M&M’S Super Bowl 2021 (featuring Dan Levy) - “Come Together” :30
This year’s Super Bowl commercial proves M&M’S can make almost any situation better… except, of course, when Dan Levy eats your friends.

  • Pamela Ruffin
    Pamela Ruffin

    Funniest commercial I love it

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien

    LMAO. The fucking bending of the knee to feminists in this ad. Cringe level 💯. We get it, woke America. We. Get. It.

    • Jalen Sera
      Jalen Sera

      @John O'Brien yup I am

    • John O'Brien
      John O'Brien

      @Jalen Sera You must be what I'm talking about.

    • Jalen Sera
      Jalen Sera

      You’re so cool!!!

  • Kayla Castro
    Kayla Castro

    the men in this comment section are mad... LOL

    • Jalen Sera
      Jalen Sera

      Very. It’s kinda embarrassing lmao

  • PeculiarIAm Tulip
    PeculiarIAm Tulip

    I came here for Dan Levy and saw all these comments. How sad no one spoke about him

  • Joseph Trimner
    Joseph Trimner

    Dumb, plain or peanut dumb!

  • Marcus Blackwell
    Marcus Blackwell

    They're gonna lose money... And it will be glorious revenge!

  • Marcus Blackwell
    Marcus Blackwell

    How does this have more likes than dislikes? IRbin burst a pipe. That's why

  • Henry Trotier
    Henry Trotier

    "Heres a bag of genetically modified chemicals that taste good, now enjoy the rest of your propaganda mixed with sportball"

  • The MysticGod1587
    The MysticGod1587

    I promise I won’t buy M&M’s ever again. Go Woke Go Broke

  • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
    Miyojewolt S Nasonth

    00:08 Who is the girl here?

    • Kenneth

      The mansplaining woman? Marissa Rivera

  • imark7777777

    In some ways I wish this would happen to be in other ways I'm like I don't wanna be forced to carry bags of M&Ms around. The imperfect in the imperfect world. Didn't realize this was a Super Bowl commercial been seeing cuts it's nice to see the full version. The Karen part is funny very niche reference I think and then it just gets even funnier.

  • Vanik Ghosh
    Vanik Ghosh

    I believe words like mansplaining overgeneralizes the idea that perpetuates the issue. It reciprocates that men are inherently flawed, as this term is, most possibly, used as an ad-hominem that dismisses and silences this "flawed" gender called man. We don't have anything called "femsplaining," do we?

    • Marcus Blackwell
      Marcus Blackwell

      You win the comments

  • Peter Reine
    Peter Reine

    0:08 She is the most successful commericial actress of the modern era.

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      @Peter Reine Tweet from Molly Evensen: _"For the record, I do know some lovely ladies named Karen. Thank you @mmschocolate and @BBDONY for including me in your #SuperBowlLV commercial this year along with @danjlevy and some other wonderful friends."_ Apparently IRbin does not allow users to post a link to a tweet, so check Molly Evensen's Twitter account to see the the tweet I quoted here. IRbin keeps taking my link to it down for some strange reason.

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      @Peter Reine Yes, it is Molly Evensen:

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      @Peter Reine Since your original post is false, you should consider deleting your false post. _"__0:08__ She is the most successful commericial actress of the modern era."_

    • Peter Reine
      Peter Reine

      @Miyojewolt S Nasonth No, that's not her. And no, the comment wasn't ironic.

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      @Peter Reine Molly Evensen www.imdb.com/name/nm6127780/mediaindex?ref_=nm_phs_md_sm Was your comment ironic?

  • MR. daddy
    MR. daddy

    This really really funny 😂

  • bunker_hill47

    The background music for this is spot on. Reminds me a bit of the movie The Sting with its Joplin music...helps add to the mischievous vibe of the ad. Eddie Haskell would approve.

    • bunker_hill47

      @David Jones Fairly sure this is a short custom piece

    • David Jones
      David Jones

      Do you know what the name of the song is?

  • slayer for life
    slayer for life

    This is terrible

  • Cheryl Clukey
    Cheryl Clukey

    So funny..creative

  • John Paul Cross
    John Paul Cross

    Anyone know the song?

  • NevaehPlayz

    I love this commercial

  • Six pest
    Six pest

    Saw this garbage on my TV never wanna see it again. Like bro you posted Cringe. (Amgrey Edit) I'm handing out a dislike for helping separate logic from mankind; mansplaining is not a thing, Wake up and don't force stupidity.

  • InfinityEight

    I can’t find the button to report this for cringe...a dislike will have to do.

  • Max G
    Max G


  • Krain420

    "I'm sorry for manspalining." "I'm sorry I called you Karen." "I'll be your huckleberry."

  • I Want Lee
    I Want Lee

    Never buying M&Ms again. I'd be willing to pay money to ruin the life of whoever came up with this.

  • nogo fogo
    nogo fogo

    Mansplaining - a term to put down a man when explaining knowledge or anything to the opposite sex. This can only be used in a corporate setting as most women are solipsistic and don’t live in the real world. This would be the equivalent of a woman explaining something and a man tell her “how cute” because she is woman. Sexism goes both way, we do not live in the 1940s anymore. Men learn to mind your own business and focus on getting your money. These women have degrees and think they are better than most. Stick to your job get your money and go home focus on your purpose and stop simping for women especially in the workplace.

  • LSU fan 413
    LSU fan 413

    0:05 🤦‍♂️

  • Thor Odin son
    Thor Odin son

    So a chocolate company can use blatant sexism against men and it’s fine?

  • Straight Jacket
    Straight Jacket

    This commercial is one of the many reasons aliens avoid this planet. Screw you m&m's! 🖕

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    If this was an attempt to pander to the people who started the whole “Karen” thing, the overly homosexual dude and the mansplaining thing killed any chance at that succeeding. Just stick to your woke nonsense and hate on whitey some more. We all know you want to.

  • dan b
    dan b

    0:06 because women never explain a damn thing.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    I love how the last one is like I won’t eat your friends but gives them an empty pack of M&M’s

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini


  • Ray Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez

    Why is everybody complaining about it being woke when it's clearly making fun of this generation? I think its great!

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      imagine having to do this for school smh

  • Matt William
    Matt William

    Can you do one now where the butt of the jokes are blacks, homosexuals, and Hispanics? Clearly it's ok to target white women and men in this one so to be fair ya know

  • S Ramos
    S Ramos

    This commercial is absurd. How disappointing, a company the size of Mars has chosen to take a shot at people with the name Karen. Also, using references like “man splaning” Mars you should be ashamed of yourself and your marketing department needs careful reconsideration. These references are offensive to a large percentage of your audience. My name is not Karen nor am I a man however I do have a soul and have seen the hurt and/or embarrassment from individuals given the birth name of Karen since this cruel reference began. Just try introducing yourself as a service person or public figure when your name is Karen. Knowing each time you walk away people are snickering and making jokes further compounding the hurt. It’s easy to take it in stride when the reference doesn’t apply to me or you. This sort of advertising is what I’d expect from immature and unpolished individuals NOT what I’d expect from a multi billion dollar company like Mars.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      0:23 the Red m&m 🤣

  • nejolo

    It’s interesting that all the comments are directed at mansplaining being mentioned as if these pathetic men have nothing else to bicker about. What is obvious about this and the standard commercials portrayals is that the only people of color, in this case black people are caked up with blue powder. Almost as if they still fear showing people of color. And now you guys can pile on the hate.

  • mark aquino
    mark aquino

    Mansplaining lol.. if the girl is an idiot and a man is explaining something will that still considered bad.. Mansplaining is not bad, its just a term created by an idiot who doesnt want to listen to the explanation. P.S. mansplaining is the same BS as Manspreading. Created by idiots

  • Mr What's his name?
    Mr What's his name?

    This better be Ironic. But I have a slight feelings that it's gonna be a No.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    Mansplaining isn’t a real thing.

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

  • Zahuizima

    *sorry for kicking your seat on purpuse* well nice start this Ad will be fun *sorry for mansplaining* Jesus Christ

  • Leah Price
    Leah Price

    Who is that actor? I have seen him before. What else does he play in ?

  • Satyam Sandesh
    Satyam Sandesh


  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    ".. ok, it might happen one more time" ... the smirk is awesome!!

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      M&Ms get vored

  • Resunoit

    “I’m sorry for mansplaining.” Ok, who the fuck let Anita work on this commercial?

  • Vonster

    Hate this commercial😲

  • Lord Immortallix
    Lord Immortallix

    >apologizing for "mansplaining" >apologizing for calling someone a karen Off to get dollar store bootleg brands I guess

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      @Lord Immortallix Uhhh ... unless you are adding your _own_ layer of irony, I'm thinking you got caught up in your own politics and missed out on the cleverness that is actually _mocking_ people who complain about *Mansplaining* and _mocking_ people who complain about so-called *Karens.* Take another look at the commercial with the fresh insights I just mansplained to you. And if you still miss the clever humour in these two instances, please let me know so I can mansplain them to you.

  • Idiotic Bottle
    Idiotic Bottle

    imagine having to do this for school smh

    • Chiziterem Obasi
      Chiziterem Obasi

      @Tuggie Same....lol

    • Tuggie

      Writing the essay right now lol

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy


  • Julia Cooper
    Julia Cooper

    0:23 the Red m&m 🤣

  • Krayzie Roach
    Krayzie Roach

    Probably the best commercial this year. Such a high bar and the rest weren't on the same level. I haven't had some M&Ms in a minute tho :(

    • The Man vs PC
      The Man vs PC

      The Toyota ad you mean?

    • L Rocky Fan
      L Rocky Fan

      Cringey commercial. "Mansplaining"

  • Pris Gall
    Pris Gall

    The mansplaining shit just ruins this commercial

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    "You are arrested for posting cringe"

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      "You are arrested for posting cringe"

  • Joseph

    I'm sorry that this ad is extremely unfunny and out-of-touch

  • Egon2k

    818 Karens here

    • MasterNate1172 WOW93
      MasterNate1172 WOW93

      Stop personsplaning you bigot.



  • Frostee

    M&Ms get vored

  • Guy Man
    Guy Man

    Karen jokes aren't funny, once the term karen entered the peripheries of massive multi-billion dollar companies it died.

    • Gamer Dragon
      Gamer Dragon

      @Guy Man okay

    • Guy Man
      Guy Man

      @Gamer Dragon I'll that right away

    • Gamer Dragon
      Gamer Dragon


  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    I think the only time the term ‘mansplaining’ is ever actually used, is in corporate settings like this

  • Wayne Rembert
    Wayne Rembert

    MANSPLAING: A pseudo WOKE buzzword to falsely label any criticism or direction from men.

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

  • Spartan B-312
    Spartan B-312

    Mansplaining? Really?

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

  • Layth

    this commercial was good and funny, I won't lie the stupid mansplaining one was really dumb and kinda ruins it

  • 4

    “I’m sorry for mansplaining” HAHAHAHAAHA....we’re screwed

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi


  • Emely C
    Emely C

    in the end red screams

  • Alexander Robbie
    Alexander Robbie

    that Armie Hammer ending....

  • ThatGuy Zorv
    ThatGuy Zorv


    • Nick Wilkie
      Nick Wilkie

      Hes the unfunniest peter puffer on the market.

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version
    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    "You are arrested for posting cringe"

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Ok we can end the Karen joke, its reached its peak

  • mrcheeto1006

    Are you sure this will help us sell more M&Ms?

    • slayer for life
      slayer for life


    • MasterNate1172 WOW93
      MasterNate1172 WOW93


  • Nicholas Levendofsky
    Nicholas Levendofsky

    What’s the name of the song being played in the background?

  • Colleen Lavoie
    Colleen Lavoie

    So stinking Cute

  • Meandez

    LMAO!!!!! Red m&m in car!!! 😂

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Because of the man 'splaining and Karen comments and the annoying green M &M character it will be a while before I buy M & M's again. Fail.

  • BigDaddyGrim

    Mansplaining? Seriously. More M&Ms for the everybody else then.

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

  • Bedlam & Squalor
    Bedlam & Squalor

    Awful ad.

  • Sam Da Man K-man
    Sam Da Man K-man

    Didn't like the last part...... WHen MM's come to life, they're living, talking creatures :D I don't think a person would be eating them then.... that logic was always lost on me; the rest of the ad - one of the best I'd ever seen, almost as good as the puppy-monkey-baby one

  • Astroserf

    That's a cute commercial.

  • Fine Alien
    Fine Alien


  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell

    Dan Levy was on was SNL

    • Nick Wilkie
      Nick Wilkie

      I wonder whos peter he was puffin.

  • Karen Ouellette
    Karen Ouellette

    I am not happy about that commercial, in fact I'm disgusted. A huge corporation insulting Karen's! And you put it on the Super bowl, national TV !!!!! Really !!!!! Now I know this company cares more about getting viewers and Money, you could care less about people !!!!! Extremely angry about this commercial.

  • I'm Interested In Apathy
    I'm Interested In Apathy


  • Anata -
    Anata -

    I just can’t explain how much i love this ad

  • merican bystander
    merican bystander

    mansplaining? I'm sorry for using logic, and not emotions to explain myself.

  • death sythe
    death sythe

    m&m sorry i disliked ur vid even though i actually liked it

  • Someday SuperSaiyan
    Someday SuperSaiyan


    • Isaiah W
      Isaiah W


  • J

    Over him - he's only famous because of nepotism - It sucks -

  • Nicecatholicgirl

    Because of the man 'splaining and Karen comments and the annoying green M &M character it will be a while before I buy M & M's again. Fail.

  • My Authorization Required
    My Authorization Required

    It should have been Hannibal Lecter say about eating their friends...lol.. it would have been hilarious.

  • Suprememyth -Brawl Stars
    Suprememyth -Brawl Stars

    The 660 dislikes are people who are named Karen

  • Westrim

    I'm sorry that you anchored this on someone I've never seen nor hear of before. *googles* Yay nepotism!

    • boxerlover519


  • Demonic


  • PixelStacker

    I’m sorry that society has made “mansplaining” a term. aye

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

  • Elisa Lincoln
    Elisa Lincoln


  • Giovani Diaz
    Giovani Diaz

    I love how the last one is like I won’t eat your friends but gives them an empty pack of M&M’s

    • Miyojewolt S Nasonth
      Miyojewolt S Nasonth

      Oh! I missed that, and had to watch it a second time to catch it. During my first watch, I just _assumed_ he was giving a full pack of M&Ms as all the other apologisers are doing. Thank you!

  • Taco Franchise
    Taco Franchise

    such a cringey ad

  • Inspire Films
    Inspire Films

    I thought that's Dan Andrews

  • DailyDoseofStim

    "mansplaining" Great, this type 2 feminism bullshit is ruining commercials now.

    • DailyDoseofStim

      @Shuf The XD imagine being a feminist

    • Shuf The XD
      Shuf The XD

      Imagine you getting offended by a mansplaining joke because you think sjws and feminists are behind everything and trying to RuiN tHe WeSt

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu

    1 irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qLmFdK3St4WqvaU.html

  • acloversgoodluck

    Dan Levy was the best part! P.s. mansplaining doesn't exist.

  • M Kowalski
    M Kowalski

    Mansplaining? Really? So edgy... So woke...

    • Heso Melo
      Heso Melo

      @Red Phoenix that’s cuz some people actually believe in Mansplaining there literally making up words

    • dan b
      dan b

      women never explain a damn thing.

    • peggy hynes
      peggy hynes

      you're cool. we get it

    • Shuf The XD
      Shuf The XD

      @Red Phoenix They have 6

    • Red Phoenix
      Red Phoenix

      @Shuf The XD Same Difference

  • nessasary_evil

    mansplaining is a real thing, but okay go off. I love how it's all the dudes that are mad lmao. stop being so sensitive.

    • DIVAD291

      @nessasary_evil Don't say stupid things if you don't want people to call you out on it.

    • nessasary_evil

      @DIVAD291 good god, shut up.

    • DIVAD291

      yes...being condescending is a real thing. That doesn't give you an excuse to use men as a pejorative. Let's say I referred to stealing as "blackchasing" (black+purchasing)...would you have a problem with that?

  • Nick Armo
    Nick Armo

    My mothers name is karen. Im gonna try what this lady did.

  • shim2dawg

    Love you Dan Levy