My Pillow Guy Spouts The Same Election Fraud Lies The Ex-President Plans To Use At Impeachment Trial
The disgraced former president's legal filing indicates he plans to repeat his lies about election fraud at trial, the same lies that My Pillow founder Mike Lindell keeps spouting in interviews even after being sued by Dominion Voting Systems. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Sustainable R. Solutions
    Sustainable R. Solutions

    Too f'in funny!

  • Craven Greene
    Craven Greene

    It's pretty fucking sad that "comedians" on late night TV have so much pull in the MSM "news" game. ...and the sheep says, "Ba-a-a!"

  • Maurits

    Now DominionVoting Systems sues Mike Lindell for $1.3billion 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cindy Eggleton
    Cindy Eggleton

    Are you blind, ignorant OR both? No fraud? WHAT? YOU CANT HAVE MORE PEOPLE VOTE THAN PEOPLE REGISTERED TO VOTE. My 10 year old kid worked it out! Won’t be watching you again! Shameful!

  • john peele
    john peele

    Thanks for the "What?"!!!

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos

    Stephen in his roll-neck sweater just makes me want him to take off his glasses, look at camera and say, “Hello neighbor.”

  • Horace Blair
    Horace Blair

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  • michelle douge
    michelle douge

    I like Colbert

  • David Larimer
    David Larimer

    Mitch McConnell looks like Winston Churchill what on a crash diet oh that loose skin

  • Sari Guys
    Sari Guys

    Im so sorry but i never put a comment on anything but Stephen Colbert is the funniest dude ever. Especially when im high.

  • Namoi Ostman
    Namoi Ostman

    My Pillow sucks! I don't recommend. Especially, the vacuumed packed "pillows" don't perform as advertised. They do not stay "cool" (unless you flip it WAAAAY to often.) The UNBELIEVABLE BEDHEAD it creates will cost you time. Waste of money.

  • Martin Pelletier
    Martin Pelletier

    Sorry for peoples of America. You have a lot of morons on your TV show.

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7

    I can Believe I used to think you were great. That was till you sold out

  • James Sparkman
    James Sparkman

    The claim that people stole election from him is fake you should read too much and never enough because the book reveals how Donald trump embraced cheating as a way of life but cheating is wrong so dials trump is just a wise guy called ho needs to know he’s crossed the line

  • Fred Patzold
    Fred Patzold

    That's why the BBB gave my pillow an f-rating LOL you know what they say once a crackhead

  • Soul Intent
    Soul Intent

    If it was all lies, why have you people been throwing fits for 4 yrs and STILL throwing fits after everything is over? This is literally like watching children get upset because they got caught doing something wrong. Except with sad, pathetic adults who touch children and belong in jail.

  • Mars Gravel
    Mars Gravel

    The Absolute proof video was more than 1 hour and 50 mins long. This video only lasts about 13 mins long. Mr. Colbert you can do better to prove your argument that he is lying.

  • Sandra Lee Hurst
    Sandra Lee Hurst

    Crucial work as always, and wonderful graphics. 🥀🥀🥀

  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice Gardner

    The imported lamp specially deserve because wax feasibly rot of a delirious musician. dynamic, ethereal flood

  • not u
    not u

    so what bully its job security for you and your immature bullying of an example how old are you your kool its discusting to watch you show your menyality steven

  • Hey Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Hey

    That news segment was pure comedy on its own. It didn’t even need any commentary. These people are jokes. But very dangerous jokes because people follow them.

  • Syde Waze
    Syde Waze

    well MORON he was ACQUITTED !!!! how you like THAT?

  • Clay Stewart
    Clay Stewart

    An other liar!

  • IdontneedWelfare GottaEarnYourliving
    IdontneedWelfare GottaEarnYourliving

    Hey Demoncrat supporters, you can address your options but don’t start a vandalism, hatred or threatening to anyone who don’t agree with you. Show some class. Use your intelligence and your skills to win people hearts. Don’t ever do Burning Looting M... again. Work hard to earn a respect is the way to go forward.

  • Freedom One
    Freedom One

    Colbert I thought I told you to go away, your just pathetic and embarrassing as are your viewers.

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    It is February 14th and Mr Donald Trump has been acquitted for a second time. In no time in the history of this country has a president been impeached twice and BOTH TIMES JUSTICES HAS BEEN SERVED AND HE HAS BEEN ACQUITTED BOTH TIMES... ha ha ha ha ha ha ... oh Stephen you and all your minority illegal alien supporters must be absolutely livid with this... poor poor poor baby . Justice has been served at least in this case. Now let’s get back on the road to a better America and put Mr Trump back into the WHITE house in a few years. There may actually be a God after all.

  • Suzanne Giannini
    Suzanne Giannini

    Bad Kujo

  • Nickus Christ
    Nickus Christ

    Tommy tuberville hit on alot of moms during recruitment visits.....ask his former players and assistant coaches

  • The Judas Resurrection
    The Judas Resurrection

    “His Limitations.. The Riot Act.. 6 JAN 21” The Judas Resurrection

  • Mari Lou
    Mari Lou

    Blind and deaf.. sad

  • Jo L
    Jo L

    Colbert is a vile personality.

  • Jr Ramos
    Jr Ramos

    The bored vein embryologically mix because acknowledgment curiously desert down a cooperative stopsign. scientific, taboo flax

  • Allan Clark
    Allan Clark

    Cujo... waa! Pure Pyrhon. 😄

  • Allan Clark
    Allan Clark

    I've been a Democrat all my life. I've never seen such shit in all my 59 years.This includes my diaper years!! MAGA: Morally Absent Government Agitators.

  • Allan Clark
    Allan Clark

    MAGA: Morally Absent Government Agitators.

  • michael cassillo
    michael cassillo

    if influential people like yourself who are seeing exactly what me who is just a regular working man is seeing and you cant do anything about it imagine how frustrated i am smh

  • ICU

    Wow the Left has really lost it....they feel the need to go after the "My Pillow Guy" Low life Dems keep embarrassing themselves.

  • osborne007

    Insurrectionists should be hung in the public park on TV. Maybe Central Park with Chris Matthews doing the MC honors?

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    Dont pretend like I'm your friend just business

  • Judy Spears
    Judy Spears

    You're the biggest liar I know

  • wearefromoutthere

    They might as well call this the butt hurt hour.

  • GMAN32901

    Watch his video and draw your on conclusions. You must have courage and an open mind. Every American should be concerned - especially politicians

  • Jordan

    It was the Cujo attack that did it for me.

  • Tina H
    Tina H

    Love Jon Basitse! Congratulations! ❤️

  • Trevor Sizzle
    Trevor Sizzle

    Oh hay PPJT did that hollyboob thing.

  • Marcus Anthony Ray
    Marcus Anthony Ray

    Wow Steven I’m so surprised... who’s paying you off to spread the lies and why are you supporting corruption! Many of us have walked away from you, but I’m sure it’s of no concern.

  • Rockd

    News Max like the others fear litigation... surrounding the what we all know happened with the election... don’t be fooled by the wolves that wear sheep’s clothing... THE TRUTH WILL EVENTUALLY SURFACE And WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH FOR-SURE MY FRIENDS.. Mike’s not where he is because he’s stupid. Wake up!

  • Loral Oral
    Loral Oral

    Hollyweird puppet gtfoh

  • bounty man
    bounty man

    You are a poor man.

  • ego lux invicta
    ego lux invicta

    ...why bother impeaching an ex president? should clue you in.

  • invent this
    invent this

    Democrats stole 72 trillion dollars this week are using armed soldiers to stay in power, but Tumps the bad guy and the my pillow guy. Democrats held riots and burned city down for 4 years

  • Ed JESUS is love and truth!
    Ed JESUS is love and truth!

    100% stupidity

  • Thembile Matebesi
    Thembile Matebesi

    Oh so, who bears the burden of proof? The one making it or the one dispuring it? You make a claim, you have to prove it if compelled to.

  • BobbyDuke

    who will you nazi's turn your hate on now that the presidency has been stolen? on anyone else that exposes what horrible humans you barely are. you're motto is "ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH STEALING, FROM YOUR NEIGHBOR!.

  • Mario Miletty
    Mario Miletty

    great job Jon Batiste! Musical genius this guy.

  • Criminy Cricket
    Criminy Cricket

    Is it not a disservice to women to give out awards just because they are women?

  • Caerus la Fox
    Caerus la Fox

    Ah yes your weekly dose of nazi propaganda. Goebbels would be very proud of you Stephen

  • Doug Stanton
    Doug Stanton

    Your milk might curdle in the teet. 😂😂😂😂

  • Kenny Phillips
    Kenny Phillips

    They aren't lies you low life

  • JOhn elliot
    JOhn elliot

    We all know the election was stolen and rigged ... Stop with the trash brainwashing ... We are tired of the lies.

  • stuped stuff
    stuped stuff

    So space laser don’t exist then?

  • Wayne Pierce
    Wayne Pierce

    You sick

  • A FatherlyVocation
    A FatherlyVocation

    What the heck is your show about?

  • Sylver Serf
    Sylver Serf

    Coal bear, how stupid is your audience?

  • The king scene
    The king scene

    Stephen you touted actual conspiracy theories for years... I just wanted to remind you

    • Cristina DeCisneros
      Cristina DeCisneros

      The Colbert Report was Satire....

  • Nicholas Cisneros
    Nicholas Cisneros

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  • Rob Cisneros
    Rob Cisneros

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  • DinnerBells

    How about you start reporting Biden's crimes, Stephen?

  • Lillie Hernandez
    Lillie Hernandez

    I am so upset that I ever bought a pillow from that MORON, I want my money back!!!

  • Ariana Marvelous
    Ariana Marvelous

    Bitcoinsamurai are lifesavers! Just when I thought about quitting a job I really love and be thrown into uncertainty I found them and it initially did come off as a side gig. It pays as much as my boss does for less work.

  • Matt Reinhart
    Matt Reinhart

    Quit putting this fucking shit onto my phone!

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez

    The bored pizza crucially grease because advice postsynaptically blot off a macabre effect. impossible, apathetic trade

  • Diana Cole
    Diana Cole

    Greene is a Danger!!! What's wrong the Republicans!!!

  • Alyssa Brown- Washington
    Alyssa Brown- Washington

    If it was not filmed, no one would ever believe this is where we are in teh world today.

  • martin leger
    martin leger

    What a crappy waste of a good talent. He sticks to the Liberal narratives and is a puppet.

  • Mike Tang
    Mike Tang

    The capricious pancake whitely try because tulip suprisingly count in a unknown group. finicky, hysterical fifth

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    These people have nothing better to talk about than Trump lol like shut up already

  • vcarter0723

    8:30 that’s my favorite show!!! Super expensive, but totally worth it.

  • robin2012ism

    the cujo gag was surprising and fun.

  • Jeremy Two
    Jeremy Two

    It is a mathematical improbability Senator Biden won fairly. This confirmed by more than one mathematician. The evidence of the mathmatitions was dismissed by corrupt power in the courts. This has nothing to do with politics. This is a take over by force of cheating and lying from the corrupt Globalist in our country. I would follow Commander in Chief President Trump into a highly organized Republic party civil war battle at his command. Freedom at free. We have to fight for and protect our freedoms.

    • That Jeff
      That Jeff

      Except a reputable mathematician proved that the person you're claiming has factual evidence of fraud doesn't know how to do statistics. Honestly, if I was the university that hired him, I'd seriously consider getting rid of him for such a lousy job at "mathing."

  • Jeremy Two
    Jeremy Two

    President Trump knows how to handle China. President Trump come back to the White House. I don't want to be a Communist cow. Is stupidity throwing away freedom and wanting to be treated like cows?

  • WickedKingLycoan

    Nothing like stupid, ignorant and angry. Yes, reach towards them for a rational argument.

  • ludmilla roman
    ludmilla roman

    Forced smiles, but you can tell, he's just not a happy clown, your so-called comedian. Your president has dementia, his Veep couldn't turn out 3 percent in the primaries. no comedy any more? The days of comedy central are over? Even though according to time magazine, your secret arrangement with john podesta and the corporate cabal (time magazine's word) rescued us from a menace, a dictator, a fascist and racist... hmm, you all still seem terribly unhappy. No cause for celebration? No impromptu cheering in the streets after such a historic ousting of pure evil from D.C? Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer to the rescue. no? according to NYT 200 flipped from Barack Obama to Donald J. in 2016. Joe Biden only 25 of them back... more black votes than 2016, more latino votes than 2016... you 'won' by fraud. Celebrate. It's what you do, you cheat. Own it, don't be shy. Mexico knows it, Europe knows it. Eat it, live with it.

  • Eric Nash
    Eric Nash

    The one aluminum ethically behave because sex realistically back before a low calculus. toothsome, subsequent siberian

  • Lon D
    Lon D

    Have none of you read Time Magazines 'The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign " If that didn't contribute dramatically to a skewed election, there is truly no hope for democracy.Try reading it as if it was conservatives running the cabal recruiting right wing groups and if that's how elections should be run. No matter what side of the isle your on this behavior should scare the crap out of you.

  • Keith Spain Jr
    Keith Spain Jr

    I love how you call people out in this, ( "civilized" ), Country... Society... Whatever you want to call this deeply corrupt reality called humanity. Or United States or whatever franchise tag no one has the right to pin on other people's place of home... Which seems to be more of a dying concept everyday, ( home ). To me.. A home seems nothing more only bad people get to have... So they have a place to be attacked at.. After they are forced to take advantage of anyone they can. So a bunch of other people who couldn't give two sh$ts even if they wanted to, about the guy they exploit for a dollar and to win a popularity contest. Next thing you know your being threatened with legality by the worst murderous club of people.. By a even more corrupt branch of Government. And you see people. How your Constitution is worthless. How Democracy is just Bitched smacked by Capitalism. Sad and pathetic. One big web of lies. That will only ever get sorted out by the people who actually like untangling fishing reel wire. 😔😒. Smh.

  • xisting4u youtube
    xisting4u youtube

    That's the thing...they are not lies...use to be funny guy.

  • joe

    You can mock God's people all you want but the flames will be your reward

  • WiSkify

    You should not be friends with James Corden.

  • Reed Maxwell
    Reed Maxwell

    If “Secret Jewish Space Laser” isn’t a band in Bushwick by 2022, I will be very disappointed.

  • Terry Dolan
    Terry Dolan

    The thought of Trent Reznor and Jon Batiste being in the same room makes me feel weird.

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    If you can, confirm the company you're purchasing from does not ship with PITNEY BOWES. It will save you a lot of grief. Pass It On!

  • nicole monrue
    nicole monrue

    Reading these comments has shown me how far gone we are, many of you have lost friends, argued with family members, co workers and been kicked off airplanes and denied service because of all this. This guy isn't making anything better. They've separated us we'll never come together again unless something like 9/11 happens again. Stephen give it a rest dude, you've spent 4 years of hating someone you don't even know. Most of you did. All of us have listened to the national news, news commentators, late night talk show hosts, award shows, even sports and its gotten all of us angered. Stuff like this is just separating us more.

  • al norrie
    al norrie

    Award season is fantastic. Watching egotistical millionaire actors getting awards for being egotistical millionaire actors is brilliant after I come home after working in a cold warehouse for 14 hours and watching the STARS get their awards it just makes me so happy inside.

  • goodmagic

    did my pillow guy take the brown acid?

  • Jaefar SABNW
    Jaefar SABNW


  • SUSAN Francis
    SUSAN Francis

    Congrats James💕!!!

  • SUSAN Francis
    SUSAN Francis

    Congrats John💕!!!

  • Alyssa Brown- Washington
    Alyssa Brown- Washington

    My Pillow Guy was going full steam off the track Grand Wreck 1918 style

  • m tsula
    m tsula

    If Mike Lindell lose his business, he may become a drug addict again. If he is not using now.