Resident Evil Village - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer
We get our first look at gameplay in Resident Evil 8: Village and some of the people we are going to encounter on your journey through the castle, the tall, frightening Lady Dimitrescu included.

  • kg007

    So they aren't having chunks being shot off this time too, lame.

  • Toast and Bread
    Toast and Bread

    Fuckinn love the first person perspective

  • X Æ A-12’s lawyer
    X Æ A-12’s lawyer

    Is the vampire lady related to joe then? Wtf

  • Crosser

    My eyes.... This shooting skills

  • Egemen İpek
    Egemen İpek

    I love when resident evil games lean heavier to mystery side of things. This game is going to be so much fun!

  • Lurch Airsoft
    Lurch Airsoft

    I know exactly what to do with red barrels. I miss them with the first shot when they’re 5 feet away.

  • Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres

    That vampire mistress is so hot omg bite me .

  • Mahdi Habibpour
    Mahdi Habibpour

    I don’t believe any Scary games would be scarier than RE Biohazard.

  • Malacite

    Ugh really? Why are they going back to the action packed nonsense that started with 4. I just finally got around to playing 7 and beat it earlier and enjoyed it far more than I expected to - it was more than just a return to form, it even had some silent hill elements to it (plenty of plot holes too but that's a diff discussion). I'm actually much less excited for this now than I was after the initial trailer was revealed. Also RE4 merchant was way better :P

  • Gwab괍괍이

    Damn... if the kidnappers were that pretty? I'd let them take me

  • Print is Dead
    Print is Dead

    Soooo its literally way better looking resi 4 literally. More focus on action .....they are gonna end up doing the same shit they did with 6 with this "timeline" but who knows maybe it will be

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    Demon girl: mmh.. Man blood! *giggles* Me: thats right you fu- i mean ooo scary!!

  • Ry Bread industries via Bull Hog Beats
    Ry Bread industries via Bull Hog Beats

    Less graphics more soul

  • glitch720

    Yawn. Nothing has been remotely scary or interesting about RE since 4. No interest.

  • moi

    so many useless comments here. so here is another one.

  • Jacap

    So it’s actually bout a dad who found out his daughters in a fraternity

  • Cody Lamp
    Cody Lamp

    Toto, We aint in Dulvey no more.

  • Judge Pepper
    Judge Pepper

    2:37 hey look a tal bearded man so cool

  • Wip3ou7

    wow everything looks great except the lighting of the womens who wear the cloaks. looks like they still havent figured out how to properly obscure the lighting on the characters heads when under hair or hoods.

  • Zaratushtra

    So this is the Putin‘s Palace?

  • D-Zero 7Cult
    D-Zero 7Cult

    I feel like they are going down a dark souls path which would be welcomed

  • Syuppoppo Shuppoppo
    Syuppoppo Shuppoppo

    Resident evil series are shifting from horror science fiction to horror fantasy with ghosts and magician. That is not the way I want...

  • cheese fornoob
    cheese fornoob

    The devs: silent wretch I dont wish to be horny anymore Players: *just beat it*

  • Mr iLL WiLL
    Mr iLL WiLL

    Their forcing not tryna show anything Bc of the leak awhile back

  • sea

    Step on me

  • MisterManx

    0:46 I wish that was my living room!

    • I like Chick-Fil-A 123
      I like Chick-Fil-A 123

      Looks fancy ngl.

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee

    2:03 goddamn those are big

  • Chilli Con Carne
    Chilli Con Carne

    The anima and animus, in Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology, are the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind, as opposed to both the theriomorphic and inferior-function of the shadow archetypes, as well as the abstract symbol sets that formulate the archetype of the Self. The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of his theory of the collective unconscious, a domain of the unconscious that transcends the personal psyche. In the unconscious of the male, this archetype finds expression as a feminine inner personality: anima; equivalently, in the unconscious of the female it is expressed as a masculine inner personality: animus. The anima and animus can be identified as the totality of the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a male possesses or the masculine ones possessed by the female, respectively. It is an archetype of the collective unconscious and not an aggregate of father or mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or teachers, though these aspects of the personal unconscious can influence the person for good or ill. Because a man's sensitivity must often be repressed, the anima is one of the most significant autonomous complexes of all. It is said to manifest itself by appearing in dreams. It also influences a man's interactions with women and his attitudes toward them and vice versa for females and the animus. Jung said that "the encounter with the shadow is the 'apprentice-piece' in the individual's development...that with the anima is the 'masterpiece'". Jung viewed the anima process as being one of the sources of creative ability. In the book The Invisible Partners it is said that the key to controlling one's anima/animus is to recognize it when it manifests and exercise our ability to discern the anima/animus from reality.

  • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me
    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    Can't wait for Resident Evil Village and God Of War Ragnarok 😬😬😬

  • Generic Male
    Generic Male

    aesthetic looks good but gameplay looks rubbish

  • Mint Hunter Comics
    Mint Hunter Comics

    The details are insane!

  • SomeKindOfTaco

    I have not played this game, and I absolutely love it

  • Justnice980

    My biggest problem with RE games is the pacing. Everything is just so slow. This looks like a lot more of the same.

  • Eatos91

    Are you able to shoot the merchant in resident evil 8 village just like the other one and resident evil 4?

  • Lewis Lewis
    Lewis Lewis

    Clancy better be in this game; you can't keep a good man down, let him pet the doggies and chat with the vampire babes. He's earned it.

  • TheBandicoot

    "We've added crafting" - I see Minecraft is still infecting games to this day. Bored of crafting systems now.

    • TheBandicoot

      @GuezzWhy I do, but Minecraft influenced every other developer to pump crafting mechanics into their game because of how popular it was. Fallout 76 was abysmal because they focused too much on gimmick features rather than making the game good.

    • GuezzWhy

      You realize minecraft didn't innovate "crafting" as a concept right?

  • Mike

    Sexy vampires? Take my money.

  • Dr. Lecter
    Dr. Lecter

    Just wish they could do something about their Feminine Hygiene, smells like somebody died in here. Oh wait...

  • Time Rider
    Time Rider

    Only his dog left so he can become John wick

  • KiryuZer0

    Well the merchant seems to got so rich from leon he gained some pounds buying all this food in thelast years....

  • Furryratchet

    Where is Resident Evil?

  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe

    Developers can scare only Schopenhauerians with this title.

  • Darkseid Darkseidf
    Darkseid Darkseidf

    no,pls no

  • David Saxon
    David Saxon

    I just miss mr x...

  • Adrian

    this looking cool but as RE spin-off ;/ i want classic RE game...ffs

  • optimusmora

    This game is pure 💩💩💩!!!

    • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me
      Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

      Well done on playing it 2 months before everyone else!

  • #Bako 2.0
    #Bako 2.0

    Bhai Main Tumhari video le raha hun corporate mat karna

  • Inhale Exhale
    Inhale Exhale

    By the looks of the gameplay and graphics this game is... 15 years too late looks like just more rushed crap as far as controls go the grapple looks cheap and generic smashing for items looks terrible as well even the textures of your hand and gun look cheap. I'm going to teach them a lesson after selling us Resident Evil 3

  • Felix Kampf
    Felix Kampf

    The tall lady is great, but I think I'm a bigger fan of the blonde daughter.

  • Pantaloon

    the only thing more dead than this gameplay is the guys presentation

  • Lukerative i3
    Lukerative i3

    They gonna do this in VR already? I'm sick of the sucky selection

  • Shlok Gupta
    Shlok Gupta

    4:15 shoots 1 bullet . Also shows one bullet in gun

  • Doge Coin
    Doge Coin

    In vr everything is bigger and in your face. You know what to do capcom.

  • monkeywolfe

    2:46 Fires at a target so large it takes up a fifth of the screen...and misses. I honestly don't know what I was expecting.

  • Jamie Love
    Jamie Love

    You can call it anything but don't call it Resident Evil.... Doesn't have anything to do with the real RE, unfortunately Capcom like any other corporate wants $$$ so they adapted the game to kill them all FPS players instead of survival horror/ puzzle game.

  • Vol de la mort est mauvais en Français
    Vol de la mort est mauvais en Français

    Is anyone else getting RE4 vibes, with the whole concept of fighting through a village into a castle in order to rescue a daughter.

  • Bogart Thegod
    Bogart Thegod

    Woww they finally brought back the merchant!!!! Hell yea Soo much more stoked now

  • Anonymous

    looks like RE 7 2.0

  • Lee Waddingham
    Lee Waddingham

    Doesn't look a patch on 7. Looks action orientated like 4 which is a bit meh tbh

  • The Gaming Galore
    The Gaming Galore

    Evil Within 2 vibes, finding your daughter in a total nightmare experience

  • Joker Shakur
    Joker Shakur

    Not goin lie , the last best RE was 5 ! I beat that game over and over again . Even got the remastered one .... hopefully we get that 3rd person more shooting vibes and not focus on graphics & Breast

  • Kimmy InGaming
    Kimmy InGaming

    You can play demo for free on PS5 oh that's great don't get me wrong it's just you can't buy a PS5

  • Whizzy Rabbit
    Whizzy Rabbit

    This game looks like it's gonna be the best resident evil ever

  • Unlimit Potential
    Unlimit Potential

    1:46~ Cool.

  • Native Maker
    Native Maker

    Vr Mode? It will be great.

  • TheTruthIsGonnaHurt

    Please stop the damn narrations, same nonsense that got Cyberpunk 2077 jammed up. Less talky, more gameplay please. We can think and decide for ourselves.

  • Ivana205

    Am I the only one who wants a crossover between Resident Evil Village and Doom, where Doom Slayer meets Lady Dimitrescu? Although technically she seems to be a vampire not a demon and if I remember correctly RE universe doesnt have Hell or demons but different viruses that create the enemies/monsters but whatever.


    Finally something like re7

  • Stazia Kibera
    Stazia Kibera

    .sinister cause presents sequoia blues on IRbin

  • Ju Naidi
    Ju Naidi

    Cyberpunk no Resident evil village yes

  • Alessandro Rosso
    Alessandro Rosso

    Resident Evil 4 ....

  • Thaninthan Yanasornsiri
    Thaninthan Yanasornsiri

    re7:guard only. re8:guard and kick.

  • Chris Beaumont
    Chris Beaumont

    Seriously, vampires? Lame

  • Roger Windows
    Roger Windows

    Blood born 2 with guns

  • SludgeMan

    A village, castle, kidnapped daughter... Something sounds familiar here.

  • Marcelo Gonzalez
    Marcelo Gonzalez

    04:01 Late 14th century Ming dynasty... Oh it breaks the hearth.

  • lucian kristov
    lucian kristov

    Weeaboo ,crony weird dudes all ready simpin hard AF for this game 🤣 . Its looks like a great game though. Im pretty excited for it


    Call this game (.....). Resident Evil will be superfluous here.

  • The Teutonic Order
    The Teutonic Order

    It looks good, but it feels like it's more of vampires, werewolves instead of bio-weapons and shady organizations.

  • Gareth Watt
    Gareth Watt

    Miss the old games Resident evil 4 was the best

  • IchselbstbinIch

    I miss Zombies PepeHands

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez

    The castle gives me Resident Evil Revalations vibes


    big momma milkers and goth vampires

  • Len B
    Len B

    Man I hate the first person perspective

  • Kite Games
    Kite Games

    So cool 👍🇯🇵

  • TheNewYorkian

    Damn the vampire ladies that turn to bats are sexy

  • Gnav Nivek
    Gnav Nivek

    Resident Evil Villiage Hachishakusama PoPoPo

  • Mario /
    Mario /

    The guy narrating this is from resident evil 7 lol

  • Daniele Matteucci
    Daniele Matteucci

    Not convinced, it looks way more action/game as RE4 rather a horror survival as RE 7. I loved both of the game, but RE7 really scared and stressed me the first half of the game. I would have loved another kind of similar game.

  • Dr. Stinger
    Dr. Stinger

    Idk why people are simping over Lady Dimitrescu, She looks kinda terrifying 😨

  • Isaiah Orton
    Isaiah Orton

    This already looks too easy

  • assassinsknight

    She’s a baker, guess we didn’t get them all

  • Patrick Peyton
    Patrick Peyton

    Resident Evil is getting embarrassing. First cut content from RE2 Remake than RE3 Remake almost everything was cut and was half a game now we have vampires also another free game comes with this like RE3 Remake.. Another half a game. RE4 starts in a village this is titled Village and rumours of RE4 Remake... They are copy and pasting RE4 and ripping us off for Village and the RE4 Remake if the rumours are true because it hasn't been confirmed just wonderful... Also part of the rumour of RE4 Remake involve the whole castle being cut out intetesting... Where does Village take place besides in a Village a damn castle.

    • Pinhead Gary
      Pinhead Gary

      Can't believed everything you hear on the internet lol

  • shrek shrek
    shrek shrek

    Looks awesome!

  • Mouhamad Arafeh
    Mouhamad Arafeh

    man I'm so excited

  • Deniolvid

    -lets save some bullets for later -meh lets just try to hit these red exploding barrels

  • Leon

    FPS.... there’s is not a RE DNA...

  • Castlevaniac

    2:02 sexay

  • Brandon Gonzales
    Brandon Gonzales

    1:40 you'll thank me for this

  • Ryan Gilmore
    Ryan Gilmore

    Ai looks doky and graphically looks worse than the most recent RE4 remakes.... Disappointing. Not releasing The Maiden demo on all systems just shows how out-of-touch Sega and this team is with what fans want. More focus on hitting people fetishes then trying to make a nice feeling game..