Miley Cyrus - Apple Music ‘Plastic Hearts’ Interview
Miley Cyrus sits down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in her home studio to talk about her seventh album, ‘Plastic Hearts.’ Miley shares the major themes throughout this record and the life experiences that influenced her evolving sound. Listen to Miley Cyrus on Apple Music:

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  • Anna Puzoń
    Anna Puzoń

  • Milovan seen of seens
    Milovan seen of seens

    Mi Njemci smo daleko odmakli od Amerike u svakom smislu, tako da mi je malo zao tvoje drzave Miley Cyrus. To je razlog zasto investicijama hocemo da Vam pomognemo.

  • Dawn Bouchard
    Dawn Bouchard

    I watched this video with a Miley Smiley. When I listen to this I think YES this is why God made humans. I wish for everyone to be able to live their creation, and something tells me that this Miley Smiley is telling me this is on.

  • Klesk Quake
    Klesk Quake

    15 linguaggi..

  • Billies Avocado
    Billies Avocado

    she’s such an icon

  • Jasmine Forrest
    Jasmine Forrest

    She’s SUCH a sagittarius

  • Victoria Di Santo
    Victoria Di Santo

    Her voice ! 😍

  • Stéphane Riopel
    Stéphane Riopel

    1:01:48. then tell Dua! shes been traveling, while we're all in lockdown, plenty of times and wearing no masks, taking cool pictures with her friends who also wear no mask on twitter. it looks bad and makes me angry. Dua looks priviledged as fuck. im not joking.

  • Akhyla

    This is proof that just because her music videos is for a mature audience that she still did not 'break out'

  • bube udeh
    bube udeh

    "well, thats confidence"

  • Tele Gnes
    Tele Gnes

    Why is this interviewer so thin now?

    • The Hive Productions
      The Hive Productions

      Weight loss? Didn’t he always used to be that thin?

  • Shawn King
    Shawn King

    "Her" voice Is deeper than mine

  • Jimena

    "We remember the past better than it was, present worse than it is and future more resolved than it ever will be" so true, something to keep always in mind!

  • KingTravis Searles
    KingTravis Searles

    Drugs saved my life!lol

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna

    I am a bear creature🍥 and a planet.🍥.Miley Cyrus🍥..I can be anything I want I am a women.🍥.. prescription..🍥..the brothers Grimm..🧙..thanks, Lisa Pardee🍥

  • Pachu

    Te amo miley te amo

  • Pachu

    Artists like miley are the ones who really understand music

  • Kristin Schoellkopf
    Kristin Schoellkopf

    I am so impressed by the way Miley describes distancing herself from the voices in her head. Thank you so much for that.

  • cloudsofsunset

    don't blame karma for you lying... you know there is a book tittle that translates to english like: "don't blame karma for what happens to you for being stupid" so don't lie kids. Karma is a thing of lives and spirituality.

  • Suzie Barry
    Suzie Barry

    11/10 interviewer, go the kiwis for asking real/true questions, not what are you wearing mentality.....

  • mohammad hosein
    mohammad hosein


  • mohammad hosein
    mohammad hosein

    Miley is amzing 😍

  • Emily Sorrell
    Emily Sorrell

    the fact that billy ray has a tree friend named the face just made my day

  • Emily Sorrell
    Emily Sorrell

    her interviews are always the most interesting i love how she just flows

  • VAatboredom

    Congratulations Miley, 3 years ago you were hoping to make us all feel inspired and now there is no better word to describe you than inspiration. Thank you for being so open on your awesomeness

  • David Adesina
    David Adesina

    Her voice intimidates me

  • Just Amanda
    Just Amanda

    Miley has no idea what gift she gave to me, when she was talking about when you're scared of something, to think of the scariest moment we already went through and made it out in the end. I sit here tonight, knowing I got diagnosed with Advanced (3rd Stage) Ovarian Cancer and I have been filled with insane fear. She helped guide me back to a time I went through what I thought back then would ever be my scariest moment and remembered how I made it through and came out okay. I'm going to just set my mind to believe that I will go through this Cancer journey the same way. I FEEL PEACE NOW! So grateful for her tonight!

  • Andi


  • Анна Альбицци
    Анна Альбицци

    Что с голосом-та?

  • Relness

    5:07 6:40

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    I wonder how she is doing since Mary Jane died

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    This is the kind of interview you can keep coming back to and it gets better

  • Tracey Sin
    Tracey Sin

    I love her raw voices and she is highly intelligent young lady. I love her more then ever in 2021.

  • Pink Droid
    Pink Droid

    The Prisoner video, clearly demonstrates hatred towards mtfs. IRbin, whoever this dude is dressed like a Zen lay monastic, and Miley, clearly hate tgirls. Clearly.

  • Shari Gray
    Shari Gray

    I really like her.

  • Star Light
    Star Light

    I enjoy her country music songs she is a natural at writing them



  • Quantumese Boy
    Quantumese Boy

    Such a grounded kid, such all-understanding Kiwi :) I don't remember any Billy Idol's videos, him and Adam Ant should 69.

  • Quantumese Boy
    Quantumese Boy

    Apple music?! Apples don't make music, they do work with slave labor plants in China thou. F*ck you Tim Apple. Thank you for the songs lady!

  • Erica Lynch
    Erica Lynch

    Bro I’m only 7 minutes in and this interview is phenomenal

  • Lucy Dubois
    Lucy Dubois

    Is a way she is so smart and interesting

  • Elisa-Marie Besecke
    Elisa-Marie Besecke

    Not even one bad thing comes to my mind when I think about Miley. She's intelligent, caring, friendly, funny, self aware, trying to help change this world in a positive way. I really love her voice and character. Also she is just really attractive.

  • CoCreator Marsha
    CoCreator Marsha

    Love rules until they become mindless! Masks are useless to viruses unless they are designed for them. If smoke can penintrate the mask then viruses are . 😷 don't work other than make it hard to breathe and cause complications. Shutting down economy and distroying peoples lives is far worse!!!

  • Miy M
    Miy M

    I love MIley talking about the inequalities that she has recognized with COVID.

  • Miy M
    Miy M

    I don't like making decisions either!!! It is so tough for me to make decisions. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Raven Risby
    Raven Risby

    She doesn’t sound female to me it’s shocking

  • Tabitha Cobb
    Tabitha Cobb

    What A great interview!! She made me think. Miley is definitely a original artist, one of a kind.

  • Kitty Webster
    Kitty Webster

    Great interview

  • ashley hong
    ashley hong

    my favorite video on youtube.

  • Sean Sean
    Sean Sean

    The helpless accountant ultrasonographically saw because front computationally knot despite a painstaking stepdaughter. beneficial, muddled tendency

  • Kathryn Poe
    Kathryn Poe

    "It's never a good time for your house to burn down."

  • Helena
    Helena TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねd

  • Hannah Sanders
    Hannah Sanders

    Miley needs her own podcast. PLEASEEEE

  • J.R. Lopez
    J.R. Lopez

    So authentic and transparent. Admirable!

  • las

    Due to my age and just my walk in life up until now I've never really known too much about Miley and only had a loose very vague conception of knowing the name Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus and only within the last couple of days actually have really fallen into the wormhole of learning so much more about Miley and the more I learn the more I absolutely love and adore her. Ironically is a combination of my disability limiting me to doing things only like IRbin for entertainment and with this pandemic compounding that further running out of things to watch I for the heck of it decided to watch the Hannah Montana movie which finally made my brain connect Hannah and Miley and then really delving into her music further aside from the few songs I recognized from the radio and learning more and more about her life, what her heart speaks, of where she comes from like I didn't even know her house it burned down. I knew very little and I am so happy to be getting to know her and I'm so grateful that I found out who she really is and I'm learning more about her. I I'm so happy I have had this opportunity because she's truly amazing and beautiful on so many levels. I can really appreciate not only her musical ability but I genuinely appreciate her as a human being and her authenticity especially given growing up in the spotlight and what that can do to a person's psyche. I'm just so happy to be getting to know her now and would have been really bummed and sad if I never had this opportunity.

  • realslimbayze

    she wants to be Debbie Harry so bad lmao

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      She wants to be her so bad

  • Kathy De Gussemé
    Kathy De Gussemé

    The glistening glorious otter cumulatively meddle because find commonly lock after a shy may. comfortable, well-to-do bush

  • Deirdre Mc Donnell
    Deirdre Mc Donnell

    Tommy makem red is the rose ☺

  • James A Dryden
    James A Dryden

    I don't have a problem drinking but I prefer good company.

  • allison pruss
    allison pruss


  • LuLu Live
    LuLu Live

    I am like that too. I walk into rooms and am determined to slay. Maybe it is a Sagittarius thing.

  • Jennica James
    Jennica James

    This is an amazing interview, thank you to all who made this happen, thank you Miley! Thank you Miley for being you and sharing you, I have never related to anyone the way I have related to you in this interview in so many ways, from your perspective, your grandmother whom I also lost 2020 who was/is my person my soul friend, thank you for this record! I freaking love this! Thank you for speaking your truth for that moment that is the most beautiful trait I hope to pass to my children I find it very crucial, yes I freaking love you Miley wow 😇 I’m proud of you! Thank you

  • Betty Mah
    Betty Mah

    Nice T-shirt!

  • Doris Shea
    Doris Shea

    I think she and Andrew Watt look so good together, wish she would hook up with him.

  • Mariana Czapski
    Mariana Czapski

    That's not a console. But that outboard gear is top notch.

  • N M
    N M

    interesting self-reflection given her unique circumstances.

  • Die Bart Die
    Die Bart Die

    Shut up man

  • Paula Whipple
    Paula Whipple

    New Songs are amazing!

  • Yanina

    These is something Missing in her voice. Its the highs i guess. Sounds a little robot like. But what she says is great.

  • j w
    j w

    jesus christ I am so proud of miss miley cyrus

  • Doris Shea
    Doris Shea

    Great interview, now if she leaves her ex marriage private and not comment or write anymore music pertaining to her ex husband. Looks like he is not happy with her airing their private life in public. She is a good person and great singer but time to zip the mouth and keep it respectfully private. She can do it. Just like Howard Stern was asking her "Why are you giving your ex so much attention"? She will find someone else in time to balance her.

  • opal grizzard
    opal grizzard

    I used to watch Hannah Montana! She changed so much! She is beautiful

    • opal grizzard
      opal grizzard

      Well I still watch Hannah montana

  • Esther Hamalka
    Esther Hamalka

    Why she sounds like a man?

  • Kara W
    Kara W

    She is so wise for her age. I hope she writes a book.

  • 742mar

    Miley I have learnt alot about you from this interview. You are truly a talented person with alot of growth both musically mentally and professionally. Wish you all the best

  • 1181Matilda

    I love the deep husky tone of her voice as well.

  • 1181Matilda

    I’ve always loved her. She’s so warm and down to earth.

  • Symphony

    i fkn love her sm

  • Lali Sardi
    Lali Sardi

    After this interview now I understand why Miley is so succesfull. She's so FU**ING SMART, her brain works like WOWW!

  • Barbara bestak
    Barbara bestak

    this apple guy is i dont like him, i dont know why

  • Jenn Breen
    Jenn Breen

    I feel like I just went to a therapy session. She is so well spoken and so self aware and introspective. I love listening to her thoughts. Super interesting human being.

  • Samantha Graszler
    Samantha Graszler

    God I love Miley so much💕

  • M

    She’s one big contradiction

  • Reems

    beautiful interview

  • Love by Jasmine Diaz
    Love by Jasmine Diaz

    I gotta say, this is my first time watching Miley speak on anything. This was great, especially when talking about social media. I 10000% agree which is why I suck at it lol

  • S L
    S L

    Hello, I'm not a fan from America, but I like Elvis, Miley, Jerry Lewis..... You are amazing, naturally good, spiritual, and a fither. But I love China!! Before America, your dad 👍👌!! Nice interview, your voice wooooooow, great from Belgium 🇧🇪😊

  • Aoul Dnart Ray
    Aoul Dnart Ray

    52:14 🤣

  • Adriana

    Anyone know the book she mentions

  • Elisha Luna Oates
    Elisha Luna Oates

    I LOVE that she felt guilt about her favor not because I want her to be but I went through that just with my hair compared to women in the Safehouse I wanted to work in so I cut it all off.

  • Elisha Luna Oates
    Elisha Luna Oates

    Dude! Tbh, Miley seems to be her truest self. Music& all.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    She’s pretending that she’s Blondie

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    Miley Traits: Kind. Empathetic Sentitive Understanding loving. AMazing. ANd Mileys a Boss

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    Miley You are So Amazing For Supporting Elliot for Being Trans Gender And Sou porting them For being who they are. ANd i think elliot is Happy that he is getting this Souport from you and I think U are so kind to everyone and If I Could Tell anyone that My Freind Oliver Nova Being Non Binary it would Be u SO keep Being Amazing With Ur Music

  • Robert Ivan
    Robert Ivan

    Great interview. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who changes a lot. Life is a constant metamorphosis 😂

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    She Should Write A song About coming To terms with Herself and I think It would Be A hit. BUt again MIley Can Do what The hell she F ing wants. Cuz shes the Artist Im the Fan and she Makes The dession so Ill let her

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    Miley: Is Bomb. Cool. Amazing and MIley is the Fucking Shit right Now so Dont shade Her Insta and Twiter

  • Miss Candy Ass
    Miss Candy Ass

    Thank you Miley for schooling me this morning! I have been in a dark sad place, full of fear and dread and loss! I wasn't able to receive the blessings that are right in front of me just waiting for me to unclench my fists and take what is already mine .

  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez

    Who else loves Miley? ⬇️

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie

    Sounds like she got paid to say some of these things but some things are good advice

    • Adriana

      Or she actually reads and y'all think us young people don't lol "when you are young they assume you know nothing" thanks for proving that