MY NEW HOME!!! | Trevor Bauer Signs With The Dodgers
Excited for this next chapter. I'm going to....
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  • Hardstyle818

    Representing Valencia buddy! and Northridge/Chattswoth for us TREV! 818/661

  • The CHUD
    The CHUD

    Wow ...nice landing ...welcome home

  • HxperCali

    Who is here after Trevor threw 10 pitches and gave the team 3 outs consecutively

  • Hunter schwartz
    Hunter schwartz

    Everyone except dodgers fans are in pain after this

  • Joey Mancilla
    Joey Mancilla line ever!! LETS GO DODGERS! 🔵🔵🔵

  • Camden Ebert
    Camden Ebert

    Reds be lookin like the Orioles now 😭

  • Fernando S.
    Fernando S.

    Welcome to LA Trevor. Can't wait to go to a game. I just started following your channel today and started with your first video of free agency. Wishing you all the success here in LA. I am Orange County born and raised but have been a life long Dodgers fan since the late 70's. Fernandomania clinched the deal for me as a kid. Hope you enjoy the ride here as well.

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    Bauer power!!

  • Colin Perillo
    Colin Perillo

    Ok I’m a Mets fan this was a great video I wished You had a Mets jersey on but can’t always get what I want Good Luck In LA But I hope you weren’t trying to troll us Mets fans.

  • Sunny

    Watch him break his arm!....Lmao

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    Um can I be a Dodger fan now??? Please??

    • Donair Is Tasty
      Donair Is Tasty

      No you have to be a Mariners fan.

  • Cory Puls
    Cory Puls

    F’n GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker

    This is why MLB needs a salary cap. LA and New York out here buying WS titles

  • RV Baseball
    RV Baseball

    Why did you go to the dodgers over the Mets 😭😭

    • EthanE10

      Because dodgers are better not to be rude

  • tylor mansfield
    tylor mansfield


  • Sebastian’s 1
    Sebastian’s 1

    Will the vlog be back in the Regular Season! It was undoubtedly one of the best parts of my summer. Watchin the vlog

  • NKY Steve P
    NKY Steve P

    Thank you for the excitement you brought to Cincinnati this past season. Good luck in LA.

  • Michael Pagano
    Michael Pagano

    Why the Dodgers?? Why?? Anybody hit them. Do the Yankees. I wouldn’t have cared. Not the damn Dodgers.

  • Tardis_Kia

    If you don’t sub to Bauer your favorite team will have a World Series drought more miserable than the Cubs.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini


  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk

    Have fun losing rings to Cole!!


    All you dodger haters....keep it moist.... Bauer 'bout to tap them cheeks 😆🤣

  • Mike Decker
    Mike Decker

    Calling it now, this guy is going into politics after he's done playing a kid's game, and has thoughts of a gig at the WH. Pretty sure he'd have my vote, especially if he helps rack up some more Dodger Championships ;-)

    • Mike Decker
      Mike Decker

      @bilinas mini With this team it could be a bunch of rings over the next handful of years, making up for the bunch we should have had since 2013, and what I really want is to break the Braves record of 14 straight divisional titles! We're at 8 and counting, and the Padres have emerged as someone to get our hearts racing :-)

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Back to back World Series??🤔let’s go dodgers!!

  • Richard Song
    Richard Song

    The voice of MLB has joined my Dodgers. So happy that you chose to come back home. When we can go to games again, can’t wait to cheer you on. Congratulations on a big contract and cheers to an exciting future. It’s timeeee for Dodgerrr Baseballl~~

  • Therealking69

    you were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the dodgers not join them!

  • SLS NightRider77
    SLS NightRider77

    Let’s Go baby Bauer is my favorite pitcher dodgers go all the way in 2021 😎 I love Bauer The red are so dumb to trade him the dodger made a very good choice 👍🏻 - Dodger are the best 2021

  • Pedro Delgado
    Pedro Delgado

    Now everyone has all this negative shit to say about trevor bauer but a week ago everyone was happy to hear their team was a contender to land him lol, thats just salty people that hate to see him do great for him self and his family, and in the process land a spot in the best baseball organization in the league WELCOME TO THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS Trevor can't wait to see u out on the field helping us win another worldseries!!!

  • Emmit G
    Emmit G

    This guy is so good he can just play games with the league

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Why is no one talking about how incredible the editing is??

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown


    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Would have been nice for the mets... however I do not see any salty met fans here🧐

  • Jeremy Oh
    Jeremy Oh

    2.4k dislikes coming from Mets fans

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss


  • Ronald Diaz
    Ronald Diaz

    Bauer its obvious it was all about the money and his home town! He needed the “Mets” to help him sell himself to the Dodgers... In the end, Money talks Bu** Sh** walks but the Rich always say, a good Bu** Sh** artist always gets paid!”

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      I got goosebumps, best pitcher in baseball right now

  • Oh James
    Oh James

    Dodgers is unstoppable🔥🔥🔥

  • John Scipione
    John Scipione

    Thankful you didn't end up in NY. Already whining over autographs? You couldn't handle the NY media, and would have been a club house cancer. Good for you though that you cashed in on a mediocre career.

  • Juan Sotofan
    Juan Sotofan

    I thought this was a joke when I first watched this video

  • Pat Rec
    Pat Rec

    This brings back the cringe of "The decision". Love Bauer, but you've now raised expectations. It's championship or bust for every year he decides to stay.

  • Cesar Cartagena
    Cesar Cartagena


  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Back to back World Series??🤔let’s go dodgers!!

  • 태어나서산다

    Welcome bro

  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis

    That was well made. We'll miss you here in Cincinnati.

    • Keyshawn Scott 12
      Keyshawn Scott 12

      Sure will

  • Marcos Lucero
    Marcos Lucero

    Welcome home vato!

  • Angelo Tafoya
    Angelo Tafoya

    welcome home friend welcome to blue heaven

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      As a reds fan thank you for your time, good luck with the rest of everything to come in your career, Love you Bauer!

  • jro182

    God damnit Trevor... God damnit! #padres

  • Yeagzs85

    Back to back World Series??🤔let’s go dodgers!!

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose


  • Jack Hehir
    Jack Hehir

    Would have been nice for the mets... however I do not see any salty met fans here🧐

  • Onboarddatracks

    I got goosebumps, best pitcher in baseball right now

  • 이은성

    I hope you get along with Kershaw. I hope you get along well with the Dodgers without any problems. I hope you show good results without rash actions.

  • Aiden Pun
    Aiden Pun

    When Mets fans heard that he was going to the Dodgers 1:22

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Welcome To LA the City of CHAMPIONS

  • Tanner Byrd
    Tanner Byrd

    My Favorite player since Griffey jr

  • Zito Mayne
    Zito Mayne

    We will never speak to each other one time in lives but congratulations to you and your family on your new contract. Best of luck to you in the future.

  • Alisa Yep
    Alisa Yep

    Bless you Trevor LA Dodgers your first 12 starts for the Dodger blue you are going to go 10 wins 0 loss 1.12 era 4cg 3 sho and predict game

  • Buzzmaho

    How dare you I wanted to see coronavirus check in guy

  • Blue & Gold
    Blue & Gold

    I’ve watched this like 100 times

  • Clix_ Aqua
    Clix_ Aqua

    As a reds fan thank you for your time, good luck with the rest of everything to come in your career, Love you Bauer!

  • MLB lover
    MLB lover

    thank you for NOT signing with the NY Mets!!


    This equivalent to KD joining the Warriors. Nobody’s scoring any runs against the dodgers this season fuck them mfs from the bottom of this Giants fan’s heart😭

  • Dat Guy Harambe
    Dat Guy Harambe

    As a giants fan I am furious but as a Trevor Bauer fan I am happy for you not the dodgers

  • Random


  • Caleb Purdom
    Caleb Purdom

    The amount of chills I just got

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      I’ve watched this video sooo many times

  • Rob

    Welcome HOME!!! I've bled blue my whole life! Lasorda, Cey, Garvey, Valenzuela, Guerrero, Monday, Scioscia, and of course Bulldog. Take your place among the legends, Trevor💙

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi


  • Sergio Velazquez
    Sergio Velazquez

    Welcome To LA the City of CHAMPIONS

  • CyNx lz
    CyNx lz


  • Robbie

    This might be the best video that you have made so far

  • Mistah J 2
    Mistah J 2

    He’s gonna be a total BUST on the dodgers. FACTS!!

  • E F
    E F

    Go Reds Go Reds Go...hay man lease me one of your reds don't need em anymore...I'll wear it to every game....

  • paul VON
    paul VON

    Trevor Bauer "24 hours"

  • KJF

    Totally awesome man. With a long history in baseball, I share your crystal clear description of how life in baseball really is. You are one special dude Trevor. I wish you Godspeed with your new team. Go get ‘em and change the baseball world forever.

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    Congrats 😥

  • cmacdhon

    As a Mets fan, I was very disappointed when I heard you weren't coming here, but I wish you the very best of luck in LA! Have great season.

  • Edith Morillon
    Edith Morillon

    I- wha- am i alive?when i first saw this i couldn't believe it back to back WS?

  • noirsociety

    It's like the Dodgers just found the cheat code ( up up down down left right left right B A Start ) with Trevor Bauer

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      I wish you the worst season with a 5 era

  • Troy Kim
    Troy Kim

    letsssss goooo

  • paul :p
    paul :p

    Back 2 Back

  • paul :p
    paul :p


  • paul :p
    paul :p

    I’ve watched this video sooo many times

  • Jays forDays
    Jays forDays

    take your apology and shove it.. we see through that fake shit. See you in August, Mickey Mouse #LFGM #SMFD

  • Stephan Steele
    Stephan Steele

    So it’s cool if I boo the shit out of you on the field, but still support you off the field and follow your channel(s), right?

  • Garen Alexander
    Garen Alexander


  • Aiden Pun
    Aiden Pun

    I swear, I’ve seen this about 6 times and I still get chills from it

  • Grant Pope
    Grant Pope

    As a Phillies fan I am happy that happy that he did not sign with the Mets

  • HyundaiYang1987

    So you are telling me You rather take the 2020 Champions instead of the 2015 Champions?

  • Prodigy Card Breaks
    Prodigy Card Breaks

    Your a joke “Mets are my number 2” and don’t act like the jersey is more than the game all ur chasing is money

    • Abraham G
      Abraham G

      Actually Mets offered him more than LA. So it was something else. Maybe his home town of LA? Plus good money too? Idk

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez

    Hell Yeah!!

  • Inspiredllama Gaming
    Inspiredllama Gaming

    Who would wanna play with the damn mets

  • Bike Rob
    Bike Rob

    I SO wanted to subscribe to your channel but you had to sign with the Dodgers and NOT the Angels. Hey we fired that pitching coach and all!!!

  • The varity gamer
    The varity gamer

    I wish you the worst season with a 5 era

  • MLB lover
    MLB lover

    i'm glad he'll be taking his drama with him to LA not to NY.

  • Simptistics YT
    Simptistics YT

    Wish u would’ve stayed in Cleveland😢

  • Chuck Petersen
    Chuck Petersen

    Dodger style will always beat the Padre bravado. See you at Petco, Dodger Stadium South.

  • Ru Ru
    Ru Ru


  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuy

    You better be as good as Lebron if you’re making a video like this Trev

  • SB Baseball
    SB Baseball

    Your gonna need to change your profile picture

  • chainsawbat

    Not a red anymore so unfollowed wish you nothing but success in the future congratulations On the big contract

  • RM The Unknown One
    RM The Unknown One

    Aren't you from the 818? Welcome back home! Cant wait to see you live *consistantly* !

  • Emet Polak
    Emet Polak


    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy

      know deep down that every last word here is true. Jesus Christ awaits YOU this very moment. Don’t even think about sleeping tonight until you surrender your life to him,

  • NoCharge Films
    NoCharge Films

    2021 Dodgers Broadcasters: Swing & a Miss

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    Why is no one talking about how incredible the editing is??

  • Dan Borst
    Dan Borst

    So glad you signed with someone Trever not many free agents are being signed this year so you should be lucky that the Dodgers picked you up of the free agent bus now you ride the dodger bus have fun with Max muncy

  • Tonyy P
    Tonyy P

    What else can I say that wasn’t already said in this video, welcome back home ! Let’s go dodgers!