Mikey Williams vs Emoni Bates!!! The CRAZIEST GAME Of The Year w/ DABABY Watching!!
Mikey Williams and Lake Norman Christian faced off against Emoni Bates and YPSI Prep in Greenville, South Carolina at The Battle. The place was sold out (first since pandemic) and even Da Baby pulled up to watch the show! Emoni Bates finished the game with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists. Mikey Finished the game with 19 points, 4 rebound and 5 assists.
Lake Norman won the game 68-64.
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  • Ballislife

    Drop a comment if you can't wait to see these two in the NBA in a few years! PS: If you want to know the final score. Click "Show More" in the description.

    • Andre Lewis
      Andre Lewis

      Watch this on Fox sports 👏🏽

    • n i g e l
      n i g e l


    • Jan Drayden Francia
      Jan Drayden Francia

      nice mikey

    • Y M
      Y M

      Mikey still has flame

  • Yolanda Jones
    Yolanda Jones

    Emoni already double heeming and pulling like kd

  • Htown Q
    Htown Q

    dababy out there scouting for the hornets he slick lmfaooo

  • PhunkieChip

    It was a good 3 minutes in the middle of this video where they showed nothing but turnovers and missed shots. Like, why?

  • bobo bobo
    bobo bobo

    Emoni "The Master" Bate

  • Tyrone Jankins
    Tyrone Jankins

    Emoni bates vs Mikey Williams except Mikey wasn’t in the game 50% of it

  • Bernard Bailey
    Bernard Bailey

    Emoni Bates really not starting? Typical high school politics

    • charlie truong
      charlie truong

      @Bernard Bailey that's a high school kid bruh lol. they'll rest him in a meaningless high school game so he isn't at risk again. don't see how him playing limited minutes after an injury has to do with political bs or the highest level of bball ive played. just seems like they're protecting his well-being to me but hey, believe what you wanna believe

    • Bernard Bailey
      Bernard Bailey

      @charlie truong plenty of people have had an injury to the face, got stitched up and played normal minutes. What’s the highest level you’ve played basketball?

    • charlie truong
      charlie truong

      He's coming off of an injury so he's coming off the bench and playing limited minutes for the time being. Not everything has to do with that fake woke political BS dude, come on.

  • DC nation's capital
    DC nation's capital

    Im trying see what the HYPE BOUT this mikey williams kid is overrated he needs to work on his game & get better HE SHOWED ME NOTHING

  • graham Riley
    graham Riley

    Emoji bates is easily the best there

  • NycThaDon 205
    NycThaDon 205

    Emoni is literally KD if KD was an NBA Youngboy fan LMAOOO😂😂

  • Chase Lawler
    Chase Lawler

    Their point guard really looks like Jamal Murray.

  • Bunxz

    number 21 on the black and red and black team is so green

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson

    Love it the future of hoop look good!!

  • JT Lee
    JT Lee

    6:45 you hear somebody say “he trash” 😂😂😂

  • Evelyn Wagner
    Evelyn Wagner

    The succinct shrimp advisably copy because process moberly x-ray alongside a long-term arithmetic. belligerent, soggy restaurant

  • David Bernadel
    David Bernadel

    4:00 RIP

  • LaSalle Johnson
    LaSalle Johnson

    And that’s why a lot of top prospects are sorry in the nba because ur just bigger and better then ever one you place against then when you make it the nba they be like there sorry like of course they are lls but great for these two young guys are routing for yah

  • Clash Of Youtube
    Clash Of Youtube

    Why Mikey is still shorta like this bro ain't grown up, U need more height Mikey

  • Sick Ewos
    Sick Ewos

    Lmfao bout halfway threw tha vid and mikey made his first shot😭😭

  • Jon Summers
    Jon Summers

    Emoni could average 15 points in the nba right now

  • Taccara Williams
    Taccara Williams

    The highlights made me wanna see more of Mikey I didn’t see enough of his game... Emoni did his usual thing getting ready for his Sr year... Him at Chet went at it I enjoyed it... Keep tha content coming 😀👍🏾

  • Mayzo

    Who won?

  • ben rogers
    ben rogers

    Emoni vs 55

  • yayo4nasal

    Imoni better start eating double cheeseburgers... hes way TOO skinny

  • Krystal Walker
    Krystal Walker

    It is how bates dress he have no drip

  • Sherwood Mark
    Sherwood Mark

    Why didn't Emoni Bates start

  • Juwan Rigby Highlights
    Juwan Rigby Highlights

    Damm bates gone be goated if he hit up the buffet table

  • Emery Jones
    Emery Jones

    Mikey isn’t the best player on his team

  • Alex PetersSs
    Alex PetersSs

    Emoni Bates NEW DURANT

  • QuarantineThePast

    Why does it feel like Emoni Bates been in high school for like 10 years

    • Michael Hart
      Michael Hart

      Cause he been averaging 30 on varsity and was mvp of the state championship since his freshman year and aint shit changed🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Lex G
    Lex G

    Emoni trashhhhh.. Y’all gonna find out once he’s in the league, not able to keep up lol

  • Go withGo
    Go withGo

    visit my channel best teams and players in Manado

  • Danny Fraser
    Danny Fraser

    Best player I see out there is #2 white. His game is solid, under control, and not rush.

  • Pete Poteet
    Pete Poteet

    Emoni looks like he needs a sandwich

  • Joshua Kwarteng
    Joshua Kwarteng

    4:06 got wrecked lmaooo

  • Ethan Liess
    Ethan Liess

    Mikey played like shit I’m gonna be honest. A lot of it was his teams fault but he was getting locked tf up. No easy buckets

  • Blake

    Spire games with melo and Rocket watts back in the day was lit. These games now ass

  • Jordyn DeRito
    Jordyn DeRito

    can some1 explain to me why i might not have a szn cuz of rona but they gotta full house

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson

    Does emoni not start?

  • shantoochee

    bates rlly built like ingram

    • shantoochee

      @Franco Colantonio gotta chill with kd comp lol everybody has to pass thru BI first before kd

    • Franco Colantonio
      Franco Colantonio


  • Ethan Dailey
    Ethan Dailey

    Does bates not start ?

  • Matin Strong
    Matin Strong

    Why didn’t emoni start?

  • Vinícius Frères
    Vinícius Frères

    Waiting for Caio to react to this game!!! YESSIR!

  • JayD TV
    JayD TV

    emoni > mikey

  • Dan Platonov
    Dan Platonov

    Emoni over Mikey and it's not close

  • Universal_ Papi
    Universal_ Papi

    Mikey played real good against a better team with his main focus being defense today kid working but niggas hating we just live in a day full of weirdos

  • Jay Clark
    Jay Clark

    lol lil buddy Emoni THAT tall and still barely gets up, dunks it and then almost falls on his face. My god he's developing the big man syndrome

  • Cxmp Snagz
    Cxmp Snagz

    He’s the next kd

  • Cooper O'Brien
    Cooper O'Brien

    how tf emoni not start

  • Colbert Hypolite
    Colbert Hypolite

    mikey is short he needs to grow already

  • Niners Baby
    Niners Baby

    It’ll be nice to see the score through out the game on the bottom of the screen 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • souzerk

    só aguardando o Caio Teixeira reagir

  • nathaniel jones
    nathaniel jones

    Bates should reclassify he more than ready for sure he got game

  • Boyega The Goat
    Boyega The Goat

    the number 2 on mikeys team was doin more then anybody else it seems like

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis

    Watch this on Fox Sports 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Tg D
    Tg D

    Nigga Mikey guarded emoni the whole game and y’all still hating? Mikey 6’2 and emoni 6’8 😂 that takes some DOG

    • Desmond Johnson
      Desmond Johnson

      That nigga emoni most definitely taller than 6’8 😂the man was taller than lebron and jayson Tatum

  • Iam OvZo
    Iam OvZo

    One Day The World Will Know My Name.

  • Kenyon McKee
    Kenyon McKee

    I say the only reason a lot of people say we hate on Mikey is because this nigga is shoved in our faces so much and act like he’s the best thing walking since lebron when there are player not getting as much attention already capable of going pro.

  • Jugadh Bhullar
    Jugadh Bhullar

    Y’all cut the clips way too quick

  • Joe silva
    Joe silva

    Emoni has all world talent. Watched a couple of his games, I believe his dad is the coach. They have like no system at all. They let emoni take so many out of the flow shots where they don’t even know it takes momentum and rhythm out the game. He should focus in more on efficiency.

  • Dreak Billz
    Dreak Billz

    The screen on number 33 Doe

  • Goat Mejia
    Goat Mejia

    Game of the year? WTF 🥱


    :07 In today’s league that’s a tech lol

  • Lamelo Ball
    Lamelo Ball

    4:05 that nigga got fucking dropped😂😂.

  • Mivch

    Dababy: 🌛

  • dablixky

    4:07 me running into my missing assignments that I haven’t done yet

  • Cdempe26

    Emoni got the rim grazers dunk package lmfaooo

  • Broski Ace
    Broski Ace

    Has anyone ever watched a full game of Mikey? Let's just say number 2 is the best player on that team. Mikey's jumpshot is... let's just say he shots at a low percentage.... he is very athletic tho and thats why he has a lot of highlights because most of his plays are highlights... but in between the highlights there is really nothing

  • AndrewFrank600

    Emoni didnt start?

  • Excell Money
    Excell Money

    I’m trying to figure out why Emoni bates wasn’t starting

    • Calvin Seeley
      Calvin Seeley

      senior night??

  • Wavy C
    Wavy C

    Emoni came down that bih lookin like KD at the end yall better watch out👀

  • Ch Berry
    Ch Berry

    Mikey didnt do shit

  • Taurean Boulware
    Taurean Boulware

    4:05 the big man screen reminds me in 2k21 park screen

  • Pimpeyz

    Why ain’t emoni starting

  • Nolimit Seanie
    Nolimit Seanie

    Mikey is not going to the NBA I’m telling y’all !!

    • Jake Willson
      Jake Willson

      @Nolimit Seanie he’s still got time and offers who knows he might hit a growth spurt

    • Nolimit Seanie
      Nolimit Seanie

      @Jake Willson highlights is highlights but go really watch mikey games and evaluate it

    • Jake Willson
      Jake Willson


  • RunMyFadeSxpreme

    what ball are they using??

  • William Cabrera
    William Cabrera

    Cleveland wya

  • Marcia Ashman
    Marcia Ashman

    The far-flung gasoline substantially march because silver socioeconomically slow of a condemned novel. psychotic, clumsy range

  • Monas311

    Emoni Bates better than Mikey

  • DGotTheJuice

    Emoni Bates - Baby KD Mikey Williams - Baby Westbrook

  • anmus

    What’s going on with emoni? Why isn’t he playing much?

  • Theodore Strawn
    Theodore Strawn

    mikey did nothing almost all game long

  • Marcaveon Stewart
    Marcaveon Stewart

    We ain’t gone talk about how hard homeboy got hit wit the screen

  • arielyss

    4:03 boy got hit with brick wall HOF

  • N-I-N-E

    The flexing after every dunk is wack. get back on D

  • CF_cool_jj Gaming
    CF_cool_jj Gaming

    If only Emoni was fully healthy smh

    • CF_cool_jj Gaming
      CF_cool_jj Gaming

      @Xavier Cutty tf you mean Emoni would have put hell on Mikey and he’s from Michigan idiot

    • Xavier Cutty
      Xavier Cutty

      Nah Cali ballers shxts on Illinois 😂 foh

  • Marco Lee
    Marco Lee

    Who won

  • Da Liiivest
    Da Liiivest

    aint best game of the year lol stop docketing

  • Jj

    Why is emoni not starting

  • Dom

    That emoni dude needs to gain sum weight or sum he way to skinny

  • Davi Botelho
    Davi Botelho

    Legalize "Caio Texeira" to react the ballislife videos

  • Apollo XBL
    Apollo XBL

    Emoni a demon

  • ARONiCK619


  • Daniel Díaz
    Daniel Díaz

    Wow!! Tremendo!

  • Shamilah Thompson
    Shamilah Thompson

    This game was boring af, I'm glad I didn't pay all that money for the tickets to see them

  • Perry Houston
    Perry Houston

    ig corona prolly took the day off lmao

  • thelifeliver xx
    thelifeliver xx

    Tell the white boys doen low move they hands faster dont just put them up put your hands in they face

  • Tre Jones
    Tre Jones

    once bates gets more weight on him, he's gonna be a problem

  • Iso Jayyy10
    Iso Jayyy10

    Worst editing ever why u showing so many missed shots and turnovers

  • melvin paige
    melvin paige

    For some reason I don’t like the way this is edit