Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk [Official Video]
Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk
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  • Meek Mill
    Meek Mill

    QUARANTINE PACK! Leave a 💎💎💎

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      Anthony Vicks


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  • Αντώνης Χόντας
    Αντώνης Χόντας

    this song should have atleast 120m views

  • Big Tree
    Big Tree

    This shit TRASH!!!! 🗑️

  • Young Ruun
    Young Ruun

  • CBLifeHacks

    Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tory Dunn
    Tory Dunn

    feel like a crip i can’t even trust my blood 🩸 YEAH MEEK‼️

  • ACO BZ
    ACO BZ

  • jeremy21 WeAreHoly
    jeremy21 WeAreHoly

    ( *Romans 2:4* ) "Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his *Kindness* is intended to turn you from your sin?" ❎ It's *Not* the Wrath of God that leads you to repentance. ❎ It's *Not* the Judgement of God that leads you to repentance. ❎ It's *Not* Hell or pain or fire. ❎ It's *Not* the punishment. ❎ It's *Not* his anger. *romans 2:4* ☑ "It's the *kindness/goodness* of God that leads you to repentance." ☑ God *Is Not* waiting to judge you. ☑ God *Is Not* waiting to condemn you. ☑ God *Is* waiting to *receive you* with mercy, with love, with open arms. ☑ *Jesus took* the Hell, the Judgement, the Punishment, the Wrath, the Pain, the Sentence that we deserved. ☑ *"IT IS FINISHED"* Once for all. † ☑ There is *no separation* between You and God, because of *JESUS.* The *veil* of the temple was *torn.* ☑ God *Is Not* mad or angry at you and *will never* be. ☑ God *Will Not* punish you ever if you sinned. Look to the *cross.* Jesus took it. He took it all away. 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  • Bae5ar Blam
    Bae5ar Blam

    This gotta get a Grammy ong

  • deelishua Resouc
    deelishua Resouc

    Its a Meek day 4 me💃💃💃💃💃❤👽👽👽

  • Alex

    Meek always need a feature on his hits. He ain't ever do it alone

  • E Zeus
    E Zeus

    Durkin 2021: Washing blood with bleach, wont take the stain away. Hasf

  • Anisha Cook
    Anisha Cook

    I loveeeeeeee u

  • Jeannette Blaniar
    Jeannette Blaniar

    You had a brick & I ain't even have a quarter key

  • Rcky Grand
    Rcky Grand

    & this why they call them the voice & the hope!. This for all the mfs that come from nothin.

  • Braylon Fayne
    Braylon Fayne

    thanks for that movie

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    Meek, dropped this track the right time

  • Influence Jones
    Influence Jones


  • Tiona Samuels
    Tiona Samuels

    Man I love some Durkio...he really is different wit it 🔥

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy

      up comin fl artist...appreciate any feed back... thx

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy .

  • WaxxOn

    Anybody else notice the Lil Baby/Durk style flow Meek tried to use

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy

      up comin fl artist...appreciate any feed back... thx

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy .

  • Jay to Funny
    Jay to Funny


    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy

      up comin fl artist...appreciate any feed back... thx

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy .

  • NickPeeVeePee cool
    NickPeeVeePee cool

    This don’t even make me wanna nod my head, this don’t even bump...

    • Lil Barco
      Lil Barco

      U don't like it ?

  • Kendall Kendricks
    Kendall Kendricks

    Me every time I get my mediocre paycheck

  • Bianca F
    Bianca F

    For a RAINY.

  • King Swaggard
    King Swaggard

    "and all these diamonds give me confidents'' dats valid🔥

    • Cb The
      Cb The


    • Unreleased Leaks4k
      Unreleased Leaks4k


  • Laney From The Burbs Jersey
    Laney From The Burbs Jersey

    This is a banger fr

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy

      up comin fl artist...appreciate any feed back... thx

    • Jr dreezy
      Jr dreezy .

  • Abdul Nivazja
    Abdul Nivazja


  • Little Man
    Little Man

    I hope this money tek the pain away. I will save me money for a rain day 🐐🐐🐐

  • Hunnit Gutta
    Hunnit Gutta


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Meek respect u a real G


    Galatians 6:9❤️ Focus on God rather than your troubles!!

  • Easy Money
    Easy Money

    Meek my guy but I cringe everytime I see him wipe that money cross his face

  • jordan misher
    jordan misher

    Let’s talk about this beat tho

  • Ker Lozano
    Ker Lozano

    The unadvised sing distinctly search because cough timely shave alongside a somber sausage. bitter, four frail government

  • Jeremiah Mann
    Jeremiah Mann

    He gotta be the only rapper speaking facts and shi

  • jonathan Badgett
    jonathan Badgett

    Meek mill real asf for this 🔥🔥🔥

  • brandon cuff
    brandon cuff

    does hes ankle hurt like he had thing for how long?????

  • Jon

    Can’t take this nigga seriously or this song cuz of the bunny hop

  • Nöff Gang_Gang
    Nöff Gang_Gang

    Meek mill Best Rappeur America🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎤

  • Kenneth Nuez
    Kenneth Nuez

    Why is everyone hurting?

  • Rachid Forbis
    Rachid Forbis

    all i see is love between this two men

    • Flawlyss_ Face Beautyy
      Flawlyss_ Face Beautyy 💪

  • Tp4 Bunnhole
    Tp4 Bunnhole

    I feel like this video changed like twice


    None you good balls talking bout how he look skinny, that shit brothers me, RIP Chadwick Bozeman.

  • Jordan Sims
    Jordan Sims

    Shit fire

  • N'Jadaka

    I praise the trenches like I ain't lost none of my niggas in it

  • Lucky Don2pro
    Lucky Don2pro

    Please support my video

  • Bryant Edwards
    Bryant Edwards

    its only entertainment people....

  • NoName


  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again

    Over 15K comments if you find mine you are a legend 😏

  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again

    I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life .

    • Unreleased Leaks4k
      Unreleased Leaks4k


  • Ashley Lata
    Ashley Lata

    My boyfriends song 😗

  • Truck Driver Simulation
    Truck Driver Simulation

    Meeks awkwardness makes the video more dope

  • dennii Love20
    dennii Love20

    8k haters hitting the dislike button ....... whats there to didlike about this music video

    • Unreleased Leaks4k
      Unreleased Leaks4k


  • dennii Love20
    dennii Love20

    i swear i listen to this song everyday at work

  • Muntari Bibabila
    Muntari Bibabila

    Covid 19 wear your face mouth for safety

  • ab in
    ab in

    Hanging with the real, won’t hang with the lames 2day

  • Local Tv
    Local Tv

    This song is so fire and powerful. Lots of love from 🇳🇵 Nepal


    SONG OF 2020

  • Syryah The Artist
    Syryah The Artist

    They carrying this song😤😎.

  • Troy Lumb
    Troy Lumb

    He’s sounding like drake now

  • Tony Henry
    Tony Henry


  • Exotic plays-
    Exotic plays-

    Charm city kings was amazing

  • Aviwe Adams
    Aviwe Adams

    Meek is on Fire for real#no1 dawg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍾🍾🍾🍾lil durk murdered it so easy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾2021 taken over salute

  • EG

    ı love both but this song is shit

    • NeLL

      Why? How?

  • Dub itdown
    Dub itdown

    new song on my page

  • Echad

    The world has a love hate relationship with Meek. Me? I just want to see the brother win.

  • Cal the Goat
    Cal the Goat

    I want a whole album with dirk and meek mill ASAP that would be hard

  • Hawks fan #1 2
    Hawks fan #1 2

    Lil durk is a 🐐

  • Put It in the safe
    Put It in the safe

    Song hit different when you putting put or have bread for a rainy day naw over all feel Tf out this bitch

  • Davion Banks
    Davion Banks

    It is so fire

    • NSG YoungStunna
      NSG YoungStunna 🆙

  • Juxa

    Im gonna be listening 2 this 6 years from now

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera

    One minute this, next minute white man got him hopping around like the Energizer bunny looking STUPID!!!

  • Paperkut ĺive
    Paperkut ĺive

    thats sum of that Corona money


    Now you figure out who you are.

  • G morreale
    G morreale

    He still winning shit



  • Badru Din
    Badru Din

    A hungry meek is the best meek ✊🏾😤

  • Darius Alford
    Darius Alford


  • Pacino Official
    Pacino Official


  • Broly DBS
    Broly DBS

    Meek went in this shit🔥🔥🔥

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official



    Lil Durk And Meek Mill Always 🔥

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Antwan Fisher
    Antwan Fisher


    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official



    Just wanna feel the love

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Brenda Stevens
    Brenda Stevens

    Yo put that money on his face 😒

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Bigmoneyonwood Lv
    Bigmoneyonwood Lv


    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • D Kwa
    D Kwa

    so this is good?

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Anthony JnPaul
    Anthony JnPaul

    washing blood with bleach dont wash the stains away hit fuckinggg hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Young Marlo Marlo
    Young Marlo Marlo

    This song 🎵 go hard pause youll can't deny that Heat🔥🔥🔥

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Grasshoppa _
    Grasshoppa _

  • Chandler Terry
    Chandler Terry

    Beautiful love u.

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Taj Kerr
    Taj Kerr

    “everything grows it destined to change/ I love you lil niggas im glad that you came/i hope you scrap every dollar you can/ i hope you know money won’t erase the pain “ - J-Cole

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas


    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • Juug Lifestyle
    Juug Lifestyle

    Follow me @Huncho Man appreciate🙏🏾

    • Pacino Official
      Pacino Official


  • HoleRixh Hendrix
    HoleRixh Hendrix

    I praise the trench’s like I ain’t loose nun of my niggas in it 🤦🏾‍♂️that’s the story of my life

  • Rakeia Garrett
    Rakeia Garrett

    Meek off them papers he brought those things out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • __Jet Set
    __Jet Set


  • Jean Pierre Solis
    Jean Pierre Solis

    that was so unsanitary........

  • Gregone43 bmore
    Gregone43 bmore

    U have to come from the struggle to Appreciate this pain music. Father been locked up for two murders and a Attemp when I was one. I watched my mother Sniffed dope older sister smoked cracked my younger sisters gay Yeah this is that real rap. West Baltimore be safe stay dangerous

  • Pro Kay 305
    Pro Kay 305

  • 1Love

    these niggas just poured out 2500 dollar bottles mannnnnnnnn lol