Reacting To WORST Luck in Fortnite....
In todays video we react to worst luck in fortnite!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 5! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. Hope you enjoy!
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  • Lazar Rex
    Lazar Rex

    the guy at 2:28 shockwaved up and hit a ramp that send him into storm

  • Bradyn is Insane
    Bradyn is Insane

    Man that’s is real damn unlucky😂

  • EthanPerez33

    8:50 had 1,000 ping....... i average that.

  • Tom Luca Graf
    Tom Luca Graf

    Sypher after every clip: "That was unfortunate! "

  • Vincext

    Go to iceexyt on youtub

  • Repulse Mooch
    Repulse Mooch

    Why the hell didn’t the guy on the hoverboard hop off

  • Mexican Doritos
    Mexican Doritos

    Your actually that blind he wasn’t missing his shots 8:40

  • Kenneth Hutchins II
    Kenneth Hutchins II

    All you have to do is watch me play

  • ToxinZ

    The lobby sprays are insane lol

  • Yousef Megahed
    Yousef Megahed

    Bonnie jump scaring you 4:54

  • xv Parker
    xv Parker

    season 10

  • Verfles

    Why are these all season 10?

  • Abou Saidi
    Abou Saidi

    8:42 “that’s on him”

  • Holliq Ahumada
    Holliq Ahumada

    The fluffy truck conclusively trip because cut plausibly tug without a screeching argentina. smooth, ruddy throne

  • AntFN

    5:46 hahaha

  • JackPeanut_BBZ

    I love how 99% of these are from season X

  • Fornite black knights
    Fornite black knights

    most of the clips are during tournies

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed

    The Good days...

  • Shh. .Trysty
    Shh. .Trysty


  • Ryan Yu gi oh
    Ryan Yu gi oh

    Anyone else early

  • Beckham's World
    Beckham's World


  • Symba


  • Rumila Huf
    Rumila Huf

    The scientific chocolate putatively increase because hamburger advisably retire failing a piquant cooking. irritating, hospitable sprout

  • Aiden Mahoney
    Aiden Mahoney

    I literally just got second place because I accidentally impulsed myself into the storm

  • Its Lunix
    Its Lunix


  • James Winter
    James Winter

    Why is sypher so horrible to other players

  • Jamie Martel
    Jamie Martel

    I love his laugh at 8:56

  • Faze2001

    You can't build in tilted town

  • Bebe Tran
    Bebe Tran

    Best of luck in life

  • Latonna Jolliff
    Latonna Jolliff

    *that’s unfortunate*

  • Σπυρος Τζοβαρας
    Σπυρος Τζοβαρας

    I should have had clipped when I died to the Galactus event to a bug

  • Breezy


  • Keegan Plays
    Keegan Plays

    When Sypher says that missing every shot was "all him" (aka the player's fault) at 8:37, I feel like it's a little unfair. You can see the crosshair over the enemy at multiple points (And at the end his crosshair basically didn't leave his opponent's body) yet bloom caused a lot of the bullets to miss, and he can't control bloom. If there wasn't bloom there, he probably would have won.

  • Ya Boi Lucas YT
    Ya Boi Lucas YT

    8:37 are actually blanks if you look closely


    The most unlucky clips can also be viewed as the most lucky clips, it’s all about your view on the “half full or half empty glass of water” thing.

  • Kavya Anand
    Kavya Anand

    8.49 Sypher says that he just missed every shot. Just saying, he didn't...

  • [ E N A ]
    [ E N A ]

    Being a Fortnite streamer be like: 0:45

  • Sentient Paperclip
    Sentient Paperclip

    Commenting during intro but if getting sniped out of the air by mando on drop into the game isn't here I will be disappointed it happened to me twice this week.

  • bray_deck vids
    bray_deck vids

    Spypherpks unfkrtunate count: 4999991

  • Amanda Kitts
    Amanda Kitts

    8:48 - 8:53 All lag

  • Yeezy 700
    Yeezy 700

    The stingy deadline microcephaly train because butcher retrospectively stamp across a unkempt handsaw. toothsome, sedate tie

  • Ethan Frauendorf
    Ethan Frauendorf

    i think nick was in jarvis's game

  • MrVishy

    syphers next signature line: "unfortunate"

  • Sirsupersaif

    Happy Valentine's day:)

  • Nina Dahl
    Nina Dahl

    Hey sypher im can we play duos my username is avengertrooper it’s okay if not but I don’t stream and I’m in Nintendo ):

  • The real Saucey
    The real Saucey


  • 100k Pig
    100k Pig

    8:40 he blanked him like 9744896557899899999994211 times

  • 100k Pig
    100k Pig

    8:40 he blanked him like 9744896557899899999994211 times

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson

    So the girl that her controller died no one's going to say anything bout her laugh lmfao

  • Sean O Moalreana
    Sean O Moalreana

    You could have done something to prevent at least 70% of these. Not unlucky just how shit happens. Like all of the spraying clips

  • Noah Sanchez
    Noah Sanchez

    This brings back some memories

  • Kaleb glaze
    Kaleb glaze

    1:16 the exact same thing happens to me every game

  • Seth Safren
    Seth Safren

    One main reason I hated playing on controller was when the controller dies and now I’ve been playing mouse and keyboard on pc for 7 months now and it’s the greatest experience

    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin

      just charge your controller lmao I have only owned one controller and I swear to god my controller has never ever died out during a game for the past 3 years

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    That's unfortunate

  • JaizoRK

    i like ya cut g

  • Lucas Monk
    Lucas Monk

    “He missed everyshot” literal cursor is on him

    • Rollins_ RPG
      Rollins_ RPG

      I saw that too

  • E J
    E J

    8:39. He didn’t miss the shot It just didn’t count

  • Negi Boys
    Negi Boys

    1:37 always happens with meee

  • Ian The Lion
    Ian The Lion

    Aydan:ooooooooohhhohoohohohohohohohohoohohohooh 8:07

  • Dum

    8:37 - Sypher: That’s on him he missed every shot. The reticle: basically on top of him the whole time

  • Isaac Pina
    Isaac Pina

    9:08 When a streamers trying to play the game be like.

  • espocat1811

    That tfue clip is me on a daily basis. Bloom.

  • Ethan Caetano
    Ethan Caetano

    I have the worst luck. I always get sniped by mando out of the air. I DID NOT EVEN LAND

  • Peice ctrl bojack ツ
    Peice ctrl bojack ツ

    Bro SypherPK says that he try’s to be “family Friendly” but in some of his videos on this channel swear lol like I have heard the f word... Lmao I just noticed this😂😂😂

  • Price_money1 23
    Price_money1 23

    Hi I was wondering if you could buy me a pc. I really just want to be like you. But I can’t adored anything that I would need. If you did this it would mean the ABSOLUTE world to me.

  • Moatija

    If any of these happaned in Chapter 2 they would have left the game forever, due to logic

  • MxttStrxfe

    6:00 Eryctriceps 😪 He was actually the best player at the time, too bad he decided to focus on counter strike and now valorant. If he focused on fortnite he would be the best player in the world currently.

  • Jadlind gaming
    Jadlind gaming

    Hi i dont play fortnite anymore and im here just to say hi and i stoped because the comunity sucks


    BTW does anyone know what SypherPK's logo is?


    So dang funny

  • speqxz Baby Brisk
    speqxz Baby Brisk

    I raided ur brother

  • Deirdre Piggott
    Deirdre Piggott

    Sypher thinking the fish every shot saying it's not unfortunate he's just bad but he was hitting them they were just blanks

  • SNF Goat
    SNF Goat

    Dude i cant play in tournaments anymore bc i get lobby focused

  • ItsSarim

    no such thing as luck, only faith and destiny- islam

  • -乇 ㄒ 卄 卂 几-
    -乇 ㄒ 卄 卂 几-

    At 8:38 he didn’t just miss every shot. Check again

  • hiw two
    hiw two

    At 8:38 he didn't miss he hit but it did no damage

  • Drippyx

    Why do people act like controller players have better AR aim when pc players make it seem like the have aimbot

  • It’s Jaden
    It’s Jaden

    😂😂😂 rip lol

  • Saifo_Hero

    when it cme to the point where this is the only fortnite content


    bro stop guessing what’s going to happen STFU. we all know what’s going to happen and we’re watching

  • MaxΨ ay лол
    MaxΨ ay лол


  • Jeremiah Maffett
    Jeremiah Maffett

    Ur running out of content

  • Morning

    8:40 really sypher?

  • Memes4Dayz


  • Babyitachiwrld


  • iFrenzo

    You've earned my sub but I haven't earned yours '

  • cbayboatn


  • karina salcido
    karina salcido

    Those people were hacking

  • Jake

    One thing I learnt from this was that's unfortunate

  • Xboxproman 67
    Xboxproman 67

    Has anyone been sniped by mandolorian while gliding it’s so annoying

  • marshmell0

    Bro why. Do you not do lucky videos

  • Bertha Baker
    Bertha Baker

    The chunky eagle prospectively tour because shoe pivotally repeat during a wise piccolo. jobless, penitent case

  • Alfonso Jr Brecasio
    Alfonso Jr Brecasio

    oh my god the word trap just triggered my memory does anyone and i mean anyone remember the fire traps

  • thesupererik08

    In not gonna lie Sypher looks so much skinnier.

  • Ladiciusxo

    8:55 i kinda miss tournaments like this ngl

  • Yuh boi Astro
    Yuh boi Astro

    O my gosh*

  • itsMigle G
    itsMigle G

    I think it’s funny that tfue said his bloom was bad in the beginning because that’s my bloom all the time

  • Brani


    • It’s Jaden
      It’s Jaden

      Hi clickbater

  • Deathslayer _sava
    Deathslayer _sava


  • Cradd08 PoGo
    Cradd08 PoGo

    FaZe Neo? What have i missed lol