New Pokémon Snap arrives on April 30!
Are you ready for your close-up, Trainers?
Your journey through the photogenic Lental region begins on Friday, April 30!
Can’t wait? Preorders begin today! 📸
Official site:

  • memeboi 47
    memeboi 47

    Im waiting, im waiting

  • go potyr
    go potyr

    good thing is this game isn't developed by game freak

  • Nicholas Bersito
    Nicholas Bersito

    I pre ordered this game as soon as it was up on the release date for April 30th this is one Pokémon game I will really enjoy especially how nice it’s gonna look on the switch let’s go April 30th

  • awesometacular

    I look at than I'm like, damn, this is how good Sword and Shield could have looked. Why does a side game look a million times better than the main series game?

  • Fuzzycuffsqt

    FInally! The return of the greatest on-rails shooter ever made.

  • funny guy
    funny guy

    hear me out, pokemon snap vr. eh? hell yea.

  • Brain Tumor
    Brain Tumor

    Aight now where's stadium

  • kenneth yiu
    kenneth yiu

    Reminds me of pokemon dx for the gamecube ahhhhhh ^.^ memories

  • ZaddyValentine

    I just want secret routes and area like in the first one.

  • Chris Rafferty
    Chris Rafferty

    I can't wait! If any there's any Pokemon players from the UK, search 'Pokemon Snap Community UK' on Facebook if you would like to join us and share your progression, in preparation for the main game! :)

  • TreasureFreak

    The ending at around 1:10 honestly scared the hell out of me. I jumped back.

  • Stazia Kibera
    Stazia Kibera

    .sinister cause presents sequoia blues on IRbin

  • Just your average someone on YouTube
    Just your average someone on YouTube

    *when april 30th* ...Give me. The. Darn. Wallet.

  • Sabishi1985

    As much as I love this: This were all pre-rendered cutscenes. We haven't seen actual footage of the gameplay yet, so don't be to hyped about the graphics. I'm pretty sure they're going to look better than anything you can find in Sw/Sh, but... don't get your hopes up too high at this point.

  • Deej

    Hopefully they have the Original stages from the old Poke'mon Snap

    • Sabishi1985

      I highly doubt that.

  • Mr Papagiorgio
    Mr Papagiorgio

    I remember playing the original. And walking past the machine in blockbuster that allowed you to print out your pictures. Really hope they didn't stray too far from the original

  • Mondisc

    why are the graphics better then sword and shie;d

  • junlexip

    I don’t think Pokémon snap should be $60. Change my mind

    • Attimi

      Why would anyone change your mind, you're right

  • the loud star kirby
    the loud star kirby

    How many pokemon are in this one? The last game only got 64 different pokemon

  • Brussel Gaming
    Brussel Gaming


  • Boris Bočev
    Boris Bočev

    Is it open world or i will be in this car and just making photos? Because it would be super cool if it will be open world and finding them

    • Attimi

      @Boris Bočev Yeah it feels like a wasted opportunity, but I think they're playing it safe because everyone excited for this is just in it for the nostalgia

    • Boris Bočev
      Boris Bočev

      @Attimi and that i think is boring, or just for 3y kids that dont now how to properly play games and controle them, just press this and you make photo of this thats all

    • Attimi

      Looks like it's gonna be like the first one, so stuck in the car on a track

  • sgillman16

    Today's will never get to experience the Pokemon Snap printing booth at Blockbuster

  • Brooke Brewer
    Brooke Brewer

    Im hyperventilating

  • Emma Butterfly
    Emma Butterfly


  • Sebastian Gutierrez Sotelo
    Sebastian Gutierrez Sotelo

    oh boy dis is gonna be good!

  • Franciene da Silva
    Franciene da Silva

    😉 🤗

  • Zonned Comfyshortz
    Zonned Comfyshortz

    If only gamefreak could make their games look half this good.

  • gauge moore
    gauge moore

    Will we be able to battle

    • Sabishi1985


  • Dev Cole
    Dev Cole

    How many Pokémon are we talking that’s going to be appearing in the game? Surely not all 800+

  • Dev Cole
    Dev Cole

    I wish Pokémon would get to the point of using realistic AGI

  • Slæshzar

    This looks 100× better than whatever the hell GameFreak is pulling

  • R Smith
    R Smith

    I hope they have a lot of the original Pokemon in this game.

    • Sabishi1985

      Hell no.. I'm getting tired of seeing the same old Pokémon over and over again. There are over 800 Pokémon right now, that's more than enough to put in some variety.

    • Kri

      Yes let's have the Gen 1 Pokémon shoved down our throat even more

  • OrganizationXIII

    There was a game exactly the same as this for GameCube does anyone remember what it’s called!?

  • jmrbug 96
    jmrbug 96

    I haven't been so excited like this for a game since Skyrim. I can't actually imagine the mileage I had playing the original Pokemon Snap and playing N64 in general. Playing the first game was probably the most relaxed I was as a kid. It was a simple game but it was soooooo fun!

  • Vivek Bhangrath
    Vivek Bhangrath

    Its look sick i like the part where the magnium appeared.

    • Sabishi1985

      @Vivek Bhangrath Oooh, Meganium! Thought I missed out on a Pokémon I didn't know about or something. :,D

    • Vivek Bhangrath
      Vivek Bhangrath

      @Sabishi1985 sorry i should say meganium but said magnium just like you 😅

    • Sabishi1985

      What's a "Magnium" again?

  • MrGrimlocksmash

    I can’t wait for this.

  • Matthew Morrison
    Matthew Morrison


  • Stacey Kim
    Stacey Kim

    Oh, the days when you'd talk to Professor Oak and go to take pictures! This was one of my favorite games playing on N64 growing up. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS VERSION, AHH SO EXCITED!

  • smoochum

    I wanted this game to add me just please nintendo 😔

  • Zelestria

    I would love the VR Version of this

    • ScreamForEdits

      Lol imagine blinking activates the camera

  • Tyler Criss
    Tyler Criss

    NO! DONT TELL ME THERE WILL BE ALL 898 POKEMON IN ONE ISLAND! also I found my favorite pokemon almost a minute in the trailer 0:59

    • Attimi

      I think they said there'll be over 200

  • magical crossiant
    magical crossiant

    0:46 TODD!!!!??? our boi has grown up *sniffs*

  • Katy Nasa
    Katy Nasa

    59.9 $ for taking pics in side the game bruh i rather buy a camera and take pics of my self

  • Ian Fairbanks
    Ian Fairbanks

    Lental region.... so.... now pkmn is jewish?

  • Josh Bannon
    Josh Bannon

    Frfr we need an open world free roam Pokémon game like this. The Sinnoh remakes would be amazing if it was like this.

  • Knick knack Games
    Knick knack Games

    Dose anyone remember playing the old Pokémon snap at McDonald’s?

  • Garp's Fist of Love
    Garp's Fist of Love

    Okay but when are we gonna get a non-linear open world Pokémon game a lá Breath of the Wild with battles you actually control the fighting, an actually ambitious Pokémon game instead of the "let's spit out as many low ambition games as possible for a quick cash grab"?

    • Attimi

      @Garp's Fist of Love Yeah, it's a bit soon to get excited, but it's at least a new direction

    • Garp's Fist of Love
      Garp's Fist of Love

      @Attimi i saw that! But i want more info before i get too hyped

    • Attimi

      @Garp's Fist of Love Well, we just got what looks like an open world game announced but still turn based.

    • Attimi

      @Garp's Fist of Love Haha, keep that optimism. It's at least nice to know that there are indies out there that can do what Pokemon won't

    • Garp's Fist of Love
      Garp's Fist of Love

      @Attimi Sadly I think so too, but a man can dream though!

  • Tera

    Live up to the trailer. Please.

  • ChrisCa1601

    Anyone remember those kiosks at Blockbuster?

  • Dominic Feliciano
    Dominic Feliciano

    Pikachu is babysitting his little friend, Togepi, who won’t stop crying. The heroic Autobots offer to help and realize they’ve got to find out what’s bothering Togepi.

    • Dominic Feliciano
      Dominic Feliciano

      You can speak with her neighbor, Bailey. We did him. Didn’t work. Wheeljack: You can talk to Hank. Tried him. Mirage: We did him. Boy, did we ever. I think we should go ask Destiny.

    • Dominic Feliciano
      Dominic Feliciano

      Let me check my journal. Oh, yeah. Journal! Journal! What makes Togepi feel better?

  • Zym

    love how everyone is shocked that this looks so good compared to swsh and lets go even though mainline games need to be released within a strict schedule, whereas this is a side game that they were allowed to take as much time as they wanted on. like people were complaining about how long it was taking nintendo to release a new game before swsh came out, you do realize good graphics take time right?? you do realize the game you want would take way too long to produce under the standard pokemon business model right??? like dont get me wrong i agree that swsh def felt very unfinished but like. idk ive been thinking about it for a while and felt like it needed to be said. and like yeah, i *hope* that now that they have these assets completed they'll be able to reuse them for the next mainline game but im not getting my hopes up, especially since other people in the comments are saying this was apparently made by namco and not gamefreak (again, probably because gamefreak needs to churn out mainline games as fast as humanely possible, dlc will only stall a rabid fanbase for so long)

  • Smash bros guy T
    Smash bros guy T

    Wow 6 days after my birthday!

  • Yellow And Slimey YT
    Yellow And Slimey YT

    Cool cant wait

  • Franauts

    This looks better than the main games

  • Jordan Velazquez
    Jordan Velazquez

    Could that professor be Todd Snap?

  • Kai Roberts
    Kai Roberts


  • Philip Ouellette
    Philip Ouellette

    Will you be able to tilt the switch to move the camera, similar to breath of the wilds telescope?

  • Daniel San
    Daniel San

    Please God, I want it to be longer than 2 hours.

  • oneof theboys
    oneof theboys

    Why does this look better than sword and shield

  • Sam Hendriks
    Sam Hendriks

    They should name this channel MewTube and make Mewtwo the logo

  • Mr.Cheese Playz
    Mr.Cheese Playz

    aye could namaco make all the main series games?

  • Bobi200 Samatar
    Bobi200 Samatar

    Why do thw graphics look better than sword and shield? Why does a side game look better than the main series.

    • Attimi

      @Bobi200 Samatar Regardless of the quality of it, there's still way more gameplay in SwSh than in an on rails shooter like this. It's clear the Pokemon Company are playing it safe by not changing the game from what it was 20 years ago to fully capture that nostalgia. SwSh should absolutely be better, but I'm not gonna praise a game looking somewhat better when it's as shallow as Snap

    • Bobi200 Samatar
      Bobi200 Samatar

      @Attimi What gameplay? Half of the Pokemon are missing for no real reason, along with half the moves, the online tiner is much shorter meaning games get cut short, in-game bosses, with the exception of Raihan, have terribe moves and next to no synergy in their teams, and dynamax is one the most broken, uncompetitive and visually boring mechanics in the entire franchise. Sword and Shield could have at least put in the effort to look like it belonged on the switch but no. Instead they reused animation from 2013 and demanded we be impressed. This is the highest grossing media franchise in the world, they have no excuse.

    • Attimi

      Not needing to worry about gameplay helps, you can put all your time into looks

  • Princessaur _
    Princessaur _

    The original Pokemon Snap is one of my favorite games of all time. I cannot express how happy this makes me!

  • Dread

    I don't get it, what is the premise of the Game?

    • Dread

      @Winter Song I gotcha

    • Winter Song
      Winter Song

      It's kind of like a rail shooter but instead of shooting a gun you throw apples and pester balls to attract/reveal Pokemon and take pictures of them. You also often have to solve some sort of puzzles to get a reaction out of certain Pokemon and get the perfect picture.

  • z

    Aw man gimme Oak back

  • e

    now why couldn’t we have that kinda quality in sword and shield?


    Hope theres a city so I can take pictures of trubbish in their natural habitat

  • 레몬 샤베트
    레몬 샤베트

    Will there be 898 Pokemon in this Pokemon Snap?

    • Winter Song
      Winter Song

      It's not that type of game where you include every creatures. Bandai Namco confirmed there will be around 200 Pokemon which is a lot more than the original which had 63.

  • Shubh Patel
    Shubh Patel

    In this game wecan only click photos of Pokemon

  • Tiffany Roberts
    Tiffany Roberts

    Bring back Todd

  • Vamos Grandos
    Vamos Grandos

    Gamefreak should just let namco make the next pokemon gen. This Game looks great. Cant wait to play it.

  • Pterotactical

    I just hope there are a lot more levels than the first. Pokemon games have a habit of only giving you a tiny bit more every new game.

    • Pterotactical

      @Winter Song Awesome thanks!

    • Winter Song
      Winter Song

      I'm pretty sure the game will have more content Bandai Namco said there will be 200 Pokemon in the game. The original Snap had 63, so either the levels are massive or they will make much more levels to include all these Pokemon.

  • ktpw

    poekon is they betsst seeeriez EVR wen o was 7 yeers ould i waas i was i got a pokmin gayme and i AND I was soooooooooooo hapy it chagend miy lyife forvrer. i waz cyured of depreshion and canser forevr and it helpd my mom decdie wich husbend she shoold git(she choes bald man in sunglnasses!) thin i growed up(2 yeers latr) to becum the largst yootoob chanel(as yoo can see i hav 40 subscribbers eeven mor than pewdypie ans t seeirse!) and i hav now 10922882 frendss beecyz i play okemon and it make me cool!!! btw meh animal jam usr name is xxxashketchumxxx (ash ketchum is my husbend yes i am maried to my ash ketchum if yoo toch him i wil atack yoo HEZ MINEE!!!!!! >w

  • @JasonTheFinest

    here we go gonna be next pokemon picturemaster!

  • ktpw


  • Super Mario Plushy World
    Super Mario Plushy World

    Will froakie come back?

  • Galaxy Frostrose
    Galaxy Frostrose


  • Dragon

    Not trying to hate or anything, but why release this before diamond and pearl remakes?

    • Winter Song
      Winter Song

      The spinoff games often release at the start of the year. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake was release in March last year. The main games always release around November.

  • Will Of D.
    Will Of D.

    I cant believe the official pokemon channel can post this and not be ashamed at how Bandai have outdone you at your own game 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Sabishi1985

      That's because it isn't the Pokémon Company itself that's making the mainline games. It's Gamefreak. Both Gamefreak and Bandai are creating Pokémon games for the Pokémon Company, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. The only one who might feel ashamed here would be Gamefreak. :)

  • Matthew Magnani
    Matthew Magnani

    NGL, I’m much more excited for this than potential DP remakes. And that says a lot!

  • Nadia Blue
    Nadia Blue

    When another company with a lower budget has better graphics than a billion dollar company. *That's saying alot about how game freak is incredibly lazy*

  • Mickey Stacks
    Mickey Stacks

    Can’t wait!! I loved the N64 Pokémon snap. Now let’s get a new Pokémon stadium game as well 😃

  • Peanut Tree5000
    Peanut Tree5000

    I hope I can get my 10/10 Mew shot like I did on the 64

  • Tsar Peter I
    Tsar Peter I

    Taking photos of Pokémon for $60? Are you high?

  • Progress X
    Progress X

    I am just happy to see this honestly I'm glad Bandai Namco is producing this and not game freak although that's assuming they would even put in the effort to make something like this however I digress I'm hoping people can see this game as not exactly a step but a look in the right direction opinion pending on release.

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones

    It feels so weird about the gap between gen 1 and now, I wonder what the pokemon spread will be like, The original had 63/151, now we are at 898. I hope every gen gets a good presence with their best.

    • Winter Song
      Winter Song

      Bandai said there will be around 200 Pokemon in this game.

  • Whisper

    I was PRAYING the Switch would get a Pokemon game as it fits perfectly. I was worried it wouldn't happen. I'm so glad for this! I still have my old N64 Snap game. Still proud of the Zapdos photo I had taken on there.

  • TakeSushii

    Nintendo >>>

  • Mr. Variant
    Mr. Variant

    couldn't this have been an add-on for pokemon go, or a mobile gyroscope setup if not using AR? We got cameras in our pockets nowadays but I guess this has an audience.

  • Jackson Cole
    Jackson Cole


  • AnonymousGames

    1:17 I don’t care how good the game will be, I’m getting it just to see the best pokemon

  • SethJonesPROJECT©

    As excited as I am for this game I cant help but notice that this could have been a really good chance to bring the original character Todd Snap back after all these years.

  • Sara Remi
    Sara Remi

    Skitty? Please....skitty. it's all I want.


    Aye have it crossed your mind to make the core Pokemon games look like this and if you have get another studio to make it happen because its obvious game freak cant get there

  • Dylan Robey
    Dylan Robey

    No GameFreak!?!? This might be good then. Sign me up.

  • Randy Delucchi
    Randy Delucchi

    Can you find shinies in this game?

  • Cyber Jackal
    Cyber Jackal

    ... That camera's physically impossible. I love it.

  • Bobby Toddy
    Bobby Toddy

    They will sell this for 60$ . Pokemon games have fallen of a cliff after 3ds

    • Attimi

      And that won't change because everyone's going to buy it

  • Nykafy

    Sooo is this just a picture game?

  • netweed09

    My word. I was pretty close to tears. Finally after all the terrible 10 minute and 20 seconds long theory videos and like-padding interviews recycling the Year old original's footage ad-infinitum, Nintendo breaks it's awful, stifling silence. I wanted something. I got *something.* _Thank you, Nintendo_