Paige VanZant Chokes Britain Hart! KnuckleMania Weigh-In Recap
Paige forgot what sport she was competing in for a moment! Checkout the entire recap of the KnuckleMania weigh-ins!
Watch KnuckleMania live on Fri. Feb 5th, 2020 at 9PM EST | Exclusively on PPV & |
- Paige VanZant vs. Britain Hart
- Johnny Bedford (C) vs. Dat Nguyen
- Chris Leben vs. Quentin Henry
- Martin Brown vs. Zach Zane
- Lorenzo Hunt vs. Robert Morrow
- John Chalbeck vs Greg Bono
- Charisa Sigala vs. Taylor Starling
- Dillion Cleckler vs. Chris Jensen
- Dave Morgan vs. Travis Thompson
- Jarod Grant vs. Brandon Lambert
- Jeff Bailey vs. Drew Lipton
- Pay-Per-View:

  • Musheo Peaus
    Musheo Peaus

    Classy mouth !

  • William

    O don't care if she lost bro k still think she a better fighter

  • CourseyF :}
    CourseyF :}

    Animal looks like jorge masvidal from the side i was confused

  • daltanionwaves

    I hope the ring is in a trailer park

  • Jamma

    For a second i thought Hart was gonna call for a manager

  • Mike Belcak
    Mike Belcak

    At least one dude had old timey mustache

  • knuckle dragger
    knuckle dragger

    Make them scissor

  • Scott McKinney
    Scott McKinney


  • Дикий Турист
    Дикий Турист

    Тут скока дают за финальный бой?

  • Ssgt. Silva
    Ssgt. Silva

    Britan hart is no joke!

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown

    she way to bad to be fighting ion want her to be getting hurt😭imma wanna fight to

  • MattyYoungcloudsArt

    Is the Fight of the Night bonus an extra pack of cigarettes?

  • JahanKhan

    Looks like bum fights with a light show

  • Invisible Individual
    Invisible Individual

    I don’t know about all this but, Has anyone checked into the $9.95 Plan from Colonial Penn?

  • Invisible Individual
    Invisible Individual

    Girls! Girls! Girls!

  • The Squatch
    The Squatch

    Paige ❤

  • Redman

    Who won between the long hair dude and the guy who pushed him ?




    I am athlet without tatoo!..all sports..all atlhets full of tatoo!..why??..its a mistery

  • tom talley
    tom talley

    Is there a 10 tattoo minimum to fight?

  • Шамиль Османов
    Шамиль Османов

    "на уважение" ХАРДКОР ПОЙМЁТ😉😂)

  • Shawn Wall
    Shawn Wall

    The problem is Paige ain't a good fighter. She will be on onlyfans soon.

  • Trespassing Into The Wild
    Trespassing Into The Wild

    Enough Enough GUYS And Gals !! Commissary Will Be Open , No Choking Now

  • Wilem McDubs
    Wilem McDubs

    That was staged. Obviously

  • Ian Skinner
    Ian Skinner

    wtf, paige goes from UFC to this nonsense ?

  • rock roy
    rock roy


  • king Tut300
    king Tut300


  • Daniel Bridgland
    Daniel Bridgland

    This is crap compared to mma

  • Chad Robinson
    Chad Robinson

    Paige is just thinking she makes more in a week off Instagram than this girl will make fighting her whole career.

  • Irene Roma
    Irene Roma


  • B-DALE Barksdale
    B-DALE Barksdale

    Love You Paige VanZant you a true Beast 💪😤👊💯🔥💃 PVZ 💪😉🙌 you kick butt and look beautiful doing it! 👸💯💞

  • Shipped UPS
    Shipped UPS

    Hart is trailer trash. Lol.

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia

    Paige yes!!! Lol

  • Diesel Power
    Diesel Power

    Bunch of disrespectful pottie mouths!!

  • Boogie Thug Rose
    Boogie Thug Rose

    Get the fucking rules right the FIRST TIME!!..GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!

  • Mr. GAWN
    Mr. GAWN

    so many awful tattoos...

  • spacetape

    This is so trashy

  • peter griffin
    peter griffin

    These things seem like scenes from cheesy, dated scifi movies.


    In the Russian promises on bare fists, fighters for a fight receive $ 270 regardless of the top fighter or noun

  • Strat Killer
    Strat Killer

    Britain Hart is a hottie.

  • theklrdude oo
    theklrdude oo

    that is so immature .

  • Whistler 97
    Whistler 97

    Yo she touched her shoulder after 😭😂😭😂

  • Sam Woods
    Sam Woods

    Well sh*t .. I missed it. Two things: Leben is looking totally different since the last time I saw him fight in the ufc. And bare knuckle fighters are pretty hot. Rings girls too

  • Marcos Trujillo
    Marcos Trujillo

    That's bs. They gave that fight to hart

  • freestyle 7000001
    freestyle 7000001

    Lotta ppl watching this are the type to not understand that someone was paid to lose or paid to “start drama” and that’s prob Paige in this case.

  • Keith Ervin
    Keith Ervin

    Fine and dangerous

  • review4u88

    Beletor and UFC rejects

  • Marcia Garcilaso
    Marcia Garcilaso

    Lizard clustered fk!!!!!!!!?????

  • Dustin

    Don’t know why she’s so upset. I wouldn’t mind if Paige did that to me

  • Markus E
    Markus E

    Vanzant seems the only one without an ankle monitor.

  • Gamarika

    I think she on period 🤣😁

  • unbroken1010

    Must be a terrible thing being Hart's ex-boyfriend.😂😂

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank

    WWE has really leveled up.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    That was the cringiest thing i've seen in a while. I'll try to avoid mirrors to keep that streak going. lmao

  • Juan Payet
    Juan Payet

    Vanzant with pants wtf...

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy

    Fuckin love Leben, good to see him back again. And damn excited for PVZ finally!

  • Eric Handley
    Eric Handley

    Staged !!! I bet everyone of those so called fighter drank beers and had farting contests with each other at the end of the night

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      paige wins the staredown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but not the fighttttt............ouch..........

  • Jay-Tee

    This was hilarious

  • Hye Tension
    Hye Tension

    Paige got in her head!!

  • Mike V
    Mike V

    Paige is usually chill 😂

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      boring 🥱

  • Im Norman
    Im Norman

    C R I N G E

  • Kennan Blake
    Kennan Blake

    Paige's opponent made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣 oh man that was embarrassing.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Looks like a bunch of randomized custom created fighters in an old wrestling game lmao

  • David Vasily Aguila Vanzat
    David Vasily Aguila Vanzat


  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones

    What a load of crap pages fight was

  • Adam K
    Adam K

    Why do theu have crowd in America is crowds okay ?

  • winslow wong
    winslow wong

    So much hostility

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      she won in the bank.

  • adsfddsdfsfsds asofsavgdhuaisojk
    adsfddsdfsfsds asofsavgdhuaisojk

    who actually fucking cares theyre literally 120lbs each i could smash their face in and im literally an average male lol

    • Ayothakid X
      Ayothakid X

      Nah they f u up 😂😂😂

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    This reminds me of how kids acted at my junior high school.

  • Project M41
    Project M41


  • Apostolos K
    Apostolos K

    Though it was a tattoo contest

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    paige wins the staredown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but not the fighttttt............ouch..........

  • Chuck Larry
    Chuck Larry

    boring 🥱


    Can’t wait for trans folk to get in the ring.

  • Krackhead420 Meth
    Krackhead420 Meth

    Paidge got beat down

  • Eddie Lopez
    Eddie Lopez

    @1:13 Connor lookalike 😂

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    This reminds me of how kids acted at my junior high school.

  • Fervent servent
    Fervent servent

    All poo

  • Oscar Kofoed
    Oscar Kofoed

    Everything about this is so trashy

  • By Millie B Photography
    By Millie B Photography

    Good for vanzant. If you're gonna walk up in somebody, be prepared for the other person to defend themselves. I like Britain, but that was stupid. Vanzant lost, in the BKF ring, but she won in the bank.

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Probably fake like WWE these stupid press conferences are super fake and set up for gullibles to believe.

  • Chris Petrill
    Chris Petrill

    Damn! Britain wins the weigh in, wins the trash talk, and wins the fight! Congrats girl!

  • Bob Silver
    Bob Silver

    Morons....go get the Gates vaccine

  • khonkhmer cheamreav
    khonkhmer cheamreav

    That henry guy kept on rushing in... That was his downfall to lost!!! The veteran got an easy win!!! Enjoy retirement!!! 😎👍🏽

  • No Tenkiu
    No Tenkiu

    How much you wanna bet hart was jealous of pvz

  • JonVon Pony
    JonVon Pony

    Vanzant HAS to win now

  • Noah Sandoval
    Noah Sandoval

    'Get the rules right' 💀💀

  • mdowning77

    God those girls are gorgeous

  • Hell'sBelle

    *I did NOT know trailer park trash had their own league!* 😮😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christopher Richardson
    Christopher Richardson

    I recant my last statement about paige winning the belt n the ufc.

  • BoxerJ JP
    BoxerJ JP

    They both so fine

  • Moni Poppaea Di Maria
    Moni Poppaea Di Maria

    this is so weird, i stick with the ufc, this look more like prisoners on death row dammm

  • Lisa Fanucchi
    Lisa Fanucchi

    ✊🏻 Respect to Chris Leban.


    Don't think USADA is testing these people.

  • booyjuice

    They should all thank vanzant making this sport relevant

  • CodGaming

    Probably fake like WWE these stupid press conferences are super fake and set up for gullibles to believe.

  • Derek1978

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry....

  • Pedro Lomeli
    Pedro Lomeli

    PVZ from broadway to the staten island freak show

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    I see Biden's gender policy is in effect

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy

    I wonder what all their parole officers had to say about this lol

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    That’s why Paige took that fat L