Not Out (Kanaa) 2021 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Aishwarya Rajesh, Sathyaraj, Sivakarthikeyan
Kousalya, a farmer's daughter, dreams of becoming an international cricketer and winning the Cricket World Cup. She faces various challenges as she pursues her dream with the support of her father.
Movie:- Not Out (Kanaa)
Starcast:- Aishwarya Rajesh, Sathyaraj, Sivakarthikeyan, Darshan
Creative Producer:- Manish Shah
Directed by:- Arunraja Kamaraj
Music by:- Dhibu Ninan Thomas
#NotOut #Kanaa #Sivakarthikeyan #AishwaryaRajesh
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  • Akshay Srivastav
    Akshay Srivastav

    Superb movie in South


    "life is short thing" "Boyfriend is nothing" "Mother and father is everything" 💑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  • Neelam Bharti
    Neelam Bharti


  • Jahid Hasan
    Jahid Hasan


  • somnath ghosh
    somnath ghosh


  • dhiraj singh
    dhiraj singh

    I would like to to watch movies like this always

  • dhiraj singh
    dhiraj singh

    A great great great great great great great great great very great movie fabulous


    Such is very nice movie thanks 🏏🏏🏅🇮🇳🇮🇳Jay hind

  • Priyanshu Singh
    Priyanshu Singh

    Last over me commentar bola ki kaushlya ki hatric India ko jitne se nhi bcha payi super over yhi bs glt sentence h baki sb mst h film me

  • Meer Murtaza Jatoi
    Meer Murtaza Jatoi

    This is a very nice movie for cricket I like it👌

  • Subhash brahmane
    Subhash brahmane

    Nice movies

  • Mohtashim_ 17
    Mohtashim_ 17

    One of the most inspirational movie ever 🤤

  • Madan Mohan
    Madan Mohan

    Not out

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar

    Films kaisi lagi

  • Biswaranjan Moharana
    Biswaranjan Moharana

    Great movie..

  • Balveer Singh Rajput
    Balveer Singh Rajput

    Nice film

  • harvinderbanur

    Kya chutiyapa hai yeh.....superover mein Australia batting mein balls....... No run , wide , 4 , out ....... Toh 4 balls mein 12 run kaise needed honge? Banne toh 5, Chahiye the it should be 14 needed from 3 balls.......

  • stylish gk
    stylish gk

    Heart touching ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dharmu Gour
    Dharmu Gour

    Supper concept move

  • Rahul Purohit
    Rahul Purohit

    Supb movie

  • Ki Ng
    Ki Ng

    Really heart touching movie 😘💘

  • Albin shrestha
    Albin shrestha


  • harshit Yadav
    harshit Yadav

    Very very very nice movie. Cricket is the best. Kaushya

  • Samar Samar
    Samar Samar

    Kon kon apne ma baap ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai ye movie ne bahut kuch sikhaya hai ❤❤

  • Win Your Soul
    Win Your Soul

    Best movie ever.

  • Comedy club star
    Comedy club star

    Kon kon March me dekh rahe hai but bahot accha laga ye film 👍

  • Hasim Ansari
    Hasim Ansari

    Sar this is very nice move and so beautiful story thanks you sar

  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Talha Tauhid
    Talha Tauhid


  • Ramesh Chander
    Ramesh Chander

    Mere pas words ni hai is movie ke liye... Heh bohoot achi movie hai... I also want to become a Cricketer and I will... So, please pray for me... From my childhood I want to become a Cricketer and this movie made me emotional... Please pray for my happiness... Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Best wishes for you... All the best... Achive success in life

  • Malek Zulfi
    Malek Zulfi

    Nice movie yar

  • Umer Chaudhary
    Umer Chaudhary

    We support indian farmers from pakistan

  • Saughata Basumatary
    Saughata Basumatary

    Duniya unka sirf majak udhati hain jo humesha aanshu bahate rehte hain, aur unke aage jhukte hain jo kuch karke dikhate hain "Duniya jhukta hain, bas jhukane wala chahiye" meme perfectly fits in this movie. So inspiring for all of us

  • bpmt mean
    bpmt mean

    Supersonic South movies.must watch ,struggles ,success of farmers,talent.. True reason the cricket of Indian team , talents failure. Salute to South movies,,moral values..culture.

  • Gandhi Saab
    Gandhi Saab

    Very nyc movie

  • Rahul Raj kushwaha
    Rahul Raj kushwaha

    Amazing ❤️❤️

  • Balkaran Singh
    Balkaran Singh

    Jai Kisan

  • It's Secret
    It's Secret

    Farmer supporter

  • It's Secret
    It's Secret

    Jai kisan


    This movie is not only an inspirational movie but also tells about the real story of "FARMERS". Farmers Indirectly - Inter related to Every family . They plays a very important role in our life but there is no one who can take stand for those Farmers - Specially in case of their INCOME. People Want Only Money nothing Else

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh

    When i watched this movie I proud to be India❤️ Jai hind jai bharat


    Zee news is burst news in india Zee news totally against the farmer protest Shame zee news

  • Saurabh Raghav
    Saurabh Raghav

    Such a heart touching story. I literally cry in this movie. This movie is 1000% better than Bollywood. I watched this movie many times, but whenever I see this movie it makes me cry . Such great struggling movie on cricketers who belong from small villages. And the study about farmers is my favorite vision in this movie, because only a son of farmers can understand the pain, problems, stress, responsibilities....( this list is unlimited) Emotional ho gaya 😢😖

  • Bichitro poth
    Bichitro poth

    "Struggle" it a curse word that attache with our blood....Jai hind❤

  • rajesh nageshwar
    rajesh nageshwar

    superb movie

  • Dream Technology
    Dream Technology

    Gread movie.... Gread Director..... Gread Carectar.....

  • Brijit VS
    Brijit VS

    I live in metropolitan city but never hesitate saying "My father is a farmer". Proud to be a son of a farmer who feed millions.

  • Bêïñğ Ί
    Bêïñğ Ί

    Such an inspirational movie

  • talha.upal70 bcpsc
    talha.upal70 bcpsc

    Iam waching from bangladesh.i think that bollywood is best movie industry but after watching this south is the best movie indutry in india for its story line😍.mind b l o w in g movie😶😊

  • Bilal Gujjar
    Bilal Gujjar

    Nice move

  • The Bittu
    The Bittu

    Very motivated nd emotional story nice movie ❤👍👍

  • Esha Yadav
    Esha Yadav

    Very soon this movie will also be copied by Bollywood

  • Esha Yadav
    Esha Yadav

    Best inspirational movie ....💕farmer pain ....father struggle....taught everything

  • sanchita paul
    sanchita paul

    Really great movie👏👏👌👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Royta Rajaput
    Royta Rajaput

    Moovi is gret

  • Shamim Ahmed
    Shamim Ahmed


  • Grishma bhat
    Grishma bhat

    It's all about those girls who are from poor family and have big dreams who can do everything from their heart

  • SEEMA Devi
    SEEMA Devi

    Isse hame ye seekh milti hai ki ladkiya ladko se Kam Nahi Hoti 😙🥺

  • 《mohit 》
    《mohit 》

    Kaushalia op

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    So so so superb movie

  • Rajiv Rout
    Rajiv Rout

    Jay Jawan Jay Kishan 🙏🙏

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    Emotional and heart touching movie

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    Thanks south india

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    Awesome movie

  • uttkarsh

    Salute to that lover boy too who supported her

  • iPad Photos
    iPad Photos

    10:30 lost by “69”

  • Rubaya Jannat Nahla
    Rubaya Jannat Nahla

    Love this movie... ❤️ From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Shiva Sahu 143
    Shiva Sahu 143

    Is movie Ka director bahut hi mahan Hai Jo hamate Kishan ke hit ke liye ye movie banaye hai salam hai director ko 🙏🚩 jai Shri ram 🙏🚩 aur yeshehi aur movie banaye ki log jagruk ho Jo samjh sake kishano ki dardh 😔🙏 jisko Acha lga o movie o Like kare 🙏

  • Ved Prakash Sharma
    Ved Prakash Sharma


  • Gaming BD
    Gaming BD

    any bangladeshi are here

  • Shanu Shukla
    Shanu Shukla

    Congratulations 👍50MCROSS GOLDMINES

  • The geet 4u
    The geet 4u

    Bahut achha bitiya

  • Preeti Rane
    Preeti Rane

    One of the great movie seen ever in my life...hats off to the director and the story writer 🤩😍....thanks for dubbing this south movie in's very inspiring movie 👍😌☺️

  • Lofer Return's
    Lofer Return's

    Second comments kar ne keliye hat chala aaya... awasome.. fabulous.. outstanding.. jabardast...what a concept...aur kya likhun samjha main nehin moments hai iss movie main..

  • yours choice
    yours choice

    Tisri ball pe kya hua tha

  • ravi tiwana
    ravi tiwana

    Kisaan majdoor ekta zindabaad 🌾🌾

  • Mr. Rmn Official
    Mr. Rmn Official

    Ya really amazing movie Video like share and subscribe my channel plzz

  • Ovi Bonik
    Ovi Bonik

    Not out best movie.

  • Sudha V
    Sudha V

    U the outsider don’t come inside okay Nee ellam nayam pesura comedya irruku

  • Subrata Dhar
    Subrata Dhar

    Nothing to say.... Just no movie can defeat this movie...

  • Sarthak Mer
    Sarthak Mer

    Best movie !!!

  • Sanjaya Bag
    Sanjaya Bag

    🙏🙏🙏is movie me app log dekhrahe he balki ye cricket ki nahi kisano ki movie he 🙏nice 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Anmol gyan {Bablu rocks}
    Anmol gyan {Bablu rocks}

    Nice movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your ❤️

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Mukesh. Kumar

  • Moana Dhunu
    Moana Dhunu


  • Nature Living Things
    Nature Living Things

    Very great father and daughter relation....

  • Nature Living Things
    Nature Living Things

    Farmers ke problems door krnr ke liye bhi team honi chahiye...

  • Nature Living Things
    Nature Living Things

    Superhit movie, and real emotions and of farmers...

  • Ashish Raj
    Ashish Raj

    That's mirecele 🔥🔥

  • Mirza media
    Mirza media

    Super best. Movie

  • Lofer Return's
    Lofer Return's

    Mast inspiration movie👍👍❤️❤️kya twist bala action punch mara heroin ki maa ne...👍👍

  • Virendr Singh
    Virendr Singh

    My life is the best movie

  • Molter Gamer
    Molter Gamer

    ''it's not written anywhere that girls can't do boys work and boys can't do girls work'' we can do whatever we want.

  • vibing demon
    vibing demon

    1:18:36 bgm is dope ❣️😲⏺️

  • Mehedi Ferdous Midul
    Mehedi Ferdous Midul

    বাংলাদেশের জন্য শুভ কামনা।।বিজয় টা দরকার ছিলো। প্রথম মুভি তে দেখলাম ভারত হারলো। তারা মাঠে হারলেও মুভিতে হারে না।