My NEW Kill RECORD in Warzone! 😯 INSANE 40 KILL GAME!
My NEW Kill RECORD in Warzone! 😯 INSANE 40 KILL GAME!
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  • Audacity FN
    Audacity FN

    Your soo good at this game and good content keep it up

  • Bryant Walsh
    Bryant Walsh

    I got a 32 kill game with the aug and kar but you’re better than me anyway

  • Lane Williams
    Lane Williams

    My pr is 4 but I only played 1 game

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez

    Anyone knows the attachments to his smg

  • VegtableFart

    who removed this mans neck.

  • Brunick 99
    Brunick 99


  • AaDiT_ K47
    AaDiT_ K47

    My pr is 14

  • Logan Carson
    Logan Carson

    YOU ARE SO GOOOOOOOOOD I WISH I WAS AS GOOD AS YOU BRO could you give you give me a hout uot my gamertag is Bomber_boy79

  • Khan Hocagil
    Khan Hocagil

    I only got like 8

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller

    my highest kills in a game was 150

  • Cassandra Ortiz
    Cassandra Ortiz

    50 kills

  • Deezie Jones
    Deezie Jones

    How many times have I heard “NeckMercs” 😂😂😂😂

  • Mikaylan Kunnie
    Mikaylan Kunnie

    Nobody: Pk:drop ur cash let him res his teammates ...

  • Drew Gamble
    Drew Gamble

    my pr is 15 bc im trash

  • Jonah Mikhael
    Jonah Mikhael


  • Jameson Forbes
    Jameson Forbes

    Que pasa

  • Jovan Glisic
    Jovan Glisic

    my pr? 3... Enough to start streaming WZ? :D

  • Eli Nickels
    Eli Nickels

    what is the mac-10 setup

  • Valerys Fundora
    Valerys Fundora

    no one gonna talk about nicks messed up mac 10 class?

  • Faze Ayden
    Faze Ayden


  • Yoda3xx Yoda3xx
    Yoda3xx Yoda3xx

    10:42 how tf you seen him 😂

  • Daisy Budarin
    Daisy Budarin

    Why u fat now bro

  • Mel Laviolette
    Mel Laviolette

    na dude na 40 KILLS OOMMGG my record is 20

  • gosht claped
    gosht claped



    My kill record is 53 buddy

  • Bogdan Bageag
    Bogdan Bageag

    Can't believe i missed this !!!

  • Chico Corado
    Chico Corado

    Big Ed?

  • RNG- Dizzle
    RNG- Dizzle

    Wants 40k likes gets 100k likes lol

  • Brian Goku
    Brian Goku

    Nicks neck is slowly disappearing.

  • Monopoly God
    Monopoly God

    My PR is 44 on 22 in black ops 4

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham

    PR is 8 💀💀

  • BoxsWas Taken
    BoxsWas Taken

    he is litteraly noah beck 😭

  • Бисекеев Алан
    Бисекеев Алан

    wide neck

  • chance tiehes
    chance tiehes

    my personal record is 52 1v1 me nick :)


    It was actually 39 bruh

  • Patty Millz
    Patty Millz

    Speros on steroids

  • K Kirby
    K Kirby

    my PR rn is 32 in solos

  • Lisandro

    Necks time he should go for 50 kills

  • jennings 775
    jennings 775

    29 kills on duos and 27 on trios

  • Music 4 U
    Music 4 U

    Your neck has less inches than I do dads

  • Striker

    My pr is 26

  • Obey Fuller
    Obey Fuller

    Neck mercs

  • AttentLLC

    20 kills

  • Jaefrmthabndo

    why does nick look fat

  • Nastynate2604 H
    Nastynate2604 H

    My pr is 13

  • Carbon Fire
    Carbon Fire

    69 pr

  • Promptify 300CAPO
    Promptify 300CAPO


  • Evan Bauman
    Evan Bauman

    My pr is 19

  • Cardzz-_-

    never realised that nick was so wide and had no neck

  • profit bear
    profit bear

    This is bananas

  • Adi White
    Adi White

    PK is the only person who constantly calls "he's one shot" and its actually tru

  • Jaylan Salguero
    Jaylan Salguero

    he started gameplay at 2:14

  • Manny Moo
    Manny Moo

    Doro! peace and love baby!

  • Jesse Cocks
    Jesse Cocks

    Imagine saying u got 40 kills when u got 39 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Gaming Ace
    Gaming Ace

    Dose nick have a neck??

  • aqopic !
    aqopic !

    My PR is 18

  • Rjf Rjf
    Rjf Rjf

    Wait it wasn’t 40 kills??!!! WTF NICK

  • Jesus Lira
    Jesus Lira

    where his neck at??

  • Jawsh

    No offence nick but ur nick i sick af

  • Gary Wharton
    Gary Wharton

    the zone moved back over buy at the end you should have left him/

  • School Threat
    School Threat


  • jacobshadowburn Bru
    jacobshadowburn Bru

    Bro wtf is up with your neck you got a whole turkey leg as a neck

  • Stealth YT
    Stealth YT

    Pr is 34

  • Chris Paraschou
    Chris Paraschou


  • xDawggin 2k
    xDawggin 2k

    Nick u should tryout the ksp45 it’s 2 head shots. For kill 4 body shots for kill its smg

  • Liquid Zbar
    Liquid Zbar

    Lol 39 kills CAP CAP CAP

  • Lxcky Charms
    Lxcky Charms

    neckmercs you're too nice at this game man keep it up

  • Argjend Kamili
    Argjend Kamili

    Ayden broke u record.

  • Ethan Ray
    Ethan Ray

    Man I see why his name is nick and not neck

  • Trix On 60 FPS
    Trix On 60 FPS

    3 I started two weeks ago

  • Aryan Hadizadeh
    Aryan Hadizadeh

    Wtf happend to his neck??

  • Kiaikai Cloud
    Kiaikai Cloud


  • Thomas Zorn
    Thomas Zorn

    My pr is only 15 any tips to get it higher?

  • Dee Brit
    Dee Brit

    40 kill game lol really hard to typ 39 -.-

  • Nicholas Green
    Nicholas Green

    Stop bullying him lol his neck is there I think

  • Naimad Llams
    Naimad Llams

    my PR is only 13.. sigh

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell

    can you do a secondarys only

  • Carolina Cuestas
    Carolina Cuestas

    Why do you buy so many uavs?

  • Hyrum Harten
    Hyrum Harten

    where's his neck

  • Goku_better Blue 69
    Goku_better Blue 69

    My record is 25 kills

  • daniel yakuta
    daniel yakuta

    Tf wrong w this niggas neck

  • Ikasnu


  • Adrian Palacios
    Adrian Palacios

    My pr is 18

  • ii Bounceback
    ii Bounceback

    KP hmm

  • Toastiest

    Well my pr is 7 but it was my first ever game on warzone today then I got off

  • Slmy

    Insane 39* kill game...

  • Jason Huang
    Jason Huang

    where's his neck tho

  • Cylokillz Cylo clan
    Cylokillz Cylo clan

    What happened to ur neck

  • Lucas Espinoza
    Lucas Espinoza

    who else is in pain when they see nick get 39 and ur record is 16

  • Moazam Khan
    Moazam Khan

    This title card gave me cancer

  • Marius Beernink
    Marius Beernink

    for the ppl the vid starts at 2.15

  • VolatileGaming

    nick for a videop idea every time you get a kill you swap your loadout with there guns

  • KG_ Blerd
    KG_ Blerd

    Why is your neck so big.😁

  • Sol Basten
    Sol Basten

    My pr is 7

  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders

    Neck reveal?

  • Chase Brunsch
    Chase Brunsch

    My PR is 17 I’ve never won a game tho lol

  • Jacob Grim
    Jacob Grim


  • Daniel Harding
    Daniel Harding

    my pr is 2 kill

  • kcasey 1109
    kcasey 1109

    my pr is 27