Marvel Studios' WandaVision 1x05 Reaction & Theories - On A Very Special Episode
Check out our reaction to Marvel Studios' WandaVision 1x05 - On a Very Special Episode. In this episode, things escalate as Wanda directly confronts SWORD and Director Hayward, directing them to stay out of Westview. After the revelation that Scarlet Witch stole Vision corpse nine days prior, we witness the accelerated aging of Billy and Tommy. If that wasn't enough, the episode ends with an incredible cameo by Pietro Maximoff, played by Evan Peters, from 20th Century's X-MEN films. Is this the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Multiverse?
After you watch our WandaVision 1x05 Reaction - On A Very Special Episode... let ue know your theories in the comments below, join our Discord, and consider joining our Patreon.
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  • Heroes Reforged
    Heroes Reforged

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    • thabg007

      lol at their reactions to the cut away 11:25

    • Eddie Terrell
      Eddie Terrell

      Best part of the video...he dosent remeber the paprikash!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • xKingRedWolfx Gaming
      xKingRedWolfx Gaming

      The reason they chosed Evan Peters is because his QuickSilver is from the 1980's and Pietro QuickSilver is from the 1990's - 2010's. WandaVision Episode 5 is set in the 1980's.

    • Deidre G
      Deidre G

      Multiverse !!!

    • Deidre G
      Deidre G

      Vision is dressed like Michael J. Fox's father from Full House in the opening scene.

  • Kawaki

    commenting from the future and seeing the CONFUSION in their faces when Fietro walked in lmao same.

  • Donna Temple
    Donna Temple

    Was just rewatching this. I just realised I would take Evan Peters as Ralph than QuickSliver anyday in WandaVision. You see how after the episode almost nothing about what just happened got discussed, but what's to come. This episode had some amazing scenes. It's really on us that we try to jump forward rather than enjoy what is what is right infront.

  • Iohann Sepúlveda
    Iohann Sepúlveda

    Hector, you nailed it with Evan Peters just being an Eastview resident, BRAVO!! 👍🏼😊

  • Maya English
    Maya English

    9:14 Well, like father, like Daughter ;)

  • Random commenter
    Random commenter

    They grew up right before our eyes...Literally lol 😆

  • thabg007

    lol at their reactions to the cut away 11:25

  • Cody Castillo
    Cody Castillo


  • Cody Castillo
    Cody Castillo


  • Cody Castillo
    Cody Castillo


  • Kate Sandoval
    Kate Sandoval

    How the hell do you not get excited seeing Evan Peters’s Quicksilver (which is multitudes better than Aaron Taylor Johnson’s)???

  • Cody Castillo
    Cody Castillo


  • Depressio

    The acting in this episode is amazing. Vision's coworker going from horrified to calm in one take is chilling Vision and Wanda's argument is soooooo good

  • Dirk Siedler
    Dirk Siedler

    I don’t mean to be rude. But if he „doesn’t“ like this he should consider quitting Marvel. THIS is the beginnt of the Madness of the Multiverse. So, just sayin

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali

    I don't care how or if it makes sense or not, I need some fassbender magneto and mcavoy xavier in the mcu

  • trumanpink

    11:45 Adam: "oh, its the Fox quicksilver." Adam a sec later: "OH, ITS THE FOX QUICKSILVER"

  • Danny Parsons
    Danny Parsons

    *Quicksilver at the door* Hector: No No Adam: 😮 Agustin: MUTANTS MUTANTS MUTANTS

  • G7130

    How do these guys know what’s going on when the talk through it all?


    Can you imagine if the Quicksilver that we see is just the Disney quicksilver's dead body reanimated if we're going by the theory that vision is just a floating corpse? Think for a moment if everyone in town was dead 😱

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams

    No way to tell? Umm, you haven’t read her comics huh? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Victor Gjergjaj
    Victor Gjergjaj

    What if Chris Evans shows up as the Human Torch?

  • David McLeod
    David McLeod

    Wait, wait... is it possible Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness might be a loose adaptation of Secret Wars (the most recent one)??? The plot of that storyline was where they resolved all the loose ends of multiple realities, and collapsed them down to a single one (such as bringing Miles Morales into the 616 universe) AND it featured Doctor Doom as a central character. That would be a great way to pick and choose who to bring in to the MCU.

  • David McLeod
    David McLeod

    I am with Hector, I got very uneasy when they brought in FOX Quicksilver. I mean, yes, he was a good Peter Maximoff, but in the bigger picture... I mean, do we really want more Sophie Turner Jean Grey?

  • R No Breaks
    R No Breaks

    We got Evan ( Piet-faux) and lot Dottie? He is trouble. So much tension in this episode. I trust Vision and think most others are being controlled, including Wanda, when necessary.

  • Sho Fumimura
    Sho Fumimura

    Awesome, so we can have Chris Evans as Human Torch in MCU now?

  • Mr. Goatman444
    Mr. Goatman444

    Mcu is earth 199999 its already been caterized in tbe omniverse

  • John Fischer
    John Fischer

    Who else is here cuz the guy on reddit w inside info said this speculation was the closest to the truth theyve seen?

  • Danik

    I came here from reddit and I will listen carefully to every word that Adam says

    • Danik

      @Jude TITTYLICKER One of the leakers (sookie is their name, and they got it 100% right so far), said on reddit that in this video Adam pretty much guessed the direction Wandavision (and the marvel multiverse) is going to take



  • Cody Castillo
    Cody Castillo


  • laramiaizz

    "Mutants mutants mutants mutants mutants.. " lmao

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne

    I'm gladd you guys knew what Family Ties was.

  • JDL

    I don't see why they can't just cherry pick which characters they want to bring over from the FOX X-Men universe, like Evan Peters, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Because arguably, they're the best things about that franchise. At least the more recent films. It's already confirmed they're doing Ryan Reynold's Deadpool in the MCU. I'm think this this is still the Evan Peters Quicksilver.

  • B K
    B K

    This reaction makes me so happy. Mutants mutants mutants mutants!

  • erick otero
    erick otero

    This is the 80’s version of Quicksilver

  • Neha Azhar
    Neha Azhar

    Where is the reaction to episode 6? I am waiting!

    • Heroes Reforged
      Heroes Reforged

      Head on over to the patreon, it's available now if you're in a hurry

  • reba1030

    It’s Friday! Where’s episode 6!! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Voidsabre _
    Voidsabre _

    Why do these guys look like three alternate universe versions of the same dude?

    • SarcasticRayofSunshine !
      SarcasticRayofSunshine !

      @Heroes Reforged I KNEW IT!

    • Heroes Reforged
      Heroes Reforged

      *whisper* We are...

  • BlueDune

    I’m definitely convinced the use of X-Men actors from the previous franchise will be completely selective. So no, we aren’t getting Hugh Jackman. Or Jennifer Lawrence. We will be getting very specific actors who want to reprise their roles, and who it can make sense to crossover. It will be multiverse related for some, and all other mutants will be original from the MCU reality.

  • pnut3844able

    I also love how they're calling it the hex, like her hex powers.

  • pnut3844able

    The multiverse is how we're getting the mutants. Let's fucking gooooo

  • Nyeso EX
    Nyeso EX

    guys, what i think they're doing here with this Fox universe cameo is something like, use the multiverse to pull what's good on fox universe into their own universe, like quicksilver and deapool, since both of them were good, and the rest would be scrambled and do everything else from 0

  • Nyeso EX
    Nyeso EX

    guys, hear me out... Nicholas Cage Ghost Ryder...

  • Anthony Castillo
    Anthony Castillo

    Who’s here from Reddit

    • Shmur

      @Heroes Reforged the main leaker said adam's theorising is correct

    • Heroes Reforged
      Heroes Reforged

      We made it to Reddit? Nice.

  • PremiumYT WithFriends
    PremiumYT WithFriends

    You guys make me laugh. I love you

  • Sean South
    Sean South

    Hasn't Deadpool shown the "Multiverse" first with all his corrections in end credits

  • Richie L
    Richie L

    Sitcom Wanda vs Sokovia Wanda...

  • Christii D
    Christii D

    “Mutants” “mutants” “mutants” “mutants”

  • Siansonea Orande
    Siansonea Orande

    I think Wanda is the Mind Stone now. Hear me out. Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones after his first snap, but can something that primordial, that intrinsic to reality, be truly destroyed? I think not. No, they may have been disassembled, but the power of the stones endures, and I believe that when Wanda got unsnapped, the energy of the Mind Stone recognized her energy, and was drawn to it and her. She has such a massive uptick in her already formidable power because she’s become the vessel for the Mind Stone, rather than simply being unlocked by it. By the same token, the other Infinity Stones are likely to seek out living vessels. The Soul Stone will undoubtedly seek out Gamora, as it was her sacrifice that created the Soul Stone in this timeline. Ironically, Gamora is alive and the Soul Stone is ‘dead’, and for that reason I think that inversion will draw its energy to her. Similarly, the Aether/Reality Stone will be drawn to Jane Foster, who was its vessel for a short time and probably the person most attuned to it who is currently alive. The Tesseract/Space Stone will most likely be drawn to Carol Danvers. The Power Stone will probably be drawn to Peter Quill. The Eye of Agamotto/Time Stone will undoubtedly seek out Stephen Strange. Since the stones are now just essential energy, they will each seek to regain cohesion through infusion with a living vessel, likely one that already has a connection to them. That's why I think these six individuals are the most likely candidates. And because Wanda is the only living person with a connection to the Mind Stone, and because the Mind Stone was connected to Vision’s consciousness, I think Wanda can reconstitute the Mind Stone and give it back to Vision. I think she is already imbuing Vision’s body with his own consciousness, whether she is aware that’s what she’s doing or not. Wanda has already destroyed the Mind Stone once, she should be able to reverse the process.

  • Joseph Mayhew
    Joseph Mayhew

    When Feige announced the show he said the events in WandaVision would lead Wanda straight to Dr Strange's door. Here we go. Multiverse and incursions.

  • terri rinella
    terri rinella

    Prediction: Episode 6 is going to be the 90s, house-style Full House set, Wanda is Danny Tanner (because she has the dead spouse), raising her kids with Pietro, who lives in the house as a combo Jessie/Joey (clue: leather jacket and jokes)

  • Eddie Terrell
    Eddie Terrell

    Funny how noone likes hayward but soon as he feeds some bs about wanda breaking into sword and stealing and resurrecting vision...i knew it!!! Lmao like he knows hell thanos was 1 of the strongest beings in the universe i see how he damaged vision tell me how sword just took that vibranium body apart like that again? Lol misdirect people

  • MademoiselleRed

    I don't see why people think Evan Peters being here might mean they might use other Fox characters for sure. This is a special case of a character that is actually present in both universes and his MCU counterpart is dead. So it makes sense, espcially in a show like Wandavision to bring him in, especially since his character was one of the good things from Fox. But say Hugh Jackman, especially after Logan, I don't think they would have him especially as their main version. At most he could have a role like what Tobey and Andrew will be in Spider-Man 3, where them being there doesn't change that there's and MCU spider-man. So I'm pretty sure they'll recast the majority of the characters. If/When they use Fox's they'll be careful and smart about it

  • Ace Trigger00
    Ace Trigger00

    I was sent here because a credible source on reddit said these guys theories were really close to if not accurate for the end of thew shops and the MCU next few projects.... If this is true.... 😳😳😳

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      @Ace Trigger00 i came back because of this reddit post.

    • Ace Trigger00
      Ace Trigger00

      @Agustin Rios I want to say somewhere on the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit. I saw it at like 6 or 7am

    • Agustin Rios
      Agustin Rios

      where can i find that thread?

  • Steffan Mevel
    Steffan Mevel

    "Miuns, miuns, miuns, miuns

  • E E
    E E

    Next appearance: Reed Richards is on the way #spaceengineer

  • Berna Cerci
    Berna Cerci

    This channel deserves so much!

  • Georgia T-S
    Georgia T-S

    dont know if anyone's said already, but in the watch ad a couple of eps back the hands were pointing to 2 and 8, and then their house number is 2800, i feel like (and some articles i've read talk about it too) that maybe this isn't earth 616 but earth 2800 and then following on from what you were all saying about the fox x-men existing in another universe and wanda just basically muddling up the multiverse maybe yeah, characters from both universes are mingling right now, so if that's the case maybe we're in earth 2800 and that's the earth/universe the fox x-men are in and then when it's set back to 'normal', if Doctor Strange does that, then they'll (those actors/versions) will be back there but realistically we should have matching characters in 616, if there's a quicksilver in both then there's a wolverine in both etc so they can pull from the two universes whenever they want through the existence of the multiverse but they can also re-boot the x-men characters in 616 with different actors etc too???? anyway, that was me rambling and repeating mostly what you already said, but i got excited about that as a possibility hahaa! (not the most well versed in everything marvel yet so please educate me if things make no sense/there's more i could know :)) (Edit: all stemming from the fact their house number in i think a vision comic miniseries, that part inspired this, is 616 (supposedly bc of earth 616) so that's an intentional change to hint at something ??)

  • Heremia Nikora
    Heremia Nikora

    Just fucking say "potential"

    • Heremia Nikora
      Heremia Nikora

      @Heroes Reforged hahahahahahahahah

    • Heroes Reforged
      Heroes Reforged

      That's not a real word.

  • usmcus

    Deadpool went through time also

  • Fightin' Dice
    Fightin' Dice

    I’m calling it now...last episode of wandavision is going to be either Macavoy or Stewart rolling in screaming “Wanda the avengers are dead and you don’t have children! Change the universe back!!!”.

  • Marc-Alexandre Plouffe
    Marc-Alexandre Plouffe

    Pietro from FOX IS from the 80s so that's why he fits, no ?

  • Jumar Marbel
    Jumar Marbel

    I wanna see Chris Evans as the Torch

  • Beelz

    sookie said ur theories are correct.

  • Spidergirls Mama
    Spidergirls Mama

    I like how he emphasized "grief" as if there was no other explanation for why she would take Vision from SWORD

  • themoy08

    is this the same guy dressed three different ways

    • Heroes Reforged
      Heroes Reforged

      Yes. We are The Multiverse.

  • Zé Victor César
    Zé Victor César

    The commercials could be related to the Infinity Stones: Mind Stone (toaster with the glow in the middle), Time Stone (a watch) , the Tesseract ( square shaped soap) , the Aether ( the red liquid on the table)

    • tori gonzo
      tori gonzo

      really like this theory

  • Joaoedits

    I agree with Adam. WandaVision and Spider Man 3 os bringing all types of Multiverse fuckery and in Doctor Strange 2 everything will be put in place

  • Steinveri

    The Head of SWORD is really sus. He said Wanda disregarded his wishes and stole vision's body but last time I remember seeing vision he was in 1 piece not in 456 different pieces.

  • czmisfitsfan

    "It's like John Stamos with a purple face." Subscribe button smashed.

  • steeldragon1981

    What if Wanda didn't recreate the Mind Stone, but instead somehow created the M'Kraan Crystal in her attempt to recreate it?

  • Jacob

    X-Men Quiksilver was from the 80s-90s, Wanda's show was in the 80s when he showed up . hmmmm

  • Martie

    Bring me Magneto and Michael Fassbender he was awesome and the best thing about XMen! It would be amazing!

  • bunnyfreakz

    My theory is Wanda do not ressurect Vision . Vision come from multiverse same as Quicksilver. Wanda can manipulate and installing her into their memory but not any other things. That's why both Vision and Quicksilver do not remember anything beside Wanda.

  • The Director
    The Director

    Yes more mutants!

  • JiGgZ

    Im sure in this comment section its mentioned but this is xmen quicksilver either anges or Mephisto brought him over from the other universe to distract wanda from the truth unraveling between her nd vision

  • Alex Cutler
    Alex Cutler

    I like your reactions but you must have to watch the episodes a few times from all the parts you miss lol

  • Advanced Gaming Cow
    Advanced Gaming Cow

    You gotta love Hector's confidence in saying 'Agnes or Quicksilver' are at the door and they STILL manage to shock him!

  • Beckham Nobles
    Beckham Nobles

    Dont quite understand... why hector is freaking out so much.... kinda weird?

  • MorsecodeZ

    I'm on the side of "psych!" side, and Quicksilver is not really Quicksilver ... might even be the true antagonist.

  • itzsuprmario

    Your reaction is absolutely great. I just subscribed because you guys are an entertaining group to watch. Can't wait to see your next reaction to WandaVision

  • Weddles

    i spotted that in spiderman far from home vision is mentioned in that clip in the beggining of the movie as still dead. After knowing that Spiderman take place several months after endgame so we can easly say vision is not coming back to life i think.

  • Allen Konishi
    Allen Konishi

    I think it goes without saying, but Heyward is clearly up to no good. Very hypocritical of him to attack Wanda for taking Vision's body and claiming she's using it as a weapon. Go back to that shot and you can see SWORD had him dissected all over that lab. Clearly, SWORD was using Vision's body for their weapons R&D!

    • Allen Konishi
      Allen Konishi

      btw, love your guys content! Was wondering what happened to you guys as I haven't seen you on HRPG. Guess I could have looked harder! The 3 of you guys have great chemistry and I love the different potentiality you each bring to the table!

  • Debaicheron

    Wait... Are these the same guy from 3 different universes? My first time on the channel.

  • Jason Strunk
    Jason Strunk

    All 3 of your reactions to Evan Peters appearing is AWESOME!! well worth the watch!

  • twiceRed

    I think once the infinity stones were destroyed it sent a blast of radiation throughout the universes and creating mutants and wandavision is the beginning to show those effects occurring

  • sapdude44

    After thinking a while after this episode, my theory for now is that Wanda comes back,finds out where Visions body is, takes him back and goes back to New York and maybe runs from the Avengers. She might hear about a Witch that could help her bring her back and goes to New Jersey to find her. She spends some times there and one night Nightmare starts tormenting her as she dreams. Endgame did not happen too long ago, so Wandas dreams would be filled with the idea of vision. Grief of his death and dreams about a life with him etc. So when Nightmare starts poking around, Wanda ends up fighting back with her subconscious since that is Nightmares domain. This triggers Wandas powers of reality warping and hex magic on a level no one has seen or she doesn't understand yet (or maybe she learned about it from Agnes/Agatha). SO Wanda ends up creating this safe haven based on her trauma/memories and her dreams. Agatha is a witch so shes somewhat aware of the hex but maybe understands that this needs to continue because of a bigger threat (Nightmare) so she keeps up the fake personas of the other inhabitants. Herb could even be her Herbalist since they were speaking without vision awakening them. Edit: Or maybe Nightmare is feeding off of her dream state. He gets her to make her dreams a reality and gains more energy from it.

  • Dominique conner
    Dominique conner

    So nobody saw vision body in pieces

  • Andy Peralta
    Andy Peralta

    Evan Peters’ Quicksilver makes sense. Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in Fox’s timeline appears in the 70s through 90s. In the Westview timeline right now it takes place in the 80s which is why Wanda could take his Quicksilver and bring him into the MCU. It was the perfect time and probably the only time she could have brought him. Which means if she doesn’t bring in the younger x men the only other chance seeing them that really makes sense is if Doctor Strange has something to do with it.

  • E&F E&F
    E&F E&F

    I hope marvel will start from scratch with MCU X-Men. They brought in a new actor for MCU Spiderman and it has worked pretty well. Whoever does the casting for MCU movies has been very good in picking the right actors for every character in marvel movies so they can be trusted to choose the right actors for future MCU X-Men movies. Even bringing back one character from fox's X-Men movies has the potential to pollute future MCU X-Men movies.

  • Crypto Matrix
    Crypto Matrix

    Dead Pool In The MCU Confirmed!

  • j. aleks
    j. aleks

    W.anda T. F!!!! 😳🤯 🏃🏼‍♂️💨💨💨

  • Marpen1980 Live
    Marpen1980 Live

    11:45 Evan Peters is the best Quicksilver, though. By a long-shot. I don't get why he is so adamantly against it.

  • Jorge J. Cruz Hernández
    Jorge J. Cruz Hernández

    The way I see it is that she pulled that Quicksilver out of the multiverse because her real brother was long dead (she can't reverse death she said herself, so she "recast" him). The mutants of the MCU do not necessarily have to look like the Fox's counterparts, obviously, as shown not only with Evan Peters' Quicksilver here (ironically we never saw Wanda's counterpart in the Fox's X-men universe), but also with Spider-Man's Tobey, Andrew and then main MCU's Tom... People are acting as if considering the Fox's X-men universe somehow part of the MCU's multiverse is an unspeakable blasphemy or something...

  • Mr L
    Mr L

    Think they might be trying their own 'Cisis on Infinite Earths'?

  • matt blake
    matt blake

    Quicksilver = mephisto

  • Sam Shils
    Sam Shils

    wanda said a quote saying something about a luke skywalker type of appearance so since we got Evans peters as quicksilver from the Fox universe and in the comics professor x trys to help as well. Sir Patrick Stewart talked to marvel and feige last year or two years ago so what if he and ian show up or just him due to multiverse. Also when evan peters show up sword alarms started going off when anything interferes with the hex so thats interesting

  • Amilcar Collazo
    Amilcar Collazo

    Yeah I need some new fresh faces for the X-Men

  • MRV Ilustración
    MRV Ilustración

    I'm betting Secret Wars is going to be the next Endgame with Kang somewhere in the equation.

  • mikewillis33

    I think they did this so that they can keep Quicksilver after the show. I believe Wanda will have to let go of Vision and live up to what she told the boys about not being able to "fix" Sparky. This show is a manifestation of Wanda's grief and how she is coping; the natural conclusion of the show is the final stage of grief: acceptance. Also, I dont believe Paul Bettany will want to be covered in that make up and have the MCU take up so much of his time for another decade.. Since this Quicksilver never died, he can live on in the MCU without undercutting Wanda's acceptance at the end.

  • Jared Judnich
    Jared Judnich

    Agustin lost his shit for a minute there.