MY FIRST GAMING VIDEO! Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator But Loser Must Dance Like a Bee with Honey Shoes
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After Chad Wild Clay made "IRbin THIEF REVEAL! Golden Play Button is Selling for $100,000 on eBay!", Vy Qwaint created "OUCH... Viral TIK TOK Gadgets & Coolest Hacks And Tricks Tested By Spy Ninjas", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME RAP BATTLE ROYALE vs SPY NINJAS - Vy Qwaint & Melvin PZ9 vs Daniel & Regina w/ MC CWC", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH IRbinr Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee", Melvin and Regina go head to head in an epic challenge between brother and sister in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator! They each have 30 mins to see who can collect the most honey! The Winner gets to brag for another week, while the loser has to fill their shoes with honey and do an embarrassing Honey Dance in the middle of the street! Who will be embarrassed?! Will it be BroSis or SisBro?! Does Melvin become the ultimate Bee Swarm champion? Does Regina confess her love for Daniel? Who fills their shoes with honey?! And does Regina get her deleted channel back? Comment Below on what games would you like to see Spy Ninjas play next! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter
    Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter

    HELLO SPY NINJAS! This is my first official gaming video! What game should I play next?

    • Delilah Hernandez
      Delilah Hernandez

      Scree hundred coins

    • Failure Like me
      Failure Like me

      Pix pz75

    • drawing with Matthew
      drawing with Matthew

      Rocket leauge

    • Lee Galea
      Lee Galea

      adopt me whit robux'

    • Alexis Matthew B. Dela Paz
      Alexis Matthew B. Dela Paz

      Play car crushers 2

  • Olivia Doan
    Olivia Doan

    That's the next game I want you to play

  • Olivia Doan
    Olivia Doan

    Picture block

  • Olivia Doan
    Olivia Doan

    I want to play this game and I'm a pro Melvin can go on the top level there's more levels

  • Olivia Doan
    Olivia Doan

    Adopt me I have a lot of pets

  • Night Bunny
    Night Bunny

    Roblox: DONT PUT YOUR REAL NAME IN YOUR USERNAME Every Single IRbinr: No Idc Flamingo: Ok

  • Perla Rosario
    Perla Rosario

    Regina if I spelled your name wrong I’m sorry but Daniel likes you

  • Ace Pineda
    Ace Pineda

    melvin so cool

    • Ace Pineda
      Ace Pineda

      melvin is cool

  • Mona Almutairi
    Mona Almutairi

    Make sure be saved by ninjas and no one‘s died and I love you guys I watch I’m going to watch all of you video and subscribe you guys bye hey my name is YusufAnd I know you guys are you Chad wild clay the taller in a text box down below is mowing the fighter and VE quaint the little one and Regina Generra the best hacker and are you know Daniel crush is name is Allie I love I love you spy ninjas

  • Mona Almutairi
    Mona Almutairi

    Hey Melvin it’s OK because I can please text you and subscribe you guys down below in but I don’t know how to I don’t know how to make a video and send you guys and my mom don’t know how to make away I’m sorry but it’s OK because I can Tumblr you guys and subscribe and hit the ball it’s OK bye OK

  • Mona Almutairi
    Mona Almutairi

    Hey Melvin I’m going to tell you something I’m going to make a video and you see about the fighting

  • Reshma Jhingai Ramadhar
    Reshma Jhingai Ramadhar

    Superhero tycoon two

  • Mustafa Aljuboori
    Mustafa Aljuboori

    Melvin tell Regina that I also added her to accept my request because I requested her to be my Roblox friends and you I also request you to please except my friend request

  • Ionuc Vasilca
    Ionuc Vasilca

    And I'm not rude to you I'm still a bit new to my brother it's also embarrassing to me to show up with the magnet and the fourth backpack they just laughed at me 😢

  • Ionuc Vasilca
    Ionuc Vasilca

    And poor you regina your channel is deleted

  • Ionuc Vasilca
    Ionuc Vasilca

    And I will watch your channel even if shes not here

  • Ionuc Vasilca
    Ionuc Vasilca

    Btw your in the Christmas update so you that's why you gotted those items 😊

  • Ionuc Vasilca
    Ionuc Vasilca

    OMG THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV AND I CAN HELP YOU see some secrets.......😰

  • Reggie Boundy-Horsfield
    Reggie Boundy-Horsfield

    In know

  • Abigail Genia
    Abigail Genia

    I don't have robux I want to badly I will have some soon and btw but uhm I saw her channel is there for me and you keep posting.

  • Piolourence Balladores
    Piolourence Balladores

    You can buy backpacks

  • TT_Squad :D
    TT_Squad :D

    Can you guys play weight lifting simulator!

  • pancho lopez
    pancho lopez

    why did see like she had no tos and ewww

  • Toby Slasher
    Toby Slasher


  • Tavarius Anime
    Tavarius Anime

    Play among us

  • Willow rebcaca fan
    Willow rebcaca fan

    I was playing after you were playing

  • Aailyha Jordan
    Aailyha Jordan

    You should play adopt me with me I'm one of your biggest fans and I want to know if you can add me as a friend my name is SLCD10689

  • Angie Lin
    Angie Lin

    plsssssss play color block or fall block

  • Angie Lin
    Angie Lin

    plsssssss play color block or fall block

  • Maryah Jonae
    Maryah Jonae

    R I’m a big fan and I’m a big fan of M

  • Kayla Alvarez
    Kayla Alvarez

    MELVIN ong i've been a fan when i was 4

  • Natasha Edwards
    Natasha Edwards

    I think adopt me

  • Sheikh Eshan
    Sheikh Eshan

    X What are you doing

  • Yannys Lugo
    Yannys Lugo

    My time is now talking to you guys Five guys you guys have it installed capture

  • Yannys Lugo
    Yannys Lugo

    Cuanto salió mal burns Harbor in you to Your sister And everyone I Know that everyone loves in need of everyone in spanish I love you to you

  • Julia Bosco
    Julia Bosco

    Adopt me game

  • Anthony Christie
    Anthony Christie

    Daniel Love Regina

  • Anthony Christie
    Anthony Christie

    Dental lu

  • Arqish Aqasha
    Arqish Aqasha


  • Mak Marteen
    Mak Marteen

    adopt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • محمد الغامدي
    محمد الغامدي

    They Avenue so cool

  • Daniel Bedggood
    Daniel Bedggood


  • Aimee Aceves
    Aimee Aceves

    Pls play brook haven like you can hide and seek in it

  • Jamer Bro
    Jamer Bro


  • Nabeel ahmad Kanishka
    Nabeel ahmad Kanishka

    melvin you now supermansidekick9 it is me pls exsapet me

  • TXG Gaming
    TXG Gaming

    Can you plz plz play shindo

  • Iszabella Halstead
    Iszabella Halstead

    Can you do the game on Roblox and it is Cold Blocksburg

  • ผกา หอมเนียม
    ผกา หอมเนียม

    shark bite

  • Ana Madrid
    Ana Madrid


  • The Dazzel Squad
    The Dazzel Squad


  • Lately with LayLay
    Lately with LayLay

    Royal high who ever can get the most gems winss

  • marietta harris
    marietta harris


  • marietta harris
    marietta harris

    Mp E😈

  • nicola turner
    nicola turner

    Melford I'm am your friend if you have a friend request it's me ME4 fan but I'm not the stalker

  • Skylee Trevino
    Skylee Trevino

    What does DOS .Regina



  • Darin Zibari
    Darin Zibari


  • Darin Zibari
    Darin Zibari


  • aa1212fprogammer awan
    aa1212fprogammer awan

    So i can give everyone a video

  • aa1212fprogammer awan
    aa1212fprogammer awan

    I can help in roblox and remember that I will create a youtube account

  • Khaled Miah
    Khaled Miah

    vy qant is my fravrit spy ninja

  • Khaled Miah
    Khaled Miah

    brook haven

  • Khaled Miah
    Khaled Miah

    brook haven

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith


  • Layla if the last
    Layla if the last

    I'll be because I want to join you in obby

  • Austin Ynigo Bondoc
    Austin Ynigo Bondoc

    I remember when i was play this game for the first time now im a pro :D you to guys

  • karolis31

    Hmmmmm play Minecraft

  • Steven Perez
    Steven Perez

    Play more be simulator

  • Sykia Pruitt
    Sykia Pruitt

    Daniel was holding Regina's hand

  • jessica gonzalez
    jessica gonzalez


    • Ionuc Vasilca
      Ionuc Vasilca

      ME TO XD

    • Darin Zibari
      Darin Zibari


  • Travis Jalapit
    Travis Jalapit

    You should change your channel icon to bones and crossbones

  • Rondel Fraser
    Rondel Fraser


  • Boruto usumaki
    Boruto usumaki

    Play jail beake

  • Mr Mario
    Mr Mario

    Bufffffff ha

  • Jose Granados
    Jose Granados

    You should play Minecraft

  • Rajesh Rambai
    Rajesh Rambai

    i am pro at bee swarm with 7 gifted and more than 4 legendary bee with more than a million honey.

  • BearPlayz _
    BearPlayz _

    Melvin, you guys should play adopt me and do first to get a legendary in eggs in Adopt me.

  • Frances Santos
    Frances Santos

    Play admin house :]

  • Ilse Jimenez
    Ilse Jimenez

    Play Brookheaven

  • Chloe Hong Yee
    Chloe Hong Yee

    Play adopt me and royal high!

  • Veronica De Obaldia
    Veronica De Obaldia

    Do you know You have a gifted bee that’s so legendary

  • Glossy Butterflies
    Glossy Butterflies

    Hey guys, I love roblox and I’m a big fan. One day could I play with you guys, I have discord. And I have always wanted to play with you guys.🥺❤️

  • john cruz
    john cruz

    Gun simulator

  • Ember Lau
    Ember Lau

    Breaking in

  • Manpreet Saini
    Manpreet Saini


  • Danna Cortes
    Danna Cortes

    Adorable me

  • Luffy Virborg Nielsen
    Luffy Virborg Nielsen

    4:27 it’s a colorless bee

  • Ann Garner-Jones
    Ann Garner-Jones

    I have tried playing the bee simulator game but struggling on how to play it, would be ace to get a few tips on how to play!!!!!

  • Luffy Virborg Nielsen
    Luffy Virborg Nielsen

    The day after this vid came out i did a speed run in bee swarm sim and i Got like 23 bees in 2 hours Btw melvin is super lucky he Got a gifted rage bee

  • Kaytlin Gonzalez
    Kaytlin Gonzalez


  • Katy Walker
    Katy Walker

    You should play Brookhave is really fun

  • Nina Copeland
    Nina Copeland

    I sent you a friend request my user name is the foxy fox 2013

  • Cruiz Harris
    Cruiz Harris

    Oh and I

  • Charlene Bennett
    Charlene Bennett


  • Charlene Bennett
    Charlene Bennett



    Melvin nice , keep it up

  • Anjing Villamor
    Anjing Villamor

    Deniel did a date with a gril

  • Shy Cipriano
    Shy Cipriano

    Lol when I watch the vids when the spy ninjas are making a tiktok they were pranking u eheheh

  • minhal allawati
    minhal allawati


  • Melissa Rech
    Melissa Rech

    I making fun of people Mr. stop it you are fired

I'm In GTA 5