Harvest continues forward with our biggest mishap so far this year. Everyone is okay. The tractor however is not. It crashed into the ditch.
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    Thought it was Bandit was driving and then it was"squirrel"

  • Ste Park
    Ste Park

    bandit should have been at my place I had only one rabbit that I seen . My yields where down a little too.Glad to be done .

  • study hub new channel
    study hub new channel


  • Sham Kahh
    Sham Kahh


  • kamaroway günther
    kamaroway günther

    out of co0ntrol

  • dj123

    Darn! You almost had an excuse to buy a new tractor...

  • Andy Stampfli
    Andy Stampfli

    Even the most basic of tasks have high risks on the farm

  • Nathan Groenendyk
    Nathan Groenendyk

    Ahh belzers what a great dealership we have made many good purchases there and they are very good to us.

  • Jmb lofts
    Jmb lofts

    Your dad got really lucky. I just joined today. I love the channel.

  • Ag with Aaron
    Ag with Aaron

    Scary! Glad everyone is okay!

  • Edward Tobin
    Edward Tobin

    Thank god your dad is ok you can replace equipment but you cant replace your dads life.


      By h hiiiii join u guys do u quids kip opposite side effects are not operate the first one @

  • John Wythe
    John Wythe

    So it wasn’t the nut behind the wheel this time, it was on the other end. Lol!

  • Rob Warihay
    Rob Warihay

    That is ME with the Doughnuts...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Henry Thiessen
    Henry Thiessen

    How many hours are on that new holland tractor?

  • Ricky Gardner
    Ricky Gardner

    Loosing prime on your truck is a easy fix just orings on the primer pump.

  • Ruth Sullivan
    Ruth Sullivan

    You can't like donuts and not be a friend of mine. Two Thombs up on that donuts.. Also donuts get a bad rapp, donuts will not make you fat.

  • Moto Brady
    Moto Brady

    Glad your dad is fine

  • Parent of Twins
    Parent of Twins

    If you can't buy that exhaust piece directly I would be willing to bet that a shop that does aftermarket systems for diesel pickups would have one that would fit. You might be able to get stainless which should last a little longer. That's scary with the tractor. I almost ran over my Dad while driving a borrowed WD-45 when I was about 10 because of a part failure. A pin fell out of the foot clutch linkage and I wasn't familiar with the hand clutch. Thankfully I did get it stopped between the hand clutch and the brakes but there was literally less than a yard between Dad and rear tire. I was yelling at him to move and he just stood there and then got mad at me for yelling at him. Yeah fun times.

  • Claire Russell
    Claire Russell

    I live in Nebraska and my dad farms

  • Hartung Family Farms
    Hartung Family Farms

    That’s crazy! Thank god your dad was alright, he’s exactly right, there’s so many ways that you can get killed in this profession

    • Suman ghosh
      Suman ghosh

      @iowANFarmer ঔ

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks Ron!

  • Donna-John Ames
    Donna-John Ames

    Get header rap from a speed shop and the exhaust leak will at least look better if you patch it.

  • William J. Barnhart Jr.
    William J. Barnhart Jr.

    Glad nobody got hurt the video was a great one but you had no chance of your tractor rolling over it will take a very step bank to roll that tractor we used to farm land steeper than that as always I enjoyed it God bless and stay safe

  • Илья Стефанов
    Илья Стефанов

    Hi Ben. Ukraine is watching you. Thanks for your job!

  • Clarke Farms
    Clarke Farms

    If it weren’t for bad luck some days, you wouldn’t have any at all. That’s how it is around here anyhow 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Clarke Farms
      Clarke Farms

      @iowANFarmer don’t forget the turtle wax!

    • iowANFarmer

      @Clarke Farms as soon as you put in the new hour meter!

    • Clarke Farms
      Clarke Farms

      @iowANFarmer that should make my combine worth what a brand new one is then right?

    • iowANFarmer

      The best way to get new parts is to break the old ones right!?

  • Michael McConnell
    Michael McConnell

    Just started watching your channel. Bandit seems like a good boy! Glad your dad is okay. That must’ve been a scary ride! Hope it’s covered under warranty. Is the cab a ROPS?

    • iowANFarmer

      Roll over. I got you. Probably not completely

    • iowANFarmer


  • Mark Gamble
    Mark Gamble

    Least ur dad left a note. How many hrs on that ford. Was part made in china?. Glad ur damage was minimal and nobody hurt.

  • Scott Vaudrin
    Scott Vaudrin

    The 86 is a sexy tractor

  • marty

    Whose legs did that dog steal??? He's a hoot!

  • Donald Fisher
    Donald Fisher

    New Holland needs to know about this. They may fix it for you.

  • easylooker

    We had the front axle break off on the combine going down the highway. Also feel through a bridge with a full load of wheat. Was upside down in the creek, Couldn't even see the truck from the road. That was just a couple of things. Had many more adventures

    • Shobhna Sarsawa
      Shobhna Sarsawa

      0 P

    • iowANFarmer


  • A Conneely
    A Conneely

    If you contact Trump he will send you more Welfare to buy a new Tractor!

    • iowANFarmer

      Already wrote the letter

  • Scott Henning
    Scott Henning

    Glad your Dad to okay. This is the first video I’ve seen of your channel. Love the name. I grew up in Northeast Iowa on a dairy farm many years ago. It’s very cool to watch all these farm videos. I watch Cole the Cornstar as well. Keep up the good work. Thanks for feeding America 😊👍🏻🌽🇺🇸

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks for joining along!

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    Do you have to hit the middle rabbit???I think you can go straight full rabbit from turtle

    • iowANFarmer

      Probably but it seems nicer to the combine

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    It seems that your only issue is brand choice.. Tractors are green and pickups ram

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson

    Glad nobody was hurt. I dislike the “recommendation” that the brakes be locked together fir road use. As it’s possible to change direction with the brake. (At least in smaller non dualed/weighted front end tractors). I can often slide front over even if front tires are pointed another direction. (May have used that on a few city folks kids as I let them “drive” at slow speed while I sit to right.). “Watch out for your dads car..turn left, left...” in low gear.

  • Seth McKinney
    Seth McKinney

    That's an oof

  • downfour47304

    I’d be rerouting some hydro lines on that unit.

    • iowANFarmer

      Something needs to happen

  • Ryan Doyle
    Ryan Doyle

    I'm Kirby with a knife

  • Travis Shippy
    Travis Shippy

    I think my foot woulda went thru the floorboard slamming on the clutch and brakes lol

  • William Smalley
    William Smalley

    Eddyville the slowest dump around

    • iowANFarmer


  • Larry Hicks
    Larry Hicks

    Great video. Glad your dad is ok.

  • Tom Harrington
    Tom Harrington


  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller

    I'm from Iowa, and guys like you are why I like Iowa farmers.

  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller

    Hi IowANFarmer! Do you have autosteer? If so, let the dog drive. That good boi looks like he'd have a blast!

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown

    Really glad he was okay!

  • puffykilled2pac

    This is why driving tractors at high speeds has always scared the sheezy out of me. We were lucky at our farm that all our fields were within a few miles of each other. I feel bad for you Midwest guys with fields that are an hour drive away.

    • Sonu Sharma
      Sonu Sharma


  • Dirk Dirksen
    Dirk Dirksen

    My brother had the exact same thing happen on a tractor with 10 hours on it. He was pulling a 3 axle manure tank but lost brakes and steering. New Holland got involved and installed a new design to protect hydraulic lines from failed driveshaft. He was told that they were recalling all of that model type, so you should maybe try calling your local dealer

    • iowANFarmer

      They have it in the shop!

  • PrestigeWorldWide

    Dang dude you get alot of likes! Say you get 5k likes. Whats that in average for revenue from youtube?

  • Jeff Hardies
    Jeff Hardies

    According to Kinze's website, those exhaust pipes were made by them and are no longer being made. They do have the blueprints available to download on their website and you can have a shop fabricate the pipe for you. Here is the link: www.kinze.com/resources/re-power/

    • iowANFarmer

      Sweet! Thank you!

  • tim nichols
    tim nichols

    Truck looses prime over night....... Seal kit in lift pump needs replaced. Easy fix for ya.

    • tim nichols
      tim nichols

      @iowANFarmer yes a seal kit for the filter housing. Autozone has the kit. It is Dorman part number 904-124. A little over 20 bucks. I put one in my LBZ a couple weeks ago.

    • iowANFarmer

      Not the fuel filter housing?

  • Doug Peirce
    Doug Peirce

    To fix the exhaust pipe, get a exhaust elbow of the same pipe diameter, cut the blown out portion of the old pipe, use the cut out as a template and trace onto new elbow with consideration for material removed, make a patch and then weld onto the existing pipe on the tractor. Did this to our 9200 this summer. Takes about an hour to do.

  • Tim Lowery
    Tim Lowery

    Time to fab a driveshaft loop!

  • David Thurmond
    David Thurmond

    That's why they have seatbelts

  • Brian Jacobsen
    Brian Jacobsen

    Good thing nobody was hurt!!!

  • D Steven Paisley
    D Steven Paisley

    Get it custom made out of stainless my cost ya double for the material but will last rest of your life .Low spot .water gathers

  • Philip Kimber
    Philip Kimber

    i am glad all worked out ok. I rolled a tractor because of broken exhaust like that - the diesel exhaust fumes put me to sleep. Boy did mum give dad a telling off as he had weeks to fix it and didn't ..... Why have a tractor with no pto? you must have a reason.

    • iowANFarmer

      Tillage tractors

  • Raynona Bohrer
    Raynona Bohrer

    Wow hope your father is okay. Prayers. Great video.

  • steff serpent
    steff serpent

    More new Holland garbage

  • Dixie Charm Estate Sales ,Manassas Va
    Dixie Charm Estate Sales ,Manassas Va

    Lucky dad , Andrew did it ,, he’s missing today , so lets blame him ,,, lol sorrry Andrew

  • Aaron Brayman
    Aaron Brayman

    Glad he got it shut down in time! Glad hes safe.

  • ted sheldon
    ted sheldon

    Thankful your Dad wasn’t hurt….another great video….Bandit was trying to remind you about likes for scratches….??

  • John Isles
    John Isles

    Your Dad been giving driving lessons to Brian Brown's wife.

    • iowANFarmer

      I saw that lol!

  • D X
    D X

    Talking about the danger of driving the tractor into the ditch while not wearing seatbelts in the car... please be safe!

    • iowANFarmer

      When you see us without seatbelts on from time to time. You’ve got to know we might be going up a gravel road slowly for a quarter mile. We wear seatbelts on the road going distance.

  • RJ 1999
    RJ 1999

    Where's the blueberry donuts? Right here on my desk as I take a break from putting air bags on the semi that pulls the hopper, so we can finish beans tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me, they're delicious

    • RJ 1999
      RJ 1999

      @iowANFarmer 👍

    • iowANFarmer

      You’re welcome RJ

  • Magnus Falsing
    Magnus Falsing

    U know how they say it, if its Red or blue keep it in the shed :)

  • Thomas Cooper
    Thomas Cooper

    Lucky the ditch wasent Deaper. At least your dad wasent. Hurt can easy get another tractor but can’t replace your. Dad

  • Claytyn Wishowski
    Claytyn Wishowski

    The kit is like 5 bucks to rebuild the mechanical pump for fuel primer i did it it takes about 2 min once you get it off

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon

    Good video. Great angles. Thank you

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks for watching Kevin !

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon

    Glad everyone is ok. Enjoyed the conversation between you and your dad.

  • Kyle Gammons
    Kyle Gammons

    Good video Ben,glad everyone is ok. I think Bandit was trying to say he like the video but no one was listening Lol!!! You could makes a video every day of just harvest from the combine and I’d watch. Love seeing the fields and all your terrain. It’s a mini vacation from the couch.

    • iowANFarmer

      Mini vacation from the couch. I like it.

  • Isaac Ammerman
    Isaac Ammerman

    We need to see more of your dad on the channel

  • Subscribe Now
    Subscribe Now

    Glad your okay an this is Why you have your Seat Belts on

  • W Lewis
    W Lewis

    Dad had a really close call I know there's nothing you can do when something like that happens I wonder if there's some kind of a bracket that you can put underneath the tractor so that that doesn't happen again for the driveshaft exploding like that and you got good videos keep up the content thank you also for explaining things out for the good and the bad of farming

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks for the nice comment W Lewis!

  • All American Dream Chaser
    All American Dream Chaser

    Class A IRbinrs!! I love it!!🤣👍

  • Karrie Falon Johnson
    Karrie Falon Johnson

    we're gonna send ya to british columbia to pull trucks between hope and merit in snow storms ya do a beter heavey rescue than them guys towing lmao

    • iowANFarmer

      I’ve seen the show!

  • Bob The snowman
    Bob The snowman

    That’ll make a guys butt pucker !! Glad pops is okay.


    oh boy can i b a farmer, life in the southern I.A. love ur out look and thanks for sharin.

  • Ek Wrangler
    Ek Wrangler

    Glad your dad is ok but I think he was safer with the grain cart attached to the tractor

    • iowANFarmer


  • Red Bond
    Red Bond

    I hit the like button for Bandit.LOL

  • Six Toes
    Six Toes

    Glad nobody got hurt.

  • Ken G
    Ken G

    What year is your Duramax? You can change out the seals on the primer cap for a quick fix. I would get an entirely new fuel filter assembly. Around $150 at the dealer. 2 bolts 2 hose clamps and then no more problems. The seals get worn as well as the cap on the inside.

    • 6275in65279

      Try dieselfiltersonline.com Might have that after market for about $130

    • iowANFarmer

      Sound like we are thinking the same thing. I think this is an 11

  • april lewis
    april lewis

    Oldie but a goody picking up the slack of the young machines, i love it

    • iowANFarmer

      It’s a cool one!

  • chris kofahl
    chris kofahl

    Dad is a grizzled veteran , handled it like a champ.

  • Michigantler


  • Marcus vlogs
    Marcus vlogs

    Hope all is well Also helper A is blocked by an object

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks Marcus.

  • ike peters
    ike peters

    Would of sh!!!! my pants when that tractor decided to take off into the ditch!!! Wow 😳

  • Sindian

    Shoulda had a green tractor haha! Glad dad was ok.

    • iowANFarmer

      Shoulda coulda woulda

  • krobson2013

    Happened to me once, but just for a few seconds. An internal valve stuck and i lost my clutch , steering and best of all brakes too. But mine started working before anything bad happened. It was on a long steep hill too.

    • iowANFarmer


  • mcd5082

    Glad everyone is okay.

  • Makayla Burlingame
    Makayla Burlingame

    Now he looks like the stereo typical Iowan farmer. Luca

  • salty 101
    salty 101

    as soon as I saw the dog in the truck I liked the video.

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks Salty.

  • goingruby

    PTO on a tractor is a ? Loved the fast-mo towards the end .

    • iowANFarmer

      Power take off. Like a drive line.

  • Shawn McKinney
    Shawn McKinney

    That's why u go for deer

  • Kelly Benedix
    Kelly Benedix

    Stop talking jabs at us....Parts!!!

    • iowANFarmer


  • Tom Preiss
    Tom Preiss

    Just put some exoste tap on it with some clamps.

    • iowANFarmer

      Might look into that.

  • Tom Preiss
    Tom Preiss

    That dog 💘 that buddy seat.😍😍

  • Tim Atwell
    Tim Atwell

    Ben you can fix that exhaust just cut a piece of metal that's a little bigger then the hole bend it around a light pole for shape and weld it or if you have a piece of pipe cut the repair patch from it .Glad your dad is ok use to run log skider here in Va on some steep mountain side's and had a lot of close calls from road well I called cow paths that gave way had trees save the day from rolling over but just be safe and have a great end to this terrible year we've had

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks Tim!

  • Tom Preiss
    Tom Preiss

    Be thankful for what the Lord gives you and for what he could of gave you.😊😊

  • Farm Hand Crop Adjuster
    Farm Hand Crop Adjuster

    I love how your dad is so calm about almost rolling a tractor and laughs about it. Some days you just have to laugh stuff off

    • justin whitley
      justin whitley

      @Farm Hand Crop Adjuster we are on these things all the time every day Matter of fact its actually scary what they will get on think about this the grain cart was behind the tractor was angled towards the ditch so therfore it makes the tractor even wider on stability if it was in the ditch even withe ditch it would be easier to flip because now it has less width and less stability might not be the best row cropper but I am very accustomed to hills steep ground and rocks we farm it for a living the joke around here you live at the top of the hill the side of the hill or the bottom of the hill 😀

    • iowANFarmer

      I agree the cart stabilized the tractor. If the cart made it to the ditch. I would have all gone.

    • Farm Hand Crop Adjuster
      Farm Hand Crop Adjuster

      @justin whitley that’s the difference is running in a field at low speeds and road travel and road speeds. A tractor running 20 mph pulling (what I’m estimating) a 10,000 lb grain cart and loosing steering is a recipe for disaster so no it wouldn’t have taken much to make that tractor roll. A little steeper ditch, the tractor making a sudden turn, hitting a hole in the ditch, an inexperienced operator or the grain cart falling in the ditch at those speeds it would have pulled the tractor over if it started to tip.

    • justin whitley
      justin whitley

      It wouldn't have rolled it could have took a whole lot more his tractor is wider then mine and has dront duals and i get on 50 degree hills cutting pastures

  • mechanicmike

    I would check Napa, see if you could buy a elbow to fix exhaust, or weld a temporary patch on it.

    • iowANFarmer

      Thanks for the tip!