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  • Shrek Shrek
    Shrek Shrek

    The ray gun duplication glitch is not patched

  • Mohammed Jarman
    Mohammed Jarman

    what the hell is this game ??? playing the same rounds over and over.... wasting 30-50 minutes just to reach round 35 or so.... same thing over and over !!!! Stupid game

  • Beth Burgess
    Beth Burgess

    Thought you were getting die

  • Beth Burgess
    Beth Burgess

    How do you have six thousand eghthundred cod points ?

  • Patricia Ramirez
    Patricia Ramirez

    What? 2:42:36

  • Solar Phantom
    Solar Phantom

    Imagine if you could charge the hammer to unleash a max power swing that kills multiple zombies

  • Charles Lund
    Charles Lund

    I think people need to understand that the aether shroud allows you to be invisible to zombies. It doesn't mean you cant take damage from gas or acid.

  • Galaxy Stars
    Galaxy Stars

    Its trash that it only lets u smack 1 zombie at a time

  • Tomm Hyp3 - Dr.Joint40
    Tomm Hyp3 - Dr.Joint40

    fast elite? EZ go to the eather alot and do nothing.... those things will spawn like potatoes

  • Devin Brown
    Devin Brown

    *plays halo music in the background* Noahj456: Doesn't play Halo...

  • S9

    Why don’t you increase fov

  • Zachary Ortopan
    Zachary Ortopan

    Noah you said "I want a Gorad Krovi vibe" they put in the mangler in the second map thanks a lot i hate that thing

  • BM. CB
    BM. CB

    gear head and gamer

  • Ara G
    Ara G

    22:48 so he just bough speed but it's a staminup can

  • Cari Warner
    Cari Warner

    Question why you never get quick revive it help when the zombies touch you.. lol

  • Ur mum
    Ur mum

    Looks like ur playing whack-a-mole

  • ScriptxZ- Kxngz
    ScriptxZ- Kxngz

    Why did Noahj show us that it was a good glitch spot Activision don’t watch

  • Jonathan Ruiz
    Jonathan Ruiz

    AYO I’m about to invite him to my house or that camo DARK MATTER. LMAO 😂

  • Jonathan Gales
    Jonathan Gales

    I don’t know if this is known or not but you get epic and legendary drops from the crystals if you make the megaton break them for you with shots

  • Mia's Book Blog
    Mia's Book Blog

    i literally got everything to tier 3 in the free access week. so once i buy the game i will have everything in tier 3

  • JustASnake

    “This stream is sponsored by Lexus” Half the people watching the stream aren’t old enough to by a car

    • Hunter Savage
      Hunter Savage


    • Nolan Santelli
      Nolan Santelli

      Or already have one

    • Ghost


  • TheReal_IronDre

    you know you would have have way more salvage earlier if you actually let the zombies get on the map in the beginning and on the roof

  • Darkstalker Forever Dark Hybris
    Darkstalker Forever Dark Hybris

    I love how the intro has the halo theme!!

  • ty cassel
    ty cassel

    The dead wire sledgehammer should be called the vòltnir

  • OhBennett

    hey man, nice content! keep it up :D we actually make similar videos :D

  • Ken Lyle
    Ken Lyle

    Im a god damn onion mason

  • Nasty

    "I don't know what that means Olivia, I will fight you" I was literally tearing up

  • Julia Owen
    Julia Owen

    The painful flood demographically disarm because father specially reduce at a unaccountable body. holistic, permissible timbale

  • Jonathan Thomson
    Jonathan Thomson

    Dark Eather

  • Jonathan Thomson
    Jonathan Thomson

    No it's not sponsere by Lexus. Give me that 2021 . You Get it?

  • Jonathan Thomson
    Jonathan Thomson

    299 Still off 2

  • Kowboycreator

    Honestly that's the thing Cold wars zombies is fun just you literally get stuck on the smallest stuff Sometimes evan air

  • Kismet

    at 22:46 noah buys speed cola but gets a can up stamin-up. what a scam smh my head

  • Nichelle Gibbons
    Nichelle Gibbons


  • Keira Kyler
    Keira Kyler

    30.04 just tagging where I was

  • Flamestream1902

    I did the exact same

  • Teagan Barnes
    Teagan Barnes

    Jugger nog

  • Mark Havrjuk
    Mark Havrjuk

    he just showed an advert and completely dodged the question... $1000 he doesn't know what engine lexus use

  • Cameron Albertson
    Cameron Albertson

    2:13:03 Noah out here talking binary

  • Sideboard0

    he actually didn't know what zjolnir meant its thor's hammer

    • Nra- NICEguy
      Nra- NICEguy

      In German Mjölnir is Mehl

    • pirulin.

      Thor’s hammer is called Mjölnir

  • Kentuckey Brownbear
    Kentuckey Brownbear


  • Gamer forLife
    Gamer forLife

    How can I get in contact with you because I am having trouble getting directors cut in Zombies Infinite Warfare? Do you have any tips on how to beat The Attack of the Radioactive Thing?

  • Leighton Saxby
    Leighton Saxby

    Your so good at zombies your doing better than me with a sledge hammer than I can with a gun

  • Erica Hernandez
    Erica Hernandez

    Hu is his intro soooooo long

  • Kurai The Prophet
    Kurai The Prophet

    Ancestors for a survival game

  • Nathan Benitez
    Nathan Benitez

    He was drinking his wonder weapon

  • Nathan Benitez
    Nathan Benitez

    Anyone see that dead shot glitch

  • Balld Jeeet
    Balld Jeeet

    Noah says a lot of pain in multi but I’m knife only so it took me only 15 games

  • matthew morgan
    matthew morgan

    Yes to both katana and street sweeper

  • Cracked_Potato4101

    hi Noah


    One bonk man

  • Doting castle713
    Doting castle713

    @noahj456 it is called horse power because a 1000 horse power car will be able to pull 999 horses running the over direction towards the car whereas 1000 horses running the over direction will mean that the horses and car would be staying on the spot

  • ryanaustindino

    STOP WITH THE EMOTE. Constantly. Lol

  • Norris Mccaul
    Norris Mccaul

    Zjolnir is a npc in world of Warcraft

  • Brandon Frye
    Brandon Frye

    How come my hammer doesn’t level up. Neither does my shotgun.... like at all

  • Landen Humphreys
    Landen Humphreys

    does noah have a girlfriend or wife

  • Nicholas Cisneros
    Nicholas Cisneros

    The thick profit concurrently remain because soldier chiefly precede near a vacuous machine. thin, dull enquiry

  • Giovahny Montano
    Giovahny Montano

    how did get that

  • Giovahny Montano
    Giovahny Montano


  • Jordon Blais
    Jordon Blais

    Homie out here saying “the die” in German the word die means the 😂 it’s the machine 😂

    • Jordon Blais
      Jordon Blais

      @Lucas Sanchez Eliades homie out here being illiterate

    • Lucas Sanchez Eliades
      Lucas Sanchez Eliades

      Homie out here not being able to type correctly

  • JDG Games
    JDG Games

    Is their any tips you can give me for high rounds my personal best is 56 with successful exfill

    • perilous-panda 49
      perilous-panda 49

      Don't die

  • Pika

    yoo anyone else notice the panzer noise at 2:47:46

  • oGBeginner

    Hammer looks extremely unfun

  • phalic

    I just chill playing Cold War zombies trying to get dark aether and listen to nick he’s so chill and cheerful

  • TheLexiCrocker

    It would to this man in round 23 with sledge hammer an hour

    • Lucas Sanchez Eliades
      Lucas Sanchez Eliades


  • KakaNo Kami
    KakaNo Kami

    As soon as Noah said ‘we are spons’ I just 10 >>)

  • Logan Fauver
    Logan Fauver

    Am I the only one who realized the sledgehammer in cold war is the same as the sledgehammer in bo4 just remodeled and different sound. It even has the same inspect.

  • Besard Gjinaj
    Besard Gjinaj

    Ay my man used the hall theme song.

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    "what else do you guys want to see? you know, aside from me hopping in the brand new 2021 Lexus IS and cruising around town" yo i died for a solid minute lmao

  • Dillon Carter
    Dillon Carter

    Yeah it is hard to use even with armour lol it reminds me of rave in the redwoods I've actually been playing infinite warfare zombies alot here recently and I will say it's one of my favorites btw noah your the goat of zombies keep up the good comment lol btw my jaw dropped when you went down on wave 16 don't see that to often lol have a good one bro!

  • Timestamp Fruity
    Timestamp Fruity

    You can just get 20 consistent kills up to round 3 quit and redo

  • oK bUdDy
    oK bUdDy


  • Kydese Marshall
    Kydese Marshall

    Milner is the name of Thor's hammer

  • WolfyLol

    You get sponsored by everyone bro

  • Krae Wildman
    Krae Wildman

    You know when you’re too tired when this is too bright 11:33

  • Antonio Reimer-Ely
    Antonio Reimer-Ely

    The halo song tho

  • George Carrillo
    George Carrillo

    After that first match parks arms were probably dislocated

  • Caydon Parker
    Caydon Parker

    Where's the baseball bat at?

  • Volare Filler Solutions
    Volare Filler Solutions

    no sleep stream

  • Volare Filler Solutions
    Volare Filler Solutions

    ultra pogs

  • Volare Filler Solutions
    Volare Filler Solutions


  • TrustThe Shazam
    TrustThe Shazam

    wow i already finished sledgehammer

  • Shaun Chevalier
    Shaun Chevalier

    I wouldnt mind a remake if it uses the previous map in the same way, like a Kino remake would only feature the lobby but the map is actually the street the theater is feature on

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown

    This intro is so dumd lmaooooo

  • WackyFlappyBobb

    What do you guys think about a melee perk like Ethereal Razor that allows you to hit multiple enemies?

    • Timestamp Fruity
      Timestamp Fruity

      I think it’s amazing

  • Russell Graham
    Russell Graham

    So many people that stream and stuff I don’t watch faithfully but I always come back here and there

  • Kranes Snak
    Kranes Snak


    i love being able to watch his vids in 4K

    • Richard Muir
      Richard Muir


  • Brandon King
    Brandon King

    ‘Hackers are such losers’ Me a cyber security technologist hacking for good 👁👄👁

    • Yeeetmobile

      Your cool the scummy ones are video game hackers and black hats

  • wreckinball11

    Why can't I sprint at zombies and kill them without getting hit!!! Uuuhhh.

  • Restricted X Zone X
    Restricted X Zone X

    Entertainment syster?.... Noah.. U good bro? I mean dude!

  • indomniwolf2966

    Hackers are such losers So uh how was rig bossfight Noah ??????

  • Adron Sartain
    Adron Sartain

    Looks like a big jolly rancher lol

  • Darren Thornton
    Darren Thornton

    just watched it in 1.5 playback speed . looked like a good speeedrun to me lol

  • Jimmy Mitchell
    Jimmy Mitchell

    Yes please join the rust server

  • Sureer Abdi
    Sureer Abdi


  • Charles Lincoln
    Charles Lincoln

    To bad back strikes didn’t give more dmg multier

  • Brandon Frye
    Brandon Frye

    Do I have to actually unlock the sledgehammer before doing camos? Because I have the variant of the sledgehammer but mine won’t even level up or unlock camos in multiplayer nor zombies :(

    • Brandon Frye
      Brandon Frye

      Thanks for no answers useless

  • Michael Phelps
    Michael Phelps

    You should do a race in Minecraft to see who can beat the game first

  • kaiden billett
    kaiden billett