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if u see this comment "corpse is sus"
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    hi missed y’all

    • Star L0L
      Star L0L


    • Shirani Singh
      Shirani Singh

      I missed you too Larry’s queen

    • Sydney Roberson
      Sydney Roberson

      We miss you

    • Charlie Rawes
      Charlie Rawes

      What was the song he sang in the car at the start of the vid

    • Elsa Wolfie
      Elsa Wolfie

      Me too

  • Javayandere

    Goddd I feel the second hand uncomfiness

  • Frozen Potato
    Frozen Potato

    RIP headphone users at the beginning

  • Aria Byers
    Aria Byers

    I love the "HIIIIEEE" At the start 🤣😂

  • dumb ass mania
    dumb ass mania

    I love how Corpse calls James by his full name like he's a villain lol

  • Nike ACCT
    Nike ACCT

    The heartbreaking yacht metrically scribble because competition booly march except a annoyed goat. childlike, taboo oval

  • Hannah Mae
    Hannah Mae

    I want to play among us

  • Dasha Luna
    Dasha Luna

    l a rr a y thats my idol

  • {KKG kenma}
    {KKG kenma}

    Larray: "What in the homophobia" ........ Me:(Spits water) LMFAOOO

  • Aaliyah Causey
    Aaliyah Causey

    3:42 i canttttttt XDDDDDD

  • School Girls Fun
    School Girls Fun

    What’s that in the bottom right corner of the screen? “L A double R I that’s ME” 😏

  • Sunflower Gwensi
    Sunflower Gwensi

    I don't like you guys either

  • Karen Guizar
    Karen Guizar

    Ok but what was the song that larray was playing when he yelled 1,2,3 bc it sounds like a boppp

  • Daniela Amrithraj
    Daniela Amrithraj

    Corpse is sus

  • Lyba Amir
    Lyba Amir

    No one, absolutely no one Larray: "what in the homophobia" and also that part where he was like pipe the fuck down short stuff

  • Hannah m
    Hannah m

    why is like corpse so different and his voice scares me lmao

  • Hannah m
    Hannah m

    i think he didnt edit it properly aha

  • simp4acolorblindbritishboy pog
    simp4acolorblindbritishboy pog

    so i guess no mcyt stans are here bc no one is talking ab george-

  • Tami Quinn
    Tami Quinn

    it would be the greatest thing if I just ended up in a lobby with you or Charli. i'm just a teenage girl probably never going to happen. hi Larray love you! 🤧😓


    hi im you biggest fan :) pls notice me :(:):(:)

  • Abigail Sonato
    Abigail Sonato

    Can someone tell me what song Larray is playing at the beginning. I’m invested lol

  • Melanie Cherry
    Melanie Cherry

    Larri: "that bitch just does it for me like i just feel it" literally me on how i feel about Larri Ravon Mario and Brady🥰👑

  • Mathilde ménard
    Mathilde ménard

    The intro with CONAN GRAYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤍🤍

  • Laylay The goat
    Laylay The goat

    I LOVE YOU ❤️💕!!!!!

  • Scarlett Maudsley
    Scarlett Maudsley

    These are the best video games I’ve ever watch

  • Percy Babirye
    Percy Babirye

    My Queen has returned ✨✨

  • Desirae Heredia
    Desirae Heredia

    I feel like Corpse just.....ya know.....SUFFERED

  • Anairam Moreira
    Anairam Moreira

    why corpse's voice is so good mannn

  • maureen

    besides haters, larray is literally the only one that dares call mr beast 'bi*ch'

  • Shadow666

    Copse really said: wanna see some real speed bitch, when he left (no hate to you tho

  • Ivianni Rosas
    Ivianni Rosas

    2 months later and I'm still entertained 🤣

  • •Aminah• •Jade•
    •Aminah• •Jade•


  • pancake edits
    pancake edits

    Great act

  • Jenna :D
    Jenna :D


  • Cassidy Haydon
    Cassidy Haydon

    corpses voice is so scary

  • Quinn Mcbride
    Quinn Mcbride

    larray... u aint verifyied

  • Andy corrie
    Andy corrie

    Corpse is AMAZINGLY ADORABLE (heh lol I'm a huge fan of him 😄) Larray is QUEEEEEEEN

  • Aesthetic Roblox
    Aesthetic Roblox



    Meh BFF let’s go get tea and coffee Meh * hell nah i’m gonna go get Starbucks by myself 😝 ;-;

  • Beste Ozcelik
    Beste Ozcelik

    James: *joins* hi cor- *lags*

  • Chayse Torstenson
    Chayse Torstenson

    what song was that at 1:39

  • Milky Tea
    Milky Tea

    Corpse being a good player and expecting competent conversations: ....... Larray and the hand being crackheads the whole time : - i t i s w e d n e s d a y m y d u d e s -AaEugUhHh

  • Brenden Correa
    Brenden Correa

    I hugged Larry on the screen eeeeew

    • Brenden Correa
      Brenden Correa

      My bad eeeeeeee

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    Its the "Who da f**k Is u" For me

  • black thunder
    black thunder

    2k more adds later

  • Izzybella

    corpse isn’t uncomfortable y’all stop 😔 obviously he’s not as active bc these literally aren’t his friends and these people are very different than him, that simple!! he was still fine!!

  • Kaia Lin
    Kaia Lin

    How do they talk with the other players

  • honey senpai
    honey senpai

    It starts at 2:32

  • Angel Wings
    Angel Wings

    It's not spelled the same but my name is raven ahhh when I heard that my heart jumped

  • Kiomy Spencer
    Kiomy Spencer

    George is bad imposter.

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    1:40 what song?

  • Dyntheflyingwierdo

    so are we all here for corpse😀👍

  • Addyson Mouton
    Addyson Mouton

    I would love to play with yall

  • Girly Gaming
    Girly Gaming

    Hey Larray we just played among us together , it’s girly! Did you message me on discord?

  • Cloudywithcookies

    I did a whole math thing beacuse I saw purple leave elec

  • Dyannah Vazquez
    Dyannah Vazquez

    Are we not going to about how Dixie among us name is a garden tool!😂

  • London Bailey
    London Bailey

    the editing in this was actually kinda funny ngl

  • Emmy Lou
    Emmy Lou

    No One: Chali: Iv'e been practicing all day for this

    • Ava Draws
      Ava Draws

      You spelt charli wrong

  • Alex Medina
    Alex Medina

    Why didn't you kill Charlie for real

  • Jayden Torres
    Jayden Torres

    Lol Charlie Sister

  • Daniel Bikila
    Daniel Bikila


  • Daniel Bikila
    Daniel Bikila

    Boy I missed you too❤️❤️

  • Makenna Zakoor
    Makenna Zakoor

    what’s that ariana song at the start at 1:48??

  • D'Angelo Santiago
    D'Angelo Santiago

    Was it just me or was 4:41 so funny

  • Hope Ryan
    Hope Ryan

    Corpse is sus

  • Vivian Robles
    Vivian Robles

    Corpse is sus

  • sara el-nafeh
    sara el-nafeh

    love your video

  • Erick and Frack
    Erick and Frack


  • Erick and Frack
    Erick and Frack


  • Erick and Frack
    Erick and Frack


  • Naomi Acosta
    Naomi Acosta

    I'm dead!! 😂

  • Amiyah Go
    Amiyah Go


  • Grace._.ridenhour

    corpse left for good reason tbh. like. i get it. i would yoo. it’s just not his vibe

  • Manjinder Bhathal
    Manjinder Bhathal

    Larry can you pls make more among us videos pls

  • Haleyna Ysabelle Hernaez
    Haleyna Ysabelle Hernaez

    We need a conan gray and Larray video.

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams

    so no ones ganna talk about how intense Dixie went when corpse called her Charlis sister

    • Layla Watkins
      Layla Watkins

      I wouldn’t want to be called someone’s sister by corpse as well.

  • LaurenPlayz YT
    LaurenPlayz YT

    Who else is like a 10 year old- and gets there baddie side from Larry XD

  • Thea Bable
    Thea Bable

    Why do you say bad words because my grandma listens to you and she repeats the bad words that you say

  • Mini Crewmate
    Mini Crewmate

    What in the homophobic 😂😭

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane

    Larray really be the one chick who dies in the movies first LOL

  • Eri Chan
    Eri Chan

    James : corpse how old are u. corpse: 23. corpse why James. James: just wondering.

  • i love kdrama
    i love kdrama


  • Strvwberry

    What song was Larray listening to in the car?

  • KYLE Boggs
    KYLE Boggs

    yay! Happy one month to this!

  • Charli d’amelio
    Charli d’amelio

    l love you larray your super funny

  • HëātTråpš ,
    HëātTråpš ,

    6:49 😳 - 7:52👁👄👁

  • Ayssan Bakkar
    Ayssan Bakkar

    Your intro period 😌

  • Alexis Marie
    Alexis Marie


  • sapphire

    i dont have a problem with some of these people but like idek why they invited corpse... he clearly doesn't fit in/feel comfortable in this lobby lol (sorry if it sounds like im bashing corpse, that was not my intention)

  • Isabella Lomeli
    Isabella Lomeli

    Corpse: "it was Charli's sister' Dixie: killer mode on Corpses brain: wait whaa is her name was it dixie or... Me: and I oop

  • Acacia Mohammed
    Acacia Mohammed

    Y is LARRAY’s editing so funnyyyyy

  • Inte din mamma
    Inte din mamma

    ”Im just Dixie’s sister”

  • brooklyn lawson
    brooklyn lawson

    I had Polly pockets and i had everything yall had

  • Cayla Eenkhoorn
    Cayla Eenkhoorn

    the only real gamer to me in the first rounds is Corpse

  • Shona Ting
    Shona Ting

    The he says hiii

  • OtO Astro
    OtO Astro

    You truly are very inspirational and make me fell better about being gay

  • yashika pathak
    yashika pathak

    Corpse is sus Edit : larry said to say this if I saw his discription so ......

  • Kaeli Chambers
    Kaeli Chambers

    Omg I love u

  • Strawberry PLAYZ
    Strawberry PLAYZ

    Umm- Gurl you need someone to teach how you act hunni First

  • Alleigh Kohues
    Alleigh Kohues

    The intro tho