Reacting To 2HYPE Basketball Highlights!!
I made basketball highlight tapes for all the 2HYPE boys, so today we are reacting to them!
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  • RSN_ Nreacts
    RSN_ Nreacts

    Bald cash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!


    Love your content jesse

  • Colby Garrow
    Colby Garrow

    It would’ve been funny if they made zacks highlights in black and white

  • aleksa raymond
    aleksa raymond

    people watching in 2021

  • That Person
    That Person

    I hate when jiedel makes an excuse for getting a basketball being thrown between his legs because he’s bad.

  • Byanni Macauley
    Byanni Macauley

    Block by cash

  • Tim Fangrad
    Tim Fangrad

    Why are 90% of Mitchell's plays just normal shots?

  • Swifty Striker
    Swifty Striker


  • Niloferr Jahbin
    Niloferr Jahbin

    The highfalutin hamster architecturally part because ray feasibly hand beneath a rainy oxygen. hungry, zany sturgeon

  • Zico


  • Stefanie Gray
    Stefanie Gray

    Jesse you should of put when you knocked dax to the ground

  • Portland Dude
    Portland Dude

    They laugh at James for traveling even though moochie and cash travels also

  • Holly Rush
    Holly Rush

    My mom is in the first clip

  • Joshua Levene
    Joshua Levene

    When Mitchell was actually decent at ball

  • Ed Castillo
    Ed Castillo

    Jesse why wasn’t your NBA three in here

  • Mark Kenneth Miranda
    Mark Kenneth Miranda

    You guys should react to your 2 hype lowlights for basketball

  • vinceman56 Again
    vinceman56 Again

    “Did you not learn the first time bdot” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Knox Hayes
    Knox Hayes

    Do 2hype lowlights plzzzzz

  • Tyler Meyer
    Tyler Meyer

    At 6:29 y’all see the girls by the car 😂😂

  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai


  • Lil-Chip 4e
    Lil-Chip 4e

    jesse’s: first moochies: 10:51 kris: 8:10 cash: 6:22 zach:4:03 james: 2:02

  • Urayoan Mendez
    Urayoan Mendez

    Blue leg cash

  • Kobe Ginobili
    Kobe Ginobili

    No jesser I don’t know what your sayin

  • Snxwyy

    I thought it was 2hype highlights

  • E got drip E got drip
    E got drip E got drip

    It was all about Jess

  • Semaj Hart
    Semaj Hart


  • Nathan Fiedler
    Nathan Fiedler

    Chris blocks that guy twice in a row Zach: did you not learn the first time peanut

  • Rehana Parvin
    Rehana Parvin

    I could beat you guys in a while do you want maybe on 46 but I can still beat you my age is 46 your age is 5

  • Tate Kogel
    Tate Kogel

    James’s step back is even close it was such a travel😂

  • OperationPizza 13
    OperationPizza 13

    Jesse: “And now for Zach’s highlight.” The highlight: Zach dunking on Ben Franklin

  • Seductive Bard
    Seductive Bard

    James is. Small dirk change my mind

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus is king

  • Adam Roubidoux
    Adam Roubidoux

    7:40 the flop

  • Josh Helis
    Josh Helis

    I miss moochie prime

  • Aubrey Penney
    Aubrey Penney

    Cash is just a Walmart version of James harden


    Yo jesser make them do a basketball knowkout and the loser gets a punusment .

  • Alex Mckenzie
    Alex Mckenzie

    Everyone had at least one fade over jesser

  • MetaMix

    were legit

  • MetaMix

    metamix is coming

  • fudgepantz

    All this vid needs is a little background music

  • Mia Lake
    Mia Lake

    We need a mini hoop edition ‼️

  • Jonathan Lawson
    Jonathan Lawson

    Surprised Chris didn’t get hurt

  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai

    Ronnie mitchell

  • Sticky Noodles
    Sticky Noodles


  • Jamrim David
    Jamrim David

    Yeah I forgot my boy mobile

  • Deion 1225
    Deion 1225

    Where's mopi hilights

  • Sid Raj
    Sid Raj

    Nobody: Kris: "COME UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!:

  • Amir Angelo Dela Cruz
    Amir Angelo Dela Cruz

    2:12 Jesse Highlights-No One Answers Kris-Zack Got The Braids Everyone But Jesse- Zack With The Braids.

  • Unknown_ Toxic
    Unknown_ Toxic

    why didn't china try and sign kris????

  • Samurai Baller
    Samurai Baller

    They say this kid instead of mopi

  • Drew Ginnever
    Drew Ginnever

    Im gonna miss 2hype without mopi😔

  • Bamir Alushaj
    Bamir Alushaj

    why you didnt put cash cross on flight

  • Michael DeMelfi
    Michael DeMelfi

    Bruh you have to include Cash breaking Flight’s ankles

  • sports spagat
    sports spagat

    It's not the same without mopi

  • Sid Raj
    Sid Raj

    "Did they not teach Curry Class at Defense." - Jesser Jesser what r u saying, my guy. Speak properly fam

  • Amir-the-sweat Tryhard
    Amir-the-sweat Tryhard

    i mean my boy cash is mad good hes a legend in basketball

  • Amir-the-sweat Tryhard
    Amir-the-sweat Tryhard

    my boy cash to cash

  • Sorevitno

    Moochie hilarious 0:30 😘



  • Carter Waugh
    Carter Waugh

    If you ignore faces James and Jesse look the exact same with the orange uniform

  • Bashir Abou
    Bashir Abou

    who’s here to come back and remember the good old days before tyler 😔


    10:2 Zack mr double dribble

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones


  • Nitr00

    0:23 I thought u said pause at any point

  • Gabriel Remm
    Gabriel Remm

    Kris has the longest shots but he is the tallest

  • Ben Yang
    Ben Yang


  • Ben Yang
    Ben Yang

    What's with the hate on messed he done no fuck to look and y'all talking shit, what the fuck bruh

  • Curren Kong
    Curren Kong

    8:42 cash’s wrist got lag

  • NoLimitBrazy

    Kris has rlly good potential to go pro


    Bro I can beat flight he is so bad

  • jose perez
    jose perez

    The moaning jeans untypically scorch because asterisk histochemically wipe versus a selfish captain. healthy, icky humor

  • Keaton Glynn
    Keaton Glynn

    Kris sus!!!!

  • Keaton Glynn
    Keaton Glynn

    Mitchel sus

  • Charlie Seybert
    Charlie Seybert

    I have both the runoff then when I make it I clap it is weird

  • Jacob Becker
    Jacob Becker

    Moochie vs faze rug 👀

  • Kyd Papaiya
    Kyd Papaiya

    I also do the clap

  • Liam Neis
    Liam Neis

    If only people in the comments knew what was happening at this time

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh

    Where’s cash breaking flights ankles remember that

  • Gio Uchiha
    Gio Uchiha

    Kris: stretch foward James:lock down defender Jester:sharpshooter Cash:midrange threat Zach:playmaker

  • Kaleb Wachal
    Kaleb Wachal

    Yooo they got to play vs dax I didn't know that @dax

  • Jaymon Joynson
    Jaymon Joynson

    You realise Jesse said did they not teach curry class at defence

  • Brandyn’s Your mom
    Brandyn’s Your mom

    Bro Chris should of went to the NBA

  • Luke Hancock
    Luke Hancock

    Can we talk abt the cringey ass subtitle edits idk if its just me but they make it so cheesy

  • Joan Arriaga
    Joan Arriaga

    Flight need to join to hype no kizzy

  • Brobro Reaction
    Brobro Reaction

    3:22 I thought it was James 😭

  • Gabriel Arreola
    Gabriel Arreola

    Yalls far asses don’t do irl basketball vids anymore smh

  • Best Youtuber
    Best Youtuber

    He need a map

  • Tokyo Banks
    Tokyo Banks

    2 hype suck why you kick mopie

  • Basketballcat0


  • The Card Brothers
    The Card Brothers

    1000th comment

  • Tyceonreact

    I would be doing same thing if I was 6’20 🤣

  • Juelz ッ
    Juelz ッ


  • Jacob Sanchez
    Jacob Sanchez

    come upstairs! the legend is back

  • TTV natethegod
    TTV natethegod

    They be snaking mobi

  • Cooper Parfait
    Cooper Parfait

    Look at Zacks face at 10:14

  • Benjamin Cruz
    Benjamin Cruz

    MINI HOOP ADDITION !!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Patrick Mata
    Patrick Mata


  • Patrick Mata
    Patrick Mata


  • aspects wrld
    aspects wrld

    Bro I was at the map when u filmed this I was watching from far away😂