Most Viewed Twitch Clips Of 2020
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Most Viewed Twitch Fails Of 2020

  • Christian

    We need a part 2

  • Christian

    8:03 Ksi Lad 😂😂

  • Koffel

    3:35 lmao

  • Stephen Manjelo
    Stephen Manjelo

    11:53 haha u know dis white boi plays Fortnite

  • Stephen Manjelo
    Stephen Manjelo

    10:09 haha deffo a kid called Timmy

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    the cat was fine surprisingly twitch chat has boundaries and told him to take it out but then told him he can charge his phone in the what he deserved

  • dk

    schlatt is popular now hell yeah

  • koel KAST
    koel KAST

    fucking age restricted

  • Ahad Mohammed
    Ahad Mohammed


  • Kingyyy

    6:33 pieck not trying to disturb porco streaming

  • arshan king
    arshan king

    omfg bruh 9:24

  • Ashwin Roji
    Ashwin Roji

    Btw nerve is the thing from sword art online

  • TeslaRichtofen

    jschlatt's first impression is amazing.

  • Pango

    I honestly don't know what Tobi and Josh are dancing to at the beginning of the video

  • Alison Frith
    Alison Frith

    witch one was that the other kid:the flip and die

  • Vito Bartol
    Vito Bartol

    what is her site name? 1:34

  • REUBEN dps
    REUBEN dps


  • Quincy Leczo
    Quincy Leczo

    Jschlatt is built different

  • Paula Ramos
    Paula Ramos

    You can obviously tell that the kid from the intro is the devil’s kid 😂😂😂😂

  • Aashish Malla
    Aashish Malla

    Anyone seen the movie Kickass? That’s what it reminds me of.

  • Carlos Beast
    Carlos Beast

    I love how josh was the only one that did not react to the shots 8:05 , only black people know hahahahaha

  • Debarghya Banerjee
    Debarghya Banerjee

    2020 wa~s a failure.

  • Cristobal Colon
    Cristobal Colon


  • Saeed Mohammed
    Saeed Mohammed

    extra views because poki in the thumb nail

  • F1zzC0ke

    Best text to speech on twitch

  • Hipsto21

    Ksi: no peanut no no Cat: oh what are you guys doing this time.

  • Ohzoz

    Why Is Pokimane The Thumbnail??

  • Yayang

    5:14 girl name?

  • Lynx YT
    Lynx YT

    3:40 Pog

  • Mazda miata NA
    Mazda miata NA


  • MALAAY, Cora A.
    MALAAY, Cora A.

    Bruhhh my heart almost drop when the kid start putting his cat on the microwave Like bruhhh I know you're just a kid but that's tooo cruelllll

  • Gullpet 200
    Gullpet 200

    How was the kid even fucking allowed on twitch there is no way he is 13

  • Disco Cooks
    Disco Cooks

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  • Squidgy Republic
    Squidgy Republic

    11:25 JJ going crazy. lol

  • R H
    R H

    The film is called Spree where a wannabe streamer does shit to get famous, is on Netflix

  • mohammed faraz
    mohammed faraz

    “ MICRO AVE ”

  • danechelon

    10:03 :)

  • Josh Pagett
    Josh Pagett


  • Vital

    Fed ex don't come on a Sunday. He was trying to kidnap people

  • Mia?

    13:40 LOL

  • Luke Dougherty
    Luke Dougherty

    Kid: *puts cat in microwave* JJ: *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Josh: *intrigued*

  • Jude Moore
    Jude Moore

    Legit my reaction to the cat was the exact same as Jjs, legit scared the shit outa me

  • ZAMBAK Uji
    ZAMBAK Uji

    Kids r really evil !!!when they r in SOCIAL MEDIA

  • ZAMBAK Uji
    ZAMBAK Uji

    So American kids are not really pet lovers .!!

  • Nishanth D Nayak
    Nishanth D Nayak

    Thats nothing in our country some guys let kitten on fire using kerosene and recorded whole torture ..... Fck she was crying in pain till it faded away😐😞

  • Shivang Kaushik
    Shivang Kaushik

    "meeecrowaaave" or "micro-wave" ?!

  • Randomchannelman69

    1:33 that was in the Singapore public transport lmao

  • Andrew Monday
    Andrew Monday

    When you’re parents get you a cat instead of a dog put em in the microwave

  • Alex David Muniz betancourt
    Alex David Muniz betancourt

    Animal princess ?

  • Maxwell Russell
    Maxwell Russell

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  • Noobmuffin

    tbh i kinda feel bad for the simp

  • Oscar Proudlove
    Oscar Proudlove

    My man schlatt, gettin on the sidemen reacts channel

  • Sensual Charm
    Sensual Charm

    great video LUL

  • Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
    Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*

    who tf jealous over poki :')

  • Crusader

    How the heck does a human find hurting an innocent animal funny? Disgusting

  • Josh Wells
    Josh Wells

    There’s kinda somet like that it’s called spree it’s on Netflix

  • Danky Boi
    Danky Boi

    I hope that the people that harm their pets on twitch go to hell

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot
    Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hot

    Guys the cat is ok, but he was thankfully banned (not that that does much)

  • Thomas Sharples
    Thomas Sharples

    That lady wiping the bench after wiping her nose, with the same tissue! That's some next level spreading going on there if you ask me

  • H tube
    H tube

    my ears on the beginning ..........

  • Marc van Breeden
    Marc van Breeden

    06:15 china trying to take over the world by spreading a biological weapon named corona

  • Saroj Rawat
    Saroj Rawat

    Where's the xqc vs charlie chess clip

  • ZONE

    Imagine Josh being interviewed by Alok (aka healthygamergg)

  • Robert

    I laughed so fucking hard at the bird flying into the dudes face 😭☠️

  • Ali Shalabni
    Ali Shalabni

    The kid with the cat You see why bullying can some times be deserved

  • boumon pleyz
    boumon pleyz

    Fun fact: if a cat is in a microwave his blood cooks in his body

    • Kenma’s watermelon
      Kenma’s watermelon

      @Arpan Saha XD

    • Arpan Saha
      Arpan Saha

      Hmm and how do u know that............. Also stay away from my cats

  • Demifane

    Ngl, I was so surprised to see Udy on here!

  • Hushe Vero
    Hushe Vero

    I would slap the kid who tried to microwave the cat like 1000 times and still not be satisfied

  • Abel Paul
    Abel Paul

    Am I wrong to think that even jake Paul won’t do that microwave shit? Although He could have done it as a kid I think........

  • greg hosfeld
    greg hosfeld

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  • jahmai Kamara
    jahmai Kamara

    Its UDYSOF

  • R.A.Y.S

    There’s a movie called Spree with Joe keerey where that is like Josh’s idea on Netflix

  • jshsbddb hwuwhd
    jshsbddb hwuwhd

    I like josh tobi and ksi they chill in these types of videos

  • Justin Dong
    Justin Dong

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  • SilentGhost

    Why does JJ always say "morocco"?

  • DeviŁ- Pubg
    DeviŁ- Pubg

    That kid is physco 🤣🤣

  • ozone063

    10:24 Headphone/earphone users R.I.P

  • Yash Ganar
    Yash Ganar

    My heart started pumping after that cat was in the microwave

  • Dcto GT
    Dcto GT

    Was the cat okay though?

  • Metal Bat
    Metal Bat

    Yo that dude on the Poki clip had every right to smack her back.

  • Jacob Horstmann
    Jacob Horstmann

    girl:which one is that me:THE DEAD CHILD


    toby: no don't do this.... The boy: Yeahh Yeah!!!

  • loraX

    He is blind lol

  • Coys Coys
    Coys Coys

    If you didn’t know the cat was ok and he microwaved his phone after

    • Memeverse

      He microwaved the phone before he tryied microwavinh his cat beuh

  • CupcakePlayz

    What happens if i have my bone sticking out of my hand???

  • FlowZ

    1:34 had me crying

  • Ben Lehman
    Ben Lehman

    13:46 that’s jschlatt wtf??

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer

    That little kid is going to escalate his behaviour. I'm glad the Twitch chat saved the cat's life.

    • Edward Nicolas Arrienda Torralba
      Edward Nicolas Arrienda Torralba

      Just so you know, he's banned off Twitch

  • Northo Gang
    Northo Gang

  • okmadss

    the funny thing is that they dont even know who schlatt is and that hes said worse things to minx 😩

  • Conrad Kyle Patrick
    Conrad Kyle Patrick

    Nerve is fucking great book... and I don't even enjoy reading!

  • Raihan Siregar
    Raihan Siregar

    so this is what pulisic doing now

  • Sharpshot

    Yo everyone needs to go sub to UDYSOF. He’s awesome and I literally watched this cause I knew he would be in it.

  • Brody Determan
    Brody Determan

    Little did they know udy had to get surgery in his arm

  • Emily Griffin
    Emily Griffin

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  • Jan .H
    Jan .H

    Czech Americans

  • Logan Monk
    Logan Monk

    That kid is crazy

  • Tracer

    Someone needs to be watching that kid because that’s how Serial Killers are made

  • User

    8:15 daammm what’s happening to jjs cam hahaha

  • Aster Chaos
    Aster Chaos

    MINX PogU