today we play minecraft skyblock but its actually lucky blocks
@Blaza Plays @FatMemeGod
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    • Liang Kar lai
      Liang Kar lai

      @Angelbear Films get zero

    • Super Sonic BG
      Super Sonic BG

      Minecraft SKYBLOCK but its LUCKY BLOCKS bedrock edition?

    • Daniel Dickerson
      Daniel Dickerson

      what mod :P?

    • Vincent Isaiah
      Vincent Isaiah

      @Matthew Ares Cool! It took about 20 mins but it reallyworked!

    • Alexandro_ Plays
      Alexandro_ Plays


  • R W
    R W

    The reason meme died one shot was the sharpness five made it have 12 attack damage

  • Lincoln Conger
    Lincoln Conger

    Socks playing bedrock Us: he finaly gets us

  • The Forgotten Warrior
    The Forgotten Warrior

    Socks: Do you know what redstone is? Meme: A stone that is red,? Blaza: Your flipping right

  • onairos


  • mahendra kumar kundaria
    mahendra kumar kundaria

    Things that can save u rrom dying Everyone:- totem of undying Memegod:- pppppufferfishhhh🐡🐡

  • Fawn Martin
    Fawn Martin


  • super gamer
    super gamer

    Socks why did you mention belle delphine

  • Titanop Films
    Titanop Films

    0:38 that happened to my brother once it’s a glitch

  • GodzillaGaming

    are they in bedrock edition?

  • Dark_ Art
    Dark_ Art

    wait... socks plays bedrock??? looks like bedrock but i thought he played java... confusion 100

  • ChandsterManster

    Every one:Another vid. Me: Wow a mod to make me a god. Cool.

  • Elisabeth Arthur
    Elisabeth Arthur

    Good work I can't stop laugh ing

  • Righthandfan

    0:14 blemegoda


    Omg 9:00 His accent 👁️👄👁️

  • Mathias Zimmermann Pontual
    Mathias Zimmermann Pontual

    Can you do a speed run with meme WITHOUT moding it and it also gives me a headache with how bad he is

  • Paul U.
    Paul U.


  • Fire masto
    Fire masto

    The ender dragon is i girl believe me

  • 2031 Brody Baker
    2031 Brody Baker


  • Shan,shan Estrera
    Shan,shan Estrera

    socks 1 sec later:*falls

  • Shan,shan Estrera
    Shan,shan Estrera

    socks:*burns memegof*

  • Puff Puff
    Puff Puff

    I'm in so many lucky blocks. I'm a lucky creator and meme eats me. Your sick. You are a sick person.

  • cup o' cheetos
    cup o' cheetos

    i have this mod

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong

    They magically had a stack of eyes, Wooooooo

  • Snufisk 1
    Snufisk 1

    I died on me

  • DemonPlayzYT

    Are you playing on bedrocks edition or java

  • RickyCreeper095

    If ur wondering Memes arms are a bedrock only glitch

  • Evangeline Leonor
    Evangeline Leonor

    fun fact: there's a chance that lava will turn into obsidian.

  • Ryan Reeser
    Ryan Reeser


  • alfonsito gaming
    alfonsito gaming

    Memegod he arms like karlson

  • Holland Thomas
    Holland Thomas

    10:09 *checks if can break the portal*

  • Jim Aggelakis
    Jim Aggelakis

    Blaza: I DONT WANNA BE A GOLDFISH Me: Imaging Blazafish

  • Ultrasonic cards
    Ultrasonic cards

    Stoopid stoopider and the stupidest.

  • Pradhumna Paudel
    Pradhumna Paudel

    i know this comment is a mouth late but you remind me of the 2015 minecraft youtubers which basically makes you part of my favorite youtubers

  • Patrick Kirby
    Patrick Kirby

    Why did Lhasa see goldfish when I have a goldfish

  • raw egg
    raw egg

    amoung us mod idea:bagel

  • procreep playz
    procreep playz

    Meme is dabing

  • TheBlockyLord

    9:44 this made me laugh so much my mom came in to ask if i was ok

  • Joshua Belieu
    Joshua Belieu

    Bedrock glitch

  • Szymon Peczka
    Szymon Peczka

    This made me laugh (I subscribed)

  • Rotem pro
    Rotem pro

    Wite a second, where is the:🎇sooooksfor1 is a space man✨

  • Hen0bot X
    Hen0bot X

    2:43 epic burn

  • OrangerThings

    I love how them playing on bedrock edition not knowing about the "zombie arms" glitch and the scaffold style bridging

  • Hulkp YT
    Hulkp YT

    Anyone notice that he was on bedrock

  • Marissa Valencia
    Marissa Valencia

    10:04 sus ender eyes

  • FledKetchup7782

    where are the laff loafs also *WHY ARE YOU PLAYING BEDROCK YOU TRAITOR*

  • Kelly Salter
    Kelly Salter

    Ape. Together strong

  • Martyna Marti
    Martyna Marti

    how did you buy it when I wanted to but the lucky block skyblock It Sayed download failed?

  • Viktorija Andrejeva
    Viktorija Andrejeva

    I hate FatMemeGod after he murdered a panda.

  • JackieWorld XOX
    JackieWorld XOX

    'YOU BROKE THE DISCO MACHINE!' -SocksFor1 2021

  • Nicholas Hebert
    Nicholas Hebert

    i played this skyblock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer

    Omg 😂 fatmeme is fat omg

  • netanel golan
    netanel golan


  • Cool Ceepy
    Cool Ceepy

    On 0:45 Where They Punch Meme Off The Island, He Said “Uh WUH WUH WUH WUH!” But The Caption Said “DSFKLHWEJKFD”

  • Uandom Rploader XxX
    Uandom Rploader XxX

    Outro be like: until next...

  • Vibing Cat
    Vibing Cat

    Memegod: Hello uncle grandpa Socks: *puts lava under memegod* Also socks: *falls off into the void 1 second later*

  • Liz Binary
    Liz Binary

    I'm supposed to be in class rn but I'm sitting here watching these videos as my cat is sitting in her bed beside me watching them too

  • Rayt Five
    Rayt Five

    I just noticed this was bedrock edition

  • Rushnaan Mir
    Rushnaan Mir


  • Chris Goof
    Chris Goof

    My name is Christopher

  • 채원예원TV

    Meme look cool!

  • Cosmin Brudiu
    Cosmin Brudiu


  • Mr Cucumber
    Mr Cucumber

    I can make a cobblestone generator for try you idiots

  • xprogamer008 totrial
    xprogamer008 totrial

    Fun fact: they are not playing on Minecraft Java edition. They play on minecraft Bedrock Edition😂

  • Kaely Ochoa
    Kaely Ochoa

    Memegod: Making jokes. The puferfish sufocating


    That makes me wanna play ender egg wars in Minecraft

  • Irene Kalliontzis
    Irene Kalliontzis

    There trolling memegod but the title doesn’t have trolling memegod🤔

  • Jessie Cunningham
    Jessie Cunningham

    i thought you only play on java not bedrock adishion

  • Mandalorian 89
    Mandalorian 89

    Fuck meme

  • ivan XU
    ivan XU

    first time seeing socksfor1 playing bedrock edition

  • Loganberry Lopez
    Loganberry Lopez


  • Sonny Mason
    Sonny Mason

    I just subscribed

  • Ethan Knapp
    Ethan Knapp

    How do you guys make everything so funny. 😂😂😂

  • Ana Bóia
    Ana Bóia

    The big wathermalon kkkkkk (it’s watermelon)kkkkkkkkk

  • Brandon Zhen
    Brandon Zhen

    For once he actually went to the end

  • Beatriz Vazquez
    Beatriz Vazquez

    1:15 slime is more sticky and it is not edible and jelly is edible and it is jiggly

  • 1cgarza

    When that hand glitch comes up its that they have a hand gun get it :D

  • Cyber Nova
    Cyber Nova

    nah man that meat is wiktoria!

  • Melinda Hrebic
    Melinda Hrebic

    Do one block lucky sky block

  • christakpan

    U put fire then water water and red makes purple red and blue make grey aka stone don’t u know that

  • Ghost

    Do u play on bedrock look like it

  • Alexandra Sheader
    Alexandra Sheader

    8:59 disco tiiiimeee

  • Alexandra Sheader
    Alexandra Sheader

    2:18 socks tells meme to eat poison

  • Alexandra Sheader
    Alexandra Sheader

    2:00 I don't wanna be a goldfish

  • Alexandra Sheader
    Alexandra Sheader

    6:57 eeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Alexandra Sheader
    Alexandra Sheader

    Socks fact of the day: lamas can spit on you

  • Gabriel Migliano
    Gabriel Migliano

    throw meme s medical digre of the inlend

  • allotoufu

    now i know

  • allotoufu

    its fatmemeGods first time playing minecraft but he got trolled

  • Henry Seaberg
    Henry Seaberg

    I did not know that you played on bedrock

  • Daryl Palana
    Daryl Palana

    I love this

  • Amanda Pacheco
    Amanda Pacheco

    Please check out my new vids

  • Maria Govargez
    Maria Govargez


  • Noah Liasi
    Noah Liasi

    I bought this map before you

  • Jade Awesome
    Jade Awesome


  • Gaming With Jas
    Gaming With Jas

    80% of this video is them falling into the void and or yelling. In other words 80% of this video is extremely entertaining

  • Kyle Jacob Briones
    Kyle Jacob Briones

    can somebody explain how socks got 54 eyes of ender??

  • V G
    V G

    e E

  • Taliah Greasby
    Taliah Greasby

    Blaza : I DONT WANNA BE A GOLD FISH me : I would adopt you blaza im looking for a fish

  • Zach Buraglio
    Zach Buraglio

    I’ve been on that sky block