My first attempt at the brand new "Battle Royale" feature on Geoguessr!
Geoguessr have brought out a brand new feature, and it's a good one.
Watch me try it out (albeit in very rusty form) and see if I can win a game in my first few attempts..

Apologies for the abrupt ending, the microphone went all Darlic on me again.

Can't wait to set up some tournaments in the new year with some of your favorite Geoguessrers..

Have a spiffing Yuletide everyone.

  • MilkMan

    When he said Euskal Herria i about yelled at my phone haha.

    • Guillermo Vidal
      Guillermo Vidal

      @Dan Dei a man of words, I see

    • Dan Dei
      Dan Dei

      @GLZ stfu portugay

    • Dan Dei
      Dan Dei

      @Riley gay

    • Dan Dei
      Dan Dei

      @Riley no, stfu

    • Dan Dei
      Dan Dei

      @Guillermo Vidal no. Wrong.


    ok.. he is very bad at understanding the rule of game haha

  • Vigilance Gaming
    Vigilance Gaming

    So when svmmvm guessed greece there was writing right infront of you at 13:52 which said ΠΑΟΚ in greek so yeah that's how he guessed it!

  • John Gaming
    John Gaming

    17:59 I saw the red flag on the right and I knew it was Turkey

  • Theodor

    10:57 its not Lithuania 🇱🇹 it kind of look like bolivia 🇧🇴 or Ghana 🇬🇭 without the thing in the middle. Maybe geoguessr does that to simplify the flags.

  • Ivy Popejoy
    Ivy Popejoy

    “well hello there sir” sounded like obi won

  • Mrunal Awalekar
    Mrunal Awalekar

    Can you tell us why you're locking in on countries please?

  • Matt Swift
    Matt Swift

    To Darlic or Dalek, that is the question. Or is it a Garlic Dalek?

  • Ruben Stremes
    Ruben Stremes

    go Behemoth logo guy go

  • The Sherriff
    The Sherriff

    Ur so good at geography but terrible at flags😂

  • נועם אהרוני
    נועם אהרוני

    13:40 there is no country called palestine

  • Evert-Jan e.
    Evert-Jan e.

    12:00 "I will go for Norway" "No I will go for the USA" "one guess left" "actually I think this is Bulgaria" *literally only threes and snow*

  • Dns Stratos
    Dns Stratos

    at the second final you could see a "ΠΑΟΚ 4" drawing, its a Greek football team so you know.

  • Tessa Sjöberg
    Tessa Sjöberg

    That ending was hilarious "to sum up, I love it" hahaha

  • Luminous

    Loooks at trees: yep Bulgaria

  • Dutchy McDutchface, Bsc
    Dutchy McDutchface, Bsc

    "I think they have thought this through" Made me laugh zo hard. So it's probably allready said and/or clear, but: - you lost spain in the first round because the other one just got it first. - If everyone answers correctly in the yellow time zone, it is deemed to easy and everybody continues, i'd say.

  • bzqp2

    What. How the hell did you get Bulgaria.

  • Ggoddkkiller

    Geowizard sees a massive shopping mall and instantly chooses Mongolia where only 3 million people live🤣🤣

  • Ivan Bradic
    Ivan Bradic

    other people: "Why are you watching someone play Geoguessr?" everyone watching this: 1:07

  • Tanay Patel
    Tanay Patel

    Seeing the cricket stadium all Indians have guessed the first one.

  • adada adadadad
    adada adadadad

    17:53 ... obvius turkey...

  • Ole John
    Ole John

    The little roadside church-thing at 14:30 gave away Greece if one has ever driven along a Greek road, even though the flat terrain might have been confusing.

  • ItsGnookie

    Yo ya Jussetain

  • Ryan Kennedy
    Ryan Kennedy

    How did he get Uruguay so quickly?

  • Ediel Román
    Ediel Román

    Not Cuba, Puerto Rico lmao

  • Nish

    You should explain sometimes as well how you got it

  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza

    Your videos are very good! I myself could not recognize Brazil

  • Marlon XGamer
    Marlon XGamer

    6:34 "Only a certain amount go through each time". The exact moment he discovered what Battle Royale means haha I'm binge watching this channel and just loving it

    • K

      Same, I found him yesterday and I've just been binging

  • Jonah Wooley
    Jonah Wooley

    9:59 “hello there sir”

  • Pipp P.
    Pipp P.

    when you can’t even identify your own country....

  • Ym Jordan
    Ym Jordan

    how do you go guess america to oh yea its bulgaria

  • Elizbeth Soto
    Elizbeth Soto

    The workable sparrow consecutively tickle because sock unexplainably play alongside a inconclusive cultivator. curved, energetic plant

  • Lynx

    Migros is a swiss grocery store hain and for some reason they've expanded to only one other country which is Turkey so if you see it again you'll know you have to be in one of the two countries ;)

  • russell

    Maybe Canada? no.... United states? Nahh.... Oh its b u l g a r i a

  • Catsu


  • Vanz

    I'm not going to be surprised that the 500 dislikes are people who are butthurt all because he got their country wrong

  • YaSa

    him: *sees piece of obsidian* also him: "yeh thats the netherlands"

  • Anirudhhh

    “Chinese symbols” no.

  • Tai ton
    Tai ton

    how can we be sure others are not googling?

    • Hi i like guitars goodbye
      Hi i like guitars goodbye

      Because you have a time limit plus what is there to google?

  • Kiril Filchev
    Kiril Filchev

    Looks at Canada and out of nowhere BULGARIA

  • Ian Ching
    Ian Ching

    4:17 how did that lead to Tunisia? 0_0

  • Cláudio.

    How do u go from usa and canada to Bulgaria ??

  • H B
    H B

    Oh mate! This absolutely has to be tikmantu - look at the way the wind is flowing against the trees

  • Super_

    2nd on his first game while I can't even get 5th lmao

  • TinkleTaffle

    How did he know it was Bulgaria at 12:20?

  • alaynac

    "Oh, Mangolia." i bet you can breathe in another country and already know what it is, absolute legend

  • Simon Says MC
    Simon Says MC

    Him: No that's lithuanias flag Me: No it's not

  • Burtieee e
    Burtieee e

    Why isn’t Saudi Arabia on Street view?

    • Hi i like guitars goodbye
      Hi i like guitars goodbye

      Because of some political shite.

  • Hanson Stuckey
    Hanson Stuckey

    -has never played battle royal-

  • David Bromberg
    David Bromberg

    The little model churches on the side of the road are the clue for Greece.


    Oh its tunisa, what?

  • KitSixToeS

    how on earth did he manage to get bulgaria and uruguay?!!?!?! legend.

    • Rohan Jain
      Rohan Jain

      Map was visible in the case of Uruguay

  • Krasimir Donkov
    Krasimir Donkov

    do you stream ?

  • Sum Chap
    Sum Chap

    It's like he's got aimbot he's so good.

  • Racing Guy 570
    Racing Guy 570

    Good try *:)*

  • João Orth
    João Orth


  • soos_da boss
    soos_da boss

    This man went from america to bulgaria

  • Matty Fatty Productions
    Matty Fatty Productions

    that flag was not lithuania btw

  • William F
    William F

    ur so bad

  • dungeonseeker

    Can anyone explain what did happen in game 1? Yuri made an incorrect guess and somehow instantly won the game.

    • Hi i like guitars goodbye
      Hi i like guitars goodbye

      He guessed wrong and then guessed right.

  • Lottie Riley
    Lottie Riley

    The ludicrous ambulance alternatively listen because karate intriguingly glow amongst a wry panty. brave, maddening drive

  • Bill Tsiros
    Bill Tsiros

    Me, a Greek: Sees Greek-like landscape with badly maintained road, bridge over a river with rusty yellow railings and the miniature church thingy on the side of the road: -Might be Greece mate ngl

    • Mpompiras ✔️
      Mpompiras ✔️

      Ναι ρε φιλε 😂😂

  • Do The Do
    Do The Do

    "Doesn't look anything like Canada, really." Huh? You could find loads of places that look exactly like that in Canada.

  • Jaspertjuuh

    i really like this content

  • niels wentink
    niels wentink

    how does he not understand the game 🤣

  • Jenson Cripps
    Jenson Cripps

    The staking wood chemically happen because october diagnostically watch round a pathetic cloakroom. troubled, electric woman

  • ObamaWearsSupreme

    You could've guessed it's greece by the PAOK grafitti on the guardrail. It's a greek football club from Athens i believe.

  • pd 616
    pd 616

    First one is rather obvious, no? It’s a cricket stadium

  • Leo Xalvador
    Leo Xalvador

    Bro KYRSp33dy beat you once I saw on his channel broooo haha

  • jac fire emoji
    jac fire emoji

    Off topic but that place in Mongolia during the second game at 10:50 ish is a place I see in my dreams all the time wtf.......I live in canada lmao why do I know that legit like shocked this is weird

  • N Somandin
    N Somandin

    Still bullshit that you have to pay for this game...

    • Hi i like guitars goodbye
      Hi i like guitars goodbye

      Wdym its so fucking cheap?

  • Thr33Swords

    I literally spent most of this video going "How the hell does he know this?!" Like, literally a bunch of trees and a dirt road that could be anywhere in the world and he gets it. How?! lol

  • Shark S
    Shark S

    Lol at 2:09 he says Kannada script as Chinese symbol. i stopped right there to write this comment. Its KSCA -> Karnataka State Cricket Association. Bangalore :D

  • Lukas Guderjahn
    Lukas Guderjahn

    17:58 he blew right past a Turkish flag haha

  • Ludovic Collis
    Ludovic Collis

    Seeing this in the future u have changed so much playing this 😂

  • Riddhiraj Kumar
    Riddhiraj Kumar

    1,000,001st veiw!

  • papapudding

    15:40 Top of the screen: TOM DAVIESMONSIEUR

  • Sleyy

    1 million views soon !

  • Felix Palmberg
    Felix Palmberg

    It’s cool that someone actually find this fun enough to put time into this game. But this has to be the most boring way to spend your time. It’s so extremely uninteresting.

  • Henry Tristan
    Henry Tristan

    5:18 the shadow lmao

  • xJagerTooGood

    4:35 i thought that was a really big cat walking behind him lmfao

  • Rodolfo Padilla Ruiz
    Rodolfo Padilla Ruiz

    14:29 how could you not know greeks are tiny?

  • Nero

    The Shrine on the side of the street gave it away they are placed in greece afaik

  • mikewabrown


  • RexEx

    Overall good video and you have a lot of knowledge on this game but who hasn't played a battle royale by now where you don't understand the concept of a battle royale PS that was definitely not the Lithuanian flag

  • Ahhlusiv

    is it just me or at 9:59 that guy only has 3 fingers? 0_o

  • Kumori

    17:26 _"Oh svmmvm is out! Ha! Dick-"_ Tom Davies, 2020

  • Toby Mackenzie
    Toby Mackenzie

    "That looks like a Southern Hemispherian tree"

  • koolman280

    9:59 four fingered man

  • Blake does rc
    Blake does rc

    I barley now my own town so my brain hurts

  • LAAD

    “Damn I’ve come second again” literally my life playing warzone

  • Arnas Žadeikis
    Arnas Žadeikis

    11:03 ITS LITHUANIA haha

  • Hans B
    Hans B

    17:30 I see he's quite salty after missing a win twice in a row. XD

  • Dani0005

    12:24 no fucking way man that’s just not possible

  • SJS A
    SJS A

    How the hell did u get the Bulgaria one

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    "2 people are in only 1 can make it!" Love your content man. What a geezer

  • Cary

    Soracan deez nutz

  • Future

    Arbitrary dirt road -> we're in tunisia o.o

  • Can Erkin S.
    Can Erkin S.

    might be wrong, but there was a writing on the bridge and in greece they put small houses next to streets when someone passes away, i think

  • Dylan Krejci
    Dylan Krejci

    8:49 and there's me, who guessed South korea...