MY DAD THINKS HE'S JAMES CHARLES!!! Father VS. Daughter Makeup Tutorial Makeover Challenge!
Today, I'm taking out the Morphe James Charles Palette from Ulta and doing a MAKEUP CHALLENGE with my dad! We're going to follow two James Charles videos and see who can pull off the look best.
If you're interested in trying out these looks yourself, you can find James Charles' tutorials here:
James Charles: How to Get Perfect Skin with Makeup:
James Charles: Brows, Eyeshadow, Winged Liner, & Lashes for Beginners:
The Tube Family (EvanTubeRAW):
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • EvanTubeHD

    You're lucky Dad did this with you. You won't catch me putting that on my face!

    • Rishi Vijayakumar
      Rishi Vijayakumar


    • Isabella Hernandez
      Isabella Hernandez

      Very funny Even XD 😄😂

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      Tulia Chong


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      Watermelon XPotato

      They sub to each other

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      Doggie vlogs

      EvanTubeHD oh ya

  • Leyla Ramos
    Leyla Ramos

    Ha ha ha

  • Leyla Ramos
    Leyla Ramos


  • Hidhaa Fathimath
    Hidhaa Fathimath

    Jillian look's nice

  • Sofia Lourdes Ysabelle Juen
    Sofia Lourdes Ysabelle Juen

    I think Jillian won she looks the best

  • Kiara Urco
    Kiara Urco

    When daddy tube had a full makeup it looked like he dad of James Charles because they kinda look a like when they wear makeup

  • Rishi Vijayakumar
    Rishi Vijayakumar

    Just call me DT Charles 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zoyas World
    Zoyas World

    Hi Jillian

  • Charlie Pham
    Charlie Pham

    Your dad is James Charles all hail Julian dad

  • Madiha Anil
    Madiha Anil

    Nice make up daddy tube🙂

  • T man Nkebs
    T man Nkebs

    Is excellent dt

  • Cassandra Pierre
    Cassandra Pierre


  • Itz Ashley UwU
    Itz Ashley UwU

    Dad looks so much like Names charkes

  • Sheela Shah
    Sheela Shah

    I also have the same ipad

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    Hello Goodbye

    So funny

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    Melanie Salazar

    hahahahahahaha 😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Melanie Salazar
    Melanie Salazar

    your dad is so funny

  • phil pung
    phil pung

    I can’t believe you dad did it with you

  • meteor unbelievable opening world
    meteor unbelievable opening world

    oh no

  • Yashika Aarohi
    Yashika Aarohi

    Dad Totally

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    Isabel Rivera


  • Katie Teo
    Katie Teo

    Both won I like themmm

  • Josue Rodriguez
    Josue Rodriguez

    Jillian looks amazing ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡¿¿¿¿¿¿¿☆

  • Charisma Duenas
    Charisma Duenas

    POV:u search the comments for james charles

  • Crunch Cookie
    Crunch Cookie

    dt did better hahahaha

  • asiel Castro
    asiel Castro

    I never knew but jill your sooo good at doing your own make up😮💕☺

  • Aarav PATEL
    Aarav PATEL

    My favorite singer’s are Justin Bieber,Luis Fonsi and Ed Sheeran

  • Pratyush Sachdeva
    Pratyush Sachdeva

    Dad looks like a nightmare

  • Arhaam's Gaming world 007
    Arhaam's Gaming world 007

    A what I

  • Omer Ali
    Omer Ali

    jillian u are great

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  • coumba ba
    coumba ba

    JAMES CHARLES FATHER VS DAUGHTER Makeup Tutorial Makeover challenge 11 aprll 2019

  • Maria Joy Barasona
    Maria Joy Barasona

    Your dad are so gorgeos

  • Draiden Watson
    Draiden Watson

    I have that pallet

  • Karumanoor kumar
    Karumanoor kumar

    DT looks like James Charles If he looks James Charles Like

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  • Hannah Shakira
    Hannah Shakira

    😂😂😂 it funny 6:06

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    surjit kharod

    Your dad was looking funny 🤣you were looking beautiful 😍😍

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    unicorns life!


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    nayereh haji

    Grace Thomas

  • nayereh haji
    nayereh haji

    Talk to me

  • nayereh haji
    nayereh haji

    Name brunette

  • nayereh haji
    nayereh haji

    Please make a video baby alive go bye bye

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    Casey Kang

    huge fan

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    Salama Amin

    Both of you won ❤❤❤

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    Keira Phillips

    I lo ve this you did amazing ❤️♥️

  • melinda purcell
    melinda purcell

    Is he a boy gerl

  • Arfa Siddique
    Arfa Siddique

    You did wrong but Jillian dad said owwwwwwwww 😳

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    Adrian Fellows

    why do you like that git

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    Rebecca Gallagher

    Who is watching this a year later

  • MsRayleo


  • Amber Malik
    Amber Malik

    I am sorry but how they are holding the brushes just cringes me BUT WHEN THEY DRAGGED THE BEAUTY BLENDER I WAS LIKE *WRENKLES* but i mean she is a kid and doesn’t do as much make up as me so i can’t really say anything😂😅

  • Aamna Arif
    Aamna Arif

    U guys look beautiful

    • Aamna Arif
      Aamna Arif


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    May I


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    Terry Pernites

    🖒 yes whoo DT

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    Valyssa Ouch

    A tie

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    Angie N.


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    Noey Sanders

    Jillian did better

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    brynlee Martin

    dad won

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    Humayun Ahmed

    DT Charles is honestly better

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    Binoj Gangadharan

    i think jillian's is the best

  • Zarif Kamarul Azrin
    Zarif Kamarul Azrin

    Are you a fan of James charles

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    Lily Leiataua

    i am pretty sure the dad won

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      Lily Leiataua

      james charles ....... Hey sister

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    hay sisdrs

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    Lenice Fucks Ortiz


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    He’s not anymore

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    Daddytude win this

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    Shahnaf Yousuf

    you have the best videos if u see this comment put an emoji

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    It's Mariama

    why does your dad look like my pediatrician

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    Emmie Scott

    Who else is here from Jillians video of getting her ears pierced

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    Princess Jodie

    your dad looks amazing😂😂

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    BrandonPlayz - Studios

    James Charles played Mario kart wii

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    Latissa Kaeneshia

    I dont know which one to pick 🤣 I think both of them are the best 🤣🤣🔥✌ 💕

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    Wait why is the dads better 😂

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    😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Jillian that is so funny video hahahahahahahhah

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    ill rate jilian 99% and dad tube 100%

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    Youuuuuuuuch 😖

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    It is awesome 😊

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    Dt charls won

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    gaming with satya

    Can give your mobile number to your fans and make a video on that

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    Life with Shai and Kora

    Hah this was very funny

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    Jillian one

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    Daddy tube looks like a pro 💁🏼

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    cool Popcorn to eat

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    jillian looks like ariana grande not james charles

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    Can you do the Chuck e Chesse pizza conspiracy

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    He talk fast

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    Like=Jillian Comment=Evan

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    Dad won

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    Super Siblings

    Jills is good

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    Tbh did you notice that her dad slay it🤧🙀🔥

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    Daddy tube is a pro makeup artist now lol

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    Funny daddy

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