Pirates Of The Caribbean Pitch Meeting
Step inside the pitch meeting that led to The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl!
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Before Disney turned it into a massive franchise of blockbuster movies, Pirates of the Caribbean was just a slow-moving boat ride attraction at their Disney parks involving looking around at pirates and ships and whatnot. Somehow, that served as the inspiration for a massive series of adventure movies starring Johnny Depp and the rise of one of the most recognizable movie characters of all time: Captain Jack Sparrow.
The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a fantastic adventure movie, but does raise some questions though. Like doesn’t Will hesitate to throw an axe at a pirate’s back when he didn’t throw his sword at Jack just a few minutes earlier? How are all these people’s massive concussions? Was that moonlight really just hitting one spot in the whole town? Why did the entire crew of a ship abandon it completely? Why is there a cowboy here?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  • ORION711

    Corsets are tight

  • Jayce Penner
    Jayce Penner

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    It's been 2 weeks 😭 You owe us 2 pitch meetings today 😔

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    Driggsquad 01

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    Alejandro Vázquez Hernández

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  • Thomas Vleminckx
    Thomas Vleminckx

    05:50 Oh great, let's replace the iconic cast with a nice serving of identity politics. They really didn't learn from Ghostbusters 2016 or Oceans 8, did they?

  • Tim Suetens
    Tim Suetens

    My only question is, "why not just give the bad guys what they want?". All they want is to be mortal again. Like, okay then? ROLL CREDITS

  • LuMnOsITi

    I don't get this one, it's not funny

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    Samuel Davis

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    mike ciesluk

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    Paa Larbi Aboagye-Larbi

    How to survive an action movie: Become a main character.

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    Guilherme Cabral Freire

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  • K

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    Do "Signs", that one of the stupidest movies of all time, should be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • Mark M
    Mark M

    Actually, the whole "why is there fresh food if they can't eat anything" was explained by Barbosa. On that same scene I believe.

  • Deepak Jha
    Deepak Jha

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    Desert Duck

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    Mark Hutchison

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    Douglas Carter

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    Original POTC movie was awesome.

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    Christopher Jones

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    Jessica Leahan

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    Fur Fag Gamer

    The skeleton change effects in this movie are great.

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    gemini kaushik

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    Lady Nerevar

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    James Darrell

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    Mariah Atherton

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    Larry Tiller

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    ralf dsouza

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    Teresa Sevy

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    • Hellgrinde

      @Sean R apparently there WAS one this week and the bastards just didnt add it to the playlist. He pitches transformers

    • Sean R
      Sean R

      Ya whats going on with that? Vacation?

  • Katzenwolf

    Screen Rant's super easy to watch, barely an inconvenience.

  • Nettles

    Skipped over a huge fail - At the climax when Will returns the last coin, Jack shoots Barbosa about 10 seconds before he finishes the ritual, yet the bullet shot into zombie Barbosa still kills him.

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    hatim khan

    AHS pitch meeting

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    StefTay Productions

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    Neil Gabion

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    Abhishek Mukhopadhyay

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    Dragon Boner

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    Jan Johnson

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    vinayak ojha

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    Guadalupe Picasso

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    Walter Gutierrez

    I never really thought about how the cursed pirates "evil plan" was just them wanting to turn back to normal. Why was everyone trying to stop them?

    • morphingninja

      Personal reasons.

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    Glen Bollard

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    Ninguem Semedo

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    I imagine him sitting at home, watching movies, scratching down notes and laughing to himself as he practices his script.

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    Mihai Dinulescu

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    Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this before, BUT Jack wasn’t cursed because the mutiny happened before they got to Isla the Muerta, he was left stranded on the island so he never actually got his share of the gold, but closer to the end of the film we see him sneakily stealing 1 piece which makes him cursed for a short period of time until he gives it back Either way, such a funny video! Please do the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean films!

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    Your A Weird

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      Andy Miller

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    Jojo Pro

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    Jake Donatelli

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      Jake Donatelli

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