Morgan Wallen Covers Jason Isbell's 'Cover Me Up' and... WOW!
#MorganWallen's cover of #JasonIsbell's song #CoverMeUp will show you a side of Morgan you've never seen before. The Taste of Country #RISER totally nails it with this #acoustic performance.
Watch Morgan Wallen sing "Whiskey Glasses" →
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#CountryMusic #Nashville #Americana
Jason Isbell "Cover My Up" Lyrics
A heart on the run keeps a hand on the gun / You can't trust anyone / I was so sure what I needed was more / Tried to shoot out the sun / Days when we raged, we flew off the page / Such damage was done / But I made it through, 'cause somebody knew / I was meant for someone.
So girl, leave your boots by the bed / We ain't leaving this room / Till someone needs medical help / Or the magnolias bloom / It's cold in this house and I ain't going out to chop wood / So cover me up and know you're enough / To use me for good.
Put your faith to the test when I tore off your dress / In Richmond on high / But I sobered up and I swore off that stuff / Forever this time / And the old lover's sing / I thought it'd be me who helped him get home / But home was a dream / One I'd never seen till you came along.
So girl, hang your dress up to dry / We ain't leaving this room / Till Percy Priest breaks open wide / And the river runs through / And carries this house on the stones / Like a piece of driftwood / Cover me up and know you're enough / To use me for good.
So girl, leave your boots by the bed / We ain't leaving this room / Till someone needs medical help / Or the magnolias bloom / It's cold in this house and I ain't going out to chop wood / So cover me up and know you're enough / To use me for good / Cover me up and know you're enough / To use me for good.

  • Taste of Country
    Taste of Country

    Who wants to see Morgan Wallen take this song on the road with him in 2019 ✋ Or maybe on his next album? 🤔

    • Brigitte Gregory
      Brigitte Gregory

      Oh that river

    • Cindy Shultz
      Cindy Shultz

      Fantastic !!

    • Sadie Partin
      Sadie Partin


    • John Bowen
      John Bowen

      @Jesse Addis Gave me chills bru! And by the way Jason isbell can't hold Morgan Wallen's microphone.

    • John Bowen
      John Bowen


  • Meghan Badger
    Meghan Badger

    Good god, I love this version way better! So raspy! Let's not forget about that mullet.... 😍

  • Peter Border
    Peter Border

    Really good cover. Although for me Jasons version is the one I will listen to because simply better. But will still say both are really good

  • Ally Vanover
    Ally Vanover

    Ugh 😍😌

  • Ty B
    Ty B


  • Alan Gold
    Alan Gold

    Don't lose faith in your talent. Your neighbour to posted the clip was evil

  • Z. Cope
    Z. Cope

    What Morgan Wallen did for Jason Isbell’s song is very similar to what Merle Haggard did for Blaze Foley’s “If I Could Only Fly”. I still believe Merle Haggard’s If I Could Only Fly is one of the best renditions of a country song ever created, he was able to add emotion and a true sense of character to the song. And I think that’s exactly what Morgan Wallen did for “Cover Me Up”. Very well done.

  • Michelle Herrell
    Michelle Herrell

    I cant stop listening to this song..

  • matt seay
    matt seay

    I know he didn’t write it, but this song is HIS

    • The Bassturd
      The Bassturd

      lol, go listen to Jason Isbells’ performance at the ryman of this song. Don’t think so bubba.

  • GypsyHayes


  • chips broke rosary
    chips broke rosary

    We love you Morgan

  • Jenny Girl
    Jenny Girl

    We love you Morgan ...just stay your course. People gunna throw rocks at things that shine.

  • Duane Morris
    Duane Morris

    Everyone that has sang along to their favorite rap song needs to quit your job and forfeit your career because you did the same thing he did. Hypocrites

  • Tiffany Lilly
    Tiffany Lilly

    Love you Morgan!!!❤

  • Matthew Mead
    Matthew Mead

    One of my favorite songs!

  • Fred

    Love this lad.... wicked voice

  • Shanda’s Smiles
    Shanda’s Smiles

    We love you Morgan!!!!!! Go on tour we’ll be there!!!! Your fans will always be here!!!

  • Whitney Hambrick
    Whitney Hambrick

    Best singer and song writer we have seen in decades!!! This boy has all the talent. WE LOVE YOU MORGAN!!

  • Memory Batho
    Memory Batho

    Still love you Morgan, keep your chin up.

  • Angie Majors
    Angie Majors

    Hey Morgan i dont think i could say this any other way. Cover your FANS UP and no your enough to use us for good!!! #youtouchmysoul

  • Eric Larsen
    Eric Larsen

    How can u not love this song?

  • Juan Mora
    Juan Mora

    The amount of woman simp on the comment 📈📈

  • Maruska Pearson
    Maruska Pearson

    Still listening in good old East Lancs & this is far better than Jason's version

  • Thankful Always
    Thankful Always

    I came back here after having a discussion about who love harder, men or women. My response was men, and their songs were a part of my proof 😭💕💎🙌🏽

  • John Reese Fishing
    John Reese Fishing

    expect to hear this on YELLOWSTONE during a love seen between Rip and Beth

    • Destroyer 1015
      Destroyer 1015

      Binge watched all the episodes. Left me waiting for more! ❤️

  • Reger The HICK
    Reger The HICK

    You sang this song wayyyy better than that Jason dude his was trash & it was his ORIGINAL SONG 🤦🏻‍♂️ this is amazing bro🔥🤘🏻

  • Jan Jackson
    Jan Jackson

    This is awesome!

  • Lil Mil
    Lil Mil

    We still love you Morgan!❤️ much love man

  • Lil Mil
    Lil Mil

    You can just feel and hear the pain in his singing it’s so beautiful😔

  • Caine Eubanks
    Caine Eubanks

    Bro... I don’t get emotional but the tone of your voice and the raw soul it puts out just.....gets me every time buddy that is the most pure thing I’ve ever heard very talented young man

  • Debra Sarris
    Debra Sarris

    This is so good! I love Jason Isbell and Morgan definitely did the song justice.

  • Russell Skipper ll
    Russell Skipper ll

    Not only are the fans still their but growing everyday. I'm persuaded!

  • Owen Browne
    Owen Browne

    A decent cover.. but for the true intense rendition by the songwriter, Jason Isbell:

    • JessicaJPB

      Jason's is so boring

  • Joshua Treadwell
    Joshua Treadwell

    Pure Gold.

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    If my boots are outside the door we ain't leaving this room just cover me up

  • Daniel CC
    Daniel CC

    This song will be played out our wedding on the 17th of June 2021. It will be our first dance. To my soon to be wife Chelsea you saved my life more than you will ever know. Can’t wait to be married to you

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee

    This is an amazing cover. Better than the original ❤️👌💯

  • Alissa Jackson
    Alissa Jackson

    Much love from East Tennessee here Morgan ❤ stay strong were here for you.

  • Gladys Slone
    Gladys Slone

    You’re amazingly talented ! Love you Morgan from WV 🤠❤️

  • Jason Lowery
    Jason Lowery

    This man will not be cancelled. He’s Human. A very talented Human at that. Some people miss the forest for the trees and miss the best in life, in search of a way to make others loose all they have worked for. Good People will Prevail. And stick together.

  • Billy Skiles
    Billy Skiles

    Keep your head up!!!! We need your music bro.

  • Georgia Kritzer
    Georgia Kritzer

    I had no idea this wasn’t his song

  • Tommy Chandler
    Tommy Chandler

    Nice auto tune. Jason doesn’t need that shit.

  • Cody Garza
    Cody Garza

    what brand of guitar is that morgans playing?

  • Ashlyn Moore
    Ashlyn Moore

    We still love you Morgan we are here for you!!!❤️🙂🙂🤠🤠🤠

  • NoRmAsJeAnS82

    This man is a gift to only those who truly see him. He’s like magic! He’s a beautiful human and I adore him and his talents.

  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    Maxwell's Silver Hammer

    Beautiful. We all love you, Morgan

  • Rhonda LeClair
    Rhonda LeClair

    WOW! He is awesome!! I will be a fan FOREVER! He is an amazing artist! ❤

  • Jody Unger
    Jody Unger

    Such talent idc what anyone says about morgan i still fuck with his music 🎶

  • Tom M
    Tom M

    This is what I want to hear when I hear country music....the new vibe of country is pretty much pop music and it sucks

  • Keeping Up With The Jones'
    Keeping Up With The Jones'

    We have all said hateful horrible things . Everyone. Meeting hate with love is the only way to defeat hate.

  • Melanie Chapman
    Melanie Chapman

    WOW!!!! Is all I can say! This is one of my absolute favorite songs ever. Its so personal to me. I've lost the ones I love most to war. Their bodies came back but their soul never did. It died in the horrors of war. I'm blown away by this cover.

  • william ellsworth
    william ellsworth

    We love this guy!!

  • Brad Carroll
    Brad Carroll

    What guitar is that?

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      The Legacy series by Composite Acoustics.

  • Tempest Tossed
    Tempest Tossed

    This song was supposed to be played as our first dance at our wedding in Sept. She passed away 1/28/21... She stood by me through a 4 year incarceration, never missed a visit or phone call. Although i will never hear her say i love you or feel her cuddle up next to me in bed, on my hardest days I feel her wrapping her wings around me telling me how proud she is that I've become the man she knew I could be, even when no one else did. I miss you so much Taters. "Thy self away, art present still with me; For thou not farther than my thoughts canst move, And I am still with them, and they with thee;" W. Shakespear

  • Sara Dyck
    Sara Dyck

    Absolutely incredible amazing voice!

  • Paige Hopper
    Paige Hopper

    Pure talent!

  • Thomas

    My nigga ❤️

    • Evan Wagner
      Evan Wagner

      Underrated comment😂

    • alex

      LMAO 😂

    • Liam Barron
      Liam Barron


  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    Boots are my The room we ain't gonna go nowhere💕💕💓💕💓💓💕✈️✈️✈️✈️

    • Clint Eastwood
      Clint Eastwood

      Cover me up

  • Massive Max
    Massive Max

    Jason may blow the guitar on this song out of the water, but Morgan’s vocals are godsend

  • Jimmy Wooten
    Jimmy Wooten

    If I could give this song 1,000,000 like's I totally would!!! ❤

  • JessicaJPB

    makes me so happy to see a lot of new Morgan fans lately! this man can’t stay down. he’s too damn talented. that voice.. so powerful & sexy 😭❤️

  • SamG ThatsMe
    SamG ThatsMe

    The best covers are the ones you could mistake for an original.. This cover isnt only mistaken for an OG, it IS OG... He rode this tempo and tune so perfectly. There ISNT even ONE flaw in this song.. This shouldn't even be in the cover song category...

  • Jimmy Wooten
    Jimmy Wooten

    Damn...this is my new favorite song!! The amount of talent Morgan has is phenomenal!!!

  • Connie Sumrall
    Connie Sumrall

    One of best covers ever and your voice is amazing and I love Jason and his wife as, well!

  • Keenan Fontaine
    Keenan Fontaine

    In my opinion, Morgan Wallen doesn’t deserve everything that’s happening to him. The guy was intoxicated and wasn’t in a right state of mind. But has he said anything racist in his songs? No. I just think it’s ridiculous how he can get punished for 1 mistake. Like look at other music genres, they promote drugs and talk bad about woman. I’m not saying what he said was a good thing but he’s apologized for it and he should be forgiven.

    • JessicaJPB

      Fully agree! And he has black friends too, so people trying to make him seem racist is ridiculous lol. He’s probably been influenced by damn rappers.

  • Eddie Willeford
    Eddie Willeford

    This guy is talented he's one of the best I've heard out there lately

  • Allison Yager
    Allison Yager

    ‘Til Percy Priest breaks open wide and the river runs through, and carries this house on its Stones like a piece of driftwood’ who else looked this up and got a geography lesson too?

    • Connie Sumrall
      Connie Sumrall


  • Brandon Snelling
    Brandon Snelling

    love that isbell said a big fuck you finally to wallen . Dude sucks, fuck pop country. Morgan wallen go sing with FGL some more ya tool.Learn to write your own sings douche bag.

  • Jill Stiver
    Jill Stiver

    Its Doesn't matter what Song he Sing, Morgan Makes it Sound Good

  • mac shmoney
    mac shmoney

    To all my SOA fans... this is Jackson in the after life

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr

    Most of the credit here goes to the songwriter and to be honest I prefer Isbells original

    • JessicaJPB

      @Masked Phantom couldn't agree more! Jason is a great songwriter and guitar player, but I hate his voice. it's so boring to me

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Barf. Isabell is a songwriter. Not a singer.

  • Maranda Wilson
    Maranda Wilson

    Favorite ♥️

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold


  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella

    Jason Isbells version of this is 1000% better. I hate this twang version.

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Lol it’s ok to be wrong theoretically and judgementally when it comes to music.

  • Cindy Shultz
    Cindy Shultz

    Keep on singing songs like this ...Fantastic

  • Cindy Shultz
    Cindy Shultz

    Love the way he sung this song ,,Fantastic job !

  • Daniel Kaj Makoski
    Daniel Kaj Makoski

    Pure art.. Love his music 🤘🏼😎🇺🇸 greatings from Macedonia 🇲🇰

  • Cayter Jones
    Cayter Jones

    This is the most beautiful thing...

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Can Morgan Wallen not write his own songs?

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Yes he can and he also destroys covers of original songs making others think that they were his own :)

  • Corthrovin

    Just what we needed, a version of a great Isbell song sung with a super generic pop-country voice. I'll stick with the original and pretend this version doesn't exist.

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Lol pop-country when it’s just country. Another butthurt dipshit hater.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    Isbell is so much better. MW watered it down.

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Lol isbell is nails on a chalkboard ya silly deaf bastard.

  • nancy williamson
    nancy williamson

    Only a few people sound good singing acoustic, and he does it beautifully 🥰

  • Dylan Emanuel
    Dylan Emanuel

    My favorite song for sure!! Love it!

  • J W
    J W

    Winter is coming!

  • Alex Nash
    Alex Nash

    Dude might be throwin around the N-word, but who cares his shit still slaps.

  • Luke Abram
    Luke Abram

    I’m lay here with my head in my hands in awe of how beautiful this song is. It wrenched my heart so hard!...What a voice. ❤️

  • klimtklavier

    Isbell just donated his publishing royalties to Nashville NAACP ... this cretin is a racist. And Isbell does it way better anyway.

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Lol he’s not a racist. Used a questionable word in an endearing manner? Yes. You’re a clown who’s quick to pull the racist card. 👏🏻

    • kjh 1
      kjh 1

      Ur dumb

  • Water Dog
    Water Dog

    When Morgan cant get laid with his own music, he pulls this song out of his pocket. He is an exaggerated "country boy".

  • Water Dog
    Water Dog

    Made it big off someone else's song about alcoholism. His music is shit. It's the same type country music that has been played on the radio for 20 years. There are way better musicians out there that dont have to lick the boots of executives to make it. Morgan licked those boots and didn't set himself apart. He's just the flavor of the year. His music will not live on like George Jones. This whiny country music needs another station called "whiny country".

    • Masked Phantom
      Masked Phantom

      Lol “made it big off someone else’s song” and it’s not even the song he made it big off of. You’re just another jealous dipshit clown. Country that’s been played for the last 20 yrs has mostly been garbage but this guys voice has got so much potential in comparison. If you can’t see that you’re just deaf and handicapped in the audio field

  • starr

    I can't get over his voice 😍 why do I suddenly love this 80s mullet 😂

  • CustomElectricQuarterScale Missouri
    CustomElectricQuarterScale Missouri

    This song will grab a hold of you and squeeze tears from your eyes

  • Texas Bunny
    Texas Bunny


  • Carab the singer
    Carab the singer

    I like wallen singer it better than jason isbell. His voice matches it better I guess

  • Paul Leonardo
    Paul Leonardo

    Imo....better than the original. Morgan Wales on those notes and sings it from his heart....imo

    • Kevin

      Not even close to better than the original but it is very very good

  • I am Nurse Jennie
    I am Nurse Jennie

    We love you Morgan. Your fans are still here. ♥️

    • Heather Leigh
      Heather Leigh


  • Josh Marion
    Josh Marion

    Nothing compared to Isbell.

  • Erik R
    Erik R

    Out of the 13mil views, i think contributed 1mil alone lol

  • Larry Russ
    Larry Russ

    In my opinion this version lacks the authenticity that Jason Isbell puts into his song when he performs it himself. Not saying this guy can’t sing I just don’t think he improved on the masterpiece that Jason created.

  • Gage Chier
    Gage Chier

    Back again and still a loyal supporters and so great full for what you’ve done to music!. Can’t wait to see you in country thunder.