NEVER use tire shine AGAIN! Try THIS instead.
Use THIS instead of tire shine that doesn't work! This is much better, trust me! If you'd like to see more stuff like this, let me know!
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  • Glen Rutishauser
    Glen Rutishauser

    You’re full of poop

  • K H
    K H

    how much was the ceramic coating?

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones

    This was a waste of fucking time watching

  • americannovice americannovice
    americannovice americannovice

    High water pressure spray might go into the brake caliper? Asking!

  • americannovice americannovice
    americannovice americannovice

    How do clean anything without scrubbing it. It’s like washing dishes without scrubbing it.

  • americannovice americannovice
    americannovice americannovice

    That black spray on tire finish stains my car cover. Ugh!

  • Arturo Saloma
    Arturo Saloma

    Is it better to use pressure washer instead of hose? Thanks great video pretty helpful

  • Andy Thompson
    Andy Thompson

    I have to say that most YT videos are too LONG! A lot of marketing in them for sure!

  • D

    why two different rims

  • Trevor Hawken
    Trevor Hawken

    It's not the product it's you1st the way u chuck the paperwork onto passenger seat 2 the way u speak to people 3 why buy that food if you just want 2 bin it oh fuck it irony wast my time wiv any more

  • Ben Mccullough
    Ben Mccullough

    If you play real music you won't need prescription medicine ...Just a thought..


    What's with the different wheel rims don't get it

  • Ain’t no sunshine when Z’ gone.
    Ain’t no sunshine when Z’ gone.

    I never use the brush at these car washes.

  • Ales Geppert
    Ales Geppert

    nice to see manual transmission

  • Eric Garner
    Eric Garner

    Why in the hell would you have 2 different set of rims on a Ford Mustang

  • El Gordo
    El Gordo

    Is he playing Ghostemane in the background?

  • Tyler Tasche
    Tyler Tasche

    Why different rims? Looks lil silly

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon

    When you have new tyres always comes up more shiny and less application say to old tyre😄

  • Timothy Wiley
    Timothy Wiley

    Props to the legs in the pass seat.

  • gerald walmsley
    gerald walmsley

    CcccccccccccccccccC ccccccccccccccccc

  • Ray Liberty
    Ray Liberty


  • fhhsvnggbh

    So dont use the car wash brush, use a dirty old microfibre thats has way more surface area than an old soft brush, not to mention a microfibre holds all that super abrasive brake dust in its fibres.... Nice Super scratch your car. Just wash the bloddy brush before you use it.

  • Alan Funt
    Alan Funt

    What an ego...ffs

  • Nick Mendiola
    Nick Mendiola

    10 mins of a beta male showing off his mass consumerism sheep mentality that only makes people like me chuckle.

  • Richard Mcdowell
    Richard Mcdowell

    Your car has 2 different kinds of wheels, & it's a mustang, you'll probably leave a car show and run over people on the sidewalk when you leave

  • night train
    night train

    click off now waste of time🙄

  • Kris Bassett
    Kris Bassett

    Let’s see the tart

  • SvJ 1026
    SvJ 1026

    Using water on your wheels after being run cannot be good. The rapid cooling on the metal can do damage such as warping. Similar to adding cold water to a hot frying pan causing it to bend.

  • Anil Baksh
    Anil Baksh

    10 minutes and pure BS.

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur

    I detalied cars for years I use this car brite shine is the best it doesnt get all over the paint and it lasts a long time- I told a few ppl about this but gave them the other link they make 3 they are all good the stuff is very reasonable in price 28 dollars a gallon you can fill spray bottles up and it lasts you also you can use it on other stuff

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs

    Looks like a solid product, you tires were already shiny when you started. Looked there was still a coating on it

    • Rombout Versluijs
      Rombout Versluijs

      Freakn sick car man! SOund is so nice

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson

    Where did you buy the cover all tire shine.

  • Jose Christian
    Jose Christian

    Just get to the point. SMH

  • Derrick Jones
    Derrick Jones

    Im going have to try this out cause cause hate re- applying tire shine to my tires every couple of days I need something that I can spray on my tires that will last a long time so this can of Cover All which the first I ever heard of the stuff where would I be able to buy a can of it at.....

  • Shawon Razzaque
    Shawon Razzaque

    I'm glad we got to see you pick up your prescription.

  • robert tufo
    robert tufo

    this car is siccccc,,looks awsomeeeeeeeee

  • Mario G
    Mario G

    How bored do you have to be to waste 10mins of your life on this.

  • matt Wheat
    matt Wheat

    Ha ha no one ever tells anybody before the quartz ceramic coat their vehicle that the water spots on the flat surfaces that won't run off, if there are any minerals in the water from the rain or calcium from the city water that's sprayed on your car from a sprinkler at your work or local mall or home, those chemicals will etch rings into your ceramic coating. Although more water will shed off your vehicle it's now super important to dry any flat horizontal surfaces that retain water drops. Or you'll end up with thin white etched into your quartz ceramic coating rings.

  • manuel martin
    manuel martin

    Black is hard to keep clean .so I take your advice for sure .im gonna stop brushing my wheels .

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons

    What is cover all used for?

  • Llywelyn Owen
    Llywelyn Owen

    that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back, should have read the comments first

  • Greg Douglass
    Greg Douglass

    Nice ride, but the different rims is a tiny bit retarded...

  • Statistics speak for itself
    Statistics speak for itself

    Why you got prescription you not well?

  • John Dough
    John Dough

    Where did you and your car spend your honeymoon?

  • Dave Washburn
    Dave Washburn

    Good tip!!! Too bad it was wasted on a Rustang.😂😂😂

  • Marlon Burgos
    Marlon Burgos

    No offense. That’s the reason why I dislike black wheels. Black cars are dope but black rims?.. can’t see no detail. Didn’t see any difference at all. Hate it when car owners just paint their factory wheels black. Tires look shiny but did it sling?

  • James Barela
    James Barela

    OMG this dude is such a dbag!!!! Typical "bro" and that shit is annoying af....I will not be watching another video and "IM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!"

  • stimul8

    Your car sounds like my truck. Oh wait, we have the same engine.

    • Oliver Elizalde
      Oliver Elizalde

      Lol only 1000 pounds heavier

  • Roger Moreno
    Roger Moreno

    Will this mess up your tires ? Some people say yes others say no , who has tried this on a long run?

  • Lynn Chello
    Lynn Chello

    What size are your rear tires.

    • stimul8

      You'll have to specify which rims, too. The video shows 2 different sets of rims.

  • Alfred Factor Sr
    Alfred Factor Sr

    you are one of those fucken idiot that Rubin your engine passing everyone's cars

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier

    It slings all over paint


    That Mustang sounds tuff

  • Ken Fidler
    Ken Fidler

    What a total waste of time...

  • mikeggg1979

    Love the video brother. I rent so I don’t have access to a hose, I enjoyed this video, gonna go check out the other one now. Good looks homie 👌🏻💪🏻👊🏻

  • Garret Shaver-Phillips
    Garret Shaver-Phillips

    i like your indepth detail on cleaning vehicles. i am exactly the same way with the brush, that thing is hot garbage. even tho my hyundai kona is a 20k car its still my baby and i wash that thing like its a viper lol. but i love this tire shine you use, that makes alot of sense why my tires look dirty after a couple days using mothers tire shine. thanks for the tips all the way from canada eh lol.

  • Sensei Smoke
    Sensei Smoke

    The thighs are back baby!! 😁

  • World Wide United
    World Wide United

    Damn i miss washing my already clean car that i can drive 4/12mo that gets 6mpg

  • Terry Stratford
    Terry Stratford

    I use furniture polish! Cheap as chips and a good long lasting shine!

  • Legendary tv
    Legendary tv


    • stimul8

      I noticed that too.

  • Alfonzo Wyatt
    Alfonzo Wyatt

    Been using this stuff for years. Can only find it at Oreilly's where I live

    • Alfonzo Wyatt
      Alfonzo Wyatt

      @Roger Moreno l. Just don't put it on heavy and drive because like any other product you will get it on the car but it washes off easy. Holds up well even in rain

    • Roger Moreno
      Roger Moreno

      Alfonzo Wyatt how have your tires held up to this product ? Any cons?

  • Kevin Maiden
    Kevin Maiden

    shit back tyres/rims

  • Darek M
    Darek M

    In this wheel cleaning video we: pick up a prescription, do a pull on a Jetta to make ourselves feel good, and listen to some bad music. Thankfully this syyle of youtube video seems to be dying.

  • victor lopez
    victor lopez

    Can you spray it on a campershell

  • jeff booth
    jeff booth

    I know you probably know this but if you will use the best brake pads you will not have any problems with the dust good videos

  • Nemo D333
    Nemo D333

    Your wheels are complete mismatch, back wheels looks wrong. At least try to match style of rim.

  • Rick Weintraub
    Rick Weintraub

    Great video, like too know you deal tail place if there is one in michigan, or something similar, thanks really enjoyed video, please send me any info. I'm going to try cover all as well, thanks again Rick...

  • Azteca AmericaSF
    Azteca AmericaSF

    Nice!! thank you for sharing!!

  • TOM D
    TOM D


  • Rick Odell
    Rick Odell

    Wow, what engine and exhaust system is on your Mustang? Sounded sweet!😎👍

  • Alton Harrison
    Alton Harrison

    U can baby oil on interior dash and parts if interior is faded and got that funny build up use a squirt on cloth rag and it will renew color and dash for a long time

  • bigblocklawyer

    You'd have to hot tank the interior to get all that soul glow off. Jumping Geesus.

  • Julio Villalta
    Julio Villalta

    Why your care is too noisy?

  • Aaron Moore
    Aaron Moore

    I use that for my tires it’s the best thing out there! Great video!

  • MsLeelee94

    i use it very good stuff ours is on the shelf but not too many want to pay what it costs i have two cans at the house lol

  • ShooterRay

    Did anyone notice that you have 2 different wheel types?

  • stitched lips
    stitched lips

    @itsjusta6 why even grab an acidic wheel cleaner for regular maintenance use? thats the nuclear option anyways but for perma usage just out of bounds - if not plain and simple dumb. pardon my non existent diplomacy. wheel cleaners are from a chemically standpoint a long long solved game. way better options out there imho

  • turfdr123

    Yes! I've been using Coverall for a couple years now. Buy it by the case. Tire shine that lasts way longer than anything I've ever used. Great info 👍

    • Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur

  • Auroa Siordia
    Auroa Siordia

    Bien usa car wax 3-1 maguiers


    There is no way you can use this product on low profile tires and not get it on the wheels...thumbs down!

  • Si mon
    Si mon

    It took 5-minutes for you to get to the point? Really?

  • Bryan Bb
    Bryan Bb

    Use only hog hair brushes at self serve car washes, definitely will not scratch like nylon brushes... If you don’t use brush when washing your car, then dry car with any towel, that leaves fine scratch marks because of the dirt.....

  • Marshall Like Bruh
    Marshall Like Bruh

    Well I use cover all, in my life experience it will get all over my car paint, after applying make sure you wait 30min or longer for it to dry once it's dry it won't get all over ur paint at all. So example sometimes I was my car during the day but I need to go somewhere right after I just wait till night and then apply the product cover all cause over night it will definitely be dry,

    • Marshall Like Bruh
      Marshall Like Bruh


  • Edward Kaneshiro
    Edward Kaneshiro

    But does it crack the tire walls?

  • LES

    I wanted to see the girl.

  • benny3six1

    Get a jeweler cleaning tire and use it on the wheels just buff it ..and get back to me for more info I was at Mopar for 8 years so I also have slot of stuff just sitting in mg.south beach condo

  • benny3six1

    Listen to me I have some secrets of my own......go to any car wash and use to tire cleaner mode ...let it sit a'll have better grip on the road and drives great then I love you use the. Mcgaires purple jelly.and. shine your tires ...u wanna see beauty do that and also wipe your exterior witj ICe.....i promise you want be able to stop starting at your bitch

  • jonathan amaxtal
    jonathan amaxtal

    Can I use the cleaning product for my bike wheels

  • Bebo Gomez
    Bebo Gomez

    I thought that you were going to drive down the road a bit and then get out and show that nothing had flew onto the paint? Instead you told everyone that you were going to have your car ceramic coated. I am leery of this video, you probably should be too. I have never used cover all so I don't know.

  • Great 4ever
    Great 4ever


  • DynaCentral

    dude! fucking awesome vid :D

  • nicc love davie504 69 lmao
    nicc love davie504 69 lmao

    0:02 wtf was that

  • Steve .N
    Steve .N

    Bro is that ghostemane I hear!!

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez

    0.24 sounds like ghostemane

  • Solomon Ball
    Solomon Ball

    But it by the gallon from O'Reilly to save money.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak


  • Conqwiztadore22

    fucking click biatch

  • Devo


  • Rory Banton
    Rory Banton

    Great video, great product. By your "drying water off the paint" concept, one should dry off their car after it rains even if it's intermittent. It's the ceramic coating permanent?

  • r_s 17
    r_s 17

    Yes it does sling.........all over the side of the even a day later!