One Direction the TV Special (FULL)
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Little Things:
Story of My Life:
Not included in this video because OneDirectionVEVO posted HQ's.
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  • Resawn Cunningham
    Resawn Cunningham

    Wow! I just watched this. I am a brand new fan and in-love with these guys! Harry of course. Liam-HOT HOT HOT. But I think my true love is Naill. What an amazing guy! Just love him. Then again I adore them all!! But yeah, just cant get enough of the Irish one.....

  • Rauha Ibrahim
    Rauha Ibrahim

    so i was watching this with my little sister and she asked which one was my favorite and i pointed at Zayn and she went “the sad one?” 💀

  • Talia Dulai
    Talia Dulai

    I just watched their last performance again... now I’m here

  • legitlouist

    8:14 i died.

  • Rachel Jacklyn
    Rachel Jacklyn

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  • clout TV
    clout TV

    No one Not even a single soul Louis: Every time he see's a fan 'Bring it in'

  • Johanna Jane Torres
    Johanna Jane Torres

    Anyone here going back to 2015?

  • MnShdW88

    2021 anyone?

  • Sophia Pereira
    Sophia Pereira

    are you telling me that i was on that roller coaster the same month and year after they rode it,

  • TheMyra98

    it's clearly that they are so overworked

  • Garrett Newman
    Garrett Newman

    Name all the 1D moms in order. In alphabetical order.

  • Маргарита Демина
    Маргарита Демина


  • Roxanne Tudor
    Roxanne Tudor

    2021 and still watching this ❤️

  • Miss Marple
    Miss Marple


  • Miss Marple
    Miss Marple

    The fact that I was in the exact same Universal studios and did the exact same things just a year later.

  • Ivča Prčíková
    Ivča Prčíková

    👇 2021

  • aya fayad
    aya fayad

    not the blue , green mic with louis and harry pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Shereen Beatrix
    Shereen Beatrix

    2021, anyone???

  • Justin Whalen
    Justin Whalen

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  • Justin Whalen
    Justin Whalen

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  • ประวัติ ทําประเสริฐ
    ประวัติ ทําประเสริฐ

    1D love

  • Majito Davila
    Majito Davila

    Si amas a One Direction como nosotras y quieres divertirte todo el día únete a nuestro grupo. ✨ Tenemos Teams en los cuales encontrarás a personas con tus mismos gustos, todos los días se hacen dinámicas divertidas. 🍑 ZAYN 🍋 NIALL 🍍 LIAM 🥑 LOUIS 🍉 HARRY ÚNETE TE DIVERTIRÁS! ¿QUÉ ESTÁS ESPERANDO? 💜💙

  • Alexa Hinton
    Alexa Hinton

    26:21 Harry always has to find a way to mention being a baker. Also do y'all think Louis and Harry cuddled??

  • Alexa Hinton
    Alexa Hinton

    Harry was actually smartest. And also Harry didn't get any questions about 1d like niall and louis

  • Lupe Sandoval
    Lupe Sandoval

    18:12 was that a bra

  • Nora Álvarez
    Nora Álvarez

    ¡ÚNANSE! Somos un grupo de dinámicas con temática de 1D. Tenemos cinco teams (uno por cada uno de los chicos) y hacemos dinámicas diarias. Vengan a *1D Rainbow🌈☀️* prros.

  • maria tina
    maria tina

    Como faz pra andar como Harry?!💙💚💙💚❤

  • Madiha Naim_2k3
    Madiha Naim_2k3

    Isn't tht fans r lucky tht louis hug them😍

  • Anna Ilona Stadler
    Anna Ilona Stadler

    We all know, it's not the same without Zayn... But I wish they would come back, with or without him!

  • lovejunieb

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  • Delilah Atkins
    Delilah Atkins

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  • Mishi :3
    Mishi :3

    2:52am 02-01-21

  • Αλέξης Σκαντζής
    Αλέξης Σκαντζής


  • i love avocados
    i love avocados

    Z felt so uncomfortable and was so distanced and you can clearly see it now

  • lovejunieb

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  • ksod kdkd
    ksod kdkd

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  • Yngrid Sales
    Yngrid Sales


  • luka

    28:15 bro it hurts

  • Ally Reed
    Ally Reed

    Everybody saying zayn looks like hes had enough finally here ...zayn has always been like this. He never wanted to be in the bad like this he's had a bad attitude about it the whole time. He should've left long before he did

  • Kevins’ Chili Pot
    Kevins’ Chili Pot

    12:59 zayn just zayned

  • Michelle Fields
    Michelle Fields

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  • Perusing Person
    Perusing Person

    Haha that girl with the mask that looks like zayn hahahaha

  • Eunice Rotairo
    Eunice Rotairo


  • Im m
    Im m

    2021 anyone?

  • Im m
    Im m

    who else is watching this at the end of 2020

  • gabryelle menard
    gabryelle menard

    10:32 the way harry dropped his mic in the background

  • gabryelle menard
    gabryelle menard

    3:59 i love the way harry says "special" when he said "welcome to the one direction tv special"

  • Sofia Diciano Lucena
    Sofia Diciano Lucena

    The Brazil part, I'm dead-

  • Lucy Day
    Lucy Day

    24:59 why are both of the sides of that bed messy harry?

  • Karin Veršić
    Karin Veršić

    Me watching this on Christmas on 1am cryng and wanting James to kidnap all 5 of them with ther wifes/girlfrends and kids and put then in a room until they dont have a reounion without Modest!

    • Karin Veršić
      Karin Veršić

      @lazy homebody Yep I onow what ya mean

    • lazy homebody
      lazy homebody

      @Karin Veršić Oh! "The future" I need him to do it,like, now! That sounds a bit more extreme than what James did with the JoBros

    • Karin Veršić
      Karin Veršić

      @lazy homebody Still hes isnt the only one with a child and i just put girlfrends/wifes bc in the future they can have them.And yes i know that Zayn is the only guy with a gf.He is with Gigi

    • lazy homebody
      lazy homebody

      You don't know them very well. Only Zayn has a gf

  • Chloe Bautista
    Chloe Bautista

    I forgot the van scene was in this AAAAAA I was not prepared

  • Delilah Atkins
    Delilah Atkins

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  • Shailesh Sathe
    Shailesh Sathe

    please watch the line said by zayn at 28:18 !!!!!!!!!

    • Akshata Kadam
      Akshata Kadam


  • Mudasir Nazeer
    Mudasir Nazeer

    Everytime i watch it as if i've never watched it before Although I have like 100 times

  • JaysCreations

    Zayn sounds SO good in this performance.

  • Belle and Ava Forever together
    Belle and Ava Forever together

    17:27 Niall❤️

  • bsher311

    Why didn’t anyone tell me this was it?! Matured & so fucking cute. 🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️

  • ishit mahajan
    ishit mahajan

    No Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam only Payne

  • Jessica Collins
    Jessica Collins

    THE GIRL AT 18:47 😂😭😭

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles

    ▪︎0:39 ~ Steal My Girl ▪︎9:11 ~ What Makes You Beautiful ▪︎19:54 ~ Girl Almighty ▪︎30:29 ~ Nigth Changes ▪︎38:39 ~ Best Song Ever

  • Maisie Rose
    Maisie Rose

    When Harry said euro on the rollercoaster all I can think of is “ 3 bananas for a euro “ in that one interview if u know u know 😂😂😂

  • Ishy

    2020 is ending yet i am still here. watching this 👀


    almost 2021 and i still cry when i watch this

  • Rush S
    Rush S

    It's way too obvious how thin and feeble zayn looks and that he wasnt having fun anymore like he used to.

  • Rosci An
    Rosci An

    Omg, i realize after watch it that i am falling more deep to them. And i tried to be happy along watch this 'coz i realize that rn is different 180° from this video:" Btw, i love 1D and directioners all over around the world, keep smiling and believe that they wanna comeback soon, luv ya.

  • lovejunieb

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  • Maryam Masood 550
    Maryam Masood 550

    Anyone in december 2020??

  • Laura Rosendahl
    Laura Rosendahl

    Nobody: Liam: *SINK IT*

  • אפתייי


  • Elisa Prattley
    Elisa Prattley

    Zayn: We get to say to our grandchildren that we went as a band. ME: 😭😢😭😢😭😭😭

  • Shama F.
    Shama F.

    Who’s watching in December 2020? 🥺

  • under88Me

    Harry Styles couldn't sing back then either... he developed some singing skill since, but compared to him Nick Jonas for example is a good singer, he was already talented as a child.

  • under88Me

    Audience: 90% girls 10% boyfriends, fathers, bodyguards and gays.

  • Pacha Steen
    Pacha Steen

    I really really want them to get back together

  • Stefany Dueñas
    Stefany Dueñas

    I'm watching and i'm crying :c

  • Jannatul Tajrin
    Jannatul Tajrin

    Who is the cutest one direction band member

    • Jannatul Tajrin
      Jannatul Tajrin

      I love Zayn

  • Alessia Trovato
    Alessia Trovato


  • Cassidy Grenier
    Cassidy Grenier

    its december 2020 and still watching this and i will forever love the boys

  • Aisyah

    Still hoping they will come back! HAHA why they doesn't have concert in Malaysia? Haha Just dreaming . 2021 coming soon!😪


    Does that mean Liam went on the roller coaster thrice?

  • Liddini Hanifa
    Liddini Hanifa

    10 December 2020. like if u still watching this

  • Karen Ortega
    Karen Ortega

    27:16 Louis says “It’s okay Niall” And he went in to say HE was the one with claustrophobia and asked “How long?!” He is the absolute cutest and nicest. 🥰🥺✨💙

  • Alyssandra Robledo
    Alyssandra Robledo

    "Im enjoying writing the songs, it doesnt feel like work, when I go to the studio anymore it, like its fun..." - Zayn Malik So um how come that was the last one hmm? 😭

  • louist 91
    louist 91


  • Ali B
    Ali B

    louis singing "lightning" like an American emo singer in girl almighty is causing me to CACKLE

  • Tharchen Kaleon
    Tharchen Kaleon

    4:27 well this did not age well

  • Rameen Baber
    Rameen Baber

    This is just to make us jealous we werent there wish I was born at that time I joined 1 year ago 😢

  • artsy vibes
    artsy vibes

    When will this crazy group return 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • jomana mohamed
    jomana mohamed

    Poor liam rode the roller-coaster 3 times

  • cara


  • cara


  • eema

    I'm here just because I want to look at Zayn's face

  • butdaddyilovehim

    ok but WHY is no one talking about that in 0:42 Harry is next to Liam but in 1:05 HARRY IS NEXT TO LOUIS? PLS SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME

    • Charlotte Hillewaert
      Charlotte Hillewaert

      I don’t know how 🤔

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton

    Watching this years later I remember it coming out and I watched it live it made me cry scream in a fan boy way I love it so so so much I hate to say it because nostalgia means something you look back on from the past that doesn't exist anymore (thats what it means to me) so I never like to say it about one direction but this was such a nostalgic moment for me I remember setting up the TV on my desk and switching through the channels quickly to find it before it started its 2020 and this was in 2014 im just as much as a directioner as I was back then I'm trying not to cry this band grew up with me and got me through so many issues a big one being trans and becoming part of the lgbtq+ community #onedirection

  • Ti Lai
    Ti Lai

    0:11 xx

  • Mildred Degboe
    Mildred Degboe

    watching this the month that their contract ends and crying :(

  • abercrombie3607

    pov: the temperature scanner wondering why you won't look it in the eye

  • Jaye Jenn
    Jaye Jenn

    louis: can i come in and cuddle you know? 26:15

  • Jsnsja Jwjjwjw
    Jsnsja Jwjjwjw

    A bunch of fans running / hitting the car !!! Reminds me of a zombie apocalypse !!

  • gaiasalvii

    2:01 gesus.