One Direction Video Diaries (ALL)
Apparently they're being deleted, so here you go guys, enjoy:)
00:01 Week 1
01:02 Week 2
03:30 Week 3
07:03 Week 4
10:48 Week 5
14:38 Week 6
17:52 Week 7
21:30 Week 8
24:56 Week 9
28:32 Week 10

  • Fatima Payne
    Fatima Payne

    Who’s here watching the video diaries again and again because today is #10YearsOfOneDirection? 😍

    • Montse Clemente
      Montse Clemente

      Who doesn’t

    • doczi agnes
      doczi agnes


    • Victoria López Carrasco
      Victoria López Carrasco

      me :>

    • 1d_i_adore_ U
      1d_i_adore_ U

      Ofc me 2021😔❤

    • lilystyles_vol.6


  • Wonkas Willy
    Wonkas Willy

    Why can Louis never see lol

  • kabul sulmaz
    kabul sulmaz

    "louis' the oldest" they said...

  • The Great gamers
    The Great gamers

    What food would you be? Zayn: rogan josh Louis: but your name is not josh Niall: your name is not rogan either Zayn: *it’s one my middle names*

  • Tera Prather
    Tera Prather


  • Veronika Santana
    Veronika Santana

    I just love how Louis does absolutely nothing and Niall starts laughing uncontrollably

  • •Samantha•

    Louis is hilarious I canttt and Niall’s laughing I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Peyton Vandiford
    Peyton Vandiford

    3:55 louis...

  • cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes
    cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes

    Last night i watched 1D before sleep and in my dream i was meeting harry so i am here the other night watching this hoping i see harry again in my dream😐

  • cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes
    cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes

    Look at niall’s reaction to the high five in 07:45, literally the biggest larry fan😂

  • Lucie Murphy
    Lucie Murphy

    zayn at 12:45 ‘i wanna live forever’ “i don’t wanna live forever”- am i a joke to you?

  • Emily Joseph
    Emily Joseph

    Harry is literally the cutest when he said that he would probably be working in a bakery if wasn’t for his music career🥺💕💕💕

  • Emily Joseph
    Emily Joseph

    Week 4 diary is sassy Louis 🤣🤣🤣

  • navya modi
    navya modi

    When louis was asked who would he date in the house and he asked harry to answer first, it looked like he hoped harry would say louis but when harry didnt louis looked so disappointed and when he was saying she is mine i felt like he actually meant you are mine to harry 5:00 to 5:16

  • Shxdow_Chloe ii
    Shxdow_Chloe ii

    “I doNt waNnA saY miNe yEt” Course you don’t 😏😏✨

  • Elaina Flemmer
    Elaina Flemmer

    The people who disliked this need to go to therapy

  • Ava Simerly
    Ava Simerly

    Louis: AHHHHH THE LIGHT!!!! the other boys: hahhahahahhahahahahahhahahghhghghghagahahahgahgaha

  • cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes
    cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes

    Louis can be the person that was the reason of corona with his coughs😅

  • cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes
    cupcakesrkiwis kiwisrcupcakes

    I am born in september 28th and im proud of baby me

  • Isabella Provato
    Isabella Provato

    I love them so much please help me-

  • Dark Devil
    Dark Devil

    Is whole video diary is there

  • Dark Devil
    Dark Devil

    Kindely reminder Louis is the oldest among them.....not the youngest😂😂

  • Shambhavi

    3:58 : Zyan Speaking my attention is on him but my attention is also Louis trying to bite Harry's shoulder 😍😍

  • E Marriott
    E Marriott

    Zayn: i want to stay young and live forever Also Zayn: I DONT WANNA LIVE FOREVER

  • Phoebe

    Not me watching in 2021😭💔

  • Rijab _Draws
    Rijab _Draws

    From a directioner to Army

  • Potter Tail
    Potter Tail

    Why did they have to grow up?😭They looked is damn happy

  • Ellis Kinsella
    Ellis Kinsella

    4:56 Yep that’s it Larry is definitely real I don’t need any more evidence

  • Leila May
    Leila May

    simple but effective

  • BreeAnna C
    BreeAnna C

    17:57 Nobody: Hazza: 🖐+☝️=7

  • Daniela Rodrigues
    Daniela Rodrigues

    No one: Harry starting all the senteces: hmm I THINK ..

  • Molly


  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee

    🤣🤣🤣 Louis is just amazing, he’s the funny one

  • Roma Ghosh
    Roma Ghosh

    louis is always doing something different I love it

  • Kenzie Rose
    Kenzie Rose

    anti-depressants? no, the one direction video diaries.

  • Adyline Boudreau
    Adyline Boudreau



    roses are red violets are blue IRbin didn't recommend this you searched it up 26:31 😏😏🦸

  • One Directioner
    One Directioner

    13:28 Niall also went for high five but zayn ignored him and harry giggled 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • nora sarullo
    nora sarullo

    3:57 Lou: * bites shirt * Harry: * gay panic"

  • Cerys Pratt
    Cerys Pratt

    3:57 nom nom nom

  • Millie Gates
    Millie Gates

    I think I’m in love with hardy styles

  • Millie Gates
    Millie Gates

    Loui just ate Harry’s shoulder da

  • Danaa Strn
    Danaa Strn


  • Marah B
    Marah B

    Larry isn't real. I'm sorry

  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt

    Week three is literally just Harry and Louis flirting💃🏻💃🏻

  • Woozi’s Guitar
    Woozi’s Guitar

    30:39 just you wait, just you wait

  • Philomène Niquet-Seyer
    Philomène Niquet-Seyer

    10:25 did he said write HIM a song ?

  • hey.callmebea


  • Angelica Pitta
    Angelica Pitta

    12:45 I guess Zayn started writing I don't wanna live forever here😂. It sounds very similar

  • Abigail Frankland
    Abigail Frankland

    Me: at 3 am dying w laughter and sobbing at the same time My dad walks in: should I call an ambulance??? . . . Btw I an still watching this anyone else??.

    • Emma Sawatski
      Emma Sawatski

      im here too haha

    • Pine Apple
      Pine Apple

      Yes i am here

  • lielcarmi lielcarmi
    lielcarmi lielcarmi

    Why does Niall look like a tomato all the time ?!

  • hay dizzle
    hay dizzle

    Louis is actually so funny

  • Gloria

    Whoever told you one direction was a “phase” was lying. It’s a fooking lifestyle.

  • Saanvi Desai
    Saanvi Desai

    "I think we definetley will stay as a band!" "Yup definetley. One direction." No, who said I'm crying?! It's April, it's hot so my eyes r just sweating a lot, I swear

  • Dailene Lumbang
    Dailene Lumbang

    my eyes are sweating : (((

  • Nethma Madawala
    Nethma Madawala

    I eat carrot Louis

  • shruthi b
    shruthi b

    16:28 I guess that's when Louis thought of fungi joke smh🤦‍♂😂

  • Carla Mollica
    Carla Mollica

    VaS hApPeNiN

  • Rachel Murphy
    Rachel Murphy

    hi One Direction i my your biges fan so i love you boys 5

    • Rachel Murphy
      Rachel Murphy

      my name Is Rachel Gail Murphy I my 23 yers old

  • João Batista
    João Batista


  • connie ramirez
    connie ramirez

    she min lol

  • Ashley Kwok
    Ashley Kwok

    I think I'm Louis if i was in a friend group becuase my personality is literally being weird & crazy without even trying and that's just who i am-and then all my friends would be falling down on the floor and laughing----

  • 나니

    wow... this was my teen years....

  • Voice oaf the Voicelesss
    Voice oaf the Voicelesss

    25:28 to 25:40 the way Louis And Harry look at each other

  • Ayesha ahmed
    Ayesha ahmed

    Louis: being all cute and funny Niall:Laughing Harry:Smiling throughout the whole interview Liam:Answering the Questions Zayn:Malik

  • Sara Holt
    Sara Holt

    25:29 to 25:40 !! LARRYYYYYY

  • Fatima Fuzz fuzz
    Fatima Fuzz fuzz

    Hey my name is fatima too

  • Grace Hooper
    Grace Hooper

    I watch this all the time cause I can’t with Louis 😭

  • Jess Cass
    Jess Cass

    22:07 just louis making niall a cuppa tea

  • Gauri Bibavnekar
    Gauri Bibavnekar

    I genuinely genuinely think when louis said I like girls who eat carrots Harry was eating a carrot before and that's why niall was laughing and being the dark larrie that he is

    • Firespawn

      Nah because Harry eats bananas 🍌 it would have been larry if Louis had said I like girls who eat bananas 😂

  • amber milewski
    amber milewski

    Someone just posted a video about this but in 8:36 Louis hand is on Harry's head he knew where Harry's face was the hole time he knew what he was doing I'm upset Im just finding out now 😂

  • Mary Sheyll Tabu-ao
    Mary Sheyll Tabu-ao

    I am here, because i love hurting by these boys.

  • Intergalactic Pineapples
    Intergalactic Pineapples

    11:49 Niall: if we had a superpower, what would it be? Louis? Louis: *is sleeping* Niall: *aw*

  • chloe golden
    chloe golden


  • keeley moriama
    keeley moriama

    harrys hair: exists literally everyone else; its free real estate

  • avery sheffer
    avery sheffer

    louis is a comedic genius

  • Nine de Haan
    Nine de Haan

    19:28 Harry's hand is the whole time on Louis' leg :)

  • samira

    2021 y no no estas solox...

  • Evie Baghurst
    Evie Baghurst

    Little did Louis know that his carrot quote would become iconic 😂

  • Kato Bastijns
    Kato Bastijns

    Zayn: powerrangers Everyone: High Five! Niall not getting a Hive Five 🥲

  • um

    someone's cutting onions here

  • Sylvia Chen
    Sylvia Chen

    The raspy recorder particularly help because okra superiorly unite except a frightened frightening full fumbling functional nest. apathetic, superficial example

  • Sylvia Chen
    Sylvia Chen

    The previous beautician methodologically announce because vessel optically pass beside a scientific actor. puny, brawny quail

  • Divya Wahi
    Divya Wahi

    13:27 niall :(

  • Divya Wahi
    Divya Wahi

    if u notice niall is red in the whole video laughing!! 😂

  • sem h
    sem h

    Ya'll know who Mary is ?

  • Ricah Arciaga
    Ricah Arciaga

    This video was posted when I was only 2 years old, and now im 11, time flies by so fastt

  • Paridhi Saraf
    Paridhi Saraf

    Wait. Why did Harry say FOUR bestfriends? And then Niall immediately sang, 'we're the FOUR best-friends!' why is this bothering me so much? And the fact that NO ONE NOTICED?!

  • Charlota Moudra
    Charlota Moudra

    Someone else just got really nostalgic and rewatched after not seeing it in 10 years

  • Ishmael_ Stylinson
    Ishmael_ Stylinson

    Too obvious Larry.. conspiracy on "IpHoNe"😏oByUzhLy

  • Ishmael_ Stylinson
    Ishmael_ Stylinson

    This is where Larry start. I fink 🤔

  • Alana Alvarez
    Alana Alvarez

    You just gotta love Louis

  • ida

    i miss them : (

    • misqry

      we all do :(

  • Emma Ferramisco
    Emma Ferramisco

    the fact that at 8:41 Louis kept his hand on Harry's hair, makes the fact that he knew what he was doing even more obvious

  • Kevin 28 1D
    Kevin 28 1D

    I love harry and louisss

  • Khady Niang
    Khady Niang

    10 years later and were all here

  • niallsirishpotatos

    I want one direction to recreate these 10 years later or when the reunite!!

  • Jahnavi Bangara
    Jahnavi Bangara

    nobody: Niall the entire video: 🍅

  • Jahnavi Bangara
    Jahnavi Bangara


  • Jahnavi Bangara
    Jahnavi Bangara

    louis: "if i could have a superpower, I'd fly harry: "hold my SOTT"