Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!!
Hey guys! In this video, we become dentists to try and pull teeth from a giant crocodile! Our job is to pull the cocs teeth out but every tooth comes with a surprise! Some teeth have a punishment or a prize with them. There are 3 random teeth that that will cause the gator to eat us! Don't let the gator chomp down on you! We have punishments like ice baths, gross foods, and toothpaste beanies! One will survive! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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  • Fluffy_Rod

    With the mouth spreader Bobby looked like one of those samurai masks 3:26

  • Ivory The Bashful
    Ivory The Bashful

    10:53 to 10:58 XD I die every time!

  • Basel Khalil
    Basel Khalil

    The intro funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Boboy Boboy
    Boboy Boboy

    Say fast 1bus antil 10 but don't say 1belas that game is so fun

  • Frosty

    Hungry hippos

  • Shannon King
    Shannon King

    Imagine if they did a giant Shark Attack, that would be terrifying 😨

  • oldair silva
    oldair silva

    the teeth look like apples in the inside

  • Jaswinder Sidhu
    Jaswinder Sidhu

    hippo thingy game

  • Sam Gillespie
    Sam Gillespie

    you guys should do hungry hungry hippos

  • p6mkq

    The tiny croc doctor game is cute, but this variant is a fine example of creativity at its finest ! I could see it as an attraction during a funfair or in a themepark ! You have my praise, Team Edge !

  • Anwen Lokier
    Anwen Lokier

    In my dream I broken killer crocs jaw by grabbing both of sets of tooths and prying until he gives up

  • ProudAmerican

    9:50 11:35

  • Jordyn Tyszko
    Jordyn Tyszko

    Bobby: try to find more games in real life me: why... I can just laugh for that.

  • Juice Boi
    Juice Boi

    You guys should do giant monopoly

  • Pickle & Ayaana
    Pickle & Ayaana

    I lost my molar tooth 🦷 Today

  • Life hacks 101
    Life hacks 101

    Do a big version of Operation but you get tazed if you mess up while pulling the item out, the items can also have prizes or punishments that come along with them.

  • Robert Dean Whittemore
    Robert Dean Whittemore

    Next giant game Hippo, Doctor and snakes and ladders

  • Daniel Bragg
    Daniel Bragg

    Vegimite is so good I love it and I’m Aussie !

  • Squidney Creations
    Squidney Creations

    Why you hate on vegimite

  • Peter Gamble
    Peter Gamble

    At 10:56 he says you spread it on toast. Thats half rifght but you put a little bit of veggimite and a regular spread of butter/ margarine.

  • ethan is a baddie
    ethan is a baddie

    5:15 why did he actually sing good 🧍🏽‍♀️

  • Dustin Thatcher
    Dustin Thatcher

    Anyone miss matt

  • Syima Boutique
    Syima Boutique


  • C

    Why don't you do mouse trap?

  • Jake Y
    Jake Y

    Brian went beast mode in the ice bath tho

  • Jake Y
    Jake Y

    Bray went beast mode in the ice bath

  • Kanon Gray
    Kanon Gray

    When Bobby brushed his teeth with the venenite stuff I almost threw up

  • yosemite sam
    yosemite sam

    I wanted bobby to win but its okay

  • Gamer R
    Gamer R

    Hungry hippo would be epic

  • Duhitscris

    10:15 Crocodile got drugs???? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus A. Banales
    Jesus A. Banales

    Clue would be fun

  • Deluxemaster S 06
    Deluxemaster S 06

    How did they make this

  • ArgusPaing

    Shark dentist

  • Elite waveyy
    Elite waveyy

    Mouse trap or gooey Louie


    That was close😞

  • simon chow
    simon chow

    I really really really want an ice bath right now

  • The confused builder
    The confused builder

    14:28 CHOMPED

  • Bryan Keim
    Bryan Keim

    Your vids are the best

  • shadow c
    shadow c

    Chutes and ladders

  • nicky walnock
    nicky walnock

    You should do operation but HUGE

  • Landon Cerecke
    Landon Cerecke

    I’ve been on teen Bryan seen day 1

  • Chimera Choker
    Chimera Choker

    All i can think about watching this is vore.....i didnt know how much i needed to see Bobby straddle a tongue till now

  • The Stop motion crew
    The Stop motion crew

    i remember their first video

  • The Stop motion crew
    The Stop motion crew

    i remember their first video

  • Barbora Bigenyte
    Barbora Bigenyte

    Play catch the poop

  • Aileen Theodar
    Aileen Theodar


  • Lennon Mayville
    Lennon Mayville

    When he got chopped how did he disappear

    • Lemon Express
      Lemon Express

      Theres an hole in the crocodile

  • Keaganne Julien
    Keaganne Julien

    You Should Make A Life Size "Life" Board Game.

  • Sling009 Lolz
    Sling009 Lolz

    is it just me or the 1st round j called it a crocodile but its an alligator? crocs have V shaped snouts. alligators have U shapec snouts,

  • Alexis playzz8
    Alexis playzz8

    Make a giant version of mouse trap

  • percival serrano
    percival serrano

    Scary crocodile 🤯🐊

  • Alien royalty
    Alien royalty

    hungry hippo

  • Crazy James Beast
    Crazy James Beast

    Make a giant hungry hungry hippos game

  • Eathan Witham
    Eathan Witham


  • Quinn Calcote
    Quinn Calcote

    ‘Thin Ice’ seems like a great game to upscale. The losers fall in a giant tub of ice!!! ❄️❄️❄️

  • Charlie Bailey
    Charlie Bailey

    With huuuuuuuge traps!

  • Charlie Bailey
    Charlie Bailey

    OMG,you should make a giant mouse trap!

  • Ahmed Alneyadi
    Ahmed Alneyadi

    Nobody: Jfread miss spelling words . Me too lol

  • Sniper Boy
    Sniper Boy

    I see an arm on the mouth I think it’s Bobby’s arm

  • bennett bong
    bennett bong

    Monopoli pls

  • Caroline Pring
    Caroline Pring

    9:50 I started dying!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Dylan van Ditten
      Dylan van Ditten


  • Nathaniel Lewis
    Nathaniel Lewis

    Escape the island would be interesting for sure!

  • Ispans Bab
    Ispans Bab

    8:55 i love when he scared him

  • Hamster Tube1157
    Hamster Tube1157


  • Puchi Hernandez
    Puchi Hernandez

    This video is so terrifying are you he how do you pull out the teeth and how realistic it is

  • Brody Despain
    Brody Despain

    Hungry hipo

  • KraziKatya

    i can tell they're still alive i saw someone's shirt stick out and the blanket moved

  • Ali fortnite Pro101
    Ali fortnite Pro101

    Kevin not ded right

  • Bani AbdurRahman
    Bani AbdurRahman

    i can not belive that he got chomped in one piece

  • Strawberry Mochi
    Strawberry Mochi

    Hungry hungry hippo?

  • Water Fun
    Water Fun

    The hot seat lol do the hot seat challenge

  • Water Fun
    Water Fun

    Imagine them doing it with a different animal

  • William McPherson
    William McPherson

    Do sorry board game

  • Jolee Hackett
    Jolee Hackett

    mouse trap needs to happen tho that would be so much fun to play and to watch

  • The alien
    The alien

    You should try to remake a life size version of a mobile game called alien: blackout

  • Dylan Vuorinen
    Dylan Vuorinen

    Tbh the crocodile eating you would be a prize compare to the alternatives 😂😂😂

  • krzysztof wojtas
    krzysztof wojtas

    Hungry hippo

  • MrToastieYT


  • Rizuadi Darus DBKL
    Rizuadi Darus DBKL

    Bruh B R U H

  • NotAdam

    Operation. Big operation

  • Isabella Martin
    Isabella Martin

    Hungry hippo pls

  • Louise billy
    Louise billy


  • Cricket Hopper
    Cricket Hopper

    1:40. I’m dying!🤣

  • Trevor Ehrlicher
    Trevor Ehrlicher

    Just gained a lot of respect for Brian

  • Nyla Brown
    Nyla Brown

    Maybe hungry hippo

  • Penguin bird seb
    Penguin bird seb

    Giant Monopoly game

  • tlashante dodson
    tlashante dodson

    When the guys get eaten they went to the backstage you can look where the curtain is

  • Nightwolf

    he didn't correct the grammar error in the thumbnail either

  • DrewAND Conner
    DrewAND Conner

    Anyone else notice they said he wears the beanie for two rounds, ends up wearing it the whole time

  • Justifed 72
    Justifed 72

    I’m starting to think Bryan is Canadian after seeing him willingly get in the ice bath

  • ScarUnicorn

    Him: ITS brain freezing my eyes Me: well it's not really brain freez than-

    • Another TF2ber
      Another TF2ber


  • Renwick Stroter
    Renwick Stroter

    Cans land

  • McCade Miller
    McCade Miller

    Plot twist: the crocodile has a slide in its throat so when theyget chomped the go down the slide

  • frilled lawn
    frilled lawn

    13:12 did you really steal that joke bobby?

  • Noel Kurtin
    Noel Kurtin

    Hungry hungry hippies with go carts

  • Sawdog Hotdog18
    Sawdog Hotdog18


  • Rudi Frank
    Rudi Frank

    I never thought that J-Fred could get more annoying, but I was wrong.

  • The Blox Kids
    The Blox Kids

    The crock is supposed to be facing up just a reminder

  • Winter Rihanna
    Winter Rihanna

    This was the first video i watched when i become a huge fan and started watching ur past vids 🤣

  • Walter Seeganna
    Walter Seeganna

    5:45 that’s not how ice works, Bryan