Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, opens up about her family
CBS This Morning
For the first time Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, publicly discusses her father Thomas Markle and her half-sister's forthcoming tell-all book in this previously unaired clip from her and Prince Harry's sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.
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  • PeaceAndL ove
    PeaceAndL ove

    You can run but you cannot hide.

  • rogerio maria
    rogerio maria

    Nothing new here 🤨 we all know who’s the mother of all racism in the world ( Great Britain) the evil racism power. I guess after all great is not all that great. 😅😅🤣😅

  • T A
    T A

    That dude went “slumming” and it will cost him. In the end he will submit to his family and this chick will be sent packing back home for good.

  • The Keystone Channel
    The Keystone Channel

    LOL, not any media is honest, nor are these two

  • K Cosmic
    K Cosmic

    I have always felt Harry was most like his mother and has her sensibilities and sensitivities. I wish them well.

    • T A
      T A

      Both liked dark meat!

  • Jermaine San Agustin
    Jermaine San Agustin

    Why do an interview if u crave privacy? And then cause more publicity.

  • bucket

    sus sex 😳

  • Nina Lindström
    Nina Lindström

    I don’t care what anyone thinks about her, but a father selling stories about his daughter for money is unforgivable. And the man is being praised on daily mail.. absolutely sickening

  • KK vHvL
    KK vHvL

    50% less???? That just kills me! Imagine trying to be only half of yourself. Thats 😢

  • Terrance Mooselips
    Terrance Mooselips

    More of an attack on white people

    • T A
      T A

      Hi, Russian.

  • Adriana Vizcaino
    Adriana Vizcaino

    Got help Megan Harry and their children 🙏🙏 protect them from all harm.

  • Nadinola Richards
    Nadinola Richards

    Because they called themselves royalty some people don't think they can't do wrong remember megan is the only black in their family i believe everything she says .

    • T A
      T A

      There was an Armenian royal back in the 1800s too, and she was also not welcome in the monarchy.

  • shanon Sockalingum
    shanon Sockalingum

    Still none of her family was at her wedding I’m sorry but I think there’s a lot more behind her story ,sadly we’ll hear only her story cause the royal family don’t do interviews to talk about family issues.

  • Marc Lopez
    Marc Lopez

    This couple has the right of leaving the crazy family. HOWEVER, the major criticism is how they have done the things. First, they started giving interviews where they trashed the other royals, then they left the family in an abrupt way, now they gave a “tell-all” interview in which they are venting a lot of family issues. We understand they are unhappy, go to a psicologist, pay some sessions and keep it private. As the sayings goes “the dirty laundry should be washed at home”

  • T A
    T A

    LOL...I give them 2-3 years together, tops. That couple was doomed from the start, both married into their own fantasies. Neither one fits in each other’s world, and that’s the truth. Ginger will return to his circle and continue the path chosen for him, she’ll soon remarry some older rich guy here in the States, her “Royal” dream is over. I wouldn’t want to be that guy, he has many fences to mend back in The UK.

  • Magdalena Mezydlo
    Magdalena Mezydlo

    Gail can I just tell you, you look great!!

  • kaynpaul

    Don’t you people ever wish you heard the response from the accused

  • Magdalena Mezydlo
    Magdalena Mezydlo

    Great interview by the best there is, Ms.Oprah!

  • Sandra Dee
    Sandra Dee

    Meghan: Never knew the royal family before meeting Harry. Childhood Meghan: Idolizes Princess Di, even cried when she died. Me: 🥴🥴🥴

    • T A
      T A

      She’s a sad case. LOL

  • Reina Hammoud
    Reina Hammoud


  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz

    Not talking about politics anymore? Who cares about this LOL 😂 the media is so funny. Let’s not even talk about the 1.9T bill

  • Deryn's Doings
    Deryn's Doings

    Oprah's sweater looks like she has a giant book opened.

  • Princess A
    Princess A

    Her dress looks like a bird shat on it 😂

  • Claudine Bigirimana
    Claudine Bigirimana

    When they say the institution, that mean the queen. Its ovious.

  • Bruce otieno
    Bruce otieno

    This explains why Meghan’s mom was pictured sitting alone in one those ceremonies.Just like Diana ,she knew what was coming 😪

  • Isa Dahlia
    Isa Dahlia

    Where we can watch the full interview ?

  • Hayden MacWhinnie
    Hayden MacWhinnie

    Give me 100,000 Irishman and 50,000 Scottsman and I can take down the royal family

  • Rick Lim
    Rick Lim

    Meghan Markle seems to be telling the truth because it's hard to believe that the royal family are "so perfect" but they're just "best" in hiding skeletons inside royal closets like the ancient scandal of Anne Boleyn who was beheaded by King Henry VIII; accusing Anne of adultery because she couldn't gave Henry a male heir. For God sake, woman's womb is not a machine wherein you can dictate what she will conceive.

  • Angela‘s Workshop
    Angela‘s Workshop

    They really need psychological help. But please dont do it in public. It is the way of human life we all have our tragic times but these are tasks from which we grow. You here to learn and take responsibility for what you do.

  • kaynpaul

    If you have to hesitate it’s because you are not being honest sad but true . She must have known this question would be asked so why did she look like OH no

  • CV Scorpion
    CV Scorpion

    So good to see the Royals divided ✌

  • RodtheRichest

    Her child didn't receive a title, due to him being partially black🗣💯. & This is the reason why Meghan in mistreated , by the royal family!!

  • SAMO

    Something tells me we won't see her any longer...

  • Red Irish Rose
    Red Irish Rose

    I have a greatgrand son with brown skin.No matter I love Him. Red Irish Rose

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash

    Big lot of fuss about nothing at all.

  • kamogelo koloane
    kamogelo koloane

    I watched with shock and my heart just broke for them

  • Jana RN
    Jana RN

    “They don’t just report the news, they create it” - WOW ! That’s powerful and 100% accurate in today’s world! Not only tabloids, sadly enough, but msm, respected magazines/news media papers both online and in print! It’s sad because media is powerful! There’s a place where media can break the barrier of accurate corruption and prevent it, or as Meghan put it, can create and destroy people if not accurate! This couple has a right to be who they choose ... I think Princess Di would be so proud of Harry and at the same time deeply pained by what the media is doing to them as they did this to her and these boys growing up! No doubt she’d be deeply saddened by Harry and Williams distant relationship, if any relationship still exist! No doubt if she were alive things would be different with the 2 brothers. She’s most definitely be the glue, unlike Charles ! Continued best wishes to this couple as well as the extended family!

  • Uri Megan
    Uri Megan

    Hallllooopp there are people in the world who are ACTUALLY suffering. Your family dynamics is COMMON. GO BACK TO ACTING. Megan does not have any Royality. Please, stop trying to be Diana. Oprah should go on the field and interview war rape victims and the hungry and much much more suffering of women. And children. They ACTUALLY do NOT sleep because of hunger. Most people do not have a bed. This interview is PATHETIC. Megan should of Married an American and got Divorced again. This is a waste of time.

  • A.J. Potts
    A.J. Potts

    I don't care what anybody says I don't like that girl and it's not because her mama's black she's just using that for a pity card

  • healingv1sion

    Exposing tabloid news for the poison it is. It's the root of why people don't believe in real news

  • En3try

    talk about asking leading questions Oprah... geez

  • Don James
    Don James

    The tabloids are vicious.

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith

    Stop making pepl no what's going in your bedroom

  • mariana gheorghe
    mariana gheorghe

    If they wanted peace and privacy, this interview was not the best way to have them. But they still need attention, that's the real reason they gave this interview.

  • peter Grahame
    peter Grahame

    Nothing but lies about sister Samantha, what does that tell you about the rest of her claims?

  • The Lord
    The Lord

    White lives matter

  • Butterfly Lullaby
    Butterfly Lullaby

    Thank you Meghan and Harry for being brave. As a British person, I feel embarrassed for how badly the press and some people have treated Meghan. She is an amazing mother! As a child I was taught in school that telling the truth is bad. We were punished for speaking out against injustice. And made to feel that children told lies in school, and adults were good. TATTLETALE: a person, especially a child, who secretly tells someone in authority, especially a teacher, that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble Tattletale is in the English Dictionary. I think it is about time this is banned. Being a Whistleblower takes guts and courage. It is not easy. But for some of us, we need to protect our future generation, which is why we speak out. Well done Meghan and Harry. I don't care about being popular. I only care about TRUTH, LOVE, COMPASSION AND EMPATHY. GOD BLESS!

  • Mary C N
    Mary C N

    Kate polluting a husband mind to not talk to his brother because Megan Markel’s came in to take all of the love Harry have for hair I understand she need to be jealous as she’s doing it underground it’s not fair Beautiful future Queen with bad hatred

    • Urmila Chakraborty
      Urmila Chakraborty

      Haha Meghan harkle will never be Queen

    • merve kemeş
      merve kemeş

  • Kweku Chainz Tv
    Kweku Chainz Tv

    Nice one there🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

    • merve kemeş
      merve kemeş

  • Russell Durnell
    Russell Durnell

    Sorry but I’m not sympathetic to much of this. 1. She expects us to believe that she knew little about the Royal Family and did not research when she was planning to marry him but in next breath says she looked up the National Anthem,. 2. She says she thought meeting the Queen would be like meeting a Hollywood Celebrity - yeah just like meeting Kim Kardasian. 3. She says she was lonely in the castle and couldn’t see her friends for lunch but she spent $500K on a trip to NYC for a baby shower. 4. They both complain that the money stopped when they chose to step away - welcome to our life. You walk away from your job and responsibilities but still expect to receive money for security? This coming from a man who has not paid a penny for anything his whole life and he begrudgingly has to spend money to “protect his son”. Come on! Maybe use some of the £100Ms from Netflix to pay for your own security, like every other celebrity has to. 5. The statement of the conversation about the colour of the baby’s skin is an awful thing to happen but make it clear, it was a conversation with one person and what was the context? To use that to shower everyone involved with the racist card is inverted racism. If you are going to throw that out there then you need to qualify the comment. To say it would be harmful to the person is BS because what you have done is harmful to everyone. And finally if this was all racist, then why was the media glowing throughout the romance and wedding? If they were racist they would have been so from the beginning. The media turned on her because of her bad behaviour. Brats don’t like being told they are not behaving properly so they sulk and spit back. This is what they have done here. She should take a leaf out of her own book and do what she said her mother has practiced. Silent Dignity.

  • KiraBeauty

    Everyone’s truly witnessed Meghan and Harry being over qualified for their duties. Meghan would give her speech with no script readings . She’s very conscious of herself

  • samantha fyfe
    samantha fyfe

    Cringe worthy not sure who’s the worst actress here 🤷‍♀️

  • Dona Sejdiu
    Dona Sejdiu

    Her father is a piece of sh..He should of said no to the tabloid's.

  • TableTopplers United
    TableTopplers United

    I feel Harry’s pain intimately. I think of my mom everyday. It just comes to my mind.

  • Mitch R
    Mitch R

    So much whining it's not like she didn't know what she was getting into

  • jerseygirl2 T
    jerseygirl2 T

    Those sighs Meghan is making are super annoying.

  • t F
    t F


  • Els o8
    Els o8

    I feel the sincerety of duchess of sussex and prince Harry...hope and pray for their reunited and forgiveness.. Godbless

  • Noura Ibrahim
    Noura Ibrahim


  • Mecca Madina
    Mecca Madina

    Will be on NETFLIX soon

  • Anas Alam
    Anas Alam

    Megan knew Diana's interview was given a great impact on Royals in fact it did... That's why she is being acting to be vulnerable and to get same attention.... I don't know but some force is telling me believe one every words said by Diana... But in case of Meghan... The same inside force is telling me that something is cooking up....

  • destinationskyline07

    Why is this public?

  • War Lord
    War Lord


  • Vivien Needle
    Vivien Needle

    Multimillionaires whinging about their victimhood. Give me a break

  • Derek !
    Derek !

    She is using him to climb the social and status ladder. Too much playing the race card with no facts or names to back the claims. She wants privacy but is always smiling for the cameras she despises

  • Just A Guy Production
    Just A Guy Production

    Obsessing over the Royal family. This is so pathetic. We all need to play Rolly 3d Maze! Play it now.,

  • Nasus Yeleek
    Nasus Yeleek

    Oh its ok for every member of the public anywhere in the world to wonder what beautiful colour their babies would be, but oh dear its so racists for any of the Royal family to ask that question......ridiculous...thats going to be the main topic...who dare ask what colour Harry and Megans babies will be......not... Its just pathetic.. Megan knew what she was doing bringing that to the interview . Even YOU wondered what colour Harry and Megans babies would be....we even wondered what colour hair the baby would that racists?

  • fallwinterrainspring roll
    fallwinterrainspring roll

    Poor harry

  • Esmeralda

    She knew where she was getting herself into it.

  • Suh Dated
    Suh Dated

    Who cares? The propaganda news network at it again, wanting to distract the people from the REAL problems Americans are facing. Absurd.

  • 37375

    You cant believe anything Megan says she is an actor and knows the game.

  • Lauren Ehrlich
    Lauren Ehrlich

    Her father is a loser

  • Latina Abroad
    Latina Abroad

    She will one day 0ay her karma with her own kids because of what she is doing with her own father, the man who gave her life. This woman is evil inside out. Yuks!!! The more I see of her the less empathy I feel for her. Not being able to reconcile with your blood speaks a lot about a person. Holding grudges will get her wrinkles lol.

  • Juan

    Oprah hairpiece is floating on top of her scalp.

  • AmberallOverAgane00

    I'd who you are oprah is such a f""king genius oh my god 😂😂😂😂 what a brain on this woman I'm astounded, her ratings are probably exploding rn

  • Hartley Hare
    Hartley Hare

    He isn't even a royal. He is the son of James Hewitt. See the likeness!?😆♨️⚡

  • Brian witton
    Brian witton


  • barrie watson
    barrie watson

    The only thing she wanted was a title slag!!

  • Taney Harrison
    Taney Harrison

    Megan has not been completely honest when talking about not knowing much about Harry and The Royal Family. She also lied about her half sister. Samantha showed proof she didn’t change her last name back to Markle and showed pics of them together through time line.

  • Esmeralda

    Harry’s family didn’t want to lose him ... him and his brother have been close for years and Diana as most mother would be so sad seeing them distant from each other.

  • Lydia Martell
    Lydia Martell

    It’s such a shame that we have to once again hear their names! Two underprivileged souls with notoriety to gain! Living in there million of dollars mansion treating others less than humane servants to do the dirty work while they sit back and desire fame. What fools believe a word they say? She’s so jealous of Kate, who someone she can never be a Woman with class and dignity. They make accusations without naming names, in my family we are not white and we all ask questions about the baby skin color will they be dark or light not out of racism but out of curiosity not everything is subject to scrutiny. We ask about the eyecolor and the hair texture too because everybody is unique and that’s nothing new. She always plays the race card when she’s looking for a job whatever the case may be when it’s convenient she plays the race card.)

  • Brian witton
    Brian witton

    Is he a royal,he looks a lot like James Hewitt to me.lets have a DNA Harry.

  • Mesay Mekonen
    Mesay Mekonen

    Wow !!!! What the word we live in amazing story !!!! Pray for her ..

  • Kakeru Kakeru
    Kakeru Kakeru


  • Ruth Nyoni22
    Ruth Nyoni22

    I understand the tabloids are just doing their jobs but how can someone look for something so damming about the person's life especially from their parent who is also more than willing to betray you just so they can air it out on the week of what suppose to be your very special day and just leave with themselves how do they just do that don't have lives family and how complicated that can be that is jist so cruel.

  • Antonia Lindsey
    Antonia Lindsey

    WHERE ARE YOUR CAPTIONS CBS!!!???? For heavens sakes!!! 70% of your North American audience over 50 have hearing loss! You don’t care about reaching this audience???

  • Ickleosis

    sus sex

  • Euroyen420p

    Neither are black, mother and child, as a society we need to shut down tv media narrative.

  • Esmeralda

    Why her father was not at the wedding?

  • Romina

    Meggy if you are comfortable talking about his family, you better be comfortable talking about your own too. Spill it all💪 except for will&kate please ✌️

  • Terrisann Brooks
    Terrisann Brooks

    Their no reason for Meghan to lie, I believe her 100%

  • Latina Abroad
    Latina Abroad

    Harry is such bag of trash. Who trashes his own family members that way? The family who raised him? Only a bag of 💩

  • Capricorn Tarot
    Capricorn Tarot

    was she not an actress before this ? Like you know how paparazzi work hun and how celebrity works. They want to know everything about you. She's coming to this interview as if she was a normal citizen or dare I say 'Young Diana' who was naive and WAS NOT a celebrity. not buying this woe-is-me

  • Cathy Bradley
    Cathy Bradley

    Lying takes time to web into her story of poor poor pitiful me, just like Diana. Though I know nothing about her,I just channel her.

  • Juan Manuel Cardona
    Juan Manuel Cardona

    Is it just me or does Meghan Markle looks weird? Like photoshopped?

  • Comingfor Ya
    Comingfor Ya

    She treated the servants like crap. Spoiled biotch

  • Kamil Karol
    Kamil Karol

    The group of the British crown is a group of quite simple and complex people with behaviors unchanged from the 16th century and locked in a golden cage, and Meghan, as a girl from California, could not learn this routine and find herself in it.

  • Jean Dillon
    Jean Dillon

    Camilla and Kate were Jelous of Neghen, who is Camilla ? She broke up Diana Marriage with Charles it's her fault why Diana die that way, if only she had leave Charles alone, she herself was married, and now messing with Harry and Meghan, oh oh oh 🤔

  • Dollarstore Lobster
    Dollarstore Lobster

    Tabloid Taliban

  • ernest rogen
    ernest rogen

    Megan writing the script for a story to sell. Wont be long to she treats the Royal family and the UK like her father. She would never have married Harry if he was not a Prince. All good for a story she will sell for multi millions. Megan complains about others talking to the media but has talked to the media many times her self. Double standards Megan. We in the UK know you never wanted to live here and if you had just said Royal life dosnt suit me and you and Harry had left we would have backed you. But the reality is we see through you and see you are writing the script for a story to sell and Harry will be thrown to the side in your life at some point like every one else in your past.