Mike Tyson is Back & The Baddest Man on the Planet Made a Statement | AEW Dynamite, 4/7/21
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  • NeDeZ 666
    NeDeZ 666

    Show ridicolo e senza senso

  • СтанИслав 3ий
    СтанИслав 3ий

    Ужасная работа тайсона.позор.

  • diz0973ify

    This is so corny 😕 super unbelievable lol

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar


  • Gothmog Balrog
    Gothmog Balrog

    Awesome they need Cindy Lauper and Dennis Rodman too then the can form their own gang.

  • ابو طويلع
    ابو طويلع

    يولد ماك تايسن ساطي يولد

  • Чакру мне почени
    Чакру мне почени

    🌃🤓 ☮️

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson

    Well this is cool

  • fight by x
    fight by x

    2:04 is that tye dilliger

  • Shaquille Lundy
    Shaquille Lundy

    Mike Tyson funny af 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Clay Seibert
    Clay Seibert

    Tyson gave the up yours 😂 anyone else catch that

  • Clay Seibert
    Clay Seibert

    Damn the announcer got caught lol Jericho’s head hit him clean

  • King Andre ‘Fourty3Wins
    King Andre ‘Fourty3Wins

    Is that Jack Swagger!?

  • Fried Rice
    Fried Rice

    I love AEW!!

  • Jeremy Griffin
    Jeremy Griffin

    Imagine if he was beating that guy down for real and not acting dude would be dead hahaha

  • Liam Christensen
    Liam Christensen

    Now we need Jake the muss from once were warriors to fight Tyson 😂

  • GMS Our Yahawah & Saviour Yahawashi
    GMS Our Yahawah & Saviour Yahawashi

    Terrible acting on tyson terrible ring entrance

  • Set Burhed
    Set Burhed

    So dumb

  • Zahir Mahmood
    Zahir Mahmood

    Hahaha 🤣 what a load of shite

  • Herbert Silva
    Herbert Silva

    fakes shit I've ever seen

  • avanesh kadu
    avanesh kadu

    Feels raw and original , wwe’s shaky cam is just trash

  • Manish

    Wat a great bakch*di

  • Dinah Yu
    Dinah Yu

    I can't thank you enough for the smile you've been putting on my face ever since I started trading with you, I no longer feel the impact of not working due to the Pandemic thank you for turning my $1'000 to $8,500. +17••3...4...60•••06•••36•••9 thank you sir

  • maverick socorro
    maverick socorro

    hope mike give at least 1 serious punch just to add spice 😂

  • vSpade

    Pinnacle should recruit Roy Jones Jr.

  • Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper

    You still can’t Wrestle Iron Mike even after JR quoted Stone cold Stone Cold Stone cold

  • Teodorus Diky Permadi
    Teodorus Diky Permadi

    Mike tyson godspeed is here

  • Big Delc
    Big Delc

    I fucking love this 😂

  • manoj vijay
    manoj vijay

    Baddest man trying hard to make it look like real.

  • Taufik Hidayat Ramadani
    Taufik Hidayat Ramadani

    Drama drama drama😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🖕🖕🖕

  • amy icy
    amy icy

    you know you fucked up when mike after you

  • ZFgaming

    Aew can you make a mike Tyson action figure

  • stylechyld

    Mike tyson is the best boxer ever.. but at wrestling...good grief..tyson please just stand there and look tough. Please!

  • Hamza Kastih
    Hamza Kastih

    pAY THE mAN!!

  • Jamie

    I would beat up everyone in the comments section

  • Wing Tactics
    Wing Tactics

    yea. you have some skills that is true! hahaha

  • Jordan George
    Jordan George

    I think I may be only scared of one person in like new balances and his name is Mike Tyson lol can't believe hes rocking new balance dad shoes lol

  • Damned Drac&Rose
    Damned Drac&Rose

    I grew up watching Tyson fight wanted to be just like him hes a national treasure, legend & Icon respect to the man.

  • Brutal V
    Brutal V

    That shit was so entertaining lmao!!

  • Dipankar Kataky
    Dipankar Kataky

    Chris Axel Rose Jericho

  • Lowell Thompson
    Lowell Thompson

    Tyson like, "where is my check?"


    Aew is a shit show lol

  • Thenew Man
    Thenew Man

    If Mike landed a hard punch this guy will disappear in this world with in a second

  • Shaquille Burton
    Shaquille Burton

    Tyson will always be the goat

  • Ankit Dyeonia
    Ankit Dyeonia

    Poorly executed. What a shame

  • Mnbvc Mnbvc
    Mnbvc Mnbvc


  • Calvin Moorer
    Calvin Moorer

    Tyson doesnt fit in there at all. You can tell it was hard for Tyson to hold back.

  • Rafael Veeas
    Rafael Veeas

    El viejo boy miki ta como gordito

  • KR T
    KR T

    So even a 50 year old real fighter is tougher than the minor league of pretend fighters... who'da thunk it?!

  • Tannoy8D

    Dude is in shape

  • Miguel Charles
    Miguel Charles

    Spears at 2:20: "Ok Mike's really pulling his punches so I'm good." Spears at 2:20: "Oh sh!t he's throwing punches for real now! I'm outta here!!"

  • brown power ranger
    brown power ranger

    Slurp 👅💋wink ❤️❤️❤️mike

  • brown power ranger
    brown power ranger

    Mike ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Itachi San
    Itachi San

    Imagine believing taking 5-6 bare knuckle punches from mike and not being in comma 😹

  • mccraejoey82

    How can you not love mike

  • Ladenegan Olukayode Akinjide
    Ladenegan Olukayode Akinjide

    So fake

  • Miles Moralez
    Miles Moralez

    Its hard for me to keep up wit this show lmaoo everything I tune in its always some crazy shit happening

  • k campbell
    k campbell

    Anybody else glad to hear JR'S voice 🙂

  • Poppa WoLFF
    Poppa WoLFF

    4:35 *"All day nigga.."* 😄

  • Lord Amin
    Lord Amin

    That’s dope. Tyson is here?? I guess I will start watching wrestling again

  • Edilberto Jr Romero
    Edilberto Jr Romero

    AEW Forever

  • OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX
    OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX

    Mike Is Finally Cool With Chris Jericho !!! 💯

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood


  • Paramia Vivoynineonecfone
    Paramia Vivoynineonecfone

    Mike is 50s and he is still in shape !!!

  • DEF

    Comédie 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mickson Lolley
    Mickson Lolley

    Fake punch frm the legend.. 😁🤣

  • justin riley
    justin riley

    hell ya mike tyson


    Me: are you alright Mike ? Tyson: fk off .

  • Abhishek Verma
    Abhishek Verma

    This guy is in this shape at this age 😮

  • Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs
    Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs

    Damn man. Just look at this. That's the same man we were in awe of in the 80s and 90s. Here we are waaay in 2021, and he still has us in awe. Look at the great shape he's in in his 50s. You still motivate us Mike 👏🏾💪🏾💯

  • Cay J Desperado
    Cay J Desperado

    Only Jericho can get away with calling someone fat head for two years and then call him handsome to smooth things over 😂😂😂😂

  • Christian

    This isn't boxing why in the hell are everyone trying to be wrestlers mike Tyson does look great though

  • Colin Jay Mulhern
    Colin Jay Mulhern

    I wish Michael would continue the training and continue the legacy that was Cus D’Amato and teach the up and coming generations.. I keep waiting for him to step up and I know he will at some point cause it’s in him. No one can live w that much knowledge of fighting and not pas it on

  • Kenneth Ramos
    Kenneth Ramos


  • Malcolm Maze
    Malcolm Maze

    Now thats how u throw a punch

  • Jake Bebeau
    Jake Bebeau

    He will just drink a little bit of the bubbly to help with the pain

  • Unga Bowa
    Unga Bowa

    Couldnt make it as a boxer so now he's actor.

  • James Lawson
    James Lawson

    Wrestling is fake get a life seriously 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maurice Jackson
    Maurice Jackson

    Blood and guts ppv lmao. Thank you Vince! You're insult turned into a payday!

  • kro jones
    kro jones

    Jim Ross

  • Po Pimp
    Po Pimp

    Tyson would knocc all them out at 60 real talk

  • Po Pimp
    Po Pimp

    Tyson is in Great shape at 60

  • lina Na
    lina Na

    hoax drama👇👇👇👇👇

  • Azeem khan
    Azeem khan

    Wtf aew is doing 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • The Pathan Channel
    The Pathan Channel

    Hahahaha Full Drama. I m not interested more to watch wrestling its pre planned. While some yeara ago i waited for their new matches in CDs

  • cloudkicker06

    Man, he was beating Shawn Spears’ ass! 😂😂

  • Gerry D
    Gerry D

    AEW had something really good but bad decisions on people with big names that cannot wrestle or act is bringing them down, apart from OGOGO he was never a big name. 😎

  • Sharjeel Khan Ghori
    Sharjeel Khan Ghori

    AEW is lit af 🔥

  • Abdulkareem Chande
    Abdulkareem Chande

    He got more than 11 punches from tyson and he walk away 🙄

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Lmaooooooo why is the "barrage of body shots" so damn funny


    Lol if this was real Mike Tyson would kill everyone in the ring....

  • mikekitsune123

    Mike Tyson. Enough said. Mic drop.

  • Rinfushimoto Ogun
    Rinfushimoto Ogun

    Mike almost fell out the ring lol

  • Francene Rodgers
    Francene Rodgers

    Iron Mike Tyson still got it

  • Ben Linus
    Ben Linus

    The champ is here!!!!!!

  • J Man
    J Man

    This shit is to fake. I can’t believe I thought this shit was real as a kid lol. Lol wrestling is for kids to watch this fake shit.

  • the bag chaser
    the bag chaser

    Mike didnt land one punch

  • Martin Vera
    Martin Vera

    Iron Mike shipshape Bro 🙏🏾💪🏿

  • Meon Krishnanan
    Meon Krishnanan

    Tyson has had a HARD life. I am genuinely happy to see him doing work like that

  • big Chungus
    big Chungus

    They should have had mike break open the door