Out of Control and Aggressive German Shepherd | Cesar 911
Cesar is challenged by both this aggressive dog AND its owner! Tasi's owner is very skeptical of Cesar, and continues to pit him against more challenges. Is Cesar able to conquer this dog issue? Watch Cesar 911 for FREE on TV. Visit bit.ly/2sGTUwA for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork

  • jorge chavez
    jorge chavez

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  • Misfit _1647
    Misfit _1647

    All these owners I wanna slap

  • Cori Bourassa
    Cori Bourassa

    Don’t doubt ceaser ever

  • Webster Rabelo
    Webster Rabelo

    O canal é bom e bem interessante, mas, bem que poderia ter uma legenda para o português.

  • Cloudie 831
    Cloudie 831

    Challenge accepted!

  • Lily Kenyon
    Lily Kenyon

    That’s exactly why you need to start training in the morning and there are eight months or they won’t learn and you have to make sure that the learning properly

  • X Marquise
    X Marquise

    I can’t stand the husband more for what his stupid remark of “I don’t have the time or the patience to train the dog.” I mean, he found the time and patience to be on the show. He can’t be commited to his dog? Words of wisdom here: if you can find the time and patience to shit and bullshit, what’s the excuse?

  • Ill will Ill will
    Ill will Ill will

    As the owner realizes “oh” so im the problem.

  • Anisha GS
    Anisha GS

    omg i hate the wife get rid of her she is spoiling the little angel

  • Chase Gambrell
    Chase Gambrell

    It knew that husky would fuck it’s world up 😂😂

  • TexanTube

    ........This looks fuckin staged.....

  • saow manan
    saow manan

    My dog are the same 😂 out of control

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker

    This patience word is getting to me. How can you be a parent of any kind & not have patience? & yes, having a dog is just like having a small child in the home...

  • SanjuNair

    Dat boi spooked

  • Messrs Anderson & Co
    Messrs Anderson & Co

    Owners with a history of lots of dogs but no dog training skills!

  • cetvies - author-writer.
    cetvies - author-writer.

    still you don't call a mrs a miss. smts Csr does not the limit though. not polite, punished later.

  • Billy Tee
    Billy Tee

    Fake the dog is a paid actor

  • Watjalukinat

    I hate that woman just from watching her face lol

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    If you haven't got the time or patience then don't get a German shepherd you moron.

  • achsah kaleb
    achsah kaleb

    German Sheperds are the best all round dogs!!!

  • Zion Ebokolle
    Zion Ebokolle

    I really enjoyed this video and found it funny how the wife was dissatisfied when the dog did well

  • Clayton Jr Solomon
    Clayton Jr Solomon

    Cesar saved the day😁✊👍 Tassie turned well and different. Cesar is great teaching and helping other people who really need is help.

  • blkbeauti05

    "Nothing good comes out of craigslist."

  • Mom I threw up
    Mom I threw up

    The way she held the leash made me cringe

  • Novelita

    That lady's annoying af. Doubting someone who has more than decades of experience is such a Karen thing to do. I agree that she also needs a trainer😬

  • whisperingthylacine

    That's a malinois mix. I have one too that looks EXACTLY like this dog.

  • Martin

    I understand the husband won't go on walks with her. His wife probably has an unremovable mustard jar up her rear end. The dog on the other hand looks sweet and deserves better, enlightened and more dedicated owners.

  • Vah-ming Moua
    Vah-ming Moua

    She just can't take the truth. She is no good for that dog.

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali

    That's just impossible how can a dog just learn to behave well that quick... I also have a GSD who is super Calm with humans but as soon as he sees another animal he starts behaving like this black one.. I dont know hiw to calm him tried every single way

  • Martha Rodrigues
    Martha Rodrigues

    the videos could have Portuguese subtitles

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA

    So the ignorant man can stop acting and dramatizing and hire a dog rehabber.... and get a muzzle for the dog and admit he is ignorant and unskilled.... just like the woman. It is a job for a skilled dog handler and he and his female partner are both very ignorant and intend to stay that way.

  • Y v e s S e n s e i
    Y v e s S e n s e i

    Stupid owners

  • King0f-Ireland

    The man was a very cool and nice guy, his wife I think transmits her energy to the dog, I don’t know. My dog has his moments with me, but most of the time with me he’s chilled out, my dad actually owns him, but our dog always misbehaves with my dad, I’m 29, my dad is 67.

  • Mike Durkac
    Mike Durkac

    Every time I watch one of these the husband is a real bitch himself. Nothing against Ceasar or his methods. Just an observation.

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    That’s a beautiful dog!!!

  • R Y
    R Y

    Dangerous animal.

  • Rj Matti
    Rj Matti

    Is this the full video?

  • John Knighton
    John Knighton

    The first part of the video it look like she was holding the dog leash up trying to strangle the dog

  • Vicky

    My Australian Shepard does the same thing

  • JD

    White collar dog problems. Must be democrats...

  • pogothearabmonkey

    3:00 Caesar: instead of correcting the behaviour miss mary just panic and jank on the leash. 3:50 Cesar: Everytime she miss behave I just pull on the leash, just to let her know that that's not what I wanted. Okay... so how was the owner doing any different to you, you dumb ape. If you're gonna talk non-sense at least be consistent and not a hypocrite.

  • Nicholas Branzuela
    Nicholas Branzuela

    Dogs need the right person

  • Juanita

    That's funny off crags list. I just got one off from there to. But mine don't act out like that he just has separation anxiety. I was told he was pom chic in him but he has more in him than that in him. his bark is like a beagles or Hund

  • Charles Dubie
    Charles Dubie

    Husband is such a Beta.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    If your dog isn't behaving, it's your fault, period.

  • Pauline Follett
    Pauline Follett

    Teaching the owner is the hardest thing. Training the dog is the easy bit.

  • Casually Finessin
    Casually Finessin

    She doesn't deserve a dog like that she wanted tassie to fail

  • Dr Kuro_Saurio bIG_bLACK_pUP
    Dr Kuro_Saurio bIG_bLACK_pUP

    George Thomas HUEVONAZO and his dork wife buyin a stuff (thats how they seems to perceive the Dog as a thing instead of a LIVING BEING) that he cant compromise to WORK with.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Gwydion Jadu
    Gwydion Jadu

    The man basically saying if the dog training won't work out then he won't invest in having a family. but since there's a chance at changing the dog around then he doesn't mind devoting some of his time in order to have the family lmao

  • Gwydion Jadu
    Gwydion Jadu

    Where in tf do they find these ppl to b on the show? The show is demonic. I'm glad I only saw a clip of it on youtube n not on cable. Brainwashing Americans since December 23, 1913

  • Heather Laird
    Heather Laird

    Goodness I cant believe how little faith she had in Cesar. If Cesar was there to help me with my dog, I definitely wouldn't have that attitude!

  • Jovanny Camacho
    Jovanny Camacho

    Isn’t pretty messed up that a dog be put down if it bites someone, we punish human beings by death if they kill someone not when they hit someone, it shows really what there life worth.

  • Dipayan Dey
    Dipayan Dey

    I can feel the negative energy emitted by that lady from the video.

  • cena

    Get a psychologist for that lady

  • Harwinder Singh
    Harwinder Singh

    You dare doubt the great Ceaser Milan!!!!!

  • ClB

    No German Shepard but a spain mallorquin Shepard.. I have one too, plus a German 😄 Greetings from Germany 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • SchwartzCenter

    4:04 “Toby” lol

  • Peter Stone
    Peter Stone

    At least the German Shepherd is trainable. Those pit bull dogs are a stupid pet. Highly dangerousand and don't respond well to training. Why a normal sensible person would want to own as a pet is beyond me. The German Shepherd can be trained to a high level, so it makes sense as a pet.

  • Lee Wasmund
    Lee Wasmund

    I think this couple votes Democrat.

  • Peter Jimenez
    Peter Jimenez

    Wacky people can’t spend time with there own dog robot dog to the rescue foh

  • 99 HAK
    99 HAK

    Cesar is top dog

  • D UKL
    D UKL

    Reading the comments below, All of a sudden, Everyones become a dog trainer!! IDIOT 10 year olds.

  • Shimmie Queen
    Shimmie Queen

    Karen here is a nightmare! Literally my idea of hell! I'd have to be honest with her, and tell her a whole lot of home truths.. Some people are too stupid for subtlety! Poor Cesar, why does he bother?

  • Leonel Luna
    Leonel Luna

    She a Karen😂

  • c jim
    c jim

    To be fair he isn't any better saying he hasn't got the time or patience to train their dog

  • Devesh Bhomia
    Devesh Bhomia

    Owner:- My dog have this issue of Cesar:- No you.

  • Banana Dude
    Banana Dude

    WTF is wrong with people nowadays? Let the dog kiss a baseball bat!!!

  • Jerry Desir
    Jerry Desir

    Now that the dog is trained, who's training Karen

  • Howling Waters
    Howling Waters

    So much trouble at the DPC/It's kinna ruff when you only 'bout five foot three/Can I kick a lil somethin for my Ds/ and - train a few Gs as they breeze thru?/ don't ya know its 2 AM and the pack is all sleepin/cause we goin hikin at 6 in the morning! ( siss in tha mawn)...then we'll be rollin down the streets pullin on Ceasar wearin them in-line skates( waay back) with his mind on the moment and the moment on his mind...

  • Melanie Landry
    Melanie Landry

    Lady seems like a real piece of work.

  • Jose dela cruz
    Jose dela cruz

    Fucking Karen 🙄

  • Jayne Martindale
    Jayne Martindale

    Unbelievable. There was nothing wrong with the dog just the owner! She shouldn't have a dog. Clueless! I've had German shepherds for 25 years without ever having a problem.

  • Lightof Heaven
    Lightof Heaven


  • B Ben
    B Ben

    At least she has no kids lol

  • Brett Sanders
    Brett Sanders


  • LilRoc Nine
    LilRoc Nine

    Not dog people. They want the dog to learn instead of teaching her first. Their energy is all wrong.

  • Keylime Pie
    Keylime Pie

    Why does she keep mentioning the dog's color 🤣😅🤣😅

  • Evil Sin Reaper
    Evil Sin Reaper

    You have let your dog know YOUR THE OWNER! and tame your dog

  • Rusty Bucket
    Rusty Bucket

    A harness might also help. Cesar is brilliant and knows how to handle both dogs and owners. You have to take the time to care about your pets.

  • Georgi Bogdanov
    Georgi Bogdanov

    Idiots should not own a dog. There should be a psihiatric valuation before buying aninals

  • The BigZapfer
    The BigZapfer

    I thinks Maria's attitude says it all....

  • Rishi Vijay
    Rishi Vijay

    How come such aggressive dogs get friendly with Ceasar..??

  • Scott Craig
    Scott Craig

    That looked like it was a tough pill for her to swallow.

  • jsmoove onthemove
    jsmoove onthemove

    Such a karen!

  • מור דגן
    מור דגן

    My only problem is the choking collar...its painful to the dog and can potentially cause health problems like fainting... This shouldn't be a thing, u can train any dog with a normal collar!

  • junior

    could of at least got it from wish

  • Cpt. Quinn
    Cpt. Quinn

    This dumb Karen

  • yolo bear
    yolo bear

    Wow this guy is superhuman

  • Jordan Zehr
    Jordan Zehr

    Imagine trying to raise a human child when you can't even raise a dog correctly. Sheesh

  • Debra Jenkins
    Debra Jenkins

    People from ranches and farms can't believe this show. We don't have these problems with animals.

  • Joseph Magsino
    Joseph Magsino

    No wonder why. Shes a karen

  • Miguel Mortos
    Miguel Mortos

    that's a Karen right there

  • zs k
    zs k

    I have a fix. Dont pick a dog that won't submit to a pin. Dominant dogs act out mainly because of idiot owners who don't know how to train. I wouldn't have picked that dog to companion with. But if she was mine, I would train her to relax and learn other dogs aren't a threat. Shitty owners ruin stubborn dogs.

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores

    Why is it difficult for people to believe that a dog is trainable. "iM nOt A bElIeVeR" like it's some medium crap.

  • Alfred Dean
    Alfred Dean

    I knew that woman was stupid the moment I saw her holding the dog leash like you hold the rope for the piñata.

  • Rich Matthews
    Rich Matthews

    Why does she want her dog to fail so she doesn’t look wrong?! She shouldn’t own that dog and doesn’t deserve her pup

  • Issi. rdl
    Issi. rdl

    Yes the dogkicker

  • T-Hobbies G45
    T-Hobbies G45

    The dog : my name is the boogeyman, and I'm coming, to get ya

  • Dylan Y
    Dylan Y

    The Maltese wanted action LOL

  • Real Dixon
    Real Dixon

    Love the dramatic music........ Sike