Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You... (George Livestream)
Minecraft, But Blocks Attack You... (George Livestream) This challenge is crazy hard!
Instead of breaking blocks, I have to fight them! If I can beat the block, it will drop as an item!
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0:00 Intro
0:43 Challenge explanation
5:50 Challenge start
This Minecraft challenge was done in Minecraft Update 1.16, and was coded as a Java Plugin, not a data pack or a mod. this challenge was super difficult but extremely fun/funny. Seeing all the blocks flying after us trying to defend themselves or fight back was super funny.
We originally played this challenge back at the end of 2019 on Dream's channel (@Dream) with Sapnap (@Sapnap) but in this video I play the challenge by myself.

  • Daniel Irawan
    Daniel Irawan

    i luv how his friend is calling him when his dad

  • Apaan sih
    Apaan sih

    Its pink george😭

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  • caroline styles
    caroline styles

    23:15 please tell me i’m not the only one who hears dreams voice when he says “maybe it is”

  • hobby_horse training
    hobby_horse training

    box like a fish' i love ths'

  • Solar Mist
    Solar Mist

    Gogy is so adorable when he says thank you multiple times (not including the fox sleeping.)

  • Faitality 6
    Faitality 6

    35:28 it’s a ghoooost

  • Jacob Graham
    Jacob Graham

    In Soviet Minecraft block breaks you !

  • One Tom 1111 farr
    One Tom 1111 farr

    did evreyone see the water

  • Dhiren Devlin
    Dhiren Devlin

    It's so hard to break it I can't do that It's so long

  • FarOutLiam

    Please don’t read running distance

  • FarOutLiam

    I know why you think it’s gray this shit is gray it’s because you’re color blind and the color blindness mix with the blue and blue in the color blindness makes Make gray

    • FarOutLiam

      Please don’t read this

  • mliy


  • Ako si Juan
    Ako si Juan


  • x.J0ngl3.x

    Why is Karl and quackity being so rude to him whenever dies- it seems hard.


    hi i no jem hape a moje

  • H.Sifanur Guner
    H.Sifanur Guner

    axe is better you loser

  • katelyn :]
    katelyn :]

    this is a long shot but can anyone find the timestamp of him being called gogytron in a donation????? thanksss

  • benny bhoj
    benny bhoj

    “Oh it’s fine it’s a dumb block”

  • Joe Gile
    Joe Gile

    When you hit bedrock:

  • Tina Wickham
    Tina Wickham


  • peter hackett
    peter hackett

    1:01:03 God I hate people like that. What's the point in saying "this is my second time donating because you missed my first one." he's not making you donate and he already answered that question before

  • Adriana Žilová
    Adriana Žilová

    Is Dream your unofficial sugardaddy? George: *no he’s not* Cause he’s his official sugardaddy 😂😂😂

  • Lucy

    George please upload the vod before this, the speed runners game one im begging you it was so good

  • Christian Hoegeng Wijaya
    Christian Hoegeng Wijaya


  • HeavyBape

    Gogy is not dog water

  • Dog The Doge
    Dog The Doge


  • Dog The Doge
    Dog The Doge


  • Christian Hoegeng Wijaya
    Christian Hoegeng Wijaya

    Axe are better then a sword sword deal more little but is fast axe is slow but deal more damage

  • Christian Hoegeng Wijaya
    Christian Hoegeng Wijaya

    George make you sppedrunner avs hunter last time is Dream now your turn

  • MelodyStar188

    2:05:17 this is where it all began 😌

  • Heavenly

    George is actually Fiji water, not dog water

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee

    there fake

  • DexterHenry

    And like

  • DexterHenry

    I just glide

  • Dimas Sosa
    Dimas Sosa

    stop saying dog water say dog BEANS


    George is cheating!!!!!

  • case ad yeehaws
    case ad yeehaws

    i always come back to 56:40 :')

  • madison terry
    madison terry

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  • Samantha Nicole Poblete
    Samantha Nicole Poblete

    whyyyyyyy ughhh thats why im late of a fan of you

  • Sarah Harshman
    Sarah Harshman

    ''the stone block is still chasing me the stone block!'' thats not something you hear everyday

  • _XQueenX_ XxX
    _XQueenX_ XxX

    you could use the bones to make bone blocks- killing skellies isn't so useless anymore is it? and you can also make blocks out of netherwartz / pimples of the nether

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

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  • Samantha Carpenter
    Samantha Carpenter

    girl in chat: "i need words of encouragement to get through my workday" george: "just a sec...... you can do it :)"

  • lisa joy
    lisa joy

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  • Mr_ Skullz
    Mr_ Skullz

    playing minecraft normaly: THERES A CREEPER WaTcH OuT Plying minecraft when blocks attack you: CReepErS WhEre ARe YoU?

  • Aleksandra Safonova
    Aleksandra Safonova

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  • 2007_Ford Gt
    2007_Ford Gt

    This is a great title for the game: When Blocks Fight Back

  • maibritt nielsen
    maibritt nielsen


  • KattyKay10 DreamSMP edits
    KattyKay10 DreamSMP edits

    2:05:15 God knew he didn't have steak look at the third slot from the left side Haha

  • Lexi Wilson
    Lexi Wilson

    I’m gonna prove you all wro- NO NO NOOO

  • Lilianna Huynh-Hughes
    Lilianna Huynh-Hughes

    “..a breath of water..” LIKE MANE

  • Jess

    Dog water

  • Mario Jiovanny
    Mario Jiovanny

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  • wilbqrsoot

    "We just pray harder" *sits unpatiently while waiting for dream to tp him*

  • WiktoriaNotFound

    Why I am never on the streams :'(( Btw I want Gogy with Fluffy hair >:c They're so pretty :333

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot

    4:24 I was like oh hey I recognize this from somewhere

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    Mary Gonzales


  • Zaidee Youtube
    Zaidee Youtube

    It’s my favorite British man 🇬🇧

  • Ethan Romain
    Ethan Romain

    I love you gorge

  • Ethan Romain
    Ethan Romain

    Sheild work

  • xinyi chen
    xinyi chen


    • xinyi chen
      xinyi chen

      hope no because dream is him ... you know wat ;3

  • Nord Pavin
    Nord Pavin

    You recorded the old clip in my birthday

  • Olivia Shoti
    Olivia Shoti

    gg george

  • Roblox Gurl
    Roblox Gurl

    1:28 it’s made me sad because there’s one person made a video the ballad of the Minecraft dog and it made me so sad because the dog died at the end of the video it was an animation but still and it had that music in the background 😭

    • Roblox Gurl
      Roblox Gurl

      Let me get try to get the video link

  • Skeppy Fan
    Skeppy Fan

    I am the 666th comment

  • Dexter Gaming
    Dexter Gaming

    Wait Lives are also edited -_-

  • Landon Laycee
    Landon Laycee

    The thumbnail- 😲

  • Olena Gryshyna
    Olena Gryshyna

    If every block has life’s then how mush lives does a bedrock block have?!!!?!?!

  • Abbie B
    Abbie B

    that shit all happened really quickly at the end

  • Kuddá Music
    Kuddá Music

    Im so upset whit his "friends"

  • Craig S
    Craig S

    Real friends talk shit because they believe you can do better. ... and cuz that shits funny!🤣

  • Purpled Adam
    Purpled Adam

    And carl is trash garbege 🤬 🤬 🤬

  • Purpled Adam
    Purpled Adam

    Gogy is cute and best ☺️

  • Purpled Adam
    Purpled Adam

    Carl and quak are suck?!!!!

  • Purpled Adam
    Purpled Adam

    Challenge suck

  • Purpled Adam
    Purpled Adam

    No teammate?

  • Gwen Wagner
    Gwen Wagner

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  • marhi

    Well if you hit bedrock ur dead bc u can't break bedrock

  • Joy Cheston
    Joy Cheston

    The start of it is so p r e c i o u s

  • Ladena Gee
    Ladena Gee

    LOL! i can hear your key board and you just looked at that block for a second So funny! and im also im Not trying to be mean or anything i just like this scene its funny! 27:02

  • Asdf Asdf
    Asdf Asdf

    Silverfish: am I a joke to you?

  • super horror gamer
    super horror gamer

    Gorge is coler blind I think so be nice all the people that called him

  • Connor

    This might have been the first time someone prayed for a creeper

  • Asuzena Moreno
    Asuzena Moreno

    george really rejected this girl LOL 1:03:29

  • MobileLazyGamers

    “I got no where to be” Me remembering Karl saying get a life.

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    Maya L


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    Zoe Finlayson


  • Chase Pw
    Chase Pw

    I feel bad for him🥺

  • Esther Osornio
    Esther Osornio

    The Minecraft song in the background and the fox sleeping and George saying “shhh it’s sleeping” it’s just amazing

  • Orphan Stabber
    Orphan Stabber

    Im supposed to be doing an English Essay but im watching this for the 5th time instead

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez

    Kill it i hate foxs in real life because I don not have a soul i am in hell

  • milo stevens
    milo stevens

    when he went back to get his stuff at the start and the block was still trying to kill him i SCREAMED SJFKAJDKSJDJ

  • Rebecca Carpenter
    Rebecca Carpenter

    I once came by a village and found like 7 or 8 pink sheep I was like 😱 woH

  • Aditi Kashyap
    Aditi Kashyap

    Quackity/Karl bullying George :D 12:55 18:38 24:34 29:04

  • Dash

    no one except george: runs away from oak wood

  • I love myself Forever
    I love myself Forever

    This is hard

  • I love myself Forever
    I love myself Forever

    I want to be in man hunt

  • Olivier Kania
    Olivier Kania