Little Nightmares 2: The Story & All Endings Explained (Horror Game Theories)
Little Nightmares 2 - what exactly is this game all about? How does it tie into the original Little Nightmares? What about that strange and morbid ending? In this theory and analysis video I explain the entire story behind Little Nightmares II. We take a look at the games monsters, the relationship between Mono and Six and the origins of the mysterious Thin Man. This story explained video is both a walkthrough of notable story moments and also speculation as to how the world and it's characters function. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Little Nightmares 2 explained.
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  • Phaselock

    I’m not sure if six “betrays” mono, I think she saw his face and recognized it as thin mono’s face, the guy who corrupted her and imprisoned her, so she let him go out of hatred and vengeance (Sorry if he says something similar in the video, I haven’t finished it yet)

  • Bassam

    maybe there will be a little nightmares 3 and the cycle will be broken, as it is a fitting theme for the game because we encounter monsters of the same type so what if those monsters were different types? Like fighting the literal giant tower and everything ends happy.

  • Cute KPop
    Cute KPop

    You explained it so well! Mind blowing! HOw do you get the information in order to form the theory?

  • Kai Ofthelake
    Kai Ofthelake

    So if it's a repeating cycle....then mono is the thin man which means six is the signal tower devouring everything

    • Kai Ofthelake
      Kai Ofthelake

      And the games called little nightmares because their the two who enslaved the world

  • Big Cahoona
    Big Cahoona

    wouldnt six need to eat mono to absorb his power though?

  • LivingL393nd

    Here's my theory. Chapter 3 is the most important chapter imo bc it symbolizes how watching TV corrupts us specifically watching the media. If you also paid attention to the sound you would hear someone talking in the TV similar to how a newsreporter talks. All those scary looking giant humans were turned into monsters by the TVs but they were once normal. The teacher and doctor bosses were normal humans at one point until they got corrupted by watching the media. All this is a metaphor/exxageration of course but it goes to show how much the media can manipulate and even potentially corrupt the masses. Very powerful message. I could be wrong but this is my interpretation of the story. Anyone else has similar views?

  • Texhno plays
    Texhno plays

    Either you die like a Hero or live long enough to became villain

  • Jack Pocock
    Jack Pocock

    What if thin mono turned six into her monster form to tell young mono that she is a moster

  • No Name
    No Name

    Most of these are the same comments from cory's video. You guy need to be more authentic or something.

  • Sneha Ramesh
    Sneha Ramesh

    Idk if this is a coincidence, but the suitcase Six wakes up in in Little Nightmares 1 (25:05) looks a lot like the suitcase the hammer lies in when Mono first finds Six in her distorted form (18:00). Maybe it's a foreshadowing of what's to come?

  • nadyaa • 13 years ago
    nadyaa • 13 years ago

    i think the thin man was trying to kill six so that it doesnt loop again but mono keep saving six and the thin man died and cant no longer save mono from six

  • Pika Gamer
    Pika Gamer

    I want to see a ending where six pulls Mono up and both get true but we will never see that😔

  • Benjamin Martin
    Benjamin Martin

    The lighthouse from Little Nightmares is barely visible in the fog while sailing on the boat btw...

  • Twin

    The developers said it wasn't a pre though. but a sequel. At least I'm pretty sure they did.

  • zephyrmeme35 BOI
    zephyrmeme35 BOI

    I'm just saying that if only six save mono then all this wouldn't have happened because six wouldn't lose a piece for soul trying to open the portal mono wouldn't have been trapped in the signal Tower so the thin Man wouldn't be a thing and the fact that mono's been trapped in the signal tower for a bunch of loops proves that without mono's power the signal Tower wouldn't be so strong so that'd be stopped as well

  • Mr.TriggyBoi

    if mono was stuck in that room, where did he get those new clothes?

  • zephyrmeme35 BOI
    zephyrmeme35 BOI

    the only hole I see in your theory is the fact that shadow 6 first appeared when she first got kidnapped by the thin Man so the part where a piece of her soul got removed doesn't make that much sense because of that

  • Mathrador

    I would have to disagree with a Rather lot of these theory's... it dose not add up for example. Thin Man was trapped in a room BUT there are many Children that where taken? which means those Children must have been able to make Thin man leave the room to chase them and take them. The reason i think that the Thin man was not Always Mono is the fact of these other kids! perhaps there are others with these powers but with mono it is the strongest and the TV in the forest can contest to this as Mono pops out from the Tv perhaps it was his first time Tv hoping with out knowing what he had done. Next i feel the Theory of 6 is also not Accurate She was scared before yes but i think her being Angry and housing a rage or darkness with in her made her Turn on Mono because Mono Broke her Music box! sure it freed her but that Music box was important to her and her RAGE took over when she sat there holding his hand from Monos end! The fact that a Part of 6 Remained it left her Weak thus why she was more Willing to let Mono go and the fact 6 could leave the tv realm was the fact it was the Realm was weak from Monos involvement so the barrier between realms was easy for her to pass through with out any power. Now in the normal world 6 was face with her soul while 6 body was more of an empty shell that needed to be filled but she lacks the Power of Mono to reclaim her solo but the Solo has an answer! THE MAW as it knows there is some thing there after all the Static soul is some how Connected to the TV Realm that twists reality. And so to get to THE MAW 6 Stows away in a suit case and is brought to THE MAW after all there would be no way for her to WARP there since she dose not have Monos power and 2 THERE WAS NO TV. 6 Then trys to feed the hunger that is the void with in her thus why every time 6 would Eat you could see her Static soul being present but once she consumes the flesh of the Lady she also Absorbs her power threw the consumption of her flesh thus Filling the Void with some thing New but still hungry for more! Now six has become hunger incarnate so as she just walks her feeds apon the life force of the people. 6 Has become a perfect Nightmare unlike what the TV Realm could do.

  • Ghost

    so we ARENT going to talk about how six used the fire that burned the doctor alive to warm her hands?

  • Rias

    this reminds me of the tower of god s1 ending


    we the makers we the Ground breakers call ME by my NAMe

  • Pico Luna
    Pico Luna

    I’m glad this was an ending I knew came up

  • Andaeru Pollendar
    Andaeru Pollendar

    the true ending is the 19th cycle since you collect 18 souls, which were the past Monos trapped in time.

  • {Honey glimmer}
    {Honey glimmer}


  • itsMachopuppy !
    itsMachopuppy !

    what if the Thin man was monos Glitch but evil

  • 西瓜人

    Dam you six!!!!!!

  • S E T H
    S E T H

    If you look closely at the start of the game, there were six tv's scattered across the field... Does it ring a bell? Yep, it's the sixth cycle and also the reason why the girl wearing the yellow raincot was named six. Just a small theory my mind came up with :v

  • Victor

    All I want is for one Thin Mono loop to realise that killing his young self is only gonna perpetuate the cycle and the only way to save himself from being betrayed is to talk to him instead, which would make for a Little Nightmares 3 where we start of with Thin Mono and Young Mono sitting on a bench having a soundless conversation and then Young Mono jumps off the bench to start the game and Thin Mono goes of to commit sepuku or something. The thing is I heard that they aren't continuing with the Little Nightmares series which is really sad to me since I think you can still do a lot with this world. The thing is all I want really is a face off between young Mono and powered up Six, but in actuality, THIS IS NOT A HAPPY ENDING GUYS and I really really want one, is that too much to ask?

  • 15x

    Mono: You're weak. Thin Man: I'm you. (epic joke/reference haha get it)

  • 紫小菜

    The tower needs an scp number lol

  • The Jallenator
    The Jallenator

    Six: Do you have the power Mono: yes Six: good, that’s one less loose end *she drops him* Mono: NO! Thin Man (over the intercom): DO NOT TRUST SIX!!! I SAY AGAIN, DO NOT TRUST SIX!!!

  • Ghostman Hunter
    Ghostman Hunter

    I think, based on the dlcs from the first game, that mono, or Thin man will meet six again, but something will be changed. I think the 3rd game will be about six and mono again, but like I said, something changed. They will go on the adventure like this one but maybe a future version of six or mono will travel through time again in an attempt to change reality, and we see them doing everything like in the game, and six or mono will be changing something in the background. The cycle must be broken and the only way for that to happen is if one of them or both changes the events of all the games.

  • ping KNOCKOUT
    ping KNOCKOUT

    so... six might be the tower.

  • Hellow

    My personal theory: six knew who thin man is. No one else knew about the music box other than mono. Since six, in this video, is a survivor and not a trusting person, when she knew who thin man really is, she realized she needs to get rid of him before he gets rid of her. From sixs perspective, she probably have no idea why thin mono trapped her in a room and gave her a music box. Additionally, thin mono made it look like she grew up all her life in that room by stretching out her limbs, much like how thin mono experienced when six betrayed him. Six thinks that mono will soon betray her. Mono, the young mono, is undoubtedly stronger than six, if she wants to survive, she needs to let go.

  • Gaz Williams
    Gaz Williams

    This is like the gaming beavers theory

  • Mohammed Khalid
    Mohammed Khalid

    Soo LN1 and LN2 is a never ending loop in LN3 we has to have third-party person to break the loop

  • Moonlight Magick
    Moonlight Magick

    i still think that deep down mono cares for 6 even after he gets betrayed by her . He traps her and tries to stop his younger self from saving her in order to break the cycle. If he was so filled with rage and revenge why not just kill her? he had plenty of time to do it and it would have solved his problem. i think that even as slender mono he wanted to find a way for them both to survive and make it out of the tower

  • Simian Shark
    Simian Shark

    I don’t think thin mono was weaker than young mono I just think he was defeated because he was never trying to harm his young counterpart

  • Richard Barry
    Richard Barry

    Why did thin mono go after six instead of just going after himself?

  • Benin

    18:28 Why is that man's portrait literally everywhere?

  • Richard Barry
    Richard Barry

    What a twist

  • Mind link
    Mind link

    A thing that crossed my mind watching this is if mono becames thin man and the cycle begins something like that could had happened to six since she is hungry and absorving a lot of things in the end of the game turning her into the flesh tower, since hunger, eat, grow, flesh and stuff or is this a strech?

  • Ali Sb
    Ali Sb

    At the end of little nightmares 1 after the credits there is a scene where a long figure looks through a TV which is in fact Mono the Thin Man who's always watching from inside the TV and waits to take revenge from six.

  • SlasherDasher

    The thing is if LN 2 Is a prequel then how did Six take some of Mono’s power

  • Pelican of the Clean
    Pelican of the Clean

    I think that the patients stop when shined with the flashlight because they think that it's the television.

  • ThePersonWithNoName

    He just wanted someone to free him. That’s all he wanted.

  • TheArtanis7

    So all this "shadow" glitches form you collect in game in different locations are actually Six get caught by Thin man in different timelines or cycles. Because when Thin man caught Six it leaves shadow, right?

  • Rand0m Narwhal
    Rand0m Narwhal

    I just realized that The Lady from the first game takes the souls and leaves the bodies. Meanwhile, Thin Man takes the bodies and leaves the souls

  • Explori-Swori

    Before six put on the yellow raincoat, and I didnt know if it was six or not, I nicknamed them 'bunny'. I dont know why but I thought someone might find it interesting. Also just called mono 'bag'. For obvious reasons

  • _Rogue_Anatomy_

    I’d love to see an Easter egg made in the game in which Mono glitched when thin man took six, attempting to go after her - the man and monos hands touched and glitched so mono could see his future. From there he doesn’t save her And continues on his own. Whatever happens after is a new game. That would be awesome.

  • Soulsborne SoyBoy
    Soulsborne SoyBoy

    Very good analysis 💪

  • Joshua Aguilar
    Joshua Aguilar

    It would be awesome if they made a third one where Mono somehow gets help from another child with powers (or maybe an undistorted adult), and finally gets to break the loop, saving himself from becoming the Thin Man and Six from becoming the monster she had become.

  • Jan Gabriel Luus
    Jan Gabriel Luus

    Begin of the game: *Saving another child from a crazy guy with a shotgun* End of the game: *_Endless cycle/Time Paradox_*

  • Ebony Lee
    Ebony Lee

    I don't think I'm broken anymore-- I think I'm more than broken :')

  • Dominatrix

    Thin Man : who are you? Mono : I am You but stronger...

  • Fireart FX
    Fireart FX

    In these few years games have become the most interactive part of storytelling. You can feel those things that you have never felt anytime in your life with anyone.

  • DarkFrozen

    Is six would not leave the hand of mono what would be the future?

  • SweetK Goddess
    SweetK Goddess

    I believe that thin man was a Survivor which the tower turned him into the thin man and that the thin man was tired of being behind that door so he need someone or should I say some kids aka six and mono to free him

  • Lacklin Otter
    Lacklin Otter

    I saw a mask flash on six's face, like the one you can find in the first game, I don't know if that is an easter egg or not though.

  • Jay Carr
    Jay Carr

    if mono is stronger then the thin man and this is a never ending cycle, doesn't that mean that every time mono turns into the thin man at the end he is stronger then the previous time?

  • Mr finale
    Mr finale

    wait if thin man is mono then.... SIX IS THE LADY!

  • LucyJJ 09
    LucyJJ 09

    Just realised you can see Monos shadow turning into the thin man when he’s messing with the TVs

  • Graceson Gonmei
    Graceson Gonmei

    Me: -push vid to read comment. -See's comment about "mono" -read "MOMO" instead kf "MONO" -continue the video Ahhhhhhh "MONO" I see

  • Natalie Berry
    Natalie Berry

    Wait why did the magic to kill thin man looks like the magic from the mirror to kill the lady

  • Erickjon Cuadrado
    Erickjon Cuadrado


  • Brendan Wright
    Brendan Wright

    Maybe the reason that mono can defeat the thin man is because six took some of his power before the transformation. all the life force the thin man is taking is going to the tower instead of him so he never gains strength. thus six’s betrayal not only turned him into the thin man but also sentenced him to the infinite loop he can not overcome with him being weaker than the him of the past.

  • Pickachu3

    If little nightmares three come out I think super horror bro would find more stuff than Teri no would I mean why is this video On the millions RN it makes sense

  • Brendan Nguyen
    Brendan Nguyen

    Too bad thin mono couldn’t communicate with mono to try and stop him.

  • Nate Twisleton
    Nate Twisleton

    What if six is the tall lady

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time


  • Brock Liu
    Brock Liu

    Six: betrays Mono Mono: DAMN YOU, YOU TRAITOOORRR

  • bella

    it'll be a continuous loop of thin man recieving salvation by death from the only one he knows can: himself. In turn, damning mono to take his place and repeating the cycle.

  • Doctor Vr
    Doctor Vr

    six Is A Bich

  • Disappointment Chips
    Disappointment Chips

    You thought you were fighting against the a**holes, but in the end, the only a**hole was your friend all along. 😔

  • • Chara-Chan •
    • Chara-Chan •

    What if after repeating that cycle a countless amout of time thin mono doesn't repet the same mistakes he'va made (leading his young self to be betrayed etc..) and kills six before ? What would happen ? (Well LN1 wouldn't exist lmao)

  • flyingvendingmachine

    We all know that the signal tower in reality is just a 5G antenna

  • lost oftransit
    lost oftransit

    I remember throughly enjoying playthrough's of the first game and drawing art of it but now I just feel empty 😄

  • Artist with Adhd and art block
    Artist with Adhd and art block

    No one gonna talk about how Six warmed her hands while doc's corpse was burning? I mean I would've done the same but still....

  • SkyeThe Peachie
    SkyeThe Peachie

    If im right, any point in time where six can betray you doesnt a weird sound/theme play? I remember hesring it clearly in the incinerator, but it played more than just that once.

  • Adrian Montanez
    Adrian Montanez

    @coryxkenshin you need to see this

  • zzzendky

    I have never felt more betrayed and confused by a video game ending then this one

  • Lost Fangirl
    Lost Fangirl

    My question is how does the mobile game Very Little Nightmares play into the timeline. I thought that game was the prequel so now I'm confused on where Very Little Nightmares takes place time wise.

  • the unknown
    the unknown

    that makes sense, in the maw we see a lot of relations to food, hundreds of people eating stacks of food, this explains why she is at the maw,

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    I wonder if the world was ever “normal” in little nightmares. If so what caused all the monsters and nightmares

  • UnderratedSZN

    Story is depressing 😂

  • konner whitt
    konner whitt

    Six hid beside a table that's the literally the worst hiding place possible

  • ֆӄʏȶʀɛӼ

    "---or repurposed for other MEMES."

  • ֆӄʏȶʀɛӼ

    There was a guy who completed the game escaping with six and not turning into thin tall slenderman doodoo

  • Dilip Muralidaran
    Dilip Muralidaran

    Great summary. Thanks for the video!

  • Bløø Ský
    Bløø Ský

    Wait my theory is that little nightmares is after little nightmares 2 because did anyone realise in the start the tall slim man who had hung himself? It makes sense, because like he said in the video, six was hungry in the true ending and there was a poster of the maw, so yes she warps to the maw ect. And six didn’t have her powers from the masked lady in little nightmares 2.

  • netta kins
    netta kins

    that was good i enjoyed

  • Benny Lin
    Benny Lin

    What a game! Awesome analysis!

  • Adam Schafianski
    Adam Schafianski

    Who else wants somebody to make a game about six not betraying mono

  • Dead Eye Brad
    Dead Eye Brad

    Ever since I saw the game and the ending I always thought it was a loop. because in the ending mono turns into the thin man. but when you’re playing the game you play as mono against the thin man. so you are technically in a loop.

  • Dimityr Stanoev
    Dimityr Stanoev

    Maybe Six did that because Mono had a mask the whole game and when she catched him for the final jump she saw his face and recognize him as the thin man

  • big tubz
    big tubz

    There's more proof but I'm not 100% sure that this is a prequel because in the tower (that uses a memories of the people) once you call the monster version of six for the first time you can see the hammer is in the box that six appears in little nightmares 1 because you can clearly see the pictures are the same.

  • Absolutely Amel
    Absolutely Amel

    I don't think it was purely malicious of Six to drop Mono. Mono did not have his hat on and when she held him she saw his face. Obvsl he looked like the thin man and that is why she dropped him which creates that unending circle.

  • PhoeniX BoY
    PhoeniX BoY

    thank you soo much i understand everything now

  • Weekly HowToDraw
    Weekly HowToDraw

    I can’t wait to draw mono on my Chanel which should hopefully be next week (not tomorrow)

  • The icon of sin
    The icon of sin

    This is very grimdark