Michael Bisping, Rebecca, and The Blue Check | TigerBelly 265
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0:00 Could Bisping Beat Stylebender?
3:46 The Worst Thing a Coach Should Say
6:55 Couples 'Tone' Fights During The Pandy
38:00 Bisping Sees Vlog Footage of Bobby Rooting For Rockhold
46:00 Bisping on Israel Adesanya and UFC 253 Reaction
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  • DookyGK

    Slept King and The Count. Best duo ever.

  • iChuletas


  • Nastasha D
    Nastasha D

    Honestly this is probably my favourite podcast I’ve ever listened to, they all just work so well together

  • Austin Young
    Austin Young

    Love how bisbing is the same with his wife around

  • Austin Young
    Austin Young

    Awesome guest love bisbing. Too many eye jokes but awesome episode

  • sivedan

    Cooligan lol

  • sivedan

    I love when Bisping visits, he should be a permanent guest, and you should be on his podcast also Bobby, you guys have such an amazing chemistry, i haven't laughed like that in a long time, please have him on more often :):):)

  • Conor Moran
    Conor Moran

    Tiger belly is my new jam

  • Conor Moran
    Conor Moran

    Someone help meeee. What's the intro song called

  • Kota Lz
    Kota Lz

    We get it you were a athlete swimmer and you were going for bisping during the fight she mentions it a million times brags insane Infront of guests

  • Danyal Khandakar
    Danyal Khandakar

    Please bring Michael and Rebecca back on soon

  • Kota Lz
    Kota Lz

    Bisping:I have a German Shepard “What’s that” “It’s a dog?” the intelligence in that room is really low 😂 “I know you guys like to eat them” classic bisping

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    I had

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz

    Ah the power of not having power, by putting others down and feeling in power

  • Infinity Nexus Reviews
    Infinity Nexus Reviews

    I think Bobby would make a great Dad

  • imayang

    I would love to watch Michael Bisping do stand up. He’s really funny.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    a blood line. to carry the surname. thats the only reason. ask the most powerful ppl inthe world, that power gets passed down to the children along with the fortune.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    I like there banter.

  • Pretzel Head
    Pretzel Head

    Bisping the funniest ex-UFC fighter

  • xYO5HlMlT5Ux

    Lmao khalayla so annoying the way she sits to virtue signal hippie vibes

  • aC GSii
    aC GSii

    This guy went all out with the eye jokes lmao bet bisping wanted to punch him

  • Kevbright777 Bright
    Kevbright777 Bright

    She didnt know her own name. She is the worst

  • slay3r

    what a lovely guy

  • nicklong27

    This may have been the funniest one yet

  • Oscar Roswall-Stanley
    Oscar Roswall-Stanley

    hearing bobby lecture Mike on being late

  • George YZYSZN
    George YZYSZN

    "this is the Joe rogan, Brendan Schaub sit down.." lmao 🤣

  • Ryan Bush
    Ryan Bush

    The imported lightning accidentally flow because particle developmentally flash through a hulking square. pastoral, adjoining east

  • Aaron Carver
    Aaron Carver

    "Most of these places you're trying to describe" 🤣

  • rob jak
    rob jak

    Damn Bispings wife is a beamer

  • comptone

    Coner suggested Diego Sanchez because he respects Diego.. Knows Diego has payed his dues.. And would liked to have seen Diego make some 'real' money for once. 1 fight w Coner would set Diego up for the rest of his life. He could retire. Which im sure is what Coner was thinking. Getting a Coner challenge is a gift to any veteran. Why so many people misunderstood the challenge is puzzling.

  • Jun Kim
    Jun Kim

    the bispings were great! hope they're on again soon

  • Casual

    Luke Rockhold is afraid of Michael Bisping, same way how Jon Jones is afraid of Francis Ngannou #JonJonesIsAfraid

  • Samuel Thomson
    Samuel Thomson

    Mike please tell me you wised up and told your son the truth.

  • Fi Sh
    Fi Sh

    58:37 Bobby: "In what little town did you guys meet him?" Rebecca: "Cliterou" Brilliant reactions.

    • DangerMouse


  • Landstalker

    Bisping is so handsome and scrumptious in this episode.

  • 1pensar

    Michael Bisping @gilbits

  • MrBeans

    He is great! And I ALWAYS forget he has 1 eye!

  • jstuckless

    You guys are doing fine, get a 2nd mic for your guests when there's 2.

  • DrJones694

    I love Michael bisben seems like someone you just want to hang out with great show

  • Daniel Dela Torre
    Daniel Dela Torre

    OMG Bisping with "I know you love to eat them" when referring to dogs was fucking hilarious. Coming from an Asian guy in a country where this has only been recently banned.

  • Vee Dwg
    Vee Dwg

    Bisping has top notch comedian timing. Quite impressive lol. He hitting those jokes at the perfect moment

    • Vee Dwg
      Vee Dwg

      Comedic timing that takes years to learn that even some don’t even figure it out.

  • AGlasgow Thing
    AGlasgow Thing

    I have a German shepherd, I know you guys like to eat them.... Gotta love mike

  • imjusthere8

    I want that Oldboy poster behind Bobby!!!


    Bisping would kill adesanya

  • The Blackfoot Sicilian
    The Blackfoot Sicilian

    Love you Bobby, Khalyla, crew..and of course top 5 guest The Count. Thanks yall

  • New Dawn For All
    New Dawn For All

    Dudes accent is really mixed up! 😂

  • daniel mayen
    daniel mayen

    Can Khalylya blink more?

  • Edwin Nduhiu
    Edwin Nduhiu

    One of the best interviews on youtube ever

  • sang3r15

    The magical pharmacist coincidingly divide because cobweb alternatively harm pace a square cow. gorgeous, condemned millisecond

  • Lolritz

    Bobby lee playing war zone is so iconic

  • The Plus VR
    The Plus VR

    Bisbing is even better when he is with an actual funny comedian instead of luis

  • sang3r15

    The fragile driving clasically rejoice because segment topically point plus a innocent greek. honorable, roomy racing

  • Liam

    best double date ever

  • Justin Lawlor
    Justin Lawlor

    Bisping would be a great stand up

  • Kota Lz
    Kota Lz

    7:36 hahahah

  • Saber

    1:10:10 its called porn addiction :( you gotta stop watching mate

  • Alex

    One of the best ever tiger belly episodes

  • beef testosterone
    beef testosterone

    Yo bispings wife is fuckin smokin hot

  • Wilson Duan
    Wilson Duan

    If Bobby and Bisping started a fight companion podcast, I would watch the shit outta of that

  • Valentino Cisneros
    Valentino Cisneros

    56:54 Brendan

  • Shannon Maldonado
    Shannon Maldonado


  • Crz Xm
    Crz Xm

    Eaz'eh, Bobb'eh

  • unsynchronize

    Please bring back bisping

  • Nikul Prasad
    Nikul Prasad

    Finally! Part two

  • Chelsea

    when Bobby Lee was the only stuck in his little world talking about some imaginary woman with her tits hanging out and vag out, everyone is disgusted and he just snaps out of it "oh I'm sorry"

  • Tyler

    They need a movie together. Soo funny. Im loving this interview!

  • Intuituve Empath Ms. Amber Dawn
    Intuituve Empath Ms. Amber Dawn

    I would have loved to see Michael and his lovely wife in the same frame. 😇❤️🥰

  • Ivar B
    Ivar B

    51:50 - what's the account?

  • Natey McBatey
    Natey McBatey

    I'm quite disappointed they didn't give Rebecca a mic

  • cutrip

    What a faking legend Mike is. Fak, beers on me brotha!

  • Dutch S*
    Dutch S*

    This was great


    Joe Rogan Branden Shaub moment lol🇲🇽


    Lol 😆 🤣 😂

  • Bret Nuttall
    Bret Nuttall

    This was so weird but so relatable... is this my family?

  • Daniel Meuler
    Daniel Meuler

    I always thought Rebecca Bisping was a very pretty women and the little bit that I've heard her talk she seems pretty cool. You can tell Michael knows he's lucky to have her.

  • sepesusi

    One of the funniest episodes

  • Silver Convertible
    Silver Convertible

    Why is Khalyla so opposed to having a baby,very suspicious...

  • Navi

    Damn got this late... Bisbing and Lee...can't go wrong

  • StevenM801

    this was so much fun to watch Michael is funny too man

  • D A
    D A

    Bobby's self-effacing honesty is outstanding

  • Mulan MMA
    Mulan MMA

    who wants to see Bisping fight with Bobby Lee in his corner?

  • Mulan MMA
    Mulan MMA

    new to this podcast, didn't expect to see Bisping here! haha

  • Michael Kayseryan
    Michael Kayseryan

    Get Michael’s wife a comfertable chair man come on dog

  • Joshua Morriston
    Joshua Morriston

    Mike Bisping is legitimately one of the funniest interviews for a podcast. The chemistry on this one is amazing. Just so fun. Great episode.

  • Deroxan Li
    Deroxan Li

    Bobby showing too much respect to Bisping. Bobby would go crazy joking Other guest but he didn’t do it to bisping

  • Deroxan Li
    Deroxan Li

    Bobby lee doesn’t act like how he usually act

  • G G
    G G

    1:01:17 I mean definitely not true lol. Ignorance is bliss

  • Deroxan Li
    Deroxan Li

    Bisping only talk about mma and nothing else

  • Deroxan Li
    Deroxan Li

    The vibe between Bobby and Michael was not as good as their first visit

  • Skye Bates
    Skye Bates

    Mrs bisping in so lovely I think we forget.

  • Skye Bates
    Skye Bates

    You have got to love Bisping.

  • Frank Thedukes
    Frank Thedukes

    Bisping is fucking hilarious...

  • Joey Bjorklund
    Joey Bjorklund

    Cant believe im just now seeing this so much fun

  • Big Nose
    Big Nose

    You gotta get another mic poor rebecca just sitting there

  • Mohammed Qasam
    Mohammed Qasam

    They should’ve miced his wife

  • theterminader93

    Next time take the mic away from gilbert and give it to the 4th guest. No reason he needs a mic

  • DaveBox G
    DaveBox G

    this is a lot better than jre conspiracy theory bullshit

  • BobbySizacks

    Bobby's argument for why you shouldn't smoke while pregnant. Contradicts there pro choice views.

  • Soltan BC
    Soltan BC

    I wish he would have wrestled Bobby even as a joke

  • Stuart Thomas
    Stuart Thomas

    this is such a great episode!