Mike Perry Reflects On Mistake For Missing Weight UFC 255
Immediately after weigh-ins, Mike Perry spoke to Helen Yee about why he missed weight, if he would move to middleweight, training with Yoel Romero, when he was offered to fight Darren Till, and more.
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  • matthew lama
    matthew lama

    This man has the brain of a moth.

  • dustyttrain

    He’s such a little douche

  • D Cox
    D Cox

    He is a bitch now. Rolling eyes sayin anyway 😂🤣😂

  • herb soto
    herb soto

    Damm that reporter is fine great rack!

  • from1978

    The future WARMACHINE

  • Leroy Jackson
    Leroy Jackson

    After that ass whoopin', he should change his name to plasma Mike Perry

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    T la meilleur, on t adore ???

  • Headkick Ko
    Headkick Ko

    Thats what happens when you eat that happy meal you were a few fries short of...

  • o B. D:
    o B. D:

    Yeah mikes my spirit animal

  • shroomingnewman 3
    shroomingnewman 3

    he's a bum

  • Ignacio jaque
    Ignacio jaque

    You and The Schmo are top quality interviewers. Congrats for this material and about Perry... Uffff! dude come on, you know exactly what happened.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      If not cornermen this dude at the very least could use a nutritionalist.. hell even part time

  • RockSteady67

    perry is so entertaining they should never release him from the UFC. but he has to nake 170 cause 185 is way too big and skilled in the UFC for him. maybe go to bellator and get on some sauce. gotta provide for the family now homie

  • sasquatch dude alex
    sasquatch dude alex

    I like Mike. He seems cool

  • SkyeStar

    Hy my loving Queen Helen exciting to see u again love from#Srilanka

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Mike Perry is a moron. 🤦🏼 I think this should be his last fight for the UFC. Move on. He’s obviously not serious about professional fighting anymore.

  • C S
    C S

    Hes a waster, wife beater

  • TheTwisted869

    🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I only clicked because you're hot

  • Bobby Winkles
    Bobby Winkles

    Helen Yee looking like a supermodel 😍 such a beautiful creation

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    This is actually brilliant

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Good man, look into the camera, not the see through shirt boobies.

  • A A
    A A

    Then f go to middleweight you stupid clown what he thinks of himself not even with this weight can't beat the other guy clown

  • Jordan Hendricks
    Jordan Hendricks

    Sounds like a kid who doesn't turn in any assignments all semester long because he's so focused on the final exam.

  • Tracey KJ Thomas
    Tracey KJ Thomas

    love how ppl are disregarding the fact that khamzat isn’t just taking fights anymore. Multiple ppl have called him out perry, magny etc. and now he’s ducking all them because he’s fighting edwards. What happened to “smeshing” anyone and everyone. Fake

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk

      @Tracey KJ Thomas and theres a difference between Khamzat having a gimmick and the company jobbing for that gimmick over their own bottom line

    • Tracey KJ Thomas
      Tracey KJ Thomas

      @Ethan Quirk no of course not but we’re talking about khamzat. He hasn’t called a person out since

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk

      @Tracey KJ Thomas if you’re Dana are you about to risk a title eliminator fight with Edwards on a short notice fight with someone else?

    • Tracey KJ Thomas
      Tracey KJ Thomas

      @Ethan Quirk oh yea I totally agree with you if he beats Leon it’s not point in fighting magnys and Perrys but I was talking about before the Leon fight. he’s had more than a month if he was really about that life he would’ve taken one of those fights first. Think about it we haven’t even seen him against a ranked opponent but because of this gimmick against cans he just up to fighting the third best ww in the world. I know a month or two isn’t a lot of time to prepare but if he followed through with what he was doing with the cans it should be no problem

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk

      @Tracey KJ Thomas well there’s being willing to fight anyone and then theres being such a dumb fuck that you think you’re going into a fight with Leon Edwards and won’t get a single mark that would make a commission scrap a fight you had a week later. Plus theres no point in the UFC setting up 2 fights because from a promotional point there’s absolutely no logic behind setting up a fight with Leon then having him fight a can straight afterwards if he wins. Especially given the likelihood that Khamzat will at the very least be marked up and ineligible to fight even if he wins because all that means is you’ve got to cut the second guy a cheque without any benefit to the company to speak of for scrapping his fight a week out

  • MotivateMe

    I felt great until I started :D you have to love Mike :D

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    If not cornermen this dude at the very least could use a nutritionalist.. hell even part time

  • JhanghirK

    This guy is the stupider, even more irrelevant version of billy joe Saunders in the UFC

  • John Apostoli
    John Apostoli

    ahhhh....Helen....Red definitely adds to your assets and talent... Perry is his own worst enemy

    • John Apostoli
      John Apostoli

      @hoiy vinosa He HATES cutting weight. One thing that changed me was my wife having our first child. Thats all I have thought about...well and hot a Asian sports reporter in a Red blouse..

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      i don’t get why he wants to fight at 185. he could EASILY make the weight for ww, he just has to commit to it and actually care about it

  • godfrey Francis
    godfrey Francis

    That's not the only mistake he made he got some random chick pregnant that he met less than 1 year

  • Prince Cranemaster
    Prince Cranemaster

    Helen's looking absolutely beautiful here

  • The Parabalani
    The Parabalani

    All that bs and too many hamburgers.

  • Chris Bassin
    Chris Bassin

    Good man, look into the camera, not the see through shirt boobies.

  • Corky VanderHaven
    Corky VanderHaven

    At least he lost, makes it simple

  • Jason Costanza
    Jason Costanza

    Psychopath... He didn't even try. He is focused on eating bacon cheese burgers.

  • Splash Montana Capone
    Splash Montana Capone

    Mike Perry has no reason to take it seriously or care if he wins.. dude gets paid contender money for being a non ranked fight because he is a draw... 500 record but get 6 figures while there are dude 8-2 in the ufc getting paid 50k to show 50k to win

  • ForeverFridayVideo

    Mike...fight at the weight you want next time. Don’t waste people’s time.

  • Steven Kirkey
    Steven Kirkey

    Really really purkey titties

  • Samuleson fizzil
    Samuleson fizzil

    Man he sounds like he's giving a book report on a book he's never read.

  • cubby7872

    Hopefully now with a loss he will just shut up and retire

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    Idk what perry's appeal is

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    I think the UFC should start encouraging fighting more near your natural weight and then bring in the 165 class

  • Teagan Wittmaack
    Teagan Wittmaack

    i don’t get why he wants to fight at 185. he could EASILY make the weight for ww, he just has to commit to it and actually care about it

  • Beef Chimichanga
    Beef Chimichanga

    Bellator calling this foo

  • M. S.
    M. S.

    Bellator material 👍🏾...hes not serious enough to be in the UFC....Adesanya is so right take 90% and see how quick hes arse would of made weight!!

  • Striker0900s GOOD and THE UGLY
    Striker0900s GOOD and THE UGLY

    Can’t stand this guy, he’s unprofessional, and his cte is terrible he shouldn’t fight again. There’s no way a human is this stupid without being dropped at birth or punched so many times they sound drunk, I mean shit the guy has a baby coming and he never mentions it once, does it not upset you that 30% was taken from you and your family, your child could use that extra cash just in case something happens... Yes Perry has potential, but potential is a dirty dirty word unless you do something with it.

  • Luke Scanlan
    Luke Scanlan

    Of course you felt great,you weren't cutting the fuckin weight

  • Kevin Hinds
    Kevin Hinds

    Is it wise to mention eating a steak burrito for breakfast when you are 25 lbs overweight? Mike should have let Darren into his corner. It probably would have ended badly but but he doesn’t get eyeballs because he is a skilled fighter. He gets eyeballs because each time he goes live on Instagram there is a small chance he is holding his pregnant girlfriend at gunpoint at a gas station in Dade county. Fuck he could built a real beef with Darren till that way. I’m just thinking sponsorships....he could probably make a decent amount in Bellator right?

  • 419 Buckeye
    419 Buckeye

    Don't let this distract you from the fact Ryan Hall never gets fights

  • JPTV3000

    I think this young man is no longer UFC quality and I've been a big fan of Mike platinum Perry for a long time...

  • JPTV3000

    This boy is career is done..

  • Fearless BLaZ
    Fearless BLaZ

    This dude Mike Perry tho. The Lost Diaz Bro.

  • Blafard666

    Narrator : it didn't went nice and easy ...

  • Kay Mill
    Kay Mill

    Sheesh, you don't have to kiss his ass. His GF is a toddler. I cannot the two of them as parents. And her cornering is a joke. It consists of, "LET'S GO, MIKE."

  • Steve Bennet
    Steve Bennet

    Notice he has dialed back ( a bit ) with his fake rapper talk

  • Steve Bennet
    Steve Bennet

    He is a total bug

  • superglou913 Gomez
    superglou913 Gomez

    Perry is like a real version of Rocky Balboa. Dumb as a box of rocks but has huge amounts of heart. Hopefully he gets his shit together.

  • Thomas James Connolly
    Thomas James Connolly

    He really didn't want to look her in the eye.

  • Mark Hennessy
    Mark Hennessy

    What a fool of a man no respect for himself or his fans

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce

    should have darren till in his corner

  • Samuel

    I think Mike is on Anti Depression meds and it's effecting his fights

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    Dude aint right but no doubt he is entertaining.

  • Francis Harris
    Francis Harris

    He is pregnant give him a break

  • Robby T
    Robby T

    Anyways...Enjoy the show MF'ers!

  • Rigo Salas
    Rigo Salas

    Hamburger,, pizzas,,,and some sodas that's why he didn't lose weight

  • Bruh C
    Bruh C

    Damn this woman bad af

  • T1tusCr0w

    He needs to re- commit to the game. That means getting a world class team that he will thrive in. If he doesn’t he is gonna get smashed. He had to much heart to go easy and he won’t be prepared enough to win against world class people from great camps..

  • Yoni

    This is what you achieve not to be kids

  • Julian Papin
    Julian Papin

    Mike Perry for Presidency 2024 election 🇺🇸

  • Richard Rodgers
    Richard Rodgers

    Mike perry I'd a joke. Talks like he has a mouth full of 💩

  • Trump IsYourDaddy
    Trump IsYourDaddy

    UFC 255 was the lamest card of the year

  • Scott Murphy
    Scott Murphy

    Nobody is picking this guy to be their Jeopardy partner.

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite

    No discipline, little guidance.... no direction and too many excuses Mike. You need to slow down, cut the noise around you and reflect... deeply. Phenomenal potential, great character and enough self believe to power a ship.. you just need to cut the ego, completely !! Get a proper trainer, and get the strap. Mike you’ve got fans man, stop letting us down !!

  • Nick Pupillo
    Nick Pupillo

    this guys a fuckin bum. i hope dana says fuck him

  • King Nick
    King Nick

    The Schmo is a lucky man

  • Metta World Buckets
    Metta World Buckets

    Beautiful lady very distracting

  • Johnny Chanda
    Johnny Chanda

    This nigga wack as fuck.

  • googo151


  • David Bell
    David Bell

    Helen 😍

  • Lets Get It
    Lets Get It

    Wasn't this dude already skating on thin ice??? Now this, he couldn't take this opportunity serious enough to make weight???

  • Dan Trutron
    Dan Trutron

    It's been my understanding the UFC PI will help anyone who asks on nutrition and the cut. Latory has been a solid corner presence, but this may be out of her wheelhouse !

  • tk106

    His mistakes 1 he’s not that smart 2 his videos/tweets/social media 3 didn’t pick Till to corner him

  • Border Ruffian
    Border Ruffian

    He needs some diaz brothers training

  • Gordon Kocher
    Gordon Kocher

    Is this his first fight?

  • wr pelek
    wr pelek

    He should call Paul Felder

  • Anil Lal
    Anil Lal

    Helen is a babe and amazing interviewer for real.

  • Eldin Kamberovic
    Eldin Kamberovic

    ( o Y o )

  • Mark Desselle
    Mark Desselle

    Helen lookin tasty as hell😘

  • Joe Duckett
    Joe Duckett

    His an idiot that's y.

  • Steve P
    Steve P

    Too much Colt 45

  • MR no one
    MR no one

    Helen Yee looking super hot here. She's never looked better.

  • Mr Jimmy Fly
    Mr Jimmy Fly

    I could care less about Mike Perry. I only watched this video to see Helens glorious cans!

  • Marvell

    I sincerely don't like him!

  • Carl Stokes
    Carl Stokes

    Mike Perry, get some professional help or it's over.


    Woodley vs Perry

  • Nelly Chaz
    Nelly Chaz

    Really should not be in this level of competition. Totally unprofessional

  • dedicatedskate Sacramentofinest
    dedicatedskate Sacramentofinest

    Nate will funk this fool up

  • Chris

    He keeps it real lmao

  • S H
    S H

    This guy is an odiot!!! Why is he still in ufc!???

  • Antonia Reitinger
    Antonia Reitinger

    Come on Mike Perry don't give it up you can make it through the legal s*** need to get this guy a trainer and a good camp

  • Albert Camus' Spirit Animal.
    Albert Camus' Spirit Animal.

    Speaking with management..." bitch, what management? Lol

  • Albert Camus' Spirit Animal.
    Albert Camus' Spirit Animal.

    Mike Perry is a real man. Volunteering to take care of Daren Till's child.

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz

    It's tough being a Mike Perry fan 🙄 this dude Is cool and I grew up with someone just like him. That's probably why I like the dude and obviously his fighting style