Over 2 Hours of Wrestling + Moxley in Action | AEW Elevation Episode 3, 3/29/21
#AEWDarkElevation #PaulWight #AllEliteWrestling
Here is your full #AEWDarkElevation match card (IN ORDER)
- Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake vs. Cassidy & Taylor
- Jon Moxley vs. Bill Collier
- Penelope Fords vs. Leila Grey
- Gunn Club vs. Rex Lawless & Milk Chocolate
- Joey Janela vs. Chandler Hopkins
- Thunder Rosa vs. Alex Gracia
- Leyla Hirsch vs. Vipress
- Danny Limelight vs. Frankie Kazarian
- Fuego Del Sol vs. Ethan Page
- Tay Conti & Hikaru Shida vs.
- Jazmine Allure & Tesha Price
- Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans
- QT Marshall & Lee Johnson vs. Adam Priest & Aaron Frye
- KiLynn King vs. Ryo Mizunami
- D3 & Vary Morales vs. 5 & 10 of Dark Order
- Bear Country vs. Private Party
- Scorpio Sky vs. Mike Sydal
A Triple Main Event. Over 2 Hours of Wrestling + Moxley in Action | AEW Elevation Episode 3 - 3/29/21

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  • All Elite Wrestling
    All Elite Wrestling

    Here is your full #AEWDarkElevation match card (IN ORDER) - Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake vs. Cassidy & Taylor - Jon Moxley vs. Bill Collier - Penelope Fords vs. Leila Grey - Gunn Club vs. Rex Lawless & Milk Chocolate - Joey Janela vs. Chandler Hopkins - Thunder Rosa vs. Alex Gracia - Leyla Hirsch vs. Vipress - Danny Limelight vs. Frankie Kazarian - Fuego Del Sol vs. Ethan Page - Tay Conti & Hikaru Shida vs. - Jazmine Allure & Tesha Price - Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans - QT Marshall & Lee Johnson vs. Adam Priest & Aaron Frye - KiLynn King vs. Ryo Mizunami - D3 & Vary Morales vs. 5 & 10 of Dark Order - Bear Country vs. Private Party - Scorpio Sky vs. Mike Sydal

    • Roshan Gurung
      Roshan Gurung


    • Radhika Mukhiya
      Radhika Mukhiya

      K Lk

    • Walmir Cardoso
      Walmir Cardoso


    • Jacob alexzander Graves
      Jacob alexzander Graves

      @Estefani Oliveira jungel boy dont suck

    • Marcel GNAHORE
      Marcel GNAHORE

      Where is Andrade ?

  • paul

    2:11:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • VintageWrestling

    Rex Lawless looks like a cross between PAC and Colt Cabana.

  • Dinesh Dinu
    Dinesh Dinu

    Fresh squeezed OC

  • basslvck(aka)MATT

    Over 1 million Views ! ! !

  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer

    Orange cassidy is from where ever and weighs what ever and his partner chuck taylor is part of the best friends with trent.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    It will be the year of Omega. But only cus Mox is having a baby.

  • John Shackelford
    John Shackelford

    who reads the comments? the bus driver?

  • prm

    OC truly is the king of SLOTH STYLE.

  • deer 86
    deer 86


  • wildandcrazygal

    Now this is just my opinion. So trolls have at me, I don't care. But I have to disagree with Mr. Schiavone on one point. Jungle Boy does not have the makings of a major star. Jungle Boy is a major star. AEW just isn't promoting him that way currently. Jade Cargill is getting a more consistent and high profile push than they've ever given Jungle Boy. Every few months they give him a big match. Which nine times out of ten he loses. Or there's the well known tie with Jericho. But it never goes beyond that. I'm all in on Jungle Boy. And Jurassic Express for that matter. I would even like to see the stable expand. Slight gimmick change and Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. would be perfect fits there. I'm honestly just tired of waiting for them to treat them like headliners instead of a B-team on the cusp.

  • CrazySeanDX

    Man, it still hurts with how Ethan worked his ass off as a good will ambassador for iMPACT and they screw up his tag team and kill him off as a reward.


    Kylinn king ribs broken after that leg drop

  • wildandcrazygal

    Chandler Hopkins is awesome.

  • frankvonfrauner

    Everyone on this show needs to slow down and stick to what they know. Botch after botch after botch. Miro not speaking coherently because he's so mad? LOL What a shitshow.

  • Andrew

    Tony Schiavone seriously does not know most of the wrestling moves names. Like Omg Bro. So ANNOYING!!!

  • Saima Khan
    Saima Khan

    I think it`s a shame how yu guys are treating Penta El Zero Miedo!! It seems like you`re always trying to find ways how to write him out of the show (you even put Fenix with another partner and ended the Lucha Bros) and now, he isn`t even good enough to be on a Dark Elevation episode!!!!!!??????? That`s ridicolous.

  • ᐯOIᗪ Master075
    ᐯOIᗪ Master075

    Where's is the other member of the north. Now

  • ᐯOIᗪ Master075
    ᐯOIᗪ Master075

    Ford. Was a intergender. Wrestler. And stuff in the indies. Nice to see her doing good in aew

  • ᐯOIᗪ Master075
    ᐯOIᗪ Master075

    Thunder rosa is awesome

  • ᐯOIᗪ Master075
    ᐯOIᗪ Master075

    Billy gunn. and. Paul. Reminds me of attitude era

  • ᐯOIᗪ Master075
    ᐯOIᗪ Master075

    Ford has potential. Who agrees. She deserves some gold. Maybe A 4 month reign. And. When she. Goes up against big stars. She should use cheat tactics. They said she's undefeated. Or something. Nah. 6 month reign. She should lose title to big swole

  • Stronger Everyday
    Stronger Everyday

    The only good thing about this is seeing my friend Bill Collier getting his shot. Another Maximum Force Wrestling alum gets on a major show.

  • J Rob
    J Rob

    Can we get TH2 in more high profile storylines and matches pls? Thank you

  • Christian Biermann
    Christian Biermann

    Chandler Hopkins was/is quite impressive, indeed ...!

  • MetalMillitia302

    Ryan Nemeth needs a new look. All I can see is a great value ziggler

  • Buddy Smurf
    Buddy Smurf

    big props to paul white both of your commentary was awesome so refreshing to hear good fun commentary keep doing what you do positive high fiving and all loving it goes to show lol you dont have to be nasty to your other broadcasters that you can enjoy it and make it more fun with the fans

  • 1-800-Wavy

    What's the hype/point with this orange cassidy character?

  • Robert Sittingdog
    Robert Sittingdog

    Omg is that dean ambrose or no

  • Tonky Tron
    Tonky Tron

    all the jobber women they bring in have pornstar names lol

  • Raul Ramos
    Raul Ramos

    Black sunny of aew. Wow tony really f

  • rauddy rivera
    rauddy rivera


  • rauddy rivera
    rauddy rivera

    Cuando en español

  • Immortal Virgo
    Immortal Virgo

    That's the Rusev I miss

  • LynSkyn1981

    This reminds me of WCW

  • infamous sleeper
    infamous sleeper

    draw fukin moxley

  • Critical Karma
    Critical Karma

    If Sky and Ethan Page will be a Tag Team for a long time how about a name for them. Something like "Ego's to the Sky" or something. Don't need to be a Tag Name that could be there Theme Name

  • NightRBLX

    Aew wouldn’t be Aew without Jon Moxley so this video is just amazing.

  • Patsy Oliver
    Patsy Oliver

    Please no more wrestling

  • Dan Fennessey
    Dan Fennessey

    Despite the loss, I think Jack got his Mojo back with that match with Jungle boy. That was good.

  • Bass Life
    Bass Life

    I just love hearing Tony talk

  • Maria Helena Da Abadia
    Maria Helena Da Abadia

    Dois novos idiotas

  • Tommy Pate
    Tommy Pate


  • Tommy Pate
    Tommy Pate


  • Mr AtoZ
    Mr AtoZ

    Am I wrong or did Schiavone call a 450 a Swanton and a DVD a Canadian Destroyer during the Janela match?

  • Skinner Hater
    Skinner Hater

    Damn billy gun another one who don’t age

  • PinkAndBlackAttack 92
    PinkAndBlackAttack 92

    Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn mooooooooooooooxleyyyyy

  • PinkAndBlackAttack 92
    PinkAndBlackAttack 92

    Why does the big show always have the most awkward facial expressions when the camera cuts to the commentators for example 12:26

  • Randall Bryant
    Randall Bryant

    Sure he can do the Frankensteiner, but Limelight do Steiner math?

  • BurritoKid

    "oh is he steppin on those fancy boots?" Paul is all over orange cassidy and so am I

  • Randall Bryant
    Randall Bryant

    Miro's socks!😆

  • Randall Bryant
    Randall Bryant

    Hey look! It's Cade and Murdoch!

  • The AFC Agenda
    The AFC Agenda

    Bill Collier looking like Big Cass’s long lost brother

  • Richardw397

    the Thunderrosa promo was weird. so shes excited to be a mexican woman headlining a show. As anyone would be excited to headline a show of course. Why make it about race? THEN you bring out another woman of latin decent and they want to fight each other because they are of latin decent? wut? so make the 2 ppl that are both proud of being mexican fight each other because they are mexican and no1 can repesent that other than 1 or the other person? really dumb to make this about race. i understand the womans push but the race push is dumb, this isnt 1961.

  • Anthony Dobbs
    Anthony Dobbs

    Kilynn King vs Ryo Mizunami was awesome

  • Davin Andrean
    Davin Andrean

    fav aew wrestler, Jungle Boy baby:D

  • Jeff Jarvie
    Jeff Jarvie

    6 women’s matches!! And Scorpio Sky vs Mike Sydal...the entire show was 🔥

  • RichVibes

    orange cassidy vs darby allin u heard it here folks

  • Maccy

    I’m surprised 700k watched this.

    • G Man87
      G Man87


  • Anthony Dobbs
    Anthony Dobbs

    Leyla legit sucks!

  • C-Spade04

    Imo 10s full Nelson is so much better than Lashleys full Nelson

  • charlie alexander
    charlie alexander

    when A guy is so made he cant speak... Miro hears music & comes back to attack. Yeah he still funny. He could kick my ass I'd still laugh. You mad bro!? lol

  • charlie alexander
    charlie alexander

    work on their tans lol. Hunk needs to lay off the spray tan can.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    When is Bear Country all elite? They will be such a fun team to watch in the division. Them verse the best friends, and the young bucks would be bangers.

  • Kevin Kalinowski
    Kevin Kalinowski

    Bill Collier! Always love seeing ESW guys pop up in AEW

  • Deacon Syxx
    Deacon Syxx

    Orange Cassidy officially has the coolest entrance music ever

  • DJ Glenn
    DJ Glenn

    Joey Janela has the best Death Valley Driver in wrestling.

  • adam2O

    Paul you don't have to keep it PG anymore lmfao.. I love that he keeps cutting off his sentences thinking Vince is gonna yell at him any minute.

  • Rock Strongo
    Rock Strongo

    I wanna have Thunder Rosa's baby!

  • Emmanuel Reid
    Emmanuel Reid

    I want to see more of this Chandler Hopkins guy.

  • Neil Stanford
    Neil Stanford

    Well done big show doing an awesome job on the commentary keep it up

  • T.R.U. Louisianimal
    T.R.U. Louisianimal

    Great episode

  • just here
    just here

    I like how Kazarian put over danny limelight. Cause Danny limelight has IT. Plus im a marine so im glad he can do something besides yell at me lol. That was a fun match

  • Jim From Lima
    Jim From Lima

    Paul is pretty impressive as a play by play guy. Looking forward to more from him

  • channelv19

    The KiLynn King vs. Ryo Mizunami match is KiLynn's best match and Bryce Remsburg's best match. Ryo is so good!

  • William O'Leary
    William O'Leary

    YOU’RE NOT SHOWING DAVID AND BO’s first MATCH!!! UNBELIEVABLY HORRIBLE coverage NBCSN I’ve already unsubscribed to the youtube channel. CANCELING Peacock is next

  • dorothy eibach
    dorothy eibach

    Chandler Hopkins is really good

  • Blussin

    26:43 you can clearly see she didn't hit her or even attempt to make it look like she did 💀

  • Blussin

    Cassidy is my fav wrestler what's you guys?

  • Seb Tyson
    Seb Tyson

    Chandler Hopkins looked sick! The more cowboys in wrestling the better!!

  • William Mortel
    William Mortel

    Mox and Riho on AEW DARK Elevation always 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Macho Showman
    Macho Showman

    The fact that they forced in Dynamite storylines kinda ruins the "dark" portion of AEW Dark

  • TheDopestEthiopian1

    Chandler Hopkins has potential.

  • Tony Rigby
    Tony Rigby

    I like sky walking out of the heel tunnel and saying "I like this one."

  • Lamingus Maytubbie
    Lamingus Maytubbie

    AEW since we have two Dark shows we need championship for the performers to challenge for such as a Dark men's tag team and jr weight championship plus a women's jr weight or princess title.

  • Lamingus Maytubbie
    Lamingus Maytubbie

    Scorpio and Page the new tag team that will be a force to reckon with.

  • J J
    J J

    I now look forward to every Monday watching Elevation!! Such a well booked show!

  • J J
    J J

    What a great episode!! Really loving this show so far!! Actually feels like a show! rather than DARK which is just matches.

  • alpaul

    I like leylas' Music. It fits her well.

  • Anthony Dobbs
    Anthony Dobbs

    Gunn club sucks

  • skanker1

    I said once and I'll say it again Adam priest reminds me of a young radid wolverine .. push him to the moon

  • skanker1

    Give Danny limelight a good crowd and I think aew will have a star

  • Kenneth Scott
    Kenneth Scott

    Just my two cents but here is a list of talent I would like to see on dark, elevation, or dynamite in the future. Matt Cross AR Fox Besties in the world Warhorse (why hasn’t he been back?) Jake something Chris Bay Ace Austin The Christs (if they haven’t been canceled) Josh Alexander Black Torus Rosemary Sue young I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but that’s what I got off the top of my head. Why isn’t AEW using their “partnership” with impact to their full potential? There is plenty of banger matches. Sue young/Rosemary vs Abadon Rosemary vs Allie Jake something vs Brian cage Ace Austin vs Rey fenix Chris bay vs rey fenix Rich swan vs Rey fenix Willie Mac vs Rey fenix Rich swan and willie Mac vs the lucha bros Hell anyone vs Rey fenix Black torus vs luchasarus Eddie Kingston vs Eddie edwards Reuniting mox and Calihan I could go on all day, but it just seems like a missed opportunity for both companies especially impact because let’s face it no one really watches impact so if they get a chance to have their talent on a bigger platform even on dark or elevation they should take it.

  • Dawn Santiago
    Dawn Santiago

    Ryan Nemeth looks like and young Dolph Ziggler

  • sh4d0w dr34m3r
    sh4d0w dr34m3r

    I love Ryo Mizunami so much; her return to AEW has been great!

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr

    By far the best match on this show and I mean no disrespect to the other wrestlers, was KiLynn King v Ryo Mizunami. It was a great polished strongstyle match that was one of the best womens matches I've seen on AEW full stop. I think Kilynn worked well and was just as stiff as Ryo whilst visibly enjoying the strong style and being respectful. I think she's shown how good she really can wrtestle and I would love to see her backing up the recently returned Alien and ruining Jade's week. (Full Disclosure, I'm a huge Kris Stadtlander mark :D) So sign and push her AEW We need a few monster faces in the womens division and Kris and KiLynn and have the size and strength to go for hard matches against Jade and Nyla.

  • JW

    KiLynn King: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! AAAAAAAH! XD

  • Collinz

    Love that little video with Bear Country. they have massive potential

  • Collinz

    Priest has a Benoit vibe to him

  • Collinz

    Th2 segment 😂😂