh
    Rafat Odeh

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  • kost4s_zik0s Ζήκος
    kost4s_zik0s Ζήκος

    Admit it... you were expecting Messi’s masterclass against Getafe to be the Νο.1

  • mungur sachin
    mungur sachin

    Maestro Messi

  • Iker Lupiañez Ortiz
    Iker Lupiañez Ortiz

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    Iker Lupiañez Ortiz

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  • Thanish Dazz
    Thanish Dazz

    Wouva is just brilliant 😃😃

  • Thanish Dazz
    Thanish Dazz

    Tell me a better combination in football than Ray Hudson and Leo Messi 😃😃

  • Juan R. Lozano
    Juan R. Lozano

    the best in the world every ! better than maradona and Pele .

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    wavey _Fn

    Messi is great

  • Leonel Messi
    Leonel Messi


  • kozlov

    q musica de mierda le pusiste hermano

  • Muaz Baharin
    Muaz Baharin

    I seriously don't understand why people compared Goat to CR7. Messi is simply on another class. If he does not score, he assist, if not, he created the gameplay.

  • J'suis d'la jungle, appelle-moi Mowgli
    J'suis d'la jungle, appelle-moi Mowgli

    Vengo del futuro, el psg le ganó al barcelona... y se quedó sin champions... que bien recordar a Messi

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    jame smite

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  • Mike Choeps
    Mike Choeps

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  • Charccy

    Unique among equals - Messi and Wouva. Thank you both for these 50 mins of pleasure !

  • Nazrool Hosein
    Nazrool Hosein

    Maradona the second messi

  • Jerry Chaparro
    Jerry Chaparro

    I really enjoyed this highlight video...Lionel Messi is definitely the GOAT!

  • Jerry Chaparro
    Jerry Chaparro

    Messi is the best

  • Jerry Chaparro
    Jerry Chaparro

    Messi is GREAT!

  • What you lookin at?
    What you lookin at?


  • Jordi Puig Marpons
    Jordi Puig Marpons

    Messi no te vais por fabor as tenido muchos recuerdos por fabor te lo suplico!

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    Sahil Amin Shora

    Messi is greatest

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    Qudsia Siddiqui

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  • beeste1337

    u should change title to "when the insanity became a rutin" i love this commentator and how he glorify Messi becouse he deserve this , he is special :)

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    Matthew Reismann

    Messi created, Wouva edited, I watched it

  • Matthew Reismann
    Matthew Reismann

    Messi is the best

  • Matthew Reismann
    Matthew Reismann

    Messi is great

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    #Palpites do Gois

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    Nicu Vasile

    Thank you so much, Wouva.

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    s baxter

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    Ait chattou mohamed

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    Rufaro Bongo

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    Jorge Yong

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    Ras al Hanout

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    David V Martin55

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  • Odong Charles William
    Odong Charles William

    I was born in 1997 and i have never seen a player like him in all the years i have lived on earth. i believe no one on earth will ever replicate messi. He is in his own class.

  • Chukwuchidi Barry
    Chukwuchidi Barry

    Truly Messi is the greatest ever to play football, at least so far. It is sad that age is no longer on his side. I wish that the younger Messi could be recreated. Thank you for the wonderful compilation

  • Haithm Nageeb
    Haithm Nageeb

    World without Sun Football without messi. Thank you messi💝

  • Chinedu Daniel
    Chinedu Daniel

    Messi is superb.

  • もとはしリョーヤ

    Can you take a look? 彼は何よりもサッカーが好きだ。 勉強よりも遊びよりも何よりもサッカーが好きだ。 そんな男が今チームとして選手として壁に当たっている。 でも彼を不安な目で見る人はいない。 だって彼はずっと僕たちのスターなのだから。 これがリオネル・メッシの人生だ。 He likes soccer more than anything else. I like soccer more than study and play. Such a man is against the wall as a player as a team now. But no one sees him with uneasy eyes. Because he's always been our star. This is Lionel Messi's life.

  • Alireza Zhrkr
    Alireza Zhrkr

    I just can say messi is not a human He came from space

  • Daemein Lanier
    Daemein Lanier

    As Messi has grown so has his taste in hair style


    Left me in tears 😭

  • Dolly Ebobali
    Dolly Ebobali

    Messi est joueur monstre que personne va douté de lui

  • It's Just What We Do
    It's Just What We Do


  • It's Just What We Do
    It's Just What We Do


  • It's Just What We Do
    It's Just What We Do

    messi is great!:)


    mire el video del minuto 0 hasta el final. te amo leo, te amo messi. te banco en todassssss

  • Cleitus Michelo
    Cleitus Michelo

    Messi please see these goals again let them remind you of what once was maybe just maybe you will come back to your glory days even just for one more season

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    Messi is great

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    No Humbug

    Thank you so much for this, you deserve to be applauded for the effort and the result.

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    No Humbug

    Ok, poetry on motion.

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    No Humbug

    Messi, the best, there are no superlatives for quintessential brilliance.

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    Amazing, ABsolutely the GOAT