NOW Replacing EVERY AR in Warzone..
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NOW Replacing EVERY AR in Warzone..
in todays Call of Duty Cold War Warzone Gameplay, after the update the DMR Nerf it changed the way Warzone is. Nobody knows the Meta Weapons, the Stoner is a Cold War LMG that is OVERPOWERED in Cold War, in Warzone i think it will replace all ARs.
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  • Philly Kid215
    Philly Kid215

    Dem sweet lemon pepper...

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez

    That class setup makes the stoner look ass but it actually beams

  • Meiyo_yt

    All I use is ffar and kar

  • Kyle Bamford
    Kyle Bamford

    Garlic parmies baby

  • imdjcloud


    • imdjcloud

      Ever since JGOD put us on the lancer barrel, it’s been 100% go to

  • Veronica Vasquez
    Veronica Vasquez

    You suck. Htkr5

  • Salvador Santana
    Salvador Santana

    Spicy Buffalo on my wings mmmmmmm



  • dusty

    The recoil on the sights for cold war weapons is a cap.

  • Jonathan Corral
    Jonathan Corral

    How does his mac 10 have no recoil that’s wat I’m most curious about someone explain to me that’s nuts !!

  • chris khoon
    chris khoon


  • Jordan Humphrey
    Jordan Humphrey

    Buffalo all the way

  • Chris Massingill
    Chris Massingill

    I wish I could play I’m not lobbies

  • Pyceno FN
    Pyceno FN

    i took 1 second to sub twise

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson

    The CoD Ghosts music playing during the intro kinda sends me back

  • Hercules _Son
    Hercules _Son

    🤔 how is his game movement so fast or this a PC thing

  • Bigjohn 3023
    Bigjohn 3023

    Bruh switch out no stock for a grip come on now

  • Noah Harper
    Noah Harper

    You lied to us

  • Elite gksgls227
    Elite gksgls227


  • C.T.B Banks
    C.T.B Banks

    Anybody else hear ghost music 😃

  • Patrick Hayden
    Patrick Hayden

    The best setup for stoner is. Cavalry lancer: 80% bullet velocity increase all other barrels do nothing as there glitched so is this barrel as it gives velocity not it’s intended Brusier fore grip it gives 15% increase vertical field agent doesn’t work on this gun SAS combat stick Vision tech 2x or axial arms 3x with retinal of choice Agency suppressor for billet velocity and sound suppresion

  • Teun Verbaten
    Teun Verbaten

    Make a vid about the m91 LMG, it just beams!!

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    Ngl he plays like nick forehead cam 24.7

  • Parman Singh
    Parman Singh

    buffalo bare also honey garlic

  • Jaison Villanueva
    Jaison Villanueva

    Dry rub on my chicken wings 💪🏽

  • Nalo Alex
    Nalo Alex

    The M16 is pretty good. Its a two burst kill and i love it :)

  • Ruxx Lemi
    Ruxx Lemi

    How did u get to edit ur videos? I mean how and which app ?

  • Ruben Morlock
    Ruben Morlock

    The rpd is also very good

  • Joshua Escobedo
    Joshua Escobedo

    Man no way he did that 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr. M Vids
    Mr. M Vids

    This dude has a new "best gun" every video.

  • Azael Ariza
    Azael Ariza

    lemon pepper

  • Adam Mohammed
    Adam Mohammed

    Buffalo wings

  • Antonio Claudio
    Antonio Claudio

    Buffalo wings are the best

  • Acdc fan45
    Acdc fan45

    Swagg, the videos are good but please stop calling everything a laser beam or meta, you make one video and all the brainless idiots follow your footsteps and use whatever you label as meta. Love the videos, no hate. But please stop calling everything meta. Keep up the good work

  • After Life
    After Life

    The stoner is good

  • Itziwin

    It really did not look that good

  • Carlos Ian Mendoza
    Carlos Ian Mendoza

    Maaan, that s.w.a.t entry in superstore

  • Barology

    That gun is a cap

  • RageJoshhh

    Homie gives us a Mac 10 class and dont even use it

  • philo3391


  • Groni Music
    Groni Music

    Yeah sure....Every Gun in your Videos are the best, the new Meta Bla Bla Bla...😂😂😂

  • MegaHertzen

    That diamond look is awfull...

  • Sharpp

    Wrong barrel Btw

  • Evan George
    Evan George


  • Lgs.gabriel

    Buffalo for sure the best flavor

  • Alessandro Merli
    Alessandro Merli

    next video: this will replace every smg🤯. No recoil shield loadout

  • Outlaws

    “Dude, it’s the most popping area “

  • Dakota Cruse-Jones
    Dakota Cruse-Jones

    Awesome video man

  • Waldane Watkins
    Waldane Watkins

    Try honey-mustard chicken trust 🤞🏿

  • jbcomrad

    The video is a total lie this gun has vertical recoil no matter what attachments you have. Jgods video about it today proves it and i wouldnt be surprised if swagg makes another video on the stoner copying jgods attachments

  • VicDude

    9:00 thats sus

  • Jeffrey Garcia
    Jeffrey Garcia

    Barbecue 🍖

  • Cuxtoms


  • Riley Bruh
    Riley Bruh

    Way to much recoil. Not viable it all.

  • Jarrett Girardi
    Jarrett Girardi

    not even 20 seconds into the video and tim is talking about his backdoor

  • TronnTV1

    Im sorry swagg...But I LOVE BBQ WINGS

  • oplix

    FINN. FINN. FINN. FINN. No stoner.

  • Pro Fornite
    Pro Fornite

    Seriously the stoner doesn’t look that good from the gameplay

  • Pro Fornite
    Pro Fornite

    Swag is just cap every day bro

  • Watch With Me
    Watch With Me

    Lol this guy is dreaming Stoner lmg 🥱🤣 You mean any AR will beat this lmg

  • Penniell Culler
    Penniell Culler

    Swagg after getting finished him on the outside ggs him on the inside I'm coming back for u boi

  • Jason Huang
    Jason Huang

    PKM is the one

  • Hassane Bowen
    Hassane Bowen

    His haircut pissing me off 😭

  • alynch

    Most of these new guns are nowhere near the kilo

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson

    Swagg play duos @DONTCALLFORGOD activison

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson

    Swagg play duos @DONTCALLFORGOD activison

  • Jasmine Rivera
    Jasmine Rivera

    Get off the game

  • Yeri Santos
    Yeri Santos

    Ayo swagg u needa make a class setup vid for the RPD LMG

  • ATK Pluse
    ATK Pluse

    My boy champ won’t hop on warzone he’s always with the girl

  • Joe Chapman
    Joe Chapman

  • sayless pham
    sayless pham

    garlic parmesan and lemon pepper 🔥

  • slinky

    Sup swagg my scuf is coming on Monday cant wait for it to come

  • Aiden Salcedo
    Aiden Salcedo

    Lemon pepper all the way Chris

  • Wavy Jas
    Wavy Jas

    dude what is next ? X16 replacing all ars ?

  • Danny McMahon
    Danny McMahon


  • Darrell Mingo III
    Darrell Mingo III

    Sorry....Barbaque is my favorite

  • YT Zexri
    YT Zexri

    Uses amax dmr or kilo after the video

  • hex7575

    I doubt what my boy swaggy says I used to grind what he says then cap the next one cap next one cap I'm done !


    swagg will more than likely not see this but if you do, lmk if you down to play together and I bet you 100 dollars I can get more kills than you in our first game together. I swear that on my life too lmao. LMK SWAGG! LOCK IT IN!

  • LocoTentacionn

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    Justin Laudato


  • Crucio710 Official
    Crucio710 Official

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    Rafael Si

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  • Rafael Si
    Rafael Si

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  • Uncle Smugs
    Uncle Smugs

    Use the uncle meta

  • Uncle Smugs
    Uncle Smugs

    You got downed there cause you werent using the ffar

  • Uncle Smugs
    Uncle Smugs

    Use the god damn ffar I went from someone who drops like 6 or 7 kills a game to someone who drops like 15 to 25 kill games

  • Uncle Smugs
    Uncle Smugs

    The ffar dude

  • Olasubomi Ariyo
    Olasubomi Ariyo

    He waited for the most wanted to finish wtf😅😅😅

  • XxFoochiexX

    Bruh use the rpd trust

  • Aaron Hlynsky
    Aaron Hlynsky

    These you tubers play in bronze lobby’s where average kd are always less then 1, cheaters

  • Max Strom
    Max Strom

    whats his mac 10 loadout for warzone cuz the latest one he posted had no stock

  • Kxrrupt

    Cold War AUG . Calling it right now. Best Weapon

  • LaVidaDeDenisse

    play on pc

  • David Bhopaul
    David Bhopaul

    Lol how about you go play in legit lobbies instead of yelling at your teammates when you get gunned in bronze lobbies.

  • Tr1csy

    Swag: stoner is the new meta Nick: Pkm is the new meta Me: fists are the new meta

  • Matthew Sweigart
    Matthew Sweigart

    I mean this guy was gaming easy lobbies for Nuke content long before it was cool but now everyone's doing it.....

  • John Meyer
    John Meyer

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    Why just video your forehead??

  • Ofentse Ramasodi
    Ofentse Ramasodi

    Oath this gun is bad, have to disagree with you for once.