Mom Hates Gamers
This is the greatest tournament win of All Time

  • Step_ mvp
    Step_ mvp

    she realizes after gamers can make a lot of money

  • Mario Antoniou
    Mario Antoniou

    The gamer actor looks like William Turners actor but without the baby rage part

  • engineer Gaming
    engineer Gaming

    The teacher in the last one is literally Near from death note

  • Audacety

    same lol

  • Jacob Lundin
    Jacob Lundin

    Penguinz0 have you never never heard about persons that getting millions of dollar's by playing Video Games like E Sport?

  • Jacob Lundin
    Jacob Lundin

    This is all just acting is not real

  • Stick Stick
    Stick Stick

    Did he play war zone on an Xbox 360?

  • Keiko

    Ah yes Warzone on the xbox 360

  • Legend no Densetsu
    Legend no Densetsu

    Why did the teacher go through all the trouble to make a separate exam sheet just to catch one guy? Like if you were that certain that he would cheat, you could just have observed your class better, or make him sit away from his accomplice. Also she lets bullying take place in her place and didn't punish the guy from tripping a classmate. And why did the nerd help him cheat in the first place? He just made you trip, it's not like he was threatened or anything. If you were so anti-cheat, you wouldn't do anything.

  • Pingu Angry
    Pingu Angry

    8:36 reminds of death note

  • Kolr

    How the hell is he playing warzone on a 360

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus

    Im sorry, how tf is there warzone on the xbox 360?

  • Adil Okur
    Adil Okur

    am i the only one that noticed that the fuckin dudes playi on a 360

  • W4tch_Dawg

    Woman- playing video games isnt a real job! ESRB- Am i a joke to you?

  • Qt obi Obi
    Qt obi Obi

    “Guy sucks mans lollipop instantly regrets it”

  • Whitebutton63

    How is he playing warzone on a 360

  • Ward Diablo
    Ward Diablo

    Dude do u ever shut up ? I'm watching the video

  • Lightning Striker
    Lightning Striker

    "Roses are dead", "Violets are dying", "I'm happy outside", "But inside I'm crying”, No one will notice my videos......... 🥺❤️❤️🥺

  • Jonathan Duncan
    Jonathan Duncan

    1:11 dude is playing COD: Ghosts in 2020

  • Mason Clarke
    Mason Clarke

    TBH This guy looks like Zach James (creator of Yo Mama)

  • hideris

    100% those ingrediants gonna cost more money to make tortilla and that old idiot saying you enjoying spending money :D but she safes like 10dollars or so and like 1-4hours

  • Milky Eagle
    Milky Eagle

    And now gamers hate moms

  • Futababes

    Man from China eats bats, Lives to regret his decision

  • eleanor's tears
    eleanor's tears

    dude you have over 100 youtube notifications for the love of god please just click the bell icon PLEASE

  • The Rain Piano
    The Rain Piano

    Any e sports tournament doesn't let players play from their home. You have to win the qualifying round and when you're selected you have to go to a specific location. They won't let you play in your home a big tournament where you are winning a huge amount of money.

  • OpPickles 135
    OpPickles 135

    my sister watches a shit ton of these, please help me

  • Embers

    that one mom in the first video is so fake

  • Pepe Botellas
    Pepe Botellas

    This reminds me to "La Rosa de Guadalupe" and for the americans readers: is an mexican soap opera exactly the same but 10k times more of drama

  • Jorge R
    Jorge R

    does no one realize hes playing warzone on 360

  • OreO

    Bro playing warzone on and xbox 360

  • zetayoru

    You see...

  • Miguel Versteeg
    Miguel Versteeg

    You are telling me it's not unusual for teachers to do different versions of the test? I usually have 3 of them...dam...Europe sucks

  • 1 1
    1 1

    you litterally have an ad for a fecal transplant

  • Mortis

    That video shows the mom as a villain, sure she shouldn't expect him to be a doctor and stuff. It's a good thing to have expectations high. Still, he first puts money on their card w/o permission. Doesn't bother to get a job. That's why I dislike Dhar Mann, his videos make 0 sense.

  • ace_animal11MC

    My god you are my favorite youtuber!

  • xAH-64x


  • Truman george
    Truman george

    lol how do you win a warzone tourney on a xbox why doesn't he use that 50 grand to by a fricken pc

  • somestranger

    Is the woman in the video supposed to be the bad guy? Because if anything, she seems to have some pretty valid points. Granted, I'd probably *sell* the console and games rather than break them, but other than that, why is she in the wrong?

  • Jamie Twomey
    Jamie Twomey

    Warzone on the 360 lmfao

  • DoublePhoenix

    "tortilla-buying succubus" . I'm ROLLING XD

  • Rose

    5:43 Am I the only one laughing at the sudden recorder being cut off

  • Avinhash

    "give me a pc if you really cared" lmaoooo word bro

  • :D

    They are actually talking real but no offense i don't hate gamers and i also play games like call of duty or minecraft but gaming for me is only for fun like there will be a low chance that you can win a tournament and get money but if u are a doctor or any shit there will be a higher chance to get money.

  • Yung Chicken Fillet
    Yung Chicken Fillet

    The problem with “ gaming is a career now “ is that 90% of people who say that are just losers who don’t want to do anything in life

    • Nostalgia

      @Yung Chicken Fillet understood i have heard of that excuse

    • Nostalgia

      oh ok

    • Yung Chicken Fillet
      Yung Chicken Fillet

      @Nostalgia my point isn’t that it’s their opinion, my point is that most people use that statement so then they have an excuse to be lazy

    • Nostalgia

      they arent losers its just their opinion

  • Brandon Rafuse
    Brandon Rafuse

    the hub has better acting

  • Code 002
    Code 002

    Game could be a job

  • Splot Mcmeen
    Splot Mcmeen

    but.. you cant play warzone on a xbox 360.

  • ΛLFI

    what the fuck was I watching?

  • TehSAD

    Everything is wrong in the first video

  • King KiwiTV
    King KiwiTV

    Lol im just gonna say that u cant run warzone on the 360

  • Noon

    I fucking hate these video. Why do people watch them. I don’t understand.

  • ninjia


  • Mafi Faaleaga
    Mafi Faaleaga

    i like ur vedio keep it up

  • Jonathan Lanoix
    Jonathan Lanoix

    One video: "having a criminal record doesn't mean your bad, your past does not define you" Other video: "he has a criminal record so he must be bad"

  • Kalida

    The fact that that kid got a zero is statistically impossible

  • Niko

    Dharman's titles: jdojsidsaiodjsaiodjasjdasjio. Instantly regrets it

  • Sander Helfferich
    Sander Helfferich

    A yes warzone on xbox 360

  • DarrellML

    The new R/instantRegret

  • proish

    c r i n g e

  • Geordan Pellmann
    Geordan Pellmann

    yo is that fire fox?

  • Josuke Higashikata
    Josuke Higashikata

    You uh, you can’t kick out Stan lee.

  • ISB Agent
    ISB Agent

    Bad teacher, at my school and most others, both kids would get automatic 0s just for talking during a test, let alone one giving the other student the answers

  • Torchic No:1
    Torchic No:1

    You missed the “instantly regrets her existence” in the title

  • Samuel Huculak
    Samuel Huculak

    i was born for gaming

  • Joshua Enelamah
    Joshua Enelamah

    the mom was right though

  • Crazycraigy

    Smash the fuckin xbox up..

  • Dayshon Ross
    Dayshon Ross

    Mom: Oh so you like spending my son's hard-earned money??? Daughter: No mom, It's not like tha-"NO SAVE IT!!!!!!

  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

  • skidget1

    gamer moment

  • Shdwm_

    he's playing warzone on xbox 360

  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me

    Mom: I'm Gonna break that game Warzone: Digital Download

  • Stop morgz mum
    Stop morgz mum

    Are we not going to talk about that hes playing warzone on a 360?

  • CortazX

    I love how he’s playing on a 360 and playing war zone I just can’t


    Guy laughs at failed German art student instantly regrets it

  • libertas

    bruh his headphones are the same as mine

  • Master of memz
    Master of memz

    we not gonna talk about how he was playing on a 360

  • LVGriffon

    The mom went on to beat mango, Zain, axe, Hbox, Leffen, wizzrobe, amsa among other top players in events like Genisis, Evo, and LACS.

  • modest _ozone6
    modest _ozone6

    thxs for showing me this i sub to it

  • Faze_vizu1902

    How did he win in warzone if he was playing on a 360?

    • modest _ozone6
      modest _ozone6

      lmao fr

  • stonkers


  • ClawGo ツ
    ClawGo ツ

    how did he play warzone on xbox 360

  • Edwin Andino Castillo
    Edwin Andino Castillo

    “Being a youtuber isn’t a real job”

    • Dukagjini With a Mauser c96
      Dukagjini With a Mauser c96

      is true

    • JundiAdam

      @Edwin Andino Castillo Bruh I was disagreeing with you not agreeing

    • JundiAdam

      @Edwin Andino Castillo Yeah it isnt dude.. you feeling ok?

    • Edwin Andino Castillo
      Edwin Andino Castillo

      @JundiAdam Right! What is he talking about??? “I agree with the mom being a gamer is not a real job” stupid

    • JundiAdam

      Yeah its really not

  • [JX]

    To be honest the actings pretty good

  • Milan3D

    i think i must say that he is not even funny with these jokes

  • Your Normal nothing
    Your Normal nothing

    5:45 that's me but with low graphics and a laptop

  • BcwGames

    I just wanna play video games.

  • AdamofBlastWorks

    "... and your mom's gonna hate it." -awful Dead Space 2 commercial.

  • Roblox: The Animated Series
    Roblox: The Animated Series

    One of the kids in my class, wants THE WHOLE CLASS to watch dhar Mann I mean, it’s for racial purposes so it’s fine, but when it’s interspersed with “man eats chicken nuggets everyday and plays fortnite, mother instantly regrets him” is very annoying.

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood

    0:31 "or a fleshlight scientist" its funny cuz its true

  • Reuben Stacey
    Reuben Stacey

    I think you should check out this channel called omletto it’s the best drama channel like the one your on in the video but better and specific sections for which type of video you want to watch like drama horror, stuff like that. 🙂

  • Supercat

    Warzone on an Xbox 360.

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon

    oh boy i cant wait to play warzone on my xbox 360 not like it wont explode PFTF

  • Cheese McGee
    Cheese McGee

    Charlie is the funniest som bitch. Every word is fucking hilarious

  • Dusty

    Parents "you can become an engineer" Yes mom I'm engineer gaming on 2fort

  • JC _
    JC _

    I died on the last 10 seconds 😂😂

  • Hotdawgwatr

    He's playing warzone on a 360

  • Erwingabriel Aga
    Erwingabriel Aga

    How are you even able to play warzone on an xbox 360?

  • Mclekfkeiw Disidido
    Mclekfkeiw Disidido

    Tortillas are literally 18 pesos here in Mexico which is probably a dolar

  • OG77013

    Hes on a 360 lol

  • BIg bRAin
    BIg bRAin

    Moist critical is literally the explanation of nippy anoyying friend who talks shit