My mini GOAT had to get SURGERY!!
Last video i saw boots (my pet goat) limping, which led me to think.. something is wrong. In todays video we bring him to the vet and it ends up being much more than i thought!
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  • mia s
    mia s

    I would put pee pads down next time

  • Katy Fox
    Katy Fox

    I love goats! I want a small rescue for farm animals but can't afford it right now. Fingers crossed for boots xxxxx

  • Dharminder Singh
    Dharminder Singh

    Best pet lover ever❤️

  • Kimberly Mccracken
    Kimberly Mccracken

    Get well boots

  • Sonia Hanley
    Sonia Hanley

    Poor boots he will be feeelin better in no time Paul

  • elijah .s
    elijah .s

    Hope boots feels better

  • Owen & Parker Murray
    Owen & Parker Murray

    you got this Boots

  • Sarah Cocker
    Sarah Cocker

    Please please if you havent already fill in the palets we don't want more animals getting hurt

  • Rajesh Raval
    Rajesh Raval

    so sad to see boots like that... i love boots and goats in general.. wish him a very speedy recovery. ♥️

  • izzi rodriguez
    izzi rodriguez

    wait am i dumb or is he not doing positive comment shoutouts anymore

  • a arguellez
    a arguellez

    Boots gotta little cast boot 😆 "boots with a boot" Wishing little boots a speedy recovery

  • juggernaut

    Such a boring vlog

  • gabe gb
    gabe gb

    Hope boots feel better

  • tenuka perera
    tenuka perera

    I hope boots get well soon

  • tenuka perera
    tenuka perera

    Pual I just love your vedios and keep it up and keep on making those creative vedios

  • Jessica horrod
    Jessica horrod

    Get well soon boots!❤❤😍😍

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Poor Lil Boots... as ya was making and showing us the pallets and stuff i knew this would happen to him.. the fact that pissed EVERYPLACE all over the truck and then on the floor tod ya exactly how he feels about the whole thing... where he have all that liquid at, he practicing being a camel... need to get some weathertech mats for the truck and spray what isnt covered with scotchgard..

  • Sebastian Nielsen
    Sebastian Nielsen

    nice with the background music


    Hi there I've had goats for 30 years and a few times they've broken their legs all I've had to do was to put a PVC pipe and put it around their leg for a few months and It heals and it only cost a couple of dollars

  • Evie barrington
    Evie barrington

    put a heron statue at you koi pond so it wont come

  • Brody Jansen
    Brody Jansen

    On my gosh bro his whole leg is like snapped in half

  • T J Planello
    T J Planello

    I really love your videos, i hope you will do more about your amazing red tails! I hope Boots gets better soon. Watch my vid on my Axolotl!

  • Anthony Prezioso
    Anthony Prezioso

    can you make another themed fish tank like that halloween one but different

  • Sophie Y
    Sophie Y

    That’s really sad. Mistakes happen! Glad boots got the best treatment

  • Random Animations
    Random Animations

    Note to self: Don’t eat while watching Paul Cuffaro driving boots

  • Badal Desai
    Badal Desai

    Bruh ! I have recently tested positive for the Corona Virus ..... And your videos have been a relief in pain. Keep up the good work from India.

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A

    Awww poor baby. It was worse then I anticipated :(

  • Shubh Solanki
    Shubh Solanki

    Please hi your instagram acount


    I feel bad for boots

  • Meagan Burnham
    Meagan Burnham

    the people that disliked this r just jealous that that dont hv a cute goat like boots

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto

    update for ant pls

  • Karen Kitkat Keep Smiling
    Karen Kitkat Keep Smiling

    Hope Boots gets better soon xx

  • thegamingteen

    You get rain in Florida in California we got fires 🔥 😢

  • Bryant Warsono
    Bryant Warsono

    Since you want to get red foot tortoise in the I am leaving video you should get this one from this old video of yours

  • Trick your Brain
    Trick your Brain

    Paul what's your age? And I also pray for boots, he is strong goat

  • mute gaming
    mute gaming

    Wait so you have a girlfriend now she said ooh babe

  • Allison Cardoso
    Allison Cardoso

    You should breed the goats ??


    i actually have a lot of school activities rn and here i am watching ur vlog and chillin LOL AHAHHAHAHAH

  • Alvin Cole
    Alvin Cole

    I love when animals talk to you ☺️ poor guy.

  • Devin Brown
    Devin Brown

    You should get a hedgehog for a new pet

  • Vicki DeGroat
    Vicki DeGroat

    I hope he gets better soon!

  • Lisa Williams
    Lisa Williams

    get well boots x

  • 3BricksHigher

    Paul get rid if the wheels man. The tires are ok, but the holes in the wheels will break a leg quickly. They are non forgiving on small animals. Love the vids and wishing Boots a quick recovery!

  • Adelle Kalon
    Adelle Kalon

    Get well soon boots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shamim Mullick
    Shamim Mullick

    Get well soon boots

  • Spark Outlet
    Spark Outlet

    Can I please have a positive shoutout

  • Makesha Stanley
    Makesha Stanley


  • Nezan Ali
    Nezan Ali

    Shout out please my name is Aidan on your latest video thankyou

  • Nezan Ali
    Nezan Ali

    Hope he feels better

  • Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis

    Poor baby. He's in a lot of pain.

  • Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis

    That why I hate pallets. Their legs get stuck.

  • Felix Felix
    Felix Felix

    I live him credit for not asking his viewers to donate/ pay for the goats care

  • Aiden Man
    Aiden Man

    🤸 🦽🏌️


    What a qwisadince that boots not a boot

  • Lureymi Diaz
    Lureymi Diaz

    We love you goat

    • Lureymi Diaz
      Lureymi Diaz



    Poor boots

  • halo fan 1224
    halo fan 1224

    How do you keep your ducks from flying away

  • Citra Hendy
    Citra Hendy

    Boots do be screaming like: baaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Kaelyn The Rat
    Kaelyn The Rat

    I hope Boots recovers fast I love boots I feel so bad for him❤🐐

  • Vanishiny

    Dooh not good that boots got hurt. :( just hope he gets back in shape soon! and be back fit for fight in a while!

  • danmo43

    Lose the damn mask! You do NOT have to wear it ANYWHERE. Anyone trying to force you to are breaking federal discrimination laws and can be arrested. There is NO LAW. Be a damn man!

  • Pete Wilkinson
    Pete Wilkinson

    Paul I'm returning to the video maybe two or three maybe one day from when I watched it...Take your time..Take a break if needed don't stress yourself.

  • SuperBros

    He is a true G.O.A.T he will fight threw it because he is apart of the PC fam

  • William Nicholls
    William Nicholls

    Hello you should get a rabbit

  • Kris Garrison
    Kris Garrison

    😢awww Poor Boots !😭 I'm glad he is healing and feeling better. Probably cost you an arm and a leg.😲 Such a good Mommy and Daddy .❤👍

  • Anthony blanc YT
    Anthony blanc YT

    Hope boots get better he plays a big part in your famr👌

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    Fix the pallets, that is a risk you shouldn't take with your animals.

  • lazy RYAN
    lazy RYAN

    I have the same shoes

  • Paul Heintz
    Paul Heintz

    not gunna lie boots sounds like a kid getting blood drawn. sru boots love u

  • Murcutio Gaming
    Murcutio Gaming

    Paul you need a rock iguana

  • Faze Ramsay
    Faze Ramsay

    I hope boots feels better I will pray for him tonight

  • Faze Ramsay
    Faze Ramsay

    You are the best IRbin’s I know you inspired me to Love fish and now I have 1 pond and 3 fish tanks

  • Fenris Entreri
    Fenris Entreri

    You shouldn't be allowed to have even a cactus

  • John Havry
    John Havry

    R u goin to castnet the Mila cichlids

  • Marcus Jodhan
    Marcus Jodhan

    Boots we love you

  • Bzy jay
    Bzy jay

    #Paul need to talk on serious note, could u help. Actually nt for me Bt a small child...... could we pls pls talk personally?

  • Aarav Kothari
    Aarav Kothari

    Dude that picture broke/ shattered my 💓

  • Carlos Aguirre
    Carlos Aguirre

    Yikes...glad all is good now. 🥰🤗

  • Kat Heymann
    Kat Heymann

    That's why you put them in a crate in the back when transporting.

  • Elias Nasir
    Elias Nasir

    Put a like for boots

  • My Wiggle Butts Adventures
    My Wiggle Butts Adventures

    Wishing you a speedy recovery boots!

  • Little King Ryan
    Little King Ryan

    Wishing for a faster heal up☺️

  • Love of Pets
    Love of Pets

    Get better soon Boots 😃

  • Ford Edwards
    Ford Edwards

    Anybody ever wonder what happen to Paul’s lifted Chevy truck

  • Shravan M
    Shravan M

    Hey Paul please show your old German Shepard named zoey.. it’s been a long time since we cuffaro’s saw her....pls show her...who else wanna see zoey like this comment

  • Vile Mehani
    Vile Mehani

    Gr u 4 y gå yfy🥵🤮

  • Luke Waring
    Luke Waring

    What happened to Nick?! I liked it so much more when it was just you and Nick. I'm not a fan of your girlfriend i have to say who just parades around as if all the animals are hers

  • Syed maqdoom Faizan
    Syed maqdoom Faizan

    2:19 the cutest moment

  • Robert Durkin
    Robert Durkin

    Get well and take care of lovely cute goat !!😂😂😂🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • teen with Memes
    teen with Memes

    Is that your girl friend because she is in your Instagram and your videos Try not to be rude if I am sorry

  • Melissa Rodwell
    Melissa Rodwell

    I hope Boots recovers very quickly. Goats are so cool we have 3 goats.

  • Extinct Reptile
    Extinct Reptile

    awww boots you little angel I so sorry but your little and big meeeeeets make my day proud😊

  • Ammar Hossain
    Ammar Hossain

    Your zio was opend

  • Wish, Hope, Faith 3
    Wish, Hope, Faith 3

    Paul you should get a fence liner for the goat enclosure so boots can't escape and hurt his foot again.

  • Beating pewdiepie with 1 video challenge
    Beating pewdiepie with 1 video challenge

    Get well soon boots 😃👍🏻👍🏻

  • kathy norton
    kathy norton

    Omg those goats are SO precious ❤️

  • Alj The Pro
    Alj The Pro

    I was drinking boba and i saw the goats poop but its ok

  • Kristina Lasic
    Kristina Lasic

    Lot of love and hugs to sweet Boots 😍

  • cj with animals 45
    cj with animals 45

    boots has a new pink boot

  • hhoody 123
    hhoody 123

    You should put ply wood tops on all the pallets to avoid them trapping their legs in future 💪🏻👌🏼🐐🏥