Today we use the most OP imposter MOD vs MEDIC mod in Among us!
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Mod Maker: @LoafX
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  • smoky gamer
    smoky gamer

    Well I always see you on recommend but I always watch your videos so....I subscribed and all notification pin me by the way OR BOT it's okay enjoy for new subscriber :) OR hearth my comment thanks sun

  • cyclonegaming

    These mods are halarious

  • SH B
    SH B

    i like how it shows kill distance short

  • Jake Conti
    Jake Conti

    how old are you

  • rovic Martinez
    rovic Martinez

    I kill the person who killed me last round or vote him out as revenge

  • Halisha Byrd
    Halisha Byrd

    Make a godzilla vs king kong

  • FrostFire

    I think it would've been better if the crewmates had a spy, the super impostor is too op and it makes the game not seem fun anymore.

  • anferris Ferris
    anferris Ferris

    Pov your watching the vid and keep pressing the rejoin button

  • Todd Barron
    Todd Barron


  • Hannah Matulich
    Hannah Matulich

    How door close if you didnt close it

  • pangツ


  • pangツ

    bro play fortnite

  • Haley Weatherall
    Haley Weatherall

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  • Math Practices
    Math Practices

    1:28 I find this so funny lmao

  • Piyushgamer YT
    Piyushgamer YT

    4:35 he killed biffle 4:54 killed him again

  • Jane N
    Jane N

    The political soy trivially jail because bean infrequently dress regarding a spiky front. imaginary, polite path

  • Jake Bailey
    Jake Bailey

    do a dinousaur mod

  • Sara Knaggs
    Sara Knaggs

    I want to meet ssundee

  • Pikachu Club
    Pikachu Club


  • Jordon Woodworth
    Jordon Woodworth

    it might turn black

  • keropkig kolp
    keropkig kolp

    i ant mode super man

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl

    When your like button turned white 😏

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    your videos are awesome

  • Amelia Palmadessa
    Amelia Palmadessa

    sub and the button will turn grey

  • Matt Peltier
    Matt Peltier

    The like button didn’t turn Blue

  • Angel Mclovin
    Angel Mclovin

    the new meme 4:16-4:20

  • T-bone Streams
    T-bone Streams

    I came from sigils TV

  • Julie Alexander
    Julie Alexander

    Awesome mod I love your vids

  • Collin Jan Anthony
    Collin Jan Anthony

    Why are you stealing socksfor1 videos?

  • Daniel Scott, Jr.
    Daniel Scott, Jr.

    do a batman mod

  • Auroville Intergal Sustainablity Institute
    Auroville Intergal Sustainablity Institute

    Ian is my favorite yt and his face at *4:51*

  • FishAnn Slime
    FishAnn Slime


  • josh johnson
    josh johnson

    Imagine disliking Ssundee he is the best youtuber i watch i watched him when i was 7

  • ronan ok
    ronan ok

    Cool mod lol!

  • moalongla longchar ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
    moalongla longchar ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    This shouldn't be super imposter it's not that op as sock for1s


    Love his vids hope my mine are a as good one day

  • Felicia Heard
    Felicia Heard

    Mine turns black

  • SSS_lake



    I like when ssundee killed all of them

  • Spiderman

    i love among us

  • Kriston Thompson
    Kriston Thompson

    Ummmm how da ya get the mods

  • Rebecca Kennedy
    Rebecca Kennedy

    It turned white

  • Jake Kenul
    Jake Kenul

    My like button turns black

  • Ranger Legacy
    Ranger Legacy

    SSundee: We Will We will Foot you Me: LMAO

  • B'Smart Tutoring Services Jamaica
    B'Smart Tutoring Services Jamaica


  • Jennifer Sandford
    Jennifer Sandford

    Click this if you like ssundee | | ¥

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    Noah Caillouet

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  • Sad Abdamal
    Sad Abdamal

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    Lukas Knapp


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  • Oliver WAYLAND
    Oliver WAYLAND


  • Bejamin Fearn
    Bejamin Fearn

    Stop lauaghing

  • PZN Tymen -_-
    PZN Tymen -_-

    4:00 "no" I felt that...

  • joan elein farre
    joan elein farre

    Wow bro

  • Mike Pullan
    Mike Pullan

    Idea for a mod the imposter is a cat and the crumates are mice 🐭🐱

  • Zhinar Dler
    Zhinar Dler

    Hulk plz

  • Songam Kamei
    Songam Kamei

    The way he laughs tho

  • Md Afif RAHMAN
    Md Afif RAHMAN

    red and pink is the imposter

  • James Real
    James Real

    SSundee can you make a spike mod the spike mod has two abilities 1. It can zoom out the map 2. It can spike anywhere on the map

  • Cool Bros
    Cool Bros

    play normally it more better and u should not rage quit

  • Kevin Huetson
    Kevin Huetson


  • Brody Crowder
    Brody Crowder

    I love how he basically turned into kid just screaming, I wonder how maddie reacted Maddie:(hears in background) WhY wOuLd YoU rEpOrT tHe BODY

  • Misty Vinson
    Misty Vinson

    Mine ternd black

  • Herin Patel
    Herin Patel

    that was a funny video

    • Herin Patel
      Herin Patel

      i mean it it was

  • ReneTage DorphAnaniassen
    ReneTage DorphAnaniassen


  • TKP Patten
    TKP Patten

    how do u get these mods

  • Xavier Juarez
    Xavier Juarez

    Can you do more mincraft? PLS

  • Themiller Girls
    Themiller Girls

    imposter vs hero TAT has a gun

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    Best thing ssundee said “literally dogwater”

    • Rustam Kuliyev
      Rustam Kuliyev


    • Alayre Greaves
      Alayre Greaves

      My mum overheard foot and thought it was the f word

  • RCat

    Sundee best vids

  • bartol kolbas
    bartol kolbas


  • Austin Amith
    Austin Amith

    Poda loose looks like yours face canai

  • Tahira Taitt
    Tahira Taitt

    How do you get medic and is medic real?

  • Yundt Rosamond
    Yundt Rosamond

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  • Loyal Yeet
    Loyal Yeet

    Howww u doin

  • Kill Swich
    Kill Swich




  • Cerlissa Lau
    Cerlissa Lau

    How can you go to the mod

  • Amit Kapasi
    Amit Kapasi


  • Juancarlos Vasquez
    Juancarlos Vasquez

    Your literally dog water

  • Undertale Sans
    Undertale Sans

    Mod idea:dog: the dog can turn people to dog water and the dog can poop on crewmates to make them poisoned also the dogs can bite which will kill them over time and when they are dying they can’t give it away who bit them so they have to mute.

  • Zack Napier
    Zack Napier

    Ssundee: We will, we will...... Me: He’s gonna say foot you. Ssundee: ...foot you! Me:😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Kaylee Loveless
    Kaylee Loveless

    My heart turned black.......but I still don’t care what color I guess I luv u I have watched u since day 1

  • rafi_9778 p a
    rafi_9778 p a

    My like botun is black

  • jair diaz
    jair diaz

    Haha you are so fone

  • azAZ boi
    azAZ boi

    mod mix idea: medic vs pyromaniac

  • Ty Gentile
    Ty Gentile

    can you please do a zombie role please Ian

  • Just Some Guy without a Tattoo
    Just Some Guy without a Tattoo


  • elia makdessy
    elia makdessy


  • Leanne Cox
    Leanne Cox


  • Ariegamingtv [GD] [RBLX]
    Ariegamingtv [GD] [RBLX]

    New role:Phobic You can give people phobia so let’s say SSundee is the Phobic guy he can give ppl phobia and there’s Xenophobia witch gives the player issues with moving so if they hold w then it will go a random direction and the direction changes every second Techno phobia it gives the player a kill option and if u click it it tps to a group where there are 2 ppl, there so they know who the impostor is (more coming soon)

  • Rylee Miguel
    Rylee Miguel

    spider role traps people with webs bites to kill after biting 5 secs later they die

  • Connie Blanco
    Connie Blanco

    The medic is op

  • EZ XD
    EZ XD

    Actually ssundee it turned black

  • Code NinjSZN
    Code NinjSZN

    It turned white


    Kill everyone


      Lol sub

  • VO19a Salmo Abdi Hashi
    VO19a Salmo Abdi Hashi


  • Jr. Stewy
    Jr. Stewy

    Hey man been a fan for 5 years love the vids 💋💋💋💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🖤💕💘💖💗💓💞💝💟❣️

  • Marcus smith
    Marcus smith


  • Sunir Malla
    Sunir Malla

    Did anyone realise Karan voted for ssundee