NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020
“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

  • G M
    G M

    you’re the president of the united states and you don’t know what Qanon is?

  • DisplayName

    This is more an argument than it is an interview

  • DisplayName

    "They would hug me and they would touch me" - DT

  • Ayesha Mombey
    Ayesha Mombey

    She’s so gullible there’s no widespread fraud tuuuhhh

  • Timothy Campbell
    Timothy Campbell

    Donald Trump people are so stupid They will believe all these lies even when he changes his mine in the middle of a sentence😂😂😂

  • Jesica McCoy
    Jesica McCoy

    I can’t understand why it’s any of her business who he owes a debt to. This lady is Rude!!! Trump 2020

  • Mandah Goodall
    Mandah Goodall

    TRUMP 2020-2028 ❤

  • Diar Gashi
    Diar Gashi

    OMG the black woman behind Trump is true!

  • Mel B
    Mel B

    omg trump is absolutely crazy and tiring... how are you americans dealing with such a loser

    • N

      Drinking. Alot

  • xy yx
    xy yx

    I wonder if DJT really wanted another 4 years...I think his presidency was something he could add to his resume; to say he did it. I think many around the country grew bigger balls the last 4 years listening to him speak. He created liveliness and laughter that will never be forgotten whether you like it or not. Go Trump!

  • Omari Polite
    Omari Polite

    I like the lady in the background agreeing with Trump!!! You go lady!!!!!!

  • Dan Shutter
    Dan Shutter

    This woman is the worst

  • Resort Showcases
    Resort Showcases

    The maskless clown LOST.

  • Viromi Fernando
    Viromi Fernando

    Instead of Darwinian Evolution, or Rothschilds controlling the central banks and therefore the governments of almost all countries, An Cheneyian Evolution to negatively stimulate all world powers if they don't choose war. A political evolution of choice not Darwinian Evolution of natural selection, rather artificial selection, like dogs.

  • Viromi Fernando
    Viromi Fernando

    Is he too hot to touch? teaching Republican Party start war re-election future? He is Carter. Second coming.

  • Matty B Goode
    Matty B Goode

    There is no digital army.😅

  • Andrew Mendez
    Andrew Mendez

    just put 15:08 on repeat lmaoooo

  • Dylan Sikes
    Dylan Sikes

    Q is here❤️

  • TacticalD

    Trump 2020

    • Maksie0


  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia

    Savanah, so disrespectful announcing President Trump without his title of ”President.”

  • Valerie Gee
    Valerie Gee

    "It's rounding the corner" He needs to stop saying that like for real


    sad to say that theirs actually people that support this idiot smh.

  • the rockford files
    the rockford files

    @SavannahGuthrie :: hey molly home maker savannah gutherie -- why dont you let google maps tell you to drive this way over a cliff so you can do us all a favor

    • Matty B Goode
      Matty B Goode

      You're trash.

  • arahimi kh
    arahimi kh

    Just the women behind him!

  • Michel Russell
    Michel Russell

    Master of dodging questions and not answering a damn thing

  • Brenda Young
    Brenda Young

    Joe Biden will not make a good president

  • Brenda Young
    Brenda Young

    Joe Biden should not have won and not going to make a good president

  • Brenda Young
    Brenda Young

    I think President Trump should have won

  • woodycheung1125



    13:40 The Demon bares it’s fangs Look at how disgustingly heinous she gets with him, she was sent on a mission; a mission of pure evil.

  • Angel ofIron
    Angel ofIron


  • marg Aretha
    marg Aretha

    is useless talking to a m4dman

  • LaBruja Salvadorena
    LaBruja Salvadorena

    As democrate leaning even the reporter annoyed me geeze this is trumps town hall let him speak lady why didnt she host biden if she was going to debate trump

  • collt 091
    collt 091


  • some dude with a YouTube channel
    some dude with a YouTube channel

    B R U H

  • Rex Trivago
    Rex Trivago

    biden won the presidency guys

  • GGirll22

    2020 Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brayden hanzelka
    Brayden hanzelka

    Shes literally trying to argue and outsmart a guy who ran the united states of america

    • WhiskersMcTabby

      Yeah, ran it into the ground like his businesses. :'D Lol. Good riddance, Trump. ;D

  • Vince J
    Vince J

    Trump should have cut the interview short and said he was late for dinner.

    • The Trash Brothers
      The Trash Brothers

      that man's never been late for dinner in his life

  • Hey Girl Hey
    Hey Girl Hey

    Will not watch the Today Show again until she is gone even if it were Biden she was bullying here. NOT a good look Savannah!!!

  • Kahlil B Thomas
    Kahlil B Thomas

    Sis is EATIN it in that sweater and her red fit 😂

  • Antonio Banderas
    Antonio Banderas


  • Katrin FitzGerald
    Katrin FitzGerald

    I can see that people are convinced that they are right and what they know is the truth. Noone is listening. The questions are not questions but accusations. The answers are dodging the questions. Noone is really interested in truly listening and learning. That is why there is no true progress, no true unity and no true peace in this world.

  • Raven Burton
    Raven Burton

    I'm a blue voter but I do find it annoying that the moderator grilled him about masks for like 10 mins. We all know he caught Covid, where are the relevant questions?

  • Larry H
    Larry H

    Amazing how the video has been doctored to blur the audience out. Live it was amazing how the lady in the red mask over the Presidents shoulder, who happened to be black, was in total agreement with everything the President said.

  • 튜브nice

    ❣️🇰🇷🧑‍🦳GO Trump❣️🇺🇸❣️

  • Young Border Hop
    Young Border Hop

    She obviously has a bias against him, y’all are idiots ISTG

  • dwa dd
    dwa dd

    "democrat/ undecided - leaning Biden" yeah right

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      January are you going to try to spend more time with your grandkids before you take the office of the presidency?

  • jmlrugby11

    Hey CNBC just wanted to let you know that Savannah’s actions here singlehandedly secured my vote for trump (aka a vote AGAINST the media)

    • Matty B Goode
      Matty B Goode

      You're a fool.

    • Maksie0


    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      WoW that’s the only thing I can say about that comment WoW

  • bandejamontañera

    when i see trump has all the patience and composure in accommodating this crazy lady's questions, i know trump is the right president for 2020. if its biden in the trump's place, he would be like, come on man, come on man!!!

    • Maksie0

      @ERNESTO felix "Trump fights for democracy" he's literally screaming on Twitter that they should stop counting votes

    • ERNESTO felix
      ERNESTO felix

      Trump fights for democracy if he was not.. That woman would be in jail already. Just imagine her in a communist country she would not count it alive. You do not have a president like that in third world countries either. I have to say: I respect that Man for the tolerance and patience he shows when dealing with the media unlike Joe biden who calls them ¨lying dog face pony soldiers¨, or ¨Fats¨, ¨Dann Liars¨¨ or ask them to shut up in public like he did with Trump in the first debate

  • LadyBugsss

    Having to watch this for a school assignment is something I will never forgive the US School systems for.

    • Future GM
      Future GM

      You poor thing. Hope you'll get that A.

    • LadyBugsss

      @Rebecca M I would agree but this video was just so awful lol, I was almost curling into a ball and dying during half of this.

    • Rebecca M
      Rebecca M

      I would say that in theory at an appropriate age (somewhere around high school) there could be some benefits from watching and analizing political debates ,since being an informed voter is important and schools could help students ease into that roll and start getting involved in our democracy from early on .... buttttt it is too easy to use that to indoctrinate a certain political view and also when not even at an age close enough to 18 there is no point in talking politics any way...

    • My Tube
      My Tube

      Sooo wack

    • Jordan Scherr
      Jordan Scherr

      Dude me toooooo

  • priscilla scutching
    priscilla scutching

    Trump is sad and liar

  • Charlie McTruth
    Charlie McTruth

    What a witch

  • Aleksandrs Antonovs
    Aleksandrs Antonovs

    A humble opinion from Europe - Trump is the only answer for America. MAGA!

  • Kristine K
    Kristine K

    Dump Trump! He is unstable. Go Biden 🇺🇸

  • Wendy T.
    Wendy T.

    Check this out before it is taken down. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ms6ddJXKpKejzn8.html

  • mrogan peters
    mrogan peters

    Vote for Trump

  • mrogan peters
    mrogan peters

    Everyone vote for Trump!! He has a destiny to fulfill for America. He is a man after God's heart. It is better to deal with the devil you know, than the the angel you dont know. Even David took Uriah's wife but God was with him.

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose


  • Alexandra Williams
    Alexandra Williams

    #voteforBiden2020 #wearamask #downwithtoxicrelationshipforcelebs2020 #downwithdonaldtrump2020 #californiaforbiden2020 #Putgodfirstinyourfuture #trumpneverkeephispromisestoeveryone

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      doing for the last 4 years. It's not rocket science, WE all see the Trump destruction all around us. And mark my words, like Hitler, we will all live to regret the day Trump was


    I wonder if she’s related to Gloria Allred ?


    I have to agree he lies about 90% of the time. But I said he did pretty good considering he walked into a walking colonoscopy


    WoW that’s the only thing I can say about that comment WoW


    A question to trump I voted for you in 2016 my question is what in the hell are you thinking Biden question Joe Biden if you win the election in 2020 before you take office in January are you going to try to spend more time with your grandkids before you take the office of the presidency?

  • bonaom

    Is this another debate or town hall meeting? Also he looks so uncomfortable on that little stool.

  • Swirvin' Birds
    Swirvin' Birds

    That's not the President of the United States pushing a lie nationally to the American people... That was a retweet. 😒

  • Secretly Sims
    Secretly Sims

    Man CNBC sure is ballsy about not disabling the comments section.

  • ab9957

    there's something aggressive about the way Trump was...sitting there...

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      Because you are president not joe biden

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    President trump is literally debating the media. Wtf is going on?!

    • Lady Lush
      Lady Lush

      They constantly attack him, he’s so calm I would have lost it with them by now

    • Damien Santiamo
      Damien Santiamo

      The media is terrified of him because the Russia collusion hoax was a know lie by many in the media. Pushing a lie that was intended to remove a president by less than legal means is a non-violent coup'de tat. Lots of room has been made at GITMO prison. They are in full panic mode.

  • Lawrence Correia
    Lawrence Correia

    Dump the Trump!!

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King

    I love how the screen goes black for certain parts of the interview lol

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      between you and President Trump . You showed your true colors

  • poopface mcturdy
    poopface mcturdy

    the woman behind trump is hot...that's all I have to say.

  • Stephen Gomez
    Stephen Gomez

    I love how the volume on her mic is higher than trumps lol

  • Vote for Country Vote for Decency
    Vote for Country Vote for Decency

    Wow! It's TOO late for Valerie Brockie, that fact is obvious. First thing Valerie Brockie said cements this fact. "Trump loves you all" Trump has spread hate and RACISM since before he took office, and Valerie Brockie calls that love. When someone kicks you in the face and calls you names, like Trump does everyday, Valerie Brockie calls that love. When Trump called OUR Soldiers "SUCKERS and LOSERS", Valerie Brockie calls that love. When Trump had women in cages and had doctors perform illegal hysterectomies on the immigrants, Valerie Brockie calls that love. When Trump told Putin he believed him and not U.S. intelligence, Valerie Brockie calls that love. When Trump cited with White Supremacy and RACISM, Valerie Brockie calls that love. When Trump LIES led to 215,000 dead Americans, Valerie Brockie call that love. When will Trump's kind of sickening love end? .....let's ask Valerie Brockie. Trump is no good for America. Trump NEVER was good for America. Trump will destroy America as Trump and SENATE GOP have been doing for the last 4 years. It's not rocket science, WE all see the Trump destruction all around us. And mark my words, like Hitler, we will all live to regret the day Trump was born.... But our children will suffer much worse because of Trump and SENATE Republicans. VOTE to rid ourselves of the Trump Criminal Administration. DUMP Trump 2020! KKK

  • Yansix

    Look at 55:18 😂🇺🇸 #trump2020

  • michaelmikepp

    Please win sir

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    savannah guthrie: for the 100th time donald, do you denounce white supremacy?

  • {Love Potion}
    {Love Potion}


  • I DoesCode
    I DoesCode

    ​20Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020Trump 2020

  • Angie2343


  • Raul Figueroa
    Raul Figueroa

    I mean f*** Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump people on the news be like fighting 2020 he not racist Donald Trump is racist but I'm not allowed to say bad words

    • Raul Figueroa
      Raul Figueroa

      @Shauka Hodan sorry I got a little mad because Trump is racist 😔

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      The Trump administration just achieved the impossible, lasting peace in the middle east. He also has a roaring economy in the middle of a pandemic. He has also lifted

  • Raul Figueroa
    Raul Figueroa

    McDonald's Trump f*** Donald Trump but Donald Trump

  • Kamal Nagra
    Kamal Nagra

    Because you are president not joe biden

  • Brenda Roberts
    Brenda Roberts

    Savannah Guthrie is not doing an interview, she is doing a completely biased interrogation. Shameful. FYI, I love the interview she did with Omarosa on ET Canada. Omarosa completely shut down her persistent, rapid questioning and told her to calm down. It’s like Savanna had too much coffee to drink or something. She can be quite annoying.

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    savannah guthrie: for the 100th time donald, do you denounce white supremacy?


    This was a disgrace with Savannah a so csalled Journalist . It was supposed to be a town hall with voters asking questions. You asked 25 questions and it turned into a debate between you and President Trump . You showed your true colors

  • Andrés Aquino
    Andrés Aquino

    It would be good that this so called journalist ask Biden if he will denounce Antifa and the radical left with the same emphasis that they ask Trump about white supremacy.

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen

    Why did this woman keep jumping into President Trump's mouth? She asked tough questions but didn't let him answer. Her face and attitude clearly showed the characters of a bad person.

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      A close friend of mine works at a hospital and always wears a mask. Guess what. She got covid. She also recoverd.

  • Jason Farley
    Jason Farley

    This guy Trump is friends with the brutal killer Putin in Russia (a thug) and people want to vote for this guy???. . . I don't get it.

  • Mary Walker
    Mary Walker

    Well it's good to see IRbin has it's comment section open. There are several report that mask don't do a thing. This is all propaganda so the far left can win the election, Pray to God Trump wins and we can get our country back to normal. All you democrats out there and far left if you want to know what a socialites country is like you got a taste of it. Wait until they ration your gas, walk in your home, got into your bank account. All you student out there is you think your going to get free college for get it , they may sent you to school but you will end up working for the government and at a wage they think is substantial.

  • Moe B
    Moe B

    She’s rude no class they could have gotten someone better. Far better our president has so much more class and patience. Fire her

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    like this.

  • Lukas G
    Lukas G

    I’m only here to see how accurate SNL’s cold open was

    • N


    • Jess Morris
      Jess Morris

      Me too lol

    • Mama Does It
      Mama Does It

      Spot on 👌🏾

    • Mama Does It
      Mama Does It

      Me too! 😂😂😂

  • Stella Nazari
    Stella Nazari

    It’s proven that masks don’t work really, but what really work is having good health, good immune system ... By the way didn’t she say people will ask the questions? why is she asking stupid questions like about masks ... ? Why is she asking same questions 10 times ... he says I don’t know about it move on...

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      family-friend-460x600.jpg and www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-content/uploads/Child-Abuse-Texts-5-Mom-455x600.jpg and www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-

  • Sone

    That Savanna is super whiny and annoying like a child not getting her way . She definitely is unprofessional unprepared and uneducated with no grip on reality/facts. She throws them alternate facts at President Trump . 😂 These silly cry babies are going to throw a whopper of a tantrum when he wins in 7 days . 😂🇺🇸

  • Susan M
    Susan M

    This woman is an idiot🤷

  • Isabella Peterson Veeder
    Isabella Peterson Veeder

    20:40 He talking like the question she asked was a person.

  • Joseph Mcnan
    Joseph Mcnan

    Tucker Carlson please host the next one. trump got 2 left wing biased moderators .

  • M. P.
    M. P.

    A close friend of mine works at a hospital and always wears a mask. Guess what. She got covid. She also recoverd.

    • LTown8365

      Oooo one testimonial. That's ABSOLUTE PROOF masks don't work. Scientific research means nothing. You had that one friend 😂. Also masks are worn to protect those around you, not yourself. So she can wear a mask all day, but if the people around her aren't, and respiratory droplets are falling everywhere, of course she could still get it. 🙄

  • Donte Fulgham
    Donte Fulgham

    “A very wonderful Person” He was black

  • Donte Fulgham
    Donte Fulgham

    “I’m not blaming anybody for it”