Louis Tomlinson Talks We Made It, Walls, One Direction & More
#LouisTomlinson stopped by to talk about his new single #WeMadeIt, his upcoming album Walls, being in #OneDirection and more!
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  • Cyril Jane Lopez
    Cyril Jane Lopez

    No one: Louis: "fANK You"

  • Zara Luzzi
    Zara Luzzi

    31:17 " we completely be our self's" hahahahahhahahah sure if you say so hahahahahha

  • Zara Luzzi
    Zara Luzzi

    18 months 😥😥😥

  • Gatita Morenita
    Gatita Morenita

    My Zouis 💔👄💔

  • Gatita Morenita
    Gatita Morenita

    Most of them 💔👄💔

  • Gatita Morenita
    Gatita Morenita

    Definitely, you know what I mean

  • Gatita Morenita
    Gatita Morenita

    Solo quería escuchar a Louis hablando por una hora porque tengo adicción a su acento, no más :v

  • Chamudini Munasinghe
    Chamudini Munasinghe

    This is "Louis Tomlinson ft Yo knOw wot I mean" more like...

  • Andrea Paz Barria Aguilera
    Andrea Paz Barria Aguilera

    Esta es definitivamente una de mis entrevistas favoritas de louis

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda

    This is basically 57 minutes and 29 seconds of Louis saying you know what I mean

  • Théa Semaan
    Théa Semaan

    After 1 year and 3 month, this is me smiling at my screen like an idiot for 57 minutes and 29 seconds straight.

  • Merle Vater
    Merle Vater

    am i the only one that thinks it was sarcasm when the interviewer asked liam who

  • lio lee
    lio lee

    best interview ever!Thanks. Many insightful questions helped me get to know Louis better

  • heartlvpez

    “tbh u got a F in geography so fuck it” 😂

  • Alice K
    Alice K

    I searched 'louis tomlinson talk' and I got this. What an interview

  • Arianna De Stefani
    Arianna De Stefani


  • m a r i e
    m a r i e

    41:20 oh-

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane

    His British humour literally made this 10× funnier 😂😂😂😂

  • TakeHimHome ForLife
    TakeHimHome ForLife

    He looks so good. He looks happy. He was under so much pressure before. Sultry, gravelly - don't ever let anyone change your sound.

  • Joanna Santana
    Joanna Santana

    go to 51:02 and listen to how DEEP his voice got for a sec I’m so shook

  • TakeHimHome ForLife
    TakeHimHome ForLife

    He looks so good. He looks happy. He went through so much.

  • Calyn Offutt
    Calyn Offutt

    This was one of the only interviews I enjoyed watching and could get through

  • İpek Suden
    İpek Suden

    The way he says "y'know what I mean" 69 times

  • Sergio Grassiotto
    Sergio Grassiotto

    He said u know what i mean a hundreed times.

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    imagine a whole album with songs like coacoac

  • stream walls
    stream walls


  • stream walls
    stream walls

    plsss, I'm so excited for lt2

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    I love him so much, so so proud of him

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to spam my tl anymore so I came here

  • stream walls
    stream walls


  • stream walls
    stream walls

    I miss himmmm :'(

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    this interview is the absolutely best out there

  • stream walls
    stream walls

    I miss him so much :(

  • Wizard_ heartz
    Wizard_ heartz

    yes a yorkshire celebrity!

  • amandi peñailillo
    amandi peñailillo

    louis is perfect

  • Amanda Mason
    Amanda Mason

    "I'm not really that deep" uh sir look at the music you wrote I-

  • Ariane Villeneuve
    Ariane Villeneuve

    The amount of time he say "You know what I mean" is crazy

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan

    The mushy airship respectively unite because pollution luckily challenge among a plastic camera. quickest, ubiquitous hawk

  • Angela Riquelme
    Angela Riquelme

    Ay lo ami 😌💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • 易Doudou

    free therapy fr

  • Brittney Haynes
    Brittney Haynes

    Louis’ accent is straight up my religion

  • carol reis
    carol reis

    this interview is so comforting i feel so safe idk. louis is so special to me i’m so overwhelmingly proud of him he deserves the whole world honestly. i just hope he’s as happy as he makes me

  • :P


  • im ridiculous
    im ridiculous

    yes louis, we do know what you mean

  • Gina Saccuman
    Gina Saccuman

    he has saved so many lives, and impacted so many people lives in great ways. louis has done so much for us, and i love him so much and so does his amazing fandom

  • Dannie A
    Dannie A

    His accent is sooooo thick in this interview compared to the 1D video diaries like the difference is astronomical and boy do I love this accent even though it takes me a hot second to understand him at first haha!

  • rania’s only angel
    rania’s only angel

    can you guys check out my larry edits on my channel please :))

  • Zuzanna Gałązka
    Zuzanna Gałązka

    Not me dying every time Louis accidentally glazes at the camera😳

  • Mikhaela Wilson
    Mikhaela Wilson

    Everytime I rewatch this I get pissed off the little shit knows what 18 months is

  • Dita Petrů
    Dita Petrů

    okay this one of the best interviws i have ever seen. great job!

  • Christy G
    Christy G

    I love him unconditionally forever 🥺♾❤️ he is everything

  • Val

    i love this interview soo much, thanks for asking about his music zach. you always have such nice topics and ask about the writting process of the artist! kudos! your interviews are the beeest

  • Val

    i love this interview soo much, thanks for asking about his music zach. you always have such nice topics and ask about the writting process of the artist! kudos! your interviews are te beeest


    drink every time louis says dO yOu KnOw WhAt I mEaN

  • Maud Douglas-andersson
    Maud Douglas-andersson

    I can’t describe the love I actually have for this man, like I actually have love in my heart for a man, a celebrity I have never meet. I can’t say that about any other celebrity because he just feels like my friend, a down to earth, lovely lovely human tjat just haspens to make beautifull amazing music :)

  • Jaline Allen
    Jaline Allen

    ive listened to the whole thing without pausing, his voice is relaxing..

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    If youre happy doing what you’re doing then nobody can tell you you’re not successful

  • Angel Pedersen
    Angel Pedersen

    The damaged green acly rhyme because card pathophysiologically complain on a dramatic begonia. disillusioned, expensive boy

  • Raghad Ibrahim
    Raghad Ibrahim

    I am obsessed in his accent

  • miski ali
    miski ali

    watching this because its therapy :)

  • WhySo Serious
    WhySo Serious

    Can someone give me the time when he is asked about success

  • L J
    L J

    His voice is so beautiful could listen to it all day

  • Lemonade Candy
    Lemonade Candy

    Simply wonderful interview.

  • Vanessa Llanos
    Vanessa Llanos

    Lo puedo escuchar hablando toda la vida sin cansarme

  • tommo styles
    tommo styles

    I feel like this is the only interwiever that i dont want to punch in the face

  • Dwayne Culifer
    Dwayne Culifer

    The nondescript bench cephalometrically clap because romanian expectably guide besides a three reaction. dry, sudden butane

  • Citlali

    About that guy Noel Gallagher... I love you Lou, but I don't think ANYONE has the right to be that disrespectful to any other one. No, not even him 😒. I'm mad.

  • Angel Pedersen
    Angel Pedersen

    The abounding triangle provisionally bomb because report peripherally charge past a male band. plastic, lucky bicycle

  • shely Londi
    shely Londi

    He seems like a bit tired, but OMG!!!! Sooooo Irresistable...Fantastic Lad...)))

  • Kay Private
    Kay Private

    Dear Louis and Zayn, just a reminder you only have 12 days left in 2020 to go on y'alls bick ride y'all planned years ago, for the year 2020. Better get to it and stop being stubborn.

  • Sunila Sali Koshy
    Sunila Sali Koshy

    no one: not even larry: louis in the whole interview: uuuummmmm

  • Princess Park
    Princess Park

    i sat here and admired this mans beauty for an hour straight.

  • iamthereal cindyrosa
    iamthereal cindyrosa


  • Selene Medina
    Selene Medina

    You should let people subtitle this because google doesn't understand Louis' language and neither do I

  • Amelie Hannah
    Amelie Hannah

    I keep coming back to this interview it’s so comforting

    • Amelie Hannah
      Amelie Hannah

      @Yanna L his laugh>>>

    • Yanna L
      Yanna L

      Yesss, it’s so honest and Lou is so open. His voice and the length of the overall interview just has a reassuring vibe!



  • Natural Bby
    Natural Bby

    This is how many times Louis said “you know wha I mean” ⬇️⬇️

  • Aika Tungol
    Aika Tungol


  • Aika Tungol
    Aika Tungol

    Sassy and very entertaining to listen to

  • Karinne Pfeffer
    Karinne Pfeffer

    take a shot every time louis says do you know what i mean

  • Miika Needham
    Miika Needham

    i like watching this while i do homework because his voice is so comforting to me

  • Shravani K.
    Shravani K.

    i'll be in trouble for that. niall will be fookin fuming

  • Shravani K.
    Shravani K.

    i know niall's from ireland whatever 😂 my irish princess is not gonna like that zach

  • Giovanna Graça
    Giovanna Graça

    “four five people” 🥺

  • Monika Thompson
    Monika Thompson

    The royal butter numerically decorate because tailor differently reduce onto a wistful fog. condemned, lively drill

  • Alyssa Lightner
    Alyssa Lightner

    take a shot every time he says "doncaster where im from"

  • SupSoups

    He is one of the smartest people I know of

  • SupSoups

    The way he draws out the wayssssss 🥵🥵🥵 he started talking and my frown turned into an absolute GRIN I’ve missed Tommo😍😍

  • Tsion Eshetu
    Tsion Eshetu

    I just love this interview and how gamble he is his such an icon

  • Julika Freitag
    Julika Freitag

    I love his laugh🥰

  • josiee

    no one : louis every 10 seconds : “ya know whot i mean?”

  • Sara Somolinos Garcia
    Sara Somolinos Garcia

    I love this interview so much!!! Louis felt so comfortable and he talked about his solo music, experiences and obviously he said the nicest things about 1D, as always. Very proud of the artist and person he's become!!

  • Aleesha

    I really hope he comes back and does an interview like this when LT2 comes out

  • Caitlyn M
    Caitlyn M

    5:20 lol *most people* cough, cough, simon

  • Shraddha Singh
    Shraddha Singh

    who else loveeeeeeeees louis' accent??? i find it sooooo fine!!! AAAND HIS HAND GESTURES!!! I GO MAD WHEN I SEE THEM

  • Skylar Ya
    Skylar Ya

    lol not them talking about TM when we’re struggling with Harry Styles TM rn 😭

  • Skylar Ya
    Skylar Ya

    ugh louis so about that song u sent to Liam??--

  • Skylar Ya
    Skylar Ya

    i just realized he said it was chronological.... otb is last. no comment...

  • Skylar Ya
    Skylar Ya

    ugh when they started talking about two of us my heart ached. he’s so strong

  • Skylar Ya
    Skylar Ya

    mans says his lyrics are honest and true to him... there’s a few babies on that album that i’m gonna need a bit of a reasoning behind bc i really don’t know how they would be about “me girlfriend”...