'My dream was to win the World Cup' - Gautam Gambhir
"Winning the World Cup was more important than scoring a hundred."
Champion Gautam Gambhir reflects on India's 2011 Cricket World Cup glory.

  • Somnath Mondal
    Somnath Mondal


  • Shubham Dhondsekar
    Shubham Dhondsekar

    even after retirement he's contributing to India in so many ways like Gautam Gambhir Foundation is an example

  • 096-Sai Kiran
    096-Sai Kiran

    Some fucking gully cricket legends are trolling gambhir now.....they will never know that without him we will not able to touch T20 world cup and 2011 world cup.....


    people are fighting about who has biggest contribution in wc final but i think both innings were just lit if Gautam not made runs dhoni also can't made runs because of pressure and run rate and if dhoni Don't finish so gambhir innings will be just become a memory

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns

    Official father of ☪️hutiya duckridi

  • Anant Jain
    Anant Jain

    He is a great player..

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh

    Personality is good

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg

    Watching this gives me a different satisfaction🙏🏻

  • Sai Gowtham Reddy M.V
    Sai Gowtham Reddy M.V

    Unsung hero of Indian Cricket! 😐

  • mrinmoy borgohain
    mrinmoy borgohain

    I agree with your words gambhir you made it possible to win the world cup a big thank you and you are a hero in every part of your life❤

  • Mukherjee Technical
    Mukherjee Technical

    KKR won 2 IPL trophy because of Gautam Gambhir

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta

    He has been part of 2 world cup and eventually India won both

  • its vallabh GAMER
    its vallabh GAMER

    op in the chat

  • Mithun Gowda
    Mithun Gowda


  • Khaled Saifullah
    Khaled Saifullah

    And after that bhadwagiri

  • Gahan Raj
    Gahan Raj

    Gautam really made that win possible after Sehwag and Tendulkar being dismissed early. Dhoni gets all the credit for finishing but when the chips were down, it was Gambhir that came out and started swinging.

  • Samarasimha Reddy
    Samarasimha Reddy

    gambir with sehwag is best combo just like fire with wind....🤝

  • Ali Faisal
    Ali Faisal

    The title is like loading screen tips in video games

  • thiru 12
    thiru 12

    You are the my only belive in 2011 WC while shewag and sachin goes with out # Gauti sir....And you did that all Indian dream that comes true.....Even you missed 3 runs for century, you won billions of heart in that day....💕💕💕....

  • Baby Doctor
    Baby Doctor

    Bjp ka chamcha

  • Amitsher 027
    Amitsher 027

    I will never forget his jersey of 2011 wc.

  • Kartick Sardar
    Kartick Sardar

    Salute u sir for ur contribution ..we all are Indian proud of u

  • Rofiqul Islam
    Rofiqul Islam

    Really, Gambhir was an legend..

  • Harshavardhan Savnt
    Harshavardhan Savnt

    Legend 🔥

  • Bharat Singh
    Bharat Singh

    सही बंदा था फिर भाजपाई बन‌ गया 😷

  • Akshat Mishra
    Akshat Mishra

    Thank You Gautam, You are my hero!!


    Gautam gambhir like amirkhan little bit😁

  • Sushant Chibber
    Sushant Chibber

    U knoe thats the sad truth that nobody talks about yuvi,gambhir nd zaheer khan in wc2011.... Without those 3 India would never have reached the final ...where dhoni performed for the first time in that series... For me real heroes were that 3

  • Sushant Chibber
    Sushant Chibber

    Even in T20 final he was the main scorer...i still remember his 75 run in 2007.... Gambhir a Big Big thank you man.... U r the real hero ....u were the player of big match on any day

  • Thamil Zharasi
    Thamil Zharasi

    At that tine he got hated by Delhi fans hated him for not captaining DD very well And he retired from cricket and now he's a member in Lok sabha

  • Tanmay Mishra
    Tanmay Mishra

    Gambhir is a big slap on today's indian choking top order

  • Kanika Choudhary
    Kanika Choudhary

    A big salute and thank you to Gautam Gambhir for a great contribution to Indian cricket and playing a match winning knock on World Cup Final in 2011!!

  • Tarun Kaushik
    Tarun Kaushik

    A underrated Legend...❤️💯🙏

  • Fort Fex
    Fort Fex

    Mahi bhai ne indian team ko wc jita dia love u mahi bhai big fan here and hatters sab ke hote hai don't look at them look ur real fans like me


    He is the real hero of the world cup❤️

  • Dnyaneshwar Bhople
    Dnyaneshwar Bhople

    Gautam Gambhir and WC finial ...💯🔥🔥

  • churchy m
    churchy m

    Viru SRT Gauti VK MS Yuvi Raina Most legendary batting lineup ever?

  • Rehan Verma
    Rehan Verma

    Gambhir played under pressure and scored 97 he deserved that man of the match. Without his innings Dhoni couldn't have hit the last six.

  • Manav Aware
    Manav Aware

    1 six didnt win a world cup for us.

  • Gaurav Kalra
    Gaurav Kalra

    Thank you ICC that someone is looking to Gambhir and not that tuk tuk dhobi as a world cup winner !!

    • Rushikesh Patil
      Rushikesh Patil

      everyone is looking after everyone dhoni also made 90+ score so he also helped india for winning the world cup

    • Fort Fex
      Fort Fex

      Dhoni ke captaincy agr nahi hoti toh


      What about ur dad

  • Bobby

    I do not hate gautam but the captain because of whom his dream was fulfilled he is not supporting his team and saying they will not even qulify

  • Nitin Pandita
    Nitin Pandita

    Lol.... you dont show emotions,,,, joke of the year

  • Dharsan S 2007
    Dharsan S 2007

    my hero

  • Saan Saifi
    Saan Saifi

    गंभीर सर 2011 वर्ल्ड कप जिताने में धोनी की पारी से ज्यादा आपकी पारी महत्वपूर्ण थी आप रियल हीरो हो वर्ल्ड कप 2011 के

  • Bhuvan G
    Bhuvan G



    93 run sexy boy😭❤️

  • Saurab singh
    Saurab singh

    Bro you were the reason for our happiness yuvraj to😘😘😘

  • Debmalya Ghosh
    Debmalya Ghosh

    We want the t20 world cup again this year. Come on India 🇮🇳

    • Tanmay Mishra
      Tanmay Mishra

      Hah..I don't expect anything to win soon frm this choking indian team😂

  • Purnendu Misra
    Purnendu Misra

    Such a great hero, I can still remember how he was batting. Will never forget him for winning that world cup for India


    Angriest man Indian team ever heard😂😂😂🤣

  • Prerit Nayak
    Prerit Nayak

    2011 WC was something inexpressible...it was emotion! I remember i used to knock those days all alone on a wall in my street and neighbors would say what u are doing, and i simply said i am scoring runs (by playing fast rebound balls) ☺️...i was 9 that time and now i am 20 and i really miss those days 🙂


    The most calculative cricketer ever from India

  • IMH O
    IMH O

    Gautam and Virat is a big reason India won the WC Final. When Viru and Sachin were struck out quickly many felt the SL would win.

  • learn AAA
    learn AAA

    The karn of kalyug....

  • Home to home
    Home to home

    Bro this is because of dhooni ,why you not win before

  • Channel 101
    Channel 101

    And todays chapri memer joke about this king

  • Jai Ho
    Jai Ho

    Hero banne wala tha gambhir, ban gya dhoni

  • Srikanth Pokkunuri
    Srikanth Pokkunuri

    believe it or not.. iTs gautam's innings who sets the platform for the chase... its not Dhoni... please acknowledge this man efforts... he is a great player and champion indeed.

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    2007 और 2011 का वर्ल्डकप मे गम्भीर की बहुत मेहतवपूर्ण पारी खेली। जिसकी वजह से हम जीते।

  • Secret M4A1 Rifle
    Secret M4A1 Rifle

    my favourite cricketer - _gautam gambhir ❤❤❤❤_

  • Devesh J
    Devesh J

    He's so humble....good bless you;)


    Well played by India in 2011 World Cup and they deserve the WIN LOVE & RESPECT from neighbour Country Pakistan...Well Played SACHIN

  • jeet987

    Gem of a cricketer

  • Sachin C
    Sachin C

    I look at it the way I saw I live, I'm sick of dhoni dumb fans always reminding that six, when I remember a lot of moments in the match itself. From our bowling to our batting & the final celebrations. These young fans who never saw it live can kiss my butt.

  • Kiran Badre
    Kiran Badre

    Thank you for winning the Trophy🏆!!

  • Nipun Jain
    Nipun Jain

    His children will say : mantri ji ke beta hun

  • Kiran Sahu
    Kiran Sahu

    The world cup real hero is Gambhir 🙏🙏


    Gautam Gambhir.. Thank you for winning World Cups for India🙏🏼

  • Swapnil Sakpal
    Swapnil Sakpal

    Nation first, party next, self last. He is using the same principals for betterment of India.

  • Professor

    Whenever india lost knockout games i just cried and missing this man man of big moments

  • Kishore K
    Kishore K

    Unsung hero

  • SS H
    SS H

    Gauthi is so underated and dhoni is highly overrated

  • Kaveesha Prathap
    Kaveesha Prathap

    Everyone knows that match was fixed pfft

  • Kamesh Kanna
    Kamesh Kanna

    Goosebumps all over😭

  • Waliullah Javed
    Waliullah Javed


  • Buy Best
    Buy Best


  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh

    Thank you Ganbhir

  • Pranshu Malviya
    Pranshu Malviya

    Very true bro, and I firmly believe that it was your innings that won the world Cup.

  • agabou daimai
    agabou daimai

    ........ Gautam the Man

  • Dhruba Jyoti Let
    Dhruba Jyoti Let

    The legend Sir Gautam Gambhir

  • Desi Deutschland
    Desi Deutschland

    Love u Sir

  • Navneet Godara
    Navneet Godara

    Hero of worldcup 2005 final #Gauti ❤

  • Rohit Kasture
    Rohit Kasture

    He scored 97 in the finals is a big contribution to the team...

  • Naresh Chinna
    Naresh Chinna

    Gauti is underrated

  • I will be Back
    I will be Back

    It doesn't matter whether I've missed 3,all that matters is I scored 97 My cricket lord GG❤️❤️

  • Amit Kumar Thakur
    Amit Kumar Thakur

    You give both world cup for india. Thank u Gautam sir

  • Biswajit Paul
    Biswajit Paul

    Love you goti sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • GK With Piyush Verma
    GK With Piyush Verma


  • hrishikesh janjal
    hrishikesh janjal

    Gautam Gambhir ': The unsung hero ❤️

  • Bharat Srivastava
    Bharat Srivastava

    We got 2011 world cup because of Gambhir

  • Ertugrul Bey
    Ertugrul Bey

    i hate Gauthum Ghambir he is anti pakistani

  • Harinder Singh
    Harinder Singh

    Thank you for winning the world Cup 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥰🥰


    Respect 75 in T20 final 97 in 50 Over final

  • Tilak R
    Tilak R

    He is not my favourite batsman,He is my favourite Captain...

  • ntonyo dsilva
    ntonyo dsilva

    I think they better remember him as a WC winner after all the political bs.

  • Lokesha.k lokesha
    Lokesha.k lokesha

    Sup gotham

  • MsWasim09

    No doubt.... without Gautam's fantabulous inning Victory wasn't possible. Definitely "MS" was finisher.. but you had given momentum to the inning... Hat's off you.."Gauti"

  • Sachin Negi
    Sachin Negi

    Great man...Love u sir..

  • Rocky Ronaldo
    Rocky Ronaldo

    My favourite batsman.....Gautam Gambhir all time superb .....

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    Vaibhav Sharma

    Many people are trolling him on social media. It's Shame on those peoples 😡