We believe what we documented during our overnight investigation at the Bellaire House is as close to proof of the afterlife as we may ever get. This is the most intense & convincing night of our paranormal investigation & ghost hunting career.
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  • TFIL

    Left this video basically as close to uncut as I can. Only took out parts where we were aimlessly walking around or bantering. Appreciate you all tuning in & hopefully you enjoy this slower paced video. Would love to know your thoughts on the night! Also, feel free to support the channel! SendItSociety.com - We have some new items!

    • Keegan Horton
      Keegan Horton

      check time stamps 59:45 and 1:09:14 the circle mirror shifts and when looking into it you can clearly see the corner the mirror is pointed to shift to the right slightly and when it did move corey always seemed to look back at it but not say anything

    • ThatsCrazyBro

      where is part 1???

    • Seb

      Look into Hinduism. It will all make sense.

    • Tania Medici
      Tania Medici

      Didn't you say that there are animal toys but no animals?..you then saw something crawl on the floor during the seance, then you got scratched. Scratches are a bad sign, especially after what you saw in the mirror. ..If you want a proper mirror ritual then ask me. It can only be done on one night of the year. I won't give details as its very old and I don't want people trying this themselves. Its along the lines of the mirror ritual you read out but guaranteed not to be a waste of time.

    • Jenna Newman
      Jenna Newman

      Be safe while you guys travel to different places

  • Jess Puglise
    Jess Puglise

    I’m cracking up at Corey literally having a conversation with the spirit and the jokes. Like “ya get that one? Ya get it?!... do you know Peter Pan?” 😂😂

  • Tyler Eldreth
    Tyler Eldreth

    hi love yall show

  • SisterofNaruto

    So I would like to point out something that I found very weird. When they all started out in the attic the oculus got the words knife, American, later, square, and pillow (not in that order), then right after the demonic growl happened at 23:07 the oculus recived the word July. Around 1:09:42 the group is in one of the bed rooms reading the note book more and it said on july 4 one of the investigators felt like they were pinned down or being sat on and that they were struggling to breath like they were being smothered.... I dont know why that felt important to point out but it did.

  • Ace_ of_spades
    Ace_ of_spades

    love how Elton was just casually holding a skull😭

  • Trenidey Nykulak
    Trenidey Nykulak

    Nobody: Elton: I watched myself die.

  • Jeon Jungkookie _18
    Jeon Jungkookie _18

    Can someone tell me if the mirror moved or not when they were all sitting in that room ? Like multiple times.

  • Melisa wonderstruck
    Melisa wonderstruck

    I thought this was very interesting

  • zexzo23

    how do you make holy water...by boiling the hell out of it

  • Selena Strzala
    Selena Strzala

    I know I’m not the only one that didn’t hear the spirits say” there’s 7”

  • breanna castleman
    breanna castleman

    Okay so I dont know what was going on but as it was fast forward or quickened the mirror was shifting ever so slightly... I mean it couldve been debunked as they were touching and moving near the dresser but it shifted

  • avaadia

    Me thinking why ghost aren't that nice i mean... If a group of strangers from yt came into my house I live as a ghost and they aren't scared but funny I would sit there and talk non stop (i need seriously help LMAO)

  • oliver_twst

    I love you guys but the whole "alright lets find some ghosts" *hears ghosts* "man we gotta get outta here there's ghosts" is very confusing

  • Nydia Ortiz
    Nydia Ortiz

    I wanna enter

  • Korina Vér
    Korina Vér

    I think Corey just got a new buddy, who can actually understand and have fun with his jokes. Hopefully this kind of spirit will show up many times without any harm or you guys will go back there and have fun again.

  • Eliziana Lee
    Eliziana Lee

    its actually funny how my leg fell asleep 4 seconds before coreys did

  • IcePlayz


  • Talon Bray-Harris
    Talon Bray-Harris


  • TheFallanAngel

    What's really creepy is when Evan and Elton said what they described am I the only one who saw Brandon's face start to get older cause I swear to God I did.

  • Sam


  • TheFallanAngel

    When it said found us and the spirit stopped talking I'm wondering if a negative spirit came in the room and forced the spirits that yall where talking with to stop talking.

  • Ynxg. Boi.j Rewind
    Ynxg. Boi.j Rewind

    I just thought about it and what do mirrors do they show you a reflection but the reflection is the opposite of what Ever is in it so if Elton saw himself grow old what if that’s the opposite of what’s gunna happen , just saying but I don’t want to jinx it

  • NoMad

    that deep voice copied yall listen to it very closely

  • surgeon otter
    surgeon otter


  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    Corey and Elton will always be my favorite. I love these guys. I started my own channel thx to them feel free to sub. But keep up the spooky stuff guys Love ya guys

  • Mew and Kitty
    Mew and Kitty

    i was watching this whole this with my dog watching it too on my lap and at exacty 1 hour, my dog started barking ay the screen and wouldn't stop until i put her down and gave her a snack

  • Ruby Peterlin
    Ruby Peterlin

    Have you tried matching morse code with the beeps?

  • Savage_Sweet_Gone

    In my experience, the witching hours where the veil or dimensions are the thinnest or most connected are between 3-5am, not just 3 am. Personally, I feel more open or receptive to experiences or contact with the other sides during the 4am to 5 am hour. It honestly depends on the location and individual person.

  • Cheyenne Diedrich
    Cheyenne Diedrich

    Corbin was very terrified in this video.. I feel bad for him. 😞

  • Kristin kudron
    Kristin kudron


  • IsaiahTheGamer 723
    IsaiahTheGamer 723

    cory had me dead

  • Arianna Reynolds
    Arianna Reynolds

    You should come to my hometown. We have eastern state hospital here, Williamsburg VA. Please!!

  • Ethan Ballerini
    Ethan Ballerini

    Evan starting to talk lot more in videos

  • Monty Teske
    Monty Teske

    If you pay attention and go all the way too 1:02:00 one of eltons eyes is looking forward and one looked to the left

  • laura tereshko
    laura tereshko

    i have always had a thing with mirrors where i'm just like kinda afraid of them and i feel like if i look too long someone is going to show up behind me and grab me and this video did not help it

  • ShanRose

    32:53 no one gonna mention the very quick cut of the camera?

  • mckenna’s corner :p
    mckenna’s corner :p

    Heyyyy i love watching ur videos!! i can see ghosts myself and can ever since i was little. and i always am intrested in going on adventures

  • Pug da Weeb
    Pug da Weeb

    18:21 hail sonic

  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen

    59:46 watch the mirror.. it looks like it starts to move

  • Thalia Morales
    Thalia Morales

    Is everything standing up corey lol

  • Cora Rylant
    Cora Rylant

    did anyone see the mirror moving in the time lapse around 1:09:17? even corey looked back at it and saw it moving. but idk if it was because elton was pushing on it or not.


    I live in Oklahoma City and would absolutely love to do an investigation with you guys🤘🏼😎

  • Amber Ezak
    Amber Ezak

    Try coming to upstate ny there’s a lot of history here that’s haunted

  • Amber Ezak
    Amber Ezak

    Where is this located?

  • Sarah Scheidt
    Sarah Scheidt

    Watching this now.

  • Allison Reilly
    Allison Reilly

    wait what happened to the owner?

  • Mariana Bracetti
    Mariana Bracetti


  • cosmica

    How’s evans partner not scared to send him on these investigations???

  • MaKayla Coles
    MaKayla Coles

    I'm so proud of corey...he went from tearing up at the mention of ghosts to having a whole conversation with one without showing any fear.

  • Jak Wiles
    Jak Wiles

    Elton: name another friend from my group demon talking thing: co -by.... (as in colby) me: I think he meant with him

  • Little Arlo
    Little Arlo

    I’m back for another explanation ! Black mirrors are a vision into your past/future but also ! witches would use them as well. They would set up a mirror, start a fire beneath their feet, then proceed to hang themselves all within frame of the mirror. It was said that when they hung themselves in front of the mirror, they had access to another dimension where they would make deals to become a demonic entity and haunt/kill the ones who hurt them most. Many witches would sacrifice their lives to the coven to become these spirits to protect their coven and be praised by them.

  • Keelie Ragen
    Keelie Ragen

    Near the start on the monitor, it said jokes in July and near the end when you were reading the journal it said in July a lady felt like she was getting held down and couldn't breathe properly.

  • KeeperOfNightfall

    Circle Mirror on wall behind you all at 59:45 moves. Not sure if that was Corey pushing it or not. Also you know you shouldn’t face two mirrors towards each other.

  • Makenzie Lee
    Makenzie Lee

    *Casually holds human skull* So if you want to ----- imagine the skull floating😭

  • Coti

    Im the only one seeying that from that window above Elton? 1:09:14

  • Kavithima Siluni
    Kavithima Siluni

    girl: he's probably cheating on me :(( him and the boys : telling jokes to entertain a ghost in order not to die . :)))

  • Abby Barker
    Abby Barker

    Okay so when you guys were staring the mirror right? My art teacher told the class last year and made us all do this as a class in the dark. If you star into it anything that you’re picturing in your head or thinking of you will see in the mirror.

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia

    At 26.06 right after they heard the growl Corbin yells and right after the yell u hear the growl again or am I the only one hearing it

  • Mackenzie Sigmon
    Mackenzie Sigmon

    I think the whole black mirror thing is the same as staring into a regular mirror in low light. Your eyes start to change your face and you start looking really, really bizarre. Maybe that’s why Elton saw something frightening only after a minute of staring

  • Keegan Horton
    Keegan Horton

    1:09:14 to the mirror moves when corey looks back you can see it cause of the corner shifting to the right

  • Keegan Horton
    Keegan Horton

    59:45 the mirror behind them slightly move when Corey looked back

  • Paige Power
    Paige Power

    I straight up saw a dolls face when they were fucking with the black mirror when evan put his camera in front of it to prove you can only see the candle.

    • Chelsie Stasko
      Chelsie Stasko

      I saw Annabelle

  • Lauren Mitchell
    Lauren Mitchell

    Not corey talking to a ghost

  • Lauren Mitchell
    Lauren Mitchell

    Imagine sleeping by urself as a ghost then a whole bunch of strangers come

  • youtube songs
    youtube songs

    Aye love yo videos man seems hella fun

  • Kahleah Cooper
    Kahleah Cooper

    I love this channel and also the witching hour is actually from 12 - 4 AM so what Corey said about him noticing a lot of activity around 4 makes sense

  • Florencio Solon
    Florencio Solon

    at 5:40 something light up, watch the mirror

  • Jaelynn Maldonado
    Jaelynn Maldonado


  • Kayla Cox pinkyblue610 1D - Sam and Colby for Life
    Kayla Cox pinkyblue610 1D - Sam and Colby for Life

    32:13-32:40 when you guys were teasing Corey about him being close to the door, I feel bad for him because I could tell that he was scare and that he did not want to be sitting there, poor Corey. 36:09-36:17 When Corey said if you like jokes and if you all want us to say some jokes and have fun, can u touch the rem pod and it did. I thought that was funny and then when I saw Elton grabbing Corey's arm I started to laugh 😂😂😂😂. WOW This video gives me the chills. This video was insane.

  • Chanelle Thomas
    Chanelle Thomas

    This was the most wonderful video I have ever seen. I love this

  • isailah alvaorez
    isailah alvaorez

    i love these videos

  • Victoria Bishop
    Victoria Bishop

    Ok I know I'm like 3 weeks late for watching this but at 1:09:15 you can hear a creaking noise, now I thought it was cause Brandon was leaning on the dresser but look at the mirror above the dresser and you can clearly see the mirror being moved/shifted

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    i think the one that likes the jokes is Emily but idk tbh

  • Philosophical Gaming
    Philosophical Gaming

    So are we just going to ignore the fact that the mirror was moving by itself in 1:09:10 - 1:09:23

    • Scratchy Luna
      Scratchy Luna

      Elton you need to see this!!!!

    • Amalia Sellanes
      Amalia Sellanes

      i went back and had a look. and omg you're right. how freaky is that. and whats funny is that corey looked up around the time it was moving.

    • Turbo Charge Fitness
      Turbo Charge Fitness

      I wish I could unsee that 😭

  • Claudia Bowling
    Claudia Bowling

    What is the sound at 24:12 -that was deep and guttural growl , I've never heard anything like that

  • David The Disappointment
    David The Disappointment

    I love that Corey is just becoming best friends with a ghost

  • Dévon capers
    Dévon capers

    This is crazy

  • Colin Anderson
    Colin Anderson

    Love your vids

  • charlie

    I kept rewinding and laughing at 15:42.... Eltons face has me dying

  • hunter311c


  • hunter311c

    Cory should go alone for 15 minutes in the saones

  • auggy harrington
    auggy harrington

    Look at the time Corey was telling jokes. After you put your phone down to record and Corey told a few more jokes there was a black shadow near the door looking in and disappearing. Around 40-41 minutes

  • karow

    Hey guys, last weekend I found the craziest and scariest place I’ve ever gone to and ghost hunted. I’ve even been to and worked at the Queen Mary but this place was something else. It’s extremely local and I immediately thought of you guys...

  • i.l.y. kylie
    i.l.y. kylie

    lets go on a paranormal investigation yall

  • Joey Astorino
    Joey Astorino

    The male throat contradictorily guide because dash rapidly touch aside a curious gladiolus. right, harsh veterinarian

  • Chaos died
    Chaos died

    This ghost was definitely a dad

  • Paige Clift
    Paige Clift

    31:59-32:01 it sounded like another growl

  • Lauren Holland
    Lauren Holland

    Come to the uk!! Then explore Denbigh mental asylum:)

  • Rachel Takacs
    Rachel Takacs

    I think Corey made an ghost friend after saying jokes😆

  • Gabriel Guillermo
    Gabriel Guillermo

    seriously guys? she legitimately told you NOT TO!!!!!!! not to do that mirror thing in that room because you'll get a double mirror effect. when you guys were in the room sharing jokes. that is the only explanation you need to differentiate a good spirit from a bad one

  • Grace Partridge
    Grace Partridge

    At 40:57 when It points to the door I saw a shadow on the left next to the door. Plz tell me I am not the only one who saw that. 😨

  • kurikraken


  • Siboney Santos
    Siboney Santos

    Am I the only one that knows that’s not a black mirror, and it’s a picture frame with no picture in it? Lol

  • ThatsCrazyBro

    where is part 1??

  • ItzShadow Gacha42
    ItzShadow Gacha42

    You guys are my favorite youtuber ever.

  • PaRoyNormal TV
    PaRoyNormal TV


  • Nevaeh Solis
    Nevaeh Solis

    I love how their just making jokes with the ghost

  • Alva Malmqvist
    Alva Malmqvist

    At 1:09:11 the mirror moved

  • Javier Rangel
    Javier Rangel

    At 1:09:15 When corey is look at the mirror the mirror is moving by it’s self and then in the time lapse you can really see it move by it self or is it me going crazy

  • Peter

    If I get picked we can go to a forest